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26 – The Dreams – What are Dreams (part 1)

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If we mention the word “Dreams”, we immediately start to think that it is not an interesting and serious subject, because we have associated dreams with the meaning of fantasy. As all people dream all nights or almost, we underestimate this type of experience because we are used to have it always. It is true that most of the dreams, are “only dreams”, but not all of they are made of only fantasy. There are dreams that reveal a lot of important information than we think, both of our personality and of our future, as of our past. Some dreams are not only dreams, because as much as they could seem incredible, they are real memories of experiences that we really experienced, but consciously we do not remember them, so they come back at night while we are sleeping. Other types of dreams allow us to make extrasensorial experiences, for example to communicate with other people that are not alive; others allow us to see the future, in a detailed way.

There are different types of dreams, to start with the most famous Lucid Dream to arrive at the Premonitory Dream. Dreams allow us to notice things that consciously we do not immediately recognize. We do not talk about only fantasy dreams, but also of a part of information, that between a dream and another one, are revealed to us. Many times we think that dreams do not have any meaning, or at the most they could have a psychological interpretation of the person that is dreaming. Actually, dreams can hide much more. Surely it happened to you, many times in your life, to have in appearance an imaginary dream, but it left you a very bad sensation, after the awakening too. Scenes lived during the dream could be unthinkable, for their irrationality, but when you woke up – and for a couple of hours later- you were upset for that dream. In appearance, it could seem a very normal dream, and yet you were upset even for next days. Why a normal dream should cause these effects so negatives? Even if it was a nightmare, since the moment that you woke up, you knew that it was finished; so why you were upset after the awaking too? That it was not only a dream. Certainly the scenario that you saw have been formed by the most part of fantasy, and yet inside of that dream it was something real, that have left you an annoying sensation, after the awaking too, exactly because it was not just a dream.

Sometimes our nightmares are caused by negatives presences, that are able to influence our sleep so well as disturb it. In appearance all around us is quiet, because the Low prevent to us to see what of energetic thing there is all around us; and yet they are able to see us, because they do not have the problem of the Low. Consequently, the entities are able to see us and influence us negatively, so we do not put the problem to defend ourselves from them. And is in this point that we make a mistake. Just because we do not see something, this do not mean that it does not exists, even worse, it do not mean that the entity is not able to see us. We all are the laughing stock of the entities because they see us, but we do not see them, we do not even believe in their existence! In this way they have absolute freedom to influence us negatively and to play with our lives, without any rebellion from us.

When we sleep, we are very vulnerable, so much so that our sleep could be easily influenced by external energies, that affect us. At the same time, we are more perceptive too. Not only the negatives entities are able to influence us, but also other types of energies that might have positives goals or negatives ones. It often happens, that entities try to communicate with us by dreams, because it is a simpler way for them, than the verbal communication as we expect it. In fact, we imagine that if an entity would communicate, would appear in front of our eyes and say to us everything of it wants to reveal.

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But the reality is much more complicated, because there is the Low that tries to stop all these things. So entities are not able to communicate so easily, so sometimes they try to communicate by dreams. So sometimes our dreams are not only dreams, because inside them we may find real communications. But entities are not the only ones that try to communicate with us during our sleep. Also our subconscious tries to communicate, even if we might take it for granted. In truth we should not take it for granted, as much times it tries to explain to us things that during the day, we do not see or do not want to see. Sometimes our mind wants to communicate to us something that we are not able to understand when we are awake. Our subconscious is not only a container of information and memories, but it is more deep and intelligent, in fact it tries to communicate with us to explain if there is something wrong. There is nothing about to be surprised if sometimes dreams reveal to us what is happening during those days around us. When we are awake, we should not understand the situation in which we are but dreams might reveal it to us. It is as if our subconscious sees and records, also things that we do not immediately understand; after which, during the dreams, it tries to communicate it to us. But it is up to us to understand those messages suggested by subconscious, because they are not always too easy to guess! So much times our dreams are a sign of a very strong change in our life, that after a couple of days comes true. Sometimes it concerns of messages from our subconscious that want to communicate to us things that they have felt, through signals that during the day we did not understood: but our subconscious understood the signals and tries to communicate them to us. Other times, it concerns of Premonitory Dreams, because it was not a fact that could advise us of that unexpected change, and yet we have dreamed it and, a few days later, it became a reality. Premonitory Dreams are not so rare, or better there are people that make them often than other ones, to the extent that they have more than one premonitory dream at week. There are people that have premonitory dreams almost every day.

Then there are Lucid Dreams, in other words dreams in which you realize that you are dreaming, to the extent that you can decide to make everything in it: for example, you can decide to fly, or you can decide to breathe underwater because you realized that you are inside of a dream and you are aware that all is false and misleading, so you play into the dream because you know that do not happen nothing wrong. Is this not extraordinary? And yet, few people realize that lucid dreams can become more interesting, than we think, if we use them in the right way. Some people understood that the dream is a dimension that is a springboard for more interesting dimensions. For example, you can use a lucid dream to execute an Astral Travel. At this stage you realize that dreams are not only dreams, but can become doors to other dimensions, if we learn how to use them. This is a brief introduction to the world of the dreams, that is a real dimension that can be used to make real things. Suffice it to say that you can communicate by dream with another person, physically very distant from you too, and at the awakening you two will remember the same dream. Is this not a telepathic communication?

Later we will examine in depth the subject “Dreams”, and I promise you that it will be more captivating than expected.

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