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54 – Energetic Sight – What is Spiritual Sight (part 1)

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The energetic view is the psychic faculty that allows us to see with our own eyes the various types of energy and dimensions. It is thought that since “everything” is energy, then everything can be seen in the same way and level, but it is not so, because every single energy is different and requires a targeted training to develop that certain capacity.

To give an example, those who can see the auras of people are not necessarily able to see orbs, or that they can see the pranic energy, with open eyes obviously. This is because every type of energy is different and requires a different kind of training. The energetic view does not work like the physical view, for which all the material exists, you can see it right away; even if for the physical view there would be so much to say. Anyway, if we take the example of our bedroom, if you turn around and look at it carefully, you can see the bed, the walls, the chandelier, the colors of each of them, you can see if there are insects inside , you can see stuffed animals, books, you can see everything, because everything that is material is visible to your physical eyes. For the energetic view it is not so simple, because even if you learn to see a certain energy, for example the auras of objects, this does not imply that you also know how to see an entity, in case it is present inside your room. This means that that kind of energy, such as entities, escapes your eyes (or rather, your energetic sight) so you may have it in front of you or even set you to fix the exact point where you are, but you will continue not to see nothing.

The faculty of the energetic view is very wide, therefore it is necessary that we analyze all the possible actions that can be carried out thanks to it. As already explained in the previous lesson on the Third Eye , faculties such as Remote Vision or Vision of the Future, do not belong to the Energy View although the verb “to see” can be misleading. But I will explain these skills better during the next lesson on the third eye. Today, instead, we will focus on the faculties possible through the Energy Vision, or through the use of physical eyes. As I explained earlier in fact, the energetic view is a faculty that must be trained through the use of physical eyes, therefore keeping them open, not closed. Among the faculties that belong to the energetic view we find first of all the Vision of the Aura , which among other things is one of the simplest techniques to develop: it requires only a little patience, but it does not require an excessive mental effort, to otherwise it can also be very relaxing; it just takes a little concentration. Through the technique I taught you in this article , you can learn to see the aura of other people, like your own, as well as the aura of objects, animals, trees and so on.

The technique is very simple, it only takes a little training: concentrate on one objective, for example an object, and fix it with open eyes with the intent to see the aura. After a few minutes the white halo will appear, so stay focused, without thought, with the intent to see the next level. So you will begin to see the aura no longer as a white halo, but as a colored halo. The further you go, the more you will discover larger halos, of different colors between them, so you will reach higher levels than the previous one.With the example of the technique of seeing the aura you realize that the visual abilities do not stop at a first level, but can evolve and reach ever higher stages. The energetic sight is not like the physical one and for a long time it will be difficult for you to understand it and accept it, because every time you reach a new level of vision, you will think that you have reached the maximum you can get, and that therefore there is no longer any need to train because you have already become capable of seeing “everything”. But everything is still far away. Since the energetic sight must be developed through the physical eyes, we are accustomed to believing that it is enough for us to open our eyes to see all the energetic reality, just as we see that material, without any effort. Physical eyes see only matter, but do not see energy, for which you have to train really long before reaching very high levels.

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Training in the practice of the aura can help to improve the energetic sight also towards the other kinds of energy, but it does not allow to see them at high levels without necessarily training also in those different practices in a targeted way. If you reach a good level of auric vision, for example you can see three layers of colored aura, different from each other and of greater thickness, it does not mean that you have reached the same level also regarding static energy, for which instead it appears to be still at the very first level. While the practice for learning to see auras is found in the Aura topic, the practice for seeing the static can be found in the topic see Energy . Learning to see the static allows you to improve the vision of prana as well. But the energetic view does not stop there, in fact it can also be trained for further targeted practices, for example deciding to see the Entities . Seeing entities is not a bad thing, because there are many positive entities that can fill you with exciting and moving experiences. When one thinks of entities, one immediately thinks of horror films, of those scary scenes, but those who really have experience with entities know that real life is not film, but it is very different. Knowing how to see entities allows you to experience emotions that all others cannot know. Sometimes it moves you, others fills you in, because you know you’re not alone even when everyone around you is trying to make you feel isolated and inadequate. Seeing and communicating with entities allows you to understand that you are never alone, and this is a very positive thing. When you learn to see the entities, you realize that all that fear of seeing them was more senseless than anything else, because enjoying the vision of their presence, sometimes, gives you real motivation and increases the pleasure of living, because you finally find a reason to engage yourself more in these practices as they can really move you.

But there is no hurry, because if you are not interested in this practice, nobody forces you to follow it; but not for this you have to renounce also the vision of the aura, of energy, and all the rest. Another ability thatit belongs to the energetic view is to be able to see the existence of dimensional beings. For example you can start to see energetic “insects”, some very similar to the physical insects you already know, for example spiders; others, on the other hand, are very different from those that exist physically, they are much more colorful and interesting. Seeing this kind of living thing with your own eyes creates incredible satisfaction, because you really realize that the reality you see every day is absolutely not the truth, but it hides many secrets that only by developing the energetic view can you begin to discover and understand. Some people make the very serious mistake of taking drugs to “increase”, according to them, the energy view. In truth, drugs do nothing but break your brain, break all kinds of natural and psychic defense. In other words, drugs don’t make you live spiritual experiences but they make you undergo a huge nightmare from which it won’t be easy to get out.

I advise you to stay away from those who invite you to take drugs to live “strong” visual experiences, because those are not real experiences and will not lead you to a spiritual evolution: they will lead you only to a premature and suffering death. You stay well away from “light”, hallucinogenic drugs, and everything else, because they ruin your life. If you really want to evolve, concentrate on the practice to evolve your psychic abilities, because the practice allows you to evolve serenely following your rhythms and your goals: everything you live will be perfect for you, in absolute harmony with your desires.

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Continuing, another ability of the energetic view is to see the codes of the Matrix. Do not expect them as such from those of the films, because there are various differences, and even in this case we will deepen the topic on the Matrix better. To see the codes of the Matrix you have to train your energy vision a lot since it is a level that is not easily reached, since it is a much more complex technique; it’s not as easy as seeing the aura. In fact, I remind you once again that knowing how to see the aura does not involve knowing how to see all the other kinds of energy, such as entities, the Matrix codes, static energy at high levels, and so on.

But through the energetic view, you can learn to see even a hint of other dimensions. For example, through the Vision Faces – ie a technique I teach on the topic Past Lives just to give you a way to see in the mirror of your past lives, or the faces of the past lives on other people – you’re starting to see “people” who exist / existed on other dimensions. This practice allows you to see your past lives and not only, because by developing this practice at high levels you can also see the “room” or the place where that life was present; so you’re seeing that dimension. But it is not at all a simple level, because it requires a lot of practice, that you will learn only on the path of past lives .

The abilities that can be developed through the energetic view do not end there, and with time we will analyze them all. For the moment I suggest you start practicing at least one of the visual techniques taught so far within the Steps , so that you can experience first-hand the importance of the energetic view and understand that there is nothing to fear, indeed, there is it’s just to learn. The energetic view opens up a whole new world, which allows you to evolve on very high levels of Consciousness. All you have to do is try!

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  1. I’m training all the practices involving spiritual sight: seeing energy, auras… This gets me the most confirmations. I like all of the practices you explain, but becoming able to see the truth with my own eyes is just what I needed the most. I don’t want to stop training, I’m looking forward to becoming able to see entities, presences, past lives, matrix… I’m sure the training it takes will be totally worth it!!!

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