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77 – Seeing Auras – The best form of Communication (Part 2)


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The aura is the simplest form of communication that allows to each one of us to comprehend how the other person is feeling, in the exact moment in which we ask ourselves.

Through the study of the body language you can learn not to show to the people around us what we are thinking inside of us, like for example the spontaneous reaction that we should have had after the words said to us, or the behaviour that we would have had in difficult situations that we wouldn’t have had if we had paid attention to the details. Those people that study the not-verbal language, are aware that the expressions of the face and the movements of the body communicate much more than many words, for this reason they spend years and years training to learn how to second with the body what they say with their voice: in order to learn how to lie both with the words and the body. Sellers, for example, carefully study the attitude that has to be taken during the approach with the customer, because the upright position, the safe movements and the look always straight and attentive, makes them serious and reliable people in the eyes of others, despite They’re selling a stinking rag at the price of gold. If the seller had a tense, nervous, insecure, and impressionable body language from the first slightly more awake client, no person would buy from him even if he sold gold for a few cents. Body movements are very important in order to make understand those who are in front of us whether we are compatible or not; For this reason there are special studies of non-verbal communication, because by learning to recognize the style of the other person and his gestures we can imitate and pretend to be more like her, so that we will feel more synerrics and compatible, finally feeling pushed to Buy what we are selling by sheer sympathy towards us. Basically this is simple psychology. There is one thing though that you can’t hide: the Aura! In fact, even if we can learn to react to the stimulation in a different way from how we would have done, by becoming more rigid to emotions and pretending to be detached even if inside we are suffering or vice versa, the expression of the aura is so immediate and unaware that it isn’t easy at all to control it. Who studies psychology or the body language at advanced levels, vaguely approaches to comprehend that beyond the posture and gestures of the body there is something else, but they don’t understand in practice what it is and don’t learn to modify it if not just a little. Luckily! Some spiritual people, however, who know the abilities of the aura, can change the appearance of the first layers of energy to deceive those around them. This is why we must absolutely learn to see the auras and know them at their best: to prevent even the most expert to deceive us with his hypnotic methods.

When we are in a very positive context for us, where we feel comfortable surrounded by people who appreciate us and make us feel good, our aura widens and expands towards all the directions, because it sprays happiness from all the pores, literally. But when we feel very uncomfortable, annoyed, in an environment where we almost feel teased or judged, our aura lowers and shrines, as if it began little by little to disappear. All this can be seen with the eyes and it’s necessary to learn to see the aura in order to recognize the emotions of the others, that, although they are believed to be invisible, they actually can be seen very clearly. Although they do not appear as clouds with written inside the word of the emotion to which they are associated, as it is obvious, feelings manifest themselves with moving shapes and colors that suddenly appear in the aura. The aura, in fact, can change color even in a short time, depending on the prevailing feeling in the moment or in the period that the person is living. However, the aura is composed by many layers and some of them remain more or less of the same color for a long time, while others change continuously.

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Let’s get out of our head the idea that the standard aura of a normal person is the one typically represented in any image on the web, where everyone has one identical to the one already designed by others, with all the layers perfectly smooth and Compact, without any imperfections or smudge of colour. Each of us must have 7 layers of aura, this being a rigorous law, because the number 7 is beautiful and meaningful and no one has the right to have more than seven layers, otherwise they will be censored so that people won’t be able to find that you can have more levels and more dimensions. But don’t tell anyone!

Now these customs are old, let’s open our minds and realize that many of the information we are given are still handed down by people who don’t have the slightest experience, but that speak and tell what they were told by fake gurus who have never spent more than 5 minutes watching the aura. They don’t like the freedom and the non-structure that energy naturally has, they claim to be able to organize everything under the form of strange human laws to close the universe in a metal cage, in order to understand it better. You cannot comprehend the universe if you have your mind shut! You can’t lock the energy in a container hoping that you won’t need to know anything else! The energy is free, it has no rules, it has no closures, you can’t compress it in a small flask, you can’t force it to become something understandable for us. We have to open our minds to embrace new experiences and assimilate them for what they are. This is the aura.  It has no restraints and it can mutate in any moment. It is hardly perfect, let alone the one of those who don’t practice.

The aura is composed of several layers and generally people have more than 5, although there is always the exception of severely ill people. A person in health and living a healthy life usually owns over 8 layers. Some of these change color very often because they belong to the emotional sphere which, of course, varies from one moment to another depending on the stimuli we receive during the day. The color of happiness is different from the color of suffering, but we cannot base our knowledge of the aura on the difference of colors, because this is too limited to explain the reasons that push the energy to change.Keep in mind that we are talking about energy and dimensions, not of colored pastels passed on paper. Therefore, besides looking at it and judging it from the appearance, we must also perceive it and extract the information we need to really know it.

During the first sessions of vision of the aura it’s very difficult to see the precise details, because we aren’t used to see the energy and our eyes prevent us from seeing everything and immediately. The accurate vision of the aura depends on the training we do, not certainly from the time that runs between sessions, since this does nothing but bring us back to zero, losing the progress made.

Being this only the second lesson based on the technique of seeing the aura, I don’t expect you to know how to trace the levels or the holes and the various imperfections of your energy field, so don’t expect it even you. The beginning is difficult for everyone because it’s a practice that you’ve never done before. You can’t expect to be able to do the split if you have never trained: you can’t do it, because your body is not used to that effort and will prevent you from falling more than a certain limit. If you want to achieve important goals, you have to train, because otherwise you won’t be able to do the split and you’ll say that it’s useless, that you are the problem, that your legs are not suitable to perform certain actions, that it’s impossible to assume that position And no one will make it because it’s too complicated. Conclude your complaints dictated by laziness and open your eyes, if you are willing to see the reality to which you are ready to open up.

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Rather than demanding everything and immediately, learn to see the aura step by step, overcoming the small obstacles that can keep most of the people locked. To help you recognize the aura and focus better on its shape and colors, I decided to draw for you what I see with my eyes when I look at the auras. Keep in mind that I didn’t start yesterday but several years ago, and that I have a passion and an irrepressable interest in wanting to know the truth in every way it presents itself, unlike those who like to read theoretical definitions but don’t tolerate putting them into practice. For this reason I advise you not to demotivate yourself if you can’t see in a few days what I represented in the images below, because it will be more than normal. It is very important that you know that drawing an aura is never like seeing it live, because some emotions translated into colors appear and disappear in a matter of seconds, so it would be impossible to reproduce perfectly the energy field of a person without leaving out anything. Moreover, it would not make any sense to immediately show a precise and detailed example of what I see during a session of viewing the aura, because not only would it be difficult to understand but it would even risk to confuse you and create you excessive expectations that would totally block your evolution. For this reason I will start by showing you simplified drawings that represent the very first experiences I had with the aura, to go little by little deepening in the next articles in which I’ll show you more details and more edited drawings. Realize that to recognize these experiences as real you have to practice the techniques during your days and not just read my articles, because otherwise you would continue reading without minimally understanding how much information it is present and how important it is. In this regard, I invite you not to look at the images dedicated to the aura of the next articles just out of curiosity, despite you haven’t even put into practice the advice learned in the previous lessons, because the drawings are not meant to influence you, but to confirm that what you’re seeing is right. Don’t force to speed up your evolution hoping that only by looking at some design your experience can accelerate: you have to practice if you want the evidence that this is real.


The first image I would like to show you is the way the auras are usually represented.


As you can see, the aura is represented as a perfectly regular shape that completely surrounds our body with the same density, color and light. In fact, your first experiences will show you that its shape will be much more blurred, inaccurate and irregular, roughly like the image below.


During your first experiences you will notice the difficulty in seeing the aura even for a few seconds, let alone if you could see it perfectly regular as if you had painted on it. In other images you might notice that the aura is represented as if it were a shape that surrounds us but does not fill us, like the following image:

Even in this image, the aura is shown as perfect and uniform. In this case it is possible to misunderstand the white zone of the aura by convincing itself that it is the distance between the body and the blue aura: actually, the white stripe is also part of the aura, wishing to represent both the light emanated from the subject and the second layer that in this case is blue. However, if we wanted to make the drawing a little bit more realistic, it would be like this:

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In the images above, it may seem that the aura surrounds the body without penetrating it, as if energy were an additional and external part that does not really belong to us. In reality, if we wanted to show the aura in its entirety, we should see the whole body both inside and outside filled with aura, then the same color as the first layer, which in this case is celestial, because each layer of the aura is born first from the inside and then expands to the outside. So if we want to see the full energy we should imagine something like this:

Because energy fills and completes us, it is inside and outside. At this point, we should add another layer of aura of different colors to be able to recognize it, although it is not necessarily so in reality: some layers may be of the same color, but for simplicity I will show them with two different ones.

Even in this case we see how the aura is shown on the web and how we could see it live with our eyes:


We are already talking about more advanced levels than the first experiences you would have just started practicing. However, when you are able to see the first layer and you’ll push a little further, you could glimpse the second, which it will show roughly as in the drawing. In This case we can see both the white light, the second layer and the third. Considering that even the third green layer comes from inside the body and then expands much more widely than the blue one (and that is why we recognize the difference), we should imagine the inside of the human body roughly like this:


Through a drawing it is difficult to show the overlapping colors, in fact they mix and are no longer recognizable from each other. In reality, however, the colors of the aura don’t mix in this way, so inside the body we will see both the blue and the green as two distinct levels. Clearly the colors were chosen at random and so also their order.  If we finally wanted to add another layer, this would be the effect:

I want to clarify that these drawings are only sketches in which I avoided adding details that you would not immediately grasp: I would have made the aura of the head much longer and that of the feet shortened, I would have changed color in the shoulder area and faded more the contours if I had had the space. In fact, in the drawing it may seem that the layers are a few centimeters apart from each other, but in reality some of them are even a few feet apart from each other. At this point we need to understand that before seeing the other layers we must train to see well at least the first.

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The white halo is usually the first sign that can be noticed, because it expands from the body like a light that you want to show, continuing to stretch upwards until you blink your eyelids. Each person, however, has different colors of the aura and also the way to see them is different: sometimes you might notice the white halo first and then the rest, other times the first halo that you show may be yellow or alternatively celestial. However, in the end, they all belong to the first layer of light that expands. To be satisfied with your vision, you should see at least 10 inches of white thickness before claiming a next step. Then, always training the same way, you could start to see the colors, as these are generally a bit ‘slower to arrive. It takes a lot of patience, because the eye is not trained to see the energy, so it will take some time to get used to it. Obviously the improvements will come if we are talking about people who decide to practice, otherwise the eye will never evolve. In any case, you must engage without surrendering, because the early times will be complex to see the colors and keep the visual active, but when you learn to see them, if you continue to train, it will always be easier to recognize them using less time. Let it be clear that the color of the aura can not be invented: it has a main color and everyone, if they looked at it, would see it the same. I remember that it is not easy to accurately represent an aura through an image, because when you look at it live you can speak of moments in which a new color appears and then disappears, while in the drawing I should insert them all together and become a mixture in which nothing would be understood any more, for this I will have to go for steps and draw new models each time; otherwise it would be like photographing someone who is yawning and believing that this is the true shape of his face. In these drawings I wanted to color the auras without holes and imperfections for pure practicality, but from the next lessons I will show them more and more realistic, adding important visual details that you will learn to see with time. It is clear that you will not have to hurry up and end up hitting yourself: do the techniques in step with the theory to be able to recognize the truth through your own personal experience. That said, reading the documents does not require you to practice, so if you wanted to read the articles accessible to you even if only for culture, no one would prevent you. My advice is to start practicing for at least 10 minutes a day after meditation, since seeing energy will be easier. I’ll wait for you at the next lessons.

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