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20 – God – Does God Exist? (part 1)

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Before continuing along this path, I think it is important to take a few minutes to reflect on the concept of “God”. Before I start explaining my definition of what God is, I ask you to put aside everything you knew or thought you knew about Him, even for a minute, at least to understand what I mean when I mention the word God. It does not matter what your religion, beliefs or culture are; all of us have been indoctrinated since childhood to associate the term “God” with a meaning that does not really belong to Him. Through this program, we can no longer think of the term “God” without associating it with the beliefs that forced us to study, so we have no freedom of thought or personal experience. We are mentally compelled to associate God with a faith that does not belong to us. It is not our nature to be faithful to a punishing God, to a God who gets rich by trampling on people’s heads, to a God who tells us to kill others. In reality, we are much closer to God than we are led to believe, we just do not know how to communicate with Him, so we cannot feel Him.

Put aside what you have studied all your life about the term “God” and listen to what inside you resurfaces when you think of Him. If you think about the meanings that you have associated with the term God all your life, so many conflicting – and sometimes negative – feelings will resurface in you, almost making you think that you do not believe in God and that, if He really existed, He would certainly be an evil, punishing and selfish entity. This is not God, this is the Church. God is very far from the definition that they forced us to believe all these years. So, do not focus on the theoretical meaning they taught you about God; focus on how you feel when you think of Him. The only way to disassociate, for a moment, that negative meaning (that they have planted on our minds like a nail) about the term God, is to stop using that term and understand what He really is. So many spiritual people, for a certain period of their journey, have felt within them that they no longer wanted to mention that term, so that it would be cleaned up and reprogrammed with much more positive feelings. Many spiritualists choose to call it Universe, Universal Energy, Force or even Prana, to forget those negative feelings that life experiences or religious studies have associated with that term. So let us talk about what that positive presence is, without mentioning that term, that has been tarnished by the religious themselves.

Does He exist? Let us start from the principle that the Universe exists, and He is not a man or a woman, He is not an old man with a beard who judges and condemns us, but He is the Universe: He has no sex because He is All. The Universe has a body and a mind, so He has a material appearance and a very large Consciousness. We already know the physical body of the Universe, more or less: it is all that surrounds us, all the planets, the galaxies; our planet is part of Him, we ourselves are part of the Universe, because we compose Him. The Universe, besides having a physical body, also possesses a very large and elevated Consciousness, extremely strong and positive. Try to think of the purest and most positive vibration that exists in the Universe, the most loving, most positive, most life-loving and protective presence: that’s it, that is the Consciousness of the Universe. Prana, which we breathe and which allows us to live, is the energy of the Universe, the brightest and purest energy that allows us to get closer to the understanding of what the Universal Consciousness is, that for millions of years has been making Himself felt to us. Over the last millennia, religion has taken control of the people, forcing us to believe in a version of God that is quite different from what the true Gods, including Jesus, have taught about Him. Religious cannot understand what God is, so they humanize Him, associating human feelings and similarities to God that in truth He does not have. Therefore, we were led to believe that God was more or less a slightly older human being, who watches us from the heights of heaven, who spies on us all day long not to help us, but to judge us. If we make a mistake, He is there to punish us; if we have a nice, happy day, He is there to judge us, to make us feel guilty of being happy while there are suffering people in the world.

God is not all this, He is not even remotely like a human person, nor does He feed on feelings as low as ours. Therefore, if you associate the term God with all these wrong definitions, it is normal that you end up believing “God does not exist, this is just a human invention.”, because in fact you are right: the humanized god does not exist, that is only an invention to keep the weakest of mind subdued in the name of “faith”. What really exists is the Universe, which has a physical body and a Consciousness, conscious of our existence.

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The Universe exists, there is no doubt about that, but what the greatest Psychic Masters have been trying to explain to humans for millennia is that the Universe has a Consciousness, which is aware of our existence. Then, the inexperienced human tries to theorize this term and tries to give it all his obsessions and overthought. But those who have experience, those who have real personal experience with this Presence, know that it is very different from any human structure and human idea that one person  may have. We live inside the Universe, we are part of Him, we compose Him, and although we are not the only component, or the most important: we are just as fundamental as any other planet and living being inside Him. We are very important in the eyes of the Universe: not the most important, nor the least important. The Universe is a bit like our physical body: we are made up of billions of cells, and each one is very important because it makes us up; if they were not there, we would not exist. Our cells make up our organs and our body parts, which are all very important to us. There is no one more important or less important part of our body, because all of them, in our eyes, are fundamental: it is clear that you could live without a kidney, but if your kidneys are working perfectly now, why would you decide to remove one? It would be unthinkable, because although we theoretically know that we can live without a kidney, we do not want to take one off at all to find out if we live well or not. So we know that if the kidney gets sick and we are forced to remove it, we could even live without it; but without a kidney, would it really be the exact same thing as having two? Of course not, that is why we would never give up a part of our body if it were not really necessary to save our lives. In case we have to decide whether to remove a sick part of the body to save our lives, then we would decide to remove that part; but if it is not sick and is working perfectly, why would we give up that organ? The answer is the same for which the Universe has never given up on planet Earth and consequently on Earthlings, because we humans are as fundamental to His body as our kidneys, legs, hands, any part of the body is fundamental to us. If Earth’s life ended, the Universe would still survive, but it would not be the same, just as we could survive without a hand or spleen, but it would not be the same thing. Consequently, the Universe cares a lot about the planet Earth and about us, for His own interest, because although He can survive very well without us, He prefers us to live and be well. Moreover, the planet Earth without us would not be the same thing, because it would be missing a fundamental part of its existence. We are not just ants walking on the Earth’s soil, we are Consciousnesses that evolve and make the Earth’s Consciousness evolve through us. We are much more important than others (those who try to control and belittle us) want us to believe.

This is not to be interpreted as a selfish thought, as if the Universe cared about us “just because we are part of Him”; it would be much more selfish to think that the whole Universe thought only and exclusively of us, not caring about all the other living beings that exist. He is interested in everyone, not just us, but He does not even exclude us from His mind. When a part of your body hurts, for example an important organ, you do not get angry with it and do not blame it for the pain you feel, but you worry about it, you try to improve your lifestyle and habits (such as eating) to help that organ to recover and improve its health. So you do not blame the organ for making you suffer, you do not punish or judge it, but you do everything you can to make it feel better, worrying about the pain that was a warning, because it could be the beginning of a worse problem. Surely the organ will not be offended if you are doing all this for yourself and for not feeling that pain anymore, because the organ does not care why you do it, it cares about being well and not getting sick. This is what, very briefly, the Universe does to us. He does not punish or judge us when we feel bad or make mistakes, but He tries to help us solve that problem to make us feel good. However, this is only a very synthesized description of what the Universe really does to us, because He is much more than that. He is that positive presence that we have sometimes felt in our lives, but probably have not recognized as such, because the term “God” has been explained to us differently from what He really is. So we have created an idea about God that does not exist, to omit the presence that does exist and that we have sometimes felt.

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There were very painful moments in your life when you “invoked” and “prayed” Him, both humanly and religiously, and yet you felt that there was something really coming to you to “accept your prayers”. Other times, however, it did not happen and on these occasions, you preferred to think that God did not exist or that He was not good, instead of understanding that the mistake was yours, or rather in your way of communicating with Him, because no one has ever explained to you the true right way to use. Religion does not teach us how to communicate with God, and there is no way that they teaches us it because this is not in their interest: religion has been manipulated so that we believe that without an intermediary (the priest, in the case of the Catholic religion) we cannot reach God. In other words, religion forces us to believe that we are no one to communicate with God, that the only way to get to Him is to ask permission through the church in our city – to which we give our money – which will “open” us to His graces. So, religion makes us believe that if we do not go to church we cannot communicate with God directly from our home, that if we are not baptized by the priest we would not even be taken into consideration by God, and many other falsehoods that the true God does not care at all. These ideas were imposed on us by some individuals, who took advantage of our weaknesses to enrich themselves on our shoulders: it is not God who wants this!

The true God, the one that has never been explained to us on schoolbooks or on religious ones, is a presence that is naturally present in us and around us. We compose Him and at the same time He composes us. But it is clear that the phrase “God is within us, to find him we have to look inside us” leaves us more questions than answers, which is not a good thing. So the real way to find Him and communicate with Him is not to pray or speak, because the Universe does not understand human words. The method of communicating with God is the use of precise techniques, such as, first of all, Meditation, which is the basis of the universal language; then, we can talk about how to learn, step by step, the rest of the universal “language” to communicate with Him. If it were easy to explain in two pages what God is, it would not be necessary to write a whole book: in it I recounted all my experiences, which allowed me to understand first of all His existence, His power and how truly loving He is towards us, if only we decided to recall Him. In fact, God is like Prana, or rather, Prana is part of God: it has always existed, but until you decide to meditate on the pranic breathing, it does not come close or fill you up inside. As prana must be recalled through practice, also God must be recalled, so that He can be part of your life and help you to face your difficult moments, but not only that; because He cannot only help us in moments of fear and difficulty, but also in happy moments, to help us make them better and even more lasting. That is why God is not a man who judges us or punishes us; those are the ideas we have been getting about Him. He is something much greater and more intelligent that the human mind can understand with logic, because the Universe and life do not follow human logic, even less of those who do not have knowledge and experience of it. The Universe follows His instinctiveness, creates and gives life to what He wants, and only afterwards, we humans, try to explain these events with rationality; but let us be clear, the reverse never happens! We should understand that God does not follow our ideas, but His own instinctive and positive choices, which we can try to understand through experience and direct communication with Him. Without direct communication, we would only invent other theories, endlessly, without ever reaching the truth.

He is the most positive thing that exists in this Universe, being He Himself the Consciousness of this Universe. He has known us for a long time, because this is not the first life for many of us. Even if we do not remember who we are, and we do not know why we are here, He knows us and recognizes us from time to time, because He is an extremely intelligent and evolved Consciousness. It does not matter if you want to call it Universe, Cosmic Energy, Force, or any of the terms you prefer to use, to avoid the term God. What really matters is that you connect to Him and understand how important it is to know the Truth about Him, a truth that has been tarnished and completely overturned to keep us away from the Awakening. Knowing God allows us to awaken and emerge from the enormous illusion that suffocates us. The Universe is not routine, it is not chaos and it is not daily suffering. The Universe is the most positive essence that exists, the highest vibration, the most loving presence that will allow you to understand how He is everything you have always sought, if you give Him permission to enter your life.

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What you have always been looking for is that positive presence in your life that fills you with strength when you feel weak, that makes you feel comfortable even when you are facing the hardest and unknown trials. What you are looking for is that essence that makes you realize who you are, why you are here and what you need to do to feel truly useful, fulfilled, realized. If you let Him be there for you, He can make you feel important to this world, even when everyone around you is trying to make you feel like a burden. He knows who you are, so He can help you remember the truth about yourself. You have maybe refused to name Him, because of the negative associations you may have been used to, and that is okay because it does not matter how you call Him; all that matters is that you find Him. His goodness characterizes His presence, because when you know His true identity you realize that it is never accompanied by other negative feelings and actions such as punishing or judging, because He is not what the bigots define. The Universe just wants to live and expand, and to do so He gives life and continues to protect what already exists. But if the Universe is so busy protecting life, it means that something is constantly trying to get in the way of it, and that is the Darkness. Of course we are not talking about the “devil”, which is nothing more than a representation of a demon and not the representation of true darkness, which is also very different from what the religion taught us.

What hurts, what causes pain or what causes suffering events, is certainly not God: this is the Darkness, a presence completely different and separate from what God is. The most misguided idea that people can get is to associate God with Darkness as if they were two sides of the same coin, but there is no theory further from the truth. God is one presence, the Darkness is another. When you suffer, when you feel abandoned, it is not God who is punishing you: it is the Darkness that is hitting you. Blaming God for our sufferings is wrong because He does not send them to us: the Darkness is the only one guilty of our bad experiences and sad moments. God is fighting the Darkness to keep it away from us, but it is not as easy as we think; in fact, the Darkness strikes us so many times during our lives, proving that there is a psychic war going on, much bigger than we can imagine. To make matters worse, we humans continue to go against God, also blaming Him for our sufferings, as if He did not have enough difficulties to face during His battles against the Darkness. But all these beliefs, which make us believe that God has nothing to do all day long except observe us from heaven and judge every action or word we say, come from religious indoctrination. One way or another we were led to believe that God has nothing to do but punish, watch and judge us all the time. The truth about God is very far from any religion: none of them told the absolute truth about Him, and this is not a coincidence! Religions were decided by some individuals who exploited people’s faith to subjugate them to their power; if we read history with attentive eyes, we realize how many people, for centuries, revealed how religions were already corrupted and designed to keep us tied up. God is not interested in money, but some people are so blinded by it that they decide to completely distance the others from the truth and evolution. The power over human minds is something very dark, which we have naively underestimated all our lives, thus ignoring the barriers of ignorance. In other words, we preferred to believe the religious version about God instead of listening to our true instincts that would allow us to know the truth, or even worse, we believed that God did not exist because of how he was presented to us by religion. Now we have the possibility to listen to our instincts, through Meditation, and perceive the true presence of God, no matter what term we use to identify Him. If the term “God” still makes you think too much of the humanized God, then call it Universe, or whatever you like: but listen to your Heart Chakra and connect to Him, through Meditation, because only then can you discover the truth about Him.

This is just a brief introduction, which is not enough to explain what God really is, but it helps you understand that His world is much larger than you previously believed. For this reason, we will deal with this concept again and periodically, not only in theory but also through guided techniques that will allow you, if you wish, to practice the connection to God so that you can feel Him and perceive His presence in first person. The path I am teaching you through this Academy is not God-centered, so even if you decide you do not want to know anything about Him, it will not be a problem: you can continue your journey in ACD by omitting the topic as long as you want. If, on the other hand, you wish to deepen this topic, practicing the techniques to discover His existence at first hand, your thirst for knowledge will be satisfied. Of course, if you do not want to wait and are in a hurry to know, you can find many answers in the book “Does God exist? Yes, and He knows who you are, but you do not know who He is” (book currently available only in Italian).

Now that you have learned – albeit briefly – my definition of God, we can continue with the main arguments of this 1st Step, because each of them is extremely connected to the other, so that they amplify each other. In the next articles we will explore the Chakras, Thought and Meditation, and then discover new topics that we have not talked about yet, which will help you to answer your wider questions. Continue with the reading and remember to leave a comment below to let us know your appreciation.

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