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03 – You’re not here by chance…

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I’ve always been asked:

“Why people don’t understand that God exists? Why people don’t believe in the existence of Soul, the possibility to live a life after death? Why are people convinced that everything they say is real, without ever asking questions? Why most of them do not believe in these things or do not grasp them?”

The answer may seem obvious, not all of us are the same, not everyone is ready to know and accept the truth. I do not intend to categorize people by giving them a label, but I just want to help people understand the difference between those individuals who, one life after another, keep on evolving and searching the truth, and those who have no interest in discovering neither understanding it. There are individuals that are ready to learn certain information, others are not.

We can divide people into 3 categories of thought:

  • 1 – Those who do not believe and as such they don’t want you to believe in anything that can be defined as “paranormal” or “spiritual”. They are extremely convinced of their scepticism or their ideals to such an extent that they are convinced to hold the absolute truth in saying that nothing exists or that something exists only the way they think it is. If someone thinks differently, they immediately label him as “crazy”, addressing him as if he was “stupid”, without even giving the least opportunity of conversation. Ironically some of those sceptical people are fervent religious, who believe in Priests but not in the real God; they do so much that they’re convinced that in order to communicate with God it is fundamental to convey everything through the priest’s voice, otherwise you won’t be able to speak directly with Him, but at the same time they forget about the original purpose and forget about understanding who God truly is. Many others are completely skeptical, not for their values, but for their own of laziness, since they consider that looking for answers is exhausting, so much that it is better to believe – and convince the others – that nothing exists more than what we already know. Regardless of whether those people are right or they know they’re wrong in many ways, they will keep on imposing their morals even at the cost of suffocating the other’s, since they’re convinced that nothing exists, or that it exits only if that is confirmed by them in the first place.
  • 2 – Next are those who say they do not believe in anything because of fear or because they just never had significant experiences who made them change their mind. They have no interest in imposing their ideals on others, therefore they don’t get angry with people who instead believe and talk about spiritual topics. We could define them as “harmless-oblivious people”, despite being narrow-minded, they accept other people’s diversity and open-mindedness, without being keen on imposing their faith to others. We can also add to this category those who listen to the thoughts and experiences of others and maybe believe that those experiences are real, but they are still not interested in exploring the subject, even if they accept and respect it.

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  • 3 – Finally there are those who have thirst for knowledge that are, at times, willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy it. Not all of them realize this soon; some are deeply interested in all spiritual topics since childhood, some others only growing up notice that they’re becoming interested in some subjects. All of them have some characteristics in common: they don’t care about what other people say, they just follow their curiosity, which sometimes is a real hunger for knowledge, until they find out the answers they were looking for. It doesn’t matter if somebody will go against them or will try to make them change their mind: this kind of people want to obtain answers and will look for them until they find them. Some of them are already aware of how wide the spiritual world is, so, they decide to open their mind to as much information as possible regarding any subject. Another part of this group is more limited in their research, since they’re interested in only one or few topics, probably because it’s the only topics where they have personal experiences, for which reason they’re looking for explanations about what happened. And yet, over time, they may discover that there is something else besides that domain, that could catch their interest and make them broaden their mind about more spiritual fields. In a sense it’s like someone spent their whole life looking for God, but throughout their research, they begin to find out that other than His presence, there is also something else, like the possibility to reincarnate, therefore living a life after death; very different from what religions taught us.

After describing these three categories – which obviously are more various and complicated than this simplified overview – we could separate them in two simpler definitions: spiritual and non-spiritual people. The first two categories described are those people that I define “Gaia’s Low”, people who are inevitably not interested in discovering the truth through real means, they just want to live their routine without any news to come knocking their door. They decided to close their mind, which is bound to what they can see with their physical eyes; their perspective is therefore extremely limited. They are set on living that way, so they are not what you can define “spiritual people”. The third description, instead, can identify a spiritual person, in other words those that – even not having decided it voluntarily – chose to look for answers to their numerous questions. Following their instincts, they’re finding themselves following a spiritual path. As opposed to the common belief, not all of them were born with a clear idea of what to do, with sixth sense maxed up and a strong interest towards everything that is “hidden”. Many of them were born and grow up like normal people, with an inner wish to discover something that, rationally, even they don’t know what it is. However, they feel, deep inside, that need to look for answers to questions they still don’t know they have. Not all of them feel the sudden need to study spiritual subjects and to know all of them, indeed they start with one or a few topics of interest, that can develop and lead to the discovery of new knowledge that can lead outside their original fields of interest. After all, when you start to discover the spiritual world – the real world – you realize that a little information is not enough to satisfy your hunger for knowledge, because you wish to know more and more, and like cherries… one new informatios leads to another! Despite our routine and daily time losses, they feel a strong push towards the search of something, they wish to know and learn more about. We could say they are so hungry for knowledge that they don’t feel satisfied after the first bite, as opposed to others who are already full after a tiny piece.

So, there is quite a divergence between people we could define “spiritual” or “non-spiritual”. Those who we can call spiritual are people pushed by the desire to discover and evolve. Actually, those people are already more evolved than average, even without them acknowledging or realizing it, that’s why they feel that need to keep on discovering, because they follow their instincts instead of what the mainstream imposes, which is “what you have to do because everybody does”. Spirituals don’t do things to follow the mass, that’s why they don’t stop searching for answers just because typically the mass doesn’t.

“Non-spiritual” people do not feel this strong need for knowledge.

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Sometimes they may feel curious for some short periods of time, but real knowledge for them is not necessary, it’s just an entertainment that they’ll abandon and forget immediately after. The reason is that they are not ready to understand and accept that the reality they’ve always known is hiding more oddities and lies than they can imagine, so they feel repelled by the highest knowledge. They don’t want to discover the truth, so they accept to be lazing in lies.

If you are here, that’ because you’re ready to know. It’s not by chance that you got here to read those words. You were searching for the truth. Inside you something was screaming and was pushing you to look for something, it wanted to explode and tell you: “it’s there, it’s there!”. But you were not ready to listen to it, you were too afraid or too submerged in your routine which wrapped you to the point that it was silencing your instinct. Then, suddenly, without even realizing it, you got here. No one forced you to read those writings, except for your Instinct. I could be anybody, but something pushes you to read and be nourished by my words, because you know that it is not only words. It’s about events I experienced describing a world that we are in together. I won’t tell you that I’m offering you the Ultimate Truth, instead I’ll insist that you test this knowledge by yourself, reading, trying, experiencing, and verifying it with your own hands, to confirm it is. There are two kinds of people on this planet: those who are not ready and those that today are reaching the beginning of awakening, that taste they were looking for a long time. While reading these documents, you may have felt something, little positive shivers going through your body, shivers that made you feel good and excited, intense emotions hard to explain, that you “had never felt before”. This happens to those that I define “spirituals”. You’re ready to begin, have no doubt. Non-spiritual people cannot understand what a spiritual can grasp. It’s not a matter of intelligence, but of evolution. Spiritual people have been like that for a long time, even before they were born. They have a wider conscience inside them, they don’t know why, but they know that all of this exists and that it’s real, no matter how much the others deny it. There are spiritual people who know very well the existence of all of this, some others start with a narrower view, but it’s not important: with time and experience all of them will build their knowledge.

There is an important difference between “spiritual” and “non-spiritual”. You are a spiritual being, more powerful than what you think, who wants to awaken as soon as possible. In order to do it, you need a fundament. First, you need to understand the reason why you don’t remember who you are. You are a guest on this planet, you are different from Gaia’s Lows… you’re just passing by. You have missions to accomplish, but you try to deny it because you fear discovering too much. You don’t remember, but you’re here for a reason.

During this path you will understand why you don’t remember Who You Are, why you’re here and if forgetting all of this was your choice or not. By now I can just ensure you that you are Not here by accident. Go on with the next articles, where you will find the answers to your questions.


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  1. I’ve always felt different. Like I was the only one with genuine curiosity, full of questions want who was never satisfied with the answers. Especially the ones about the purpose of life, I had such a strong feeling that we are here for something more, for a higher reason, no shallow answer could suffocate my need to understand, to know more. In your academy I feel like finding the place I always belonged to, full of like minded people and You, Angel Jeanne, providing the answers I was longing for, and a full path to discover more and more. I’m so thankful for this gift my life gave me!!

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