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21 – The Chakras – What Chakras are (Part 1)

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Today we are going to deal with the comprehension of what the Chakras are.

Chakras are parts of our body where the nerves cross each other, which make a precise zone of the physical body more sensitive to the energies. They are points particularly capable of keeping energy and of using it for their interests. We have many chakras all around the body, but the most important are 8. Trough the practice of meditation, you can fill your chakras with energy that comes from the outside, just like our body is fed with external factors. Our organism is not capable of creating alone all the substances that needs, but we have to insert them inside eating, so feeding us everyday of aliments coming from the outside that will allow us to feed our inside. As well our chakras can’t create their nourishment alone, in fact they need to assimilate the external energy to be able to develop; to do that they need Meditation. Chakras, that are energetic containers, enlarge and expand when the energy is present, while they scale down and atrophy when it is absent. The Chakras can’t disappear, just like an underfed body doesn’t vanish; our chakras are so dry, too thin, because they have few energy, that is just the one that they are able to rustle up with our inconscient breaths; nevertheless they stay there, they don’t vanish. From the moment people start to meditate, chakras start feeding with the substance they need, which is the pranic energy. This energy allows them to come back in activity and working. It is not a trivial comparison to say that chakras are just like parts of the human body, if we don’t use them for a long time they atrophy, but if they are trained just like the rest of the body, they start moving without any problem; of course, unless they are broken, but chakras can’t break because they’re made of energy and they can reactivate, or better, recompose in any time with the right accuracy.

The centres of energy can be used us containers where we leave the energy, until we want to use it for anything we want. The body and the soul will take part of this energy and will feed with it to be better, to protect and to improve their health, which, if chakras are empty, is impossible; so in the time of need the body would get sick and the soul would weaken drastically.

While if chakras are perennially full, the body and the soul will be fed with energy and in the time of need, well, it won’t be a problem, because you won’t suffer any damage. Chakras have so as function the one to contain the energy, but also to use it in a way so that all of our life will reap the benefits. Although now, that you are at the beginning, you might not understand all of this, you will realize that with the experience that every chakra is more suitable for a precise action and therefore event for your life. Your everyday life in fact is not made just of action that can be summarised with work and home, but there is an ensemble of physical and emotional sensation that compose your day. In fact, during your day you have feelings, you think about problems and how to solve them, you are tired and you need more energy, and jus with those three actions I have just listed 3 chakras namely the Heart, the Mind and the Chi. Although you don’t realize, your chakras affect a lot your life and they don’t do that by their choice, but they work just like any organ and muscle of your body: if your arms are strong, they affect your life because you can fulfil action that many others can’t do on their own because they nee an extra help, for example asking for help to a colleague, a neighbour, friend; if your arms are very weak, like for example the arms of an elderly, this will affect a lot your life because you will constantly depend from the help of other people to fulfil any action. If you don’t have the capability to move them, it would be even harder to live your life serenely. The point is that when is about feelings, thoughts and physical energy, the others can’t do much for you. Since you are used to live with empty chakras it is normal that you don’t understand immediately the meaning of the change that would occur in your life if you would fil them and most importantly you use them. Chakras are containers, that means that they contain the energy and this stays there ready to be used; you are the one to, then, decide how, when and if use it.

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You are conscious of the fact that every single organ of the body works for a precise reason, you know that there are organs that are needed to breathe, others to digest the food that you have eaten, to turn it in substances that you need, there are even organs made to reproduce; the chakras are quite similar because there  are those for the body’s health, those to help for the digestion and the cleaning of the body and even the sexual ones. Every chakra, just like the organs, has a precise function. All of them work together or ensure the complete health of the human body, just like the organs do. So, if there are organs for defined functions, there’s no need to be confused by knowing that even the chakras do the same actions; they are like energetic organs and if they work badly all the energetic body suffers. Our physical body contains a lot of parts and not only organs but also muscles, veins, bones and much more. It contains many physical parts well definite and also does our energetic body, there’s no need to be astonished.

People don’t decide to choose meditation because they have time to lose and they don’t know how to use it, but they have a void inside and they don’t know how to fill it. Many people know that something is wrong in their life, they know they are alone even if they have a family, they feel separated from the world and they feel gripped by a distressing sensation that they can’t suffocate because every night it comes back; but they do not comprehend what’s really wrong in their live, not knowing the meaning and the consequences that the lack of energy causes. The reason why many people decide to try meditation is to feel full inside and to do that they have to fill their chest with a strong feeling that makes them feel in the right place, inside the world, born at the right moment and in the right place. In short they need that food hat for too long was absent in their Heart chakra. Meditating in the Heart chakra they will soon start to feel something different in their life: there won’t be a sudden and devastating event but there will be that weird feeling that will make them realize that the life they were used to see wasn’t actually the real one, but they were seeing it with a clouded sight. With a more positive feeling, thanks to the fullness that it is created in the Heart chakra, they’ll see their life not catastrophic like it seemed before, but on the contrary, solvable. Little by little, they will realize that those problems shouldn’t have overpowered them so much, because they will start feeling full inside. Also the problems won’t cause pain anymore and won’t influence their life as they used to do.

The same thing will happen to you. Thanks to meditation you’ll start pondering on the fact that problems – that seemed impossible to solve – should be afforded with more optimism, because you’ll have more courage and you’ll be accompanied constantly by a stronger mental state that will allow you to cross your obstacles. With the optimism and the goodwill that the Heart chakra will start giving you – with a lot of motivation – you will start feeling the need to afford problems without letting you be overpowered by them, and here it comes the Mind chakra.

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In fact, you can be positive how much you want, but you need that problems are really solved or your good mood won’t last for ever. Here is where the Mind chakra acts. He allows your head to reason, to estrange from all those negative thoughts that wanted you to believe that you were submerged by problems and that there was no way out: it makes you realize that there is always a solution. The Mind chakra – through meditation – will activate itself to make you understand how to reason because not everyone is able to do that properly, and how can you judge them? Nobody has ever taught us how to reason, we reason as we see others do, imitating those who are around us; most of the time people who are around us reason with a pessimistic background, so we end up imitating them and doing the same. Because every problem must be unsolvable, it must seem like it’s the end of the world, it has to make us believe that the only way out is the end of our life: “Hey, calm down… it’s not that bad.” it will tell your Mind chakra. “There is a solution… it will be resolved…  just give me some time.” The Mind chakra will help to find a solution to every problem, because every single event has a solution, but in order to find it your chakra needs first of all silence, so it will ask you not to think in order to find the solution that’s best for you. It’s like if you have a double mind. You are used to have just one filled with thoughts, so you are used to reason and to look for solution in the midst of chaos; the Mind chakra is like a deeper mind that is created inside of you and search for solutions just while you are not despairing, in this way when he has found them it will make them bloom on the surface to let you know the solution. It is not easy to comprehend it, since it’s always about you, but it’s something you have never or hardly ever used with conscience until now. The Mind chakra is like a deeper part of your mind that reasons without you hearing it, just because he wants to search solution for your problems without making you despair yourself. So it will ask you: “Don’t think, leave me time to comprehend what the solution is, I’ll handle that!” and you will not think, because by keeping the non thought you will allow him to reason in the silence finding so the solution, rather than reasoning in the hustle and bustle and preventing him from finding it. Suddenly, when you least expect it, you will say “Wow what if I do this? What if I act this way? Actually the problem would be solved!” and this would happen thanks to your Mind chakra. Any problem is solvable if you allow yourself to look for a solution. Allowing you to feel, instead of just thinking, you will find the solution for those problem that seemed unsolvable. It takes time and you have to give it to him. You can trust your Mind chakra, because he would never leave you.

So the Mind chakra will work to find every solution that’s best for you, but he needs that the Heart chakra does its job, that is that you do not demote yourself but it makes you feel positive and optimistic, because only in this way you will trust your Mind chakra; if you are pessimistic you would never trust it and you would believe that in order to find a solution you should bother, suffer, cry, get hurt, as if this could change things. The desire of finding a solution makes you fret inside and it puts you in a hurry, but with this haste you have noticed that since today those problems are still unsolved, so give the possibility to your Mind chakra to look for the solution for you especially for those events so sad and arrowing that make you stay awake… Trust him. Here’s the Heart chakra’s job: to give you that trust that you would have never comprehended before. He can do it, if you meditate on him. To do that, the Mind chakra wants to face thousands of data at the speed of light and to understand what’s the best solution, the fastest and easiest among all those that he can find, so it’s like if he discards for you the possibilities that would make you waste time, those that in the end would not bring you to the realization of your goal, and all those that in shorts wouldn’t be the best choices, to find at last the one that is actually right.

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But not always the Mind chakra can work alone correctly, so he needs the help of the Crown chakra. This chakra is really important especially when it’s about of similar problems. The Crown chakra goes beyond the thoughts and the solutions that are inside the mind, going to search between the information of other dimension and directly in the universal knowledge, to discover which could be a good solution to solve the problem; in this case, the Crown transform for a moment the Mind chakra in a translator, using it to communicate directly with you. The Crown chakra has a very high vibration and without the Mind chakra that works like a translator, it would be really difficult for you to understand his plans.

The Crown chooses the right solution for you even before you know it, then through the Mind chakra it will give you the idea to solve the problem. The Crown is directly connected with more elevated dimensions that with ancient terms would be defined as a connection with the Divine. The Crown will make you believe that it has already given you the answer, but  in reality it will have given you a solution for you to act in a certain way, that it will get you in a precise situation, that it will make you meet certain people or events, that will make you think to the right solution for your problem. To recap, if the Mind chakra is not able to find a feasible and achievable solution, he asks help to the Crown chakra which creates a scenario in your life thanks to the help of the Universe, so that you will find yourself in a situation that makes you to find a solution in a moment that you wouldn’t have expected. All of this could happen thanks to someone that has said a specific sentence in your presence, or after that you have observed the action of someone else, after meeting someone that can help you to solve that problem, and so on. In shorts the Mind search the internal solution, and if he doesn’t find it, the Crown is activated in order to create the solution around you. Due to the fact that the Crown can’t directly tell you to go in a precise place and do a precise action in a context that apparently has nothing to do whit your request, in order to in order to find the solution to your problem it must communicate with you through the Mind chakra, that will act like a translator. Since that the idea is not of the Mind chakra but of the Crown, not even the Mind chakra could know what is the right mode, but given the fact that he trusts the Crown he will collaborate to give you an apparent answer that will push you to accomplish an action that will make you find in a context where you will find the solution of your problem. The Crown is too high and it’s not possible to immediately grasp its intention but you will spend many years to understand his plans but one thing is certain: if you allow it with by meditating on it, the Heart will help you to trust the Crown. If you have never heard about chakras, all of this could be completely new for you, but practicing daily your meditation you will know the true value of every single point of force. They will be the keys of your serenity.

Here is why chakras must be feed: so that they can cooperate at best among them to ensure you to reach the goals that you want to reach. If just one of those named chakra was lacking of energy because you do not meditate enough, it’s clear that the arrival of the solution to the problem would be long, always admitting that sooner or later it would arrive. This is why, since today, your chakra have never cooperated enough to ensure you all of those described success and you have always asked where were you wrong. The Heart chakra is really important because it will give you the possibility to trust, while if you don’t trust of the loftiness of highest chakras and you believe that you have to do all alone without their help, all this process would fail and you would feel bad, like always. You already know how it works so, for one time, trust. Then trust again, and once again, until you have learnt that you can always trust your Heart; if you meditate on it!

But now it comes the point that I prefer. Despite these three chakras are very powerful in finding solution, you will be the one that has to put them into action. If you don’t move to solve your problems how can you claim that the energy centres do everything for you? The chakras gave you the idea, they revealed you the solution to get you out of trouble and they gave you the trust and the right motivation to do it, but now you have to do that. Sometimes, just because it is not easy to understand the Crown chakra and his universal plans, it will seem that the solution is too complex, that is almost impossible and because of this you will be afraid to face this challenge although thanks to the Crown you know what is the right solution to face it. Fear will stop you. You will feel anxious, scared of the failure, and sometimes the Heart will not be enough to appease that feeling of anguish that will hold your chest and that will keep you in suspense. Here is where the Solar Plexus will work.

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The Plex chakra is deeply connected to the Heart and to the Chi, given that it’s right in the area of the stomach. His position is incredibly important. If we wanted to define the higher chakras like “out of the world venture” and like “capacity of reasoning”, the Solar Plex is the exact middle way between feeling and material, between abstract and concrete. If the Heart and Mind chakras are unbalanced they would clash because one works on incredible events and out of the reason while the other is rational and thoughtful; all of this could make them look completely different, but actually, thanks to meditation, they cooperate really well and they’ll find a solution together. The Plex is in the middle of two completely opposites that are feeling and material concretization, that are the Heart and Chi. Nevertheless, if chakras are fed with prana they’ll perfectly work together. The feeling is not rational: the feeling of the Heart is much more similar to the Crown chakra. The Chi is not abstract, it’s not thought, it’s not feeling; the Chi is material, it’s concretization. And yet, all together, they make an unbelievable force that can’t be understood just with the theory.

The Plex is right in the middle of emotion and physicality, an incredible bridge that makes you feel concretely the emotions. Because if you believed that the emotions were just feelings and so abstract factors, the Plex allows you to feel physically your emotions, and he does it, he does it every day, but that doesn’t happen with consciousness and this brings you to be overpowered by your feelings instead of enjoying them. The Solar Plex is the middle way between energetic and physical dimension, this is why when we feel a strong sentiment it has its impact in the stomach making us feel a physical sensation. When we feel a really strong emotion, for example because we are in love, here we have a block on the stomach that we think it’s real, hard and physical, like if the stomach has a huge boulder inside that prevents us from eating; when we feel nervous, scared, angry or really sad, those emotions can even cause us sharps to our stomach and diarrhoea. How can you touch or smell an invisible feeling, something that you can’t see? How can something that we think it’s not rea – because you can’t breathe or eat it – cause a similar malaise inside our physical body? Because the feeling becomes real thanks to the Chi chakra! The Plex is in the middle of the feeling of the Heart and the physical concretization of the Chi. The Plex is really useful, because by meditating on it and so making it strong it allows us to have a safe stomach, in every meaning. In fact, the negative feelings fall on the stomach hurting us, but if we meditate on the Plex, the chakra protects the stomach and prevents the negative feelings from getting inside of the organ and becoming so physical through pain, nausea and diarrhoea. The Plex is the chakra that feels the emotions in a physical way and it’s really important to know that, because due to an empty Plex the feelings of the other people can fall on our physical body being in fact the Plex an accumulator of feelings mostly negative (just because those are the feelings that people have mostly because of their personal dissatisfactions, that end up to send to the others), it turns the feeling of anger and sadness of the people that think of us, in physical sensations that create damages to our physical body.

In other words, the pain in the stomach is a strong sign of the absorbed negativity, from the inside if we are pessimistic people or from the outside if we are victim of negative influences coming from other people or other presences that send us those energies. Meditating constantly, we give strength to our Plex so that he can protect himself and react, preventing so the negative feeling to become physical sickness, regardless if it comes from the inside or the outside. The Plex gives us the possibility to find this strength to go against any adversity that impairs us, without having negative feelings anymore like fear, pessimism, anxiety and so on.  Just for this reason the Plex is connected to the concept of the realization of our goals: if you have a physical fear you can’t concretize your ideas. The fear is a really complex feeling an if it materializes physically in your boy, it prevents you from moving steps and acting and fighting for what you believe in.

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Fear is able to cause you huge physical pains, same for anxiety and pessimism. Meditating you give more power to your Plexus, so instead of being afraid you could feel that physical grit inside of you that will make you able to face every stumbling blocks. So the problems will solve. The Heart will have an important value in creating the positive feeling that the Plexus will amplify; the reason, so the Mind chakra, will have to make Plexus understand that there is no reason to suffer physically only for a bad feeling. All chakras should cooperate together and this is why, despite you could have found the solution through the high chakras, the motivation thanks to the Heart, the grit to fight and exceed fear thanks to the Plexus, we still don’t have all the means to face our problem. In order to do that we must act but we need the physical strength to succeed. Here is where the Chi chakra fits in. This chakra can make people think to many things, but the truth is that without the Chi is not easy to materialize our goals. As long as people think, they remain thinking. Often thinking and hoping is not enough and even the courage to face blocks may not be enough, because it does not mean that you are really facing them. To be hungry doesn’t mean that you are eating: although you are hungry and you want to eat, this does not mean that you are already doing it, otherwise you wouldn’t be hungry. You could have all the courage you want, but as long as you don’t move to act and to fulfill certain actions the problem will remain, even if inside your mind you will think that it has become easy to solve. This is the job of the Chi: he has to concretize our ideas.

The Chi is the physical energy chakra, so the one more connected to this physical level compared to the others. In fact, the Crown chakra is more dimensional, the Mind translate, the Heart makes us feel emotions, but the Chi is the one that connects us more physically to this material dimension. For this reason, for every goal we want to achieve in the physical plane, it is far better to have a powerful and balanced Chi, than a weak and shrunken one. Practically the Chi is the chakra that makes real the ideas on this physical dimension. When we visualize, it’s like if what we are creating actually exists, but in a too abstract dimension to be seen and be heard by all, this is why it is believed that it is not real; the Chi allows us to make real the events that we desire in our mind. This chakra is the means with whom we can realize our ideas on the real physical level. There are events where you believe that you have no way out, that there aren’t solutions to your problems, or that you want something that you believe impossible, but thanks to the practice you can realize them. All the chakras collaborate to make you reach your goal, but to conclude, it is up to you to act to get what you are aiming for, because if you don’t act and you stay still it is difficult to realize what you believe impossible. The Chi gives value to your thoughts and it allows you to realize them more easily without an excessive effort, succeeding sooner than you would have expected. The Chi is the reality of this dimension, is the chakra that gives you the real proof that it’s all true, is the chakra easier to understand because it is direct, it immediately gives you physical sensations that prove you that it is real. It gives you the physical force and being very close to the Plexus, it gives you the moral force like courage, that push you needed to move forward. Not by chance those athletes that want to be champions, discover and decide to use the Chi because it can guarantee them an extra power and agility that allows them to overcome the opponents. Practically is the chakra that makes effective and real your techniques, your decisions and your ideas, it makes them concrete and material in this dimension. It is an essential chakra to survive in the social life of this planet, because he protects you from aggressions, it strengthens you in the offensive techniques, it allows you to realize your life with real events or better defined real in this physical level. Basically we know that everything around us isn’t real, but for others, for the unconscious people, all that is around us is the only reality that exists, so it is very important to keep the Chi strong because it allows us to live a life that will be considered real by this Matrix. Practically without Chi the other chakras may be very powerful, but anyway you would remain “out of the world” because you would not materialize yourself in this physical level.

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So the question may arise spontaneously: if the Chi is the most important chakra for this dimension, why don’t we meditate only on that? Why focusing on other chakras? Simple. Because the Chi makes an idea concrete, a decision that you have taken with the high chakras, but it is not easy to realize something positive if you have only negative problems and thoughts in mind; it is obvious that you will realize problems and negative events, and this must not happen. This is why we meditate on all 5 chakras in step and not just on the Chi.

For the same reason it would be wrong to evolve only one of these chakras ignoring completely the  others, such as the Heart chakra, because we would become too emotional and forget completely about the reason; moreover, you would never be able to realize something in your life, so the Heart alone – although it is a very positive and benevolent chakra – would not be enough to live your life well. If the Mind chakra was taken as the only chakra and if people practice only on it, they would end up becoming too convinced of their logic and obsessive, because the Mind chakra without the help of the Crown and all the others, would fail to balance and make people complete. If you devoted your time exclusively to the Mind chakra and to nobody else, during the years you would not realize your goals in the absence of the other chakras because you would not have the right strength to realize them. So you would convince yourself to know the whole truth as the Mind can offer you so much, but you would continue to have no concrete evidence in the absence of Chi, Plexus and so on. To evolve you need to balance and meditate on all 5 chakras.

To give an example of how chakras work in nature, we need to pay attention to the examples we see every day around us: those we call “nerds”, they are very good at reasoning and memory because, without knowing it, they use their Mind chakra. Even more, people like computer scientists and mathematicians, use their Mind chakra unconsciously, and this leads them to interesting reasoning results, but their life will have great imbalances because they will be exploiting the chakra without charging it with energy – through meditation – continuing to remove energy without giving it a new one. Moreover, the other chakras are not considered and this compromises the balance of their social, sentimental, emotional and health life. What would happen if they meditated? The results would be far better. In fact, most of the time, these people begin to consider life as numbers and codes, they no longer see people they love or children who run, but think only of numbers and codes at all times, it is obsessive and their relationships are based on unfounded thoughts that do not work in the reality. They unbalance their lives because they do not know that they are using the Mind chakra too much without giving it the proper nourishment, and as if that it’s not enough they ignore the other chakras unbalancing them even more. We all use the chakras but in order to make them work at their best they really need nourishment, the right energy that makes them work without giving us other thoughts. As long as we choose not to meditate, we accept to use the chakras unconsciously, therefore to suffer the lack of energy that will be felt more and more. Chakras are part of our lives just like any other organ that composes our body, so we can not escape but we can choose to be smart and use them at the most of their power.

When the chakras are weak, life receives an incredible decompensation. It is no coincidence, those people obsessed with the reasoning, the logic, the study, also have a bad social life and almost always find themselves single, they do not know how to approach the life that surrounds them and this leads the to lock themselves in their world, in the material reality, they did not concretize much. Without strong chakras it is difficult to become satisfied in every aspect of life, because there is always something that is missing and that is lacking, being closely connected to the chakras that result weak. On the contrary, who has understood the importance of the balance of chakras, manages to be logical but at the same time open of mind and to the new discoveries, concrete, sentimental. This is perfection, and it is not easy to get it, in fact very few realize how important it is to remain complete in every area of ​​one’s life and not just on certain points. So having balanced chakras is essential to do that. For example, if we look at spiritual people who voluntarily decide to meditate only on the Mind chakra excluding all others, they often find themselves living an incomplete life, for example acting as a medium; therefore they see entities, they communicate with them, but they do not know how to realize anything in their life, so that they can’t even protect themselves from the same entities with which they communicate! They are convinced that they have the greatest power in the world just because they see some ghosts – and not even all of them – and they feel they know the truths of the universe, even if they do not even know how to deal with a headache from excessive external influence. So, although they have more paranormal experiences than a math or computer scientist that only lives around books or on a computer – and so, he doesn’t meditate – however they are limited and unbalanced in their lives, they do not have that social and fulfilling life of everyone else. It might seem like having a Mind chakra has been a condemnation rather than a pleasure.

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The Mind chakra is not everything and it brings to an imbalance if it is considered as the only one, eliminating from our life all the others chakras; practically it makes people lose their mind. Just like we can notice in many academics, like in many mediums that use only the Mind chakra: from both of them we see crazy people. It is rare to see a person that practices only on the Chi losing his mind, although you can find many of them with an immense ego. Exactly like the Crown chakra: this is a very dimensional chakra, that allows people to know things that can’t be comprehended by logic if it’s not connected and balanced with all the chakras, because the crown makes people experience hallucinogen and incredibly weird experiences, sometimes crazy – but very positive – so universal experiences that in this structured low don’t exist. If a spiritual person decides to meditate only on that chakra that is the most connected to God, convinced to do the right thing, he will be actually unbalancing his body completely; it’s true that the dimensions of God will be positive, but the body is not ready to know all of them so quickly but he needs a mental and physical preparation. The excessive practice on the Crown (years on that chakras, not just some minutes) excluding all the others from their life, can bring people to lose sight of the perception of the real life, because they won’t be able to recognize the reality of this Matrix from what they see inside.

All of this happens every day to every single person, only that she doesn’t notice the procedure because she is not conscious of what chakras are and how they work. As a consequence everyone is affected by imbalances in various social, working or health points because they don’t know that through stronger chakras they would be able to solve them. The social shortages are deeply connected to the chakra’s ones, so the more is a chakra weak and the more will be the problems in that scope. Anyways the chakras are a part of the body and just like every muscle, you can’t unbalance the energetic points to the point to create a serious pathology inside, even if you try hard to do that, unless you make some mistakes that you should never do. The heaviest of them all is made when hasty people, hoping to achieve the highest level without practicing – convinced to be more clever than the others – start taking drugs thinking that they can speed up the time of the awakening. Yes: there are those that believe that in order to strengthen chakras and to learn how to use them in the fastest way they can – for some weird reason – use drugs. However ridiculous this idea is, more and more people are being deceived from the idiocy, as if the drug can really speed up the evolution of the chakras. It’s like believing that the drug can substitute the food for our physical body. And yet there are those that believe that by assuming hallucinogen substances they can replace the meditation and so the nutriment of the chakra. In other words, who wants to evolve his energetic centres but doesn’t want to meditate, thinks to be able to jump the practice starting to assume drugs. There is no stupidest belief, that not only causes evident physical damages, but also the total lost of the spiritual evolution. The drugs is the ultimate anti-awakening. Think before falling in those traps.

Chakras belong to the physical body since birth and it’s completely natural to use them. Who doesn’t know the value of chakras uses them without knowing what they are doing and this is why they can unbalance due to the lack of energy while who decides to meditate on the 5 chakras choses to remedy to the imbalance and to take position to improve every factor that composes his life. This is natural. All the opposite happens when someone starts using drugs in order to speed up the evolution of his chakras, thinking that they can save time.  We can find the same mistake in those that practice sports that use drugs in order to not to feel the fatigue and to seem strong and fast during a competition, and to then not realize that the body is making an excessive effort that will make them risk their health and their life, only to seem equal to the others. Drug prevents them from comprehending when it is the time to stop, because it has burned the sensors that allow them to recognize the signals of their body. Any sportsman, when he exaggerates, feels the exhaustion or the pain that the body sends him to say “Enough! Stop! You’re hurting me, you’re exaggerating! “, But when he takes drugs he does not feel this pain, he does not feel this restraint because the substances prevent him, so he continues insistently despite he is taking great risks. It is the same for those who would like to evolve their chakras without having to train, hoping to make them stronger directly with the extra use of external substances. If so, all those who use drugs would already be awakened, while instead they are just doped! When a person decides to take drugs with the conviction of activating his chakras more quickly, such as that of the Crown, he is risking an incredibly dangerous mental imbalance, because he is choosing to lose control of his mind and body and not to perceive those natural brakes that are naturally used to protect from excessive imbalances. In other words, he is choosing to suffer the consequences that will always be worse than expected.

Anyone at some point realizes that there is a limit and “when it is too much, it is too much!”, But if he decides to take drugs, his mind can no longer stop because its internal protection is broken, so anything can get in and out without the slightest control. It is very serious. All this will bring the person who has taken drugs to lose control and become out of the world. To have a visual example, we should think about the idea that we have of the “Hippie peace and love”, that kind of people who talk nonsense of peace and love but are so out of their mind because of drugs that you would not even listen to them if they paid you to do it. That’s why I discourage the use of the drugs: even though at the beginning they may seem the easiest way to have extrasensory experiences, they will soon turn into the simplest way to ruin the mind, destroy life and become people incapable of reasoning and be realized. You can achieve incredible and fantastic experiences with your own Crown chakra without any need to use drugs, and this is precisely what will ensure that they will be beautiful, real and safe experiences, because you will have the firm mental protections that will prevent the negative experiences from happening. In other words you will have absolute control, which instead the drug will tear you away without asking your permission. Chakras are part of your body and there is nothing negative about them, but by deciding to take drugs you are choosing to lose control of every single part of your life. The drugs, the joints, the Ayahuasca, are all ways to destroy your mind: do not believe the addicts who tell you otherwise. They no longer have a life, but you do; do not lose it only to follow their madness. Because of the junkies, all the spirituals who live real and positive experiences are seen in a bad way, because we end up associating the two terms and forgetting the enormous difference.

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If you decide to take drugs, all your natural protections will split, the brain will no longer have any protection and lucidity and the negative experiences will happen innumerable. Balance must come meditating, not taking drugs. That’s why those who meditate keep absolute control of their body and mind, unlike those who prefer other “faster” but short-term ways that will lead them to lose control completely. Here is explained why we need all the chakras evolved with balance, that are nourished and not only used unknowingly. Meditating on the chakras you allow them to evolve and strengthen their skills that you will use to improve every aspect of your life. Moreover, you have understood why we practice on more chakras that are also very different from each other, such as the Crown (dimensional and extra-sensorial experiences) and Chi (real facts and concrete actions); while the Crown chakra opens our mind and makes us discover new worlds and new dimensions, the Chi chakra brings us down with our feet on the ground and makes us understand that it is good to know other dimensions but that we must not shut ourselves up by living with the head in another world. It is right that we live in this concrete dimension because if we are born here there must also be a reason. The same rule works for the heart chakra: if we use only that, we will always be in the fairy world and with the head in the air instead of living our life well aware of what is happening around us. Precisely because we have to be balanced, we do not meditate only on Chi, but also on the high chakras to enable us to understand that everything we see and believe to be real may not be true, because there are many other dimensions where the Matrix we know does not exist. Therefore, this chakra allows us not to attach ourselves too much to this dimension as otherwise we would have done if we had meditated only on Chi (being a very material chakra and therefore connected to earthly masks!) but making us look beyond.

It is revealed so the reason why I indicate the precise minutes to meditate on each of the chakras rather than treat them as if they were all the same, for example, meditating 10 minutes on each one of them without recognizing the differences. Each chakra is different and little by little you will learn to understand its peculiarities. Today’s lesson is in fact only a smattering of what the chakras are, because they, in reality, retain for us many other interesting information that we could use for our physical, emotional and mental good. My advice is to meditate as I have taught you and not to worry, because it will not be a few more minutes on a chakra to ruin your balance, but I advise you to avoid those fads of “fasting” dictated by other fake spiritual masters, that invite you to meditate only and exclusively on a chakra, thus preventing you from evolving with balance on all the others, as you should do. Since you have lived until today without a conscious use of the chakras, you think that everything is normal and that you live well even without, but if you decide to practice on them and exploit them to achieve your goals, you will wonder how you could live before without their help. When you start using your chakras and improving every point of your life thanks to the natural force that they can imprint you, you realize how lucky you are to have discovered their presence within you. They are like hidden muscles that are waiting to be trained. It is up to you to decide to do it every day.

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  1. Once again I read this article with great interest, thank you for this. It was enlightening to read what the Chakras are for and what they do or can do to you when you meditate and fill the energy of the relevant Chakras. It is very clearly explained how and what the Chakras are for. I am very impressed with what the Chakras can do for me. Again a very good motivation to keep meditating.
    Through this article I got to know the value of the Chakras well and how important meditation is. I will continue to read this article to keep motivating me to meditation.
    I do have one more question:
    Is there a relationship between how you meditate on a certain chakra and how you feel? For example, while meditating on my Mind chakra and also the Corona, my concentration can temporarily deteriorate, so that I feel negative. Or vice versa.

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