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03 – You’re not here by chance…

I was always asked:

“Why people don’t understand that ghosts exist? Why do people not believe in God? Why do they believe that aliens do not exist? Why most of them do not believe in these things or do not grasp them?”

The answer may seem obvious, but not all people are the same.

I do not intend to categorize people by giving them a label, but I just want to help people understand the difference.

There are people who are ready to learn certain information, others are not.

We can divide people into 3 categories:

  • 1 – those who do not believe and as such they don’t want you to believe in anything that can be defined as “paranormal”. They are extremely convinced of their scepticism or their ideals to such an extent that they believe to possess the absolute truth in saying that nothing exists or that something exists only the way they think.
  • 2 – those who do not believe but who have no interest in imposing their thinking on others. We could define them as ” harmless-oblivious people.” We can also add to this category those who follow the thinking of others and maybe believe in something, but they are still not interested in exploring the paranormal world at high levels.
  • 3 – those who show great interest for various “paranormal” topics, maybe not for everything, but are still open to listen before denying the existence of out-of-perception world. These people often begin to practice meditation etc…, in order to further evolve their own consciousness.

Generally, I would distinguish these people in spiritual and non-spiritual. I would assign the first two “categories” to the “non-spiritual ” group, because their minds are embedded in what they see with human eyes. Their perspective is therefore extremely bounded.

I would place instead the third category into the ”spiritual” group, namely people who decided to follow their own instincts that whisper them to search for the truth. Nobody thought them how to practice from childhood and as others they don’t feel immediately the need to experience some kind of things (except in rare occurrences). Despite laziness they still feel inside themselves a strong impulse to look for something, they want to know and learn more, we could say that they are hungry for knowledge. For them, it’s never enough.

There is a difference between “spiritual” and “non-spiritual”. Those who I would define as “spiritual” are people driven by an instinct to spiritual evolution. The truth is that these people are already most advanced in many aspects, even without realizing it, and for this reason they feel they want to keep knowing and discover.

Non-spiritual people do not feel this strong need for knowledge. Sometimes they may feel curious, but real knowledge for them is not necessary. The reason is that they are not ready to learn.

This terminology is often confusing. Not being ready cannot be an excuse for your own laziness. I often hear people telling me:

“I dreamt about a girl who looked a lot like you. She offered to teach me the knowledge and I felt I could trust her and then you arrived, but I don’t feel ready to start”.

I insist on saying that if you found me, no matter what you were looking for, it is because you are ready.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve dreamt of me or if you don’t know who I am, you weren’t really looking for me, you were looking for a way to get this information. I’m not what you were looking for, I will be the instrument by which you will find what you really want to know.

Too many times people justify the fear of a new start or simply the laziness with “I’m not ready ”, postponing their awakening with the typical sentence: ” when I’m ready I will do it. ”

I’m sorry when I meet people that can’t see what I see.

Procrastinating it is just another way to say “it will never happen because I am too lazy”.

If you are here it is because you are ready to know.

Nobody on this website will throw you in a closed room full of ghosts, nobody on this website will force you to do what you don’t want, so stop lying to yourself.

It is not by accident if you are here reading these words. You were looking for the truth.

Something inside you screamed, pushing you to search. Something inside wanted to explode and tell you: “it’s there! ”, but you were not ready to listen, you were too afraid. Then, by chance, you got here. Nobody, except your own instinct, forced you to read my writings. I might be an ordinary person, but something makes you want to read and continue to feed your soul with my words, because you know there are not just words.

I don’t own enough ego to tell you that I will unveil the absolute truth, but it is likely that I am closer to it than others. Try me out by reading, experimenting and verifying what follows.

There are two kind of people in the world: those who are not ready and those who will make the first step towards enlightenment today.

Meanwhile you are reading these documents, you may get small positive shivers running through your body, these thrills will make you feel good, they will excite you. This happens to those who I defined “spiritual”.

You are ready, have no doubts whatsoever.

Non-spiritual people cannot understand what a spiritual manages to grasp. It’s not about intelligence, but about spiritual evolution. The spiritual people have evolved since long time ago, since even before their birth. They have a wider knowledge within themselves, they don’t know why, but they know that those things exist. There are spiritual people who are very well aware of the existence of all these realities, others start with the belief that ghosts do not exist or that we are alone in the world, but it is not important: with time and experience they will improve their knowledge.

Despite this, however, something drives them to look for knowledge and learn more.

You are a spiritual being, a very powerful being who wants to awaken as soon as possible.

You are ready.


Nourish yourself with Prana … you’ll get everything you want.


The non-spiritual cannot understand what you have to say, they won’t understand even if you start to move objects with the power of your mind in front of them; They would claim that it is a simple magic trick. You could burn anything or you could change the weather, by let the rain starting on a very hot and sunny day, but they would answer that you just checked weather forecasting on television and you knew that raining was coming.  You could drill a cloud and make a shape that you desire with it, but they will not see it, they would say that it’s just an optical illusion. They don’t have the ability to understand what you are able to do. They’re not ready, their brains would prevent them to see. The few non-spiritual people able to notice your skills would begin to fear you as if you were a dark and evil person, or simply they would forget everything after few days, giving little importance to the incident. They would get far from you, thinking that you are ‘ strange ‘ and dangerous.


There is an important difference between “spiritual” and “non-spiritual”.


You are a guest on this planet, you’re different from them … you are transient here.


You have some missions in this life-time, but you always try to deny it.


You don’t remember it, but you’re here for a reason.


If you are here, it’s not by accident.




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