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29 – Dimensional Sounds – What is the Evolutionary sound? (Part 1)

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Everything begins with a simple whistle, then you’ll realize that that whistle has a meaning.

Today we talk about a particular sound for which all of us, at least once in life, have asked the same question: “Do I have hearing problems?”

These are in fact unknown whistles or rustles, which we’ll call dimensional sounds. We all hear sounds, which we initially identify as whistles in the ears, but not everyone knows that these sounds have their own reason. They start from a strange tone that rises especially at night, when there’s silence, while in the daytime they can be heard much less. The more silence, the more this sound, which sounds so much like a strange whistle, can be heard. We generally think it’s an hearing problem, because it isn’t a distinguishable sound but it looks more like a noise produced by the ears, a middle ground between a rustle and a sharper sound. Sometimes the sound increases in both volume and quantity and allows you to recognize multiple tones; other times we spend long periods without hearing them anymore. Often they are exchanged with tinnitus because you don’t understand the motivation of these auditory phenomena. But you’ll soon understand the difference between dimensional sounds and hearing disorders.

Let’s start from the principle that everyone possesses this “disorder”, from young children to adults, up to the elderly, without any distinction. There are those who choose to ignore them, those who, concerned, decide to go to a doctor that isn’t able to do anything to help him, and those who give up to them; few others, on the other hand, begin to understand that it’s something more, so they choose to deepen and understand what they really are.

If you pay attention a moment, you can realize that you can hear the sounds even now but, since they were hidden from the various noises around you, you couldn’t hear them. These sounds don’t belong to the ears but you’ll notice that you’ll hear them directly in the head and this is quite different from when you hear a sound with the ears. Vaguely it may resemble a whistle or the sound of the musical instrument called Triangle; it’s similar to a sharp sound but rises with balance and doesn’t suddenly activate creating discomfort in the ears. It starts with a rustle, then it rises, with a sound in appearance monotonous but increasing in intensity. Many have learnt to ignore them and no longer notice them, some can’t sleep at night as high the intensity of the sounds is, still others have learnt how to use them, lower them and raise them to their liking. Many people believe that they have hearing problems and worry unnecessarily, because these are dimensional sounds that don’t arise from hearing difficulties. That hearing problems exist is indisputable, but many of the people who believe that they suffer from tinnitus actually perceive dimensional sounds and care about a problem they don’t have.

Initially it looks like a rustle, a strange light noise that apparently comes from the ears, but by paying attention to it you recognize it as a much more internal sound, right inside the head. Then a tone begins, which if you pay attention to it, it increases in volume and two different tones can be distinguished, one a little sharper than the other. In a sense they are like two musical notes, but they continue to play without the need to beat them a second time; it’s a continuous and homogeneous sound. If you ignore them they lower, if you give them attention they rise, becoming even insistent. It’s a sound you want to play, but no instrument or noise really resembles it. The tones can vaguely resemble the sound of the Triangle, a kind of “Tiiin” that rises and seems to derive from the ears, yet sometimes you could hear them so loud that even the external sounds – like The Daily noises you hear in the house – can’t cover the tones you hear inside your head.

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Although it may seem strange, these sounds are very useful for the development of the sixth sense. Until you learn how to increase and lower them, they may seem annoying and completely useless noises, but when you get familiar with them and find out how to use them, you realize how useful and important they really are. We call them dimensional sounds because they are tones that act as a bridge to other dimensions, sometimes as an alarm to warn you that something dimensional is approaching you. These are dimensional sounds because they allow you to know that there’s something else besides what you usually see; they are like a warning that reminds you that you don’t belong solely to this world, but that around you there’s something else. It’s a sound that is perceived particularly loud in the presence of high vibrations, which may be due to an entity close to us at that time or at the beginning of a spiritual experience. For example they get very strong when you’re starting to come out in astral. But it’s not just this: dimensional sounds are an antenna that continues to remind us of the existence of other dimensions. Such sounds are activated especially when something “higher” is happening next to us, so something that doesn’t belong to the typical low vibration routine (the Low Frequency). The tones are like a warning that something dimensional is next to us, in fact in an haunted house you’ll hear much higher. These sounds, however, must not be associated only to the presence of entities, because they are much more: they are a bridge from our sixth sense that allows us to discover, connect and take the best from other dimensions. In fact, they are sounds that belong to other dimensions, beyond the earthly one that we already know and hear with our ears, that’s why they are called dimensional sounds.

They appear as strange monotonous and seemingly boring sounds, but they can offer enormous satisfactions and magnificent experiences to those who decide to evolve them by practicing them. Sometimes they look like vibration-like noises (like “vmmvmm”) but if you focus and listen well, their sound will change and look more like the Triangle. I call them the sounds of God, because they are like a call, like a confirmation that everything exists. I define the tones as the sound of God because wherever you are, with whoever you are, at any time, you know that these sounds won’t abandon you and if you pay attention to them they’ll become like a bridge from which God can “communicate ” better with you. No matter where you are or what period you are going through, you can always cling to the dimensional sounds that will purify your mind. Tones don’t belong to this dimension, but are a bridge that allows you to always stay connected to others. It’s like a mermaid inviting you to listen to her. If you choose to listen to Tones, you increase the intensity of the connection between you and the purest dimensions. There are different sounds that can be heard for different reasons, but the tones are the bridge that connects you to God.

These sounds are very comfortable, because they make you realize that the spirituality, so if you want to call it, isn’t only a moment in which you practice the techniques inside of your house, as in the case of a session of meditation, but belong entirely to your life since always, even if you had never realized. The tones want to show you that it doesn’t matter who you are with or if you’re out of the house, because you can access that dimension, whenever you want and as many times as you like, and open that bridge between you and the different dimensions simply by lending him attention. Nothing could be simpler. Dimensional sounds are very useful, first of all to raise your vibration and approach a higher tonal. By listening to them, the dimensional sounds allow you to clean your mind from negative energies and balance your mental and psychic abilities. The tones amplify your Sixth Sense and all extrasensory abilities. They bring you closer to the highest and most positive vibrations that belong to the universe. They are like a confirmation that everything exists, an advanced improvement that allows you to discover yourself and approach the One.

When you practice spiritual techniques, for example meditation, you’ll notice that the volume of tones will rise, precisely because by meditating you are raising your vibration approaching the purest dimensions, that’s why the volume of the dimensional sounds will also increase. In the same way, choosing to listen to the tones, you will pay attention to the bridge that connects you quickly to high vibrations, thereby improving their intensity and communication ability.

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When you practice spiritual techniques, for example meditation, you’ll notice that the volume of tones will rise, precisely because by meditating you are raising your vibration approaching the purest dimensions, that’s why the volume of the dimensional sounds will also increase. In the same way, choosing to listen to the tones, you will pay attention to the bridge that connects you quickly to high vibrations, thereby improving their intensity and communication ability.

If earlier they might seem annoying noises, you’ll realize in time how important these sounds are for the evolution of the Sixth Sense; in fact the skill lies not in hearing them, but in listening to them. Hearing them since always isn’t a symptom of being ahead in the evolution, because everyone hears them even if many try to ignore them. The skill lies in listening them and making them a melody. The Dimensional sounds are like an evolutionary sound, because through listening, they allow you to evolve and expand to new stages of knowledge. Although they seem unimportant, you’ll find out how useful they are to improve your sensory abilities and the practice of other techniques. After all, everything is connected. During the night it’s much easier to perceive these sounds than in the day, because external noises are lowered to a minimum, since everyone is asleep, so our hearing is less disturbed and we can better perceive internal sounds, including dimensional ones. On the contrary, if we live in a place that isn’t noisy, it’s easier to perceive them even in the daytime. They typically start from one tone, a single tone that stays in the head for a while, then it increases to become two or three different sounds. They look very similar to each other but with different volumes and tonalities. If you pay attention to them you notice that they can quickly increase. They are very important to our evolution, which is why we tend more and more to cover our hearing with headphones to listen to music, completely manipulated by the Low that wants to prevent us from discovering a new level of evolution. The tones belong to the other dimensions, among the highest and closest to God, so it would be a sin to ignore them forever.

If you listen carefully to the tones, they can increase in number and volume; if you aren’t focused, they can disappear or decrease in level. In fact, you’ll notice that a minimum thought, even a single small and light thought, is enough to lower the volume of the sounds and lose some of them. As you try to listen to the dimensional sounds you’ll also train the non-thought, because, in order to be able to keep all the tones at the same level and even increase them, you’ll have to pay attention not to think. This way you will achieve a double effect. By training, you’ll be able to raise the volume of these sounds even when you are in very noisy places and not only at night or in quiet places. Meanwhile, however, start from the first steps. Carefully, focus on hearing the sound inside your head: slowly you could hear it rise and finally hear another, as if they were two sounds that are heard together one above the other, crossed but without stoning. You need to train, but I am sure that if you’re interested in improving your skills, you’ll find time to do that. At first it’s complicated to hear them because as long as you don’t want to pay attention to them they’ll seem high, then, when you decide to listen to them, they will seem lower than the usual. From today, however, try to listen to them, for at least 5 minutes, several times during the week. You’ll notice how, by paying attention to them, their sound will improve and won’t seem annoying anymore, but it will be more and more similar to the tone of a melody. To increase the volume of the sound breathe prana, because breathing energy inside you, will raise your vibration and this will help you to better perceive dimensional sounds. In the next lesson I’ll explain how the dimensional sounds work and why they are so important, but first start doing some practical experience, focusing on listening to them instead of ignoring them. Give them a few minutes and listen to them more often during the week, this way you will understand much better the differences and energy purification determined by listening to the tones. Relax and enjoy the hearing experience.

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  1. Again very interesting to read. After reading this article I realize the sounds are heard all over the country. They are recognizable and they give peace when I listen to them carefully. They are comfortable to me. They are strongly present during meditation and since I meditate only stronger and ms I am now more aware of it.

  2. It’s funny that I heard evolutionary sounds all the time I was reading this article! Now I finally understand what this sound means, it’s not illness, just our Conscience asking for attention. That’s why I hear them more often during meditation. Next time I’ll try to pay attention to them and use them to keep the focus and my mind clean from distracting thoughts!

  3. Listening to dimensional sound is so relaxing… I’m learning to be more focused, and this helps me a lot to control my mind and have a better mental silence, which is so satisfying. Going deeper with the listening, I’m starting to hear more tonalities, it’s becoming more interesting and calming. Listening to them is satisfying, and I’m taking the habit of listening to them before falling asleep, I noticed it helped me a lot improving the quality of my sleep and remembering my dreams!!

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