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22 – The Chakras – How Chakras work (part 2)

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In the previous article I explained to you the importance of high chakras, such as the Heart, Mind and Crown. These three chakras are fundamental for solving your daily problems, finding the best solutions and having the right determination to move forward. Now, however, the point I prefer most comes. In fact, these three chakras are not the only ones to meditate on, for a much more valid reason.

Although these three chakras are very powerful in finding solutions, however, you will have to implement them with concrete actions . If you don’t move to solve your problems, how can you expect the energy centers to do everything for you? The chakras gave you the idea, they revealed the solution to get you out of trouble and they gave you the right confidence and motivation to do it, but now you have to do it. Often, just because it is not easy to understand the Corona chakra and its universal plans, it will seem to you that the solution is too complex, that it is almost impossible to win your battleand with this you will be afraid to face this test although thanks to her you know what is the right solution to face it. Fear will block you. You will have anxiety, the fear of not making it, and sometimes the Heart will not be enough to appease that feeling of anguish that will tighten your chest and keep you in suspense. That’s where you need the Solar Plexus to work .

The Plexus chakra is deeply connected to the Heart and Chi, since it is located right in the area of ​​the stomach , at the center of the line between the two chakras . His position is incredibly important. If we wanted to define the high chakras as “enterprises outside the world” and as “ability to reason”, the Solar Plexus is the exact middle ground between feeling and matter, between abstract and concrete. The Corona chakra and the Mind chakra , if they were unbalanced, would collide, because one works on incredible events and out of reason, while the other is reasonable and reflective; all this could make them seem almost opposite, but in reality, thanks to meditation, they will collaborate very well and will find the right solution together. The Plexus is in the midst of two complete opposites which are material feeling and concretization, that is Heart and Chi. Nonetheless, if these chakras are fed with prana they will work very well together. The feeling is not reasonable: the feeling of the Heart is much more similar to the Crown chakra , in the sense that it does not follow human reason at all but its own . Chi is not abstract, it is not thought, it is not feeling; Chi is matter, it is concretization. Yet, all united as gether, they form an incredible force that can not only understand the theory. The chakras help you to realize your intentions and thoughts in the matter, that’s why those who meditate manage to achieve their goals, even much faster than those who have spent their life studying and working to achieve it, but who have never meditated many times he can’t . It seems strange, because you are not used to this information, yet your chakras give you a force that allows you to have great power over this reality.

The Plexus is in the midst of emotion and physicality, an incredible bridge that makes you experience emotions concretely. Because if you believed that emotions were only feelings and therefore abstract factors, the Plexus allows you to physically feel your emotions, and it does it, it does it every day, only that it does not happen with conscience and this leads you to suffer your feelings instead enjoy them! The Solar Plexus is the middle way between the energetic and the physical dimension – since it is located between the Chi and the Heart – and this is why when we experience a very strong feeling it affects the stomach making us feel a physical sensation. When we have a very strong emotion, for example because we feel in love, we perceive a blockage in the stomach that we would swear to be real, hard and physical, as if the stomach had a rock inside that prevents us from eating . Q hen we feel anxious, afraid, angry or very sad, these emotions can even provoke pangs in the stomach and diarrhea.

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How can one touch or smell an invisible feeling, something that cannot be seen? How can something that we believe is not real – because we don’t breathe or eat – cause a similar malaise inside our stomach and in general in our physical body? Because the feeling becomes concrete thanks to the Chi chakra! The Plexus is in the midst of the feeling of the Heart and the physical concretization of the Chi. The Plexus is very useful, because by meditating on it and therefore making it strong , it allows us to have a stomach protected in all senses . In fact, negative feelings fall on the stomach making us feel pain, but if we meditate on the Plexus, the chakra protects the stomach and prevents negative feelings from compacting inside the organ and thus becoming physical through pain, nausea and diarrhea. Those who meditate on the Plexus no longer suffer from stomach pain that they previously suffered frequently; ask amoci why.

The Plexus is the chakra that experiences feelings in a physical way and it is very important to know it, because because of a discharged Plexus also the feelings of other people can fall on our physical body; being in fact the Plexus an accumulator of feelings – often mainly negative (just because these are the feelings that people feel most because of their personal dissatisfactions, which then end up also sending to others) – transforms the feelings of anger and sadness of the people who think in physical sensations that will damage the the physical body. This is because people’s thoughts give off energy, which can affect and sometimes harm people they think about with negative feelings! In other words, stomach pain is a strong sign indicating the absorption of negative energy , which can be created from the inside if we are pessimistic people , or come from the outside if we are people victims of negative influences deriving from other people ; or from non-physical presences that send us these negative energies . Even if we don’t see it with our eyes, other people send us a lot of negative energies . Meditating constantly, give strength to our Plexus to protect themselves and then react, thus preventing the negative sentiment to become physical illness, regardless of whether this energy is born from within or from ‘ estern or . The Plexus gives us the opportunity to find that strength to fight against any adversity that hinders us, without experiencing negative physical feelings that destabilizing us, such as fear, pessimism, anxiety and so on. Precisely for this reason, the Plexus is connected to the concept of achieving its goals: if you are physically afraid, you cannot concretize your ideas. Fear is a very complicated feeling and if it also physically materializes in your body, it prevents you from taking steps to act and fight for what you believe in.

Fear is capable of causing you great pain and physical problems , as anxiety and pessimism also manage. By meditating you give more strength to your Plexus, so instead of feeling fear , you will be able to feel that physical determination inside you that will make you able to face any obstacle. The Plexus is the solution to anxiety, fear and panic attacks, in fact it is clear that we suffer from these problems has a plexus chakra even weaker than normal. Meditating on Plexus, and then feed it energy, will help a lot to deal quickly your problems of anxiety, fear and panic, because they reinforce their chakra more connected and responsible for these physical emotions. Then start meditating on the Plexus and you will see how these problems will be solved. The heart chakra will have an important value to create the positive feeling that the Plexus will then amplify; reason, therefore the Mind chakra, will have to make Plexus understand that there is no reason why he should suffer physically only because of a bad feeling. With this you understand that all the chakras must collaborate with each other , therefore it is essential to meditate on all 5 chakras and not just one . Throughout his life, did not know the existence of the chakras, which are right inside you and not expected to be no more than give you that power.

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Most of our daily problems are perfectly solvable already meditating only because feeding our chakras darem m or them the strength to help us be more focused, alert, responsive, able to solve problems due to the higher chakras; but not only. We would be less influenced by other people, because more focused on our decisions and our abilities. We would be less emotional and more empathetic: that is, we would be stronger to face the offenses of others and anything that can make us suffer, which would not mean becoming insensitive, because on the contrary we would be more able to understand and perceive people’s mood and thoughts. So we would be more sensitive but at the same time stronger and able to detach the feelings that we don’t like. Through the Plexus, the Heart, the Mind and the Crown, we would already be solving many of those problems that characterize our days , but we can only do it if we meditate on it.

But there is still a gear that is missing to make everything work . In fact, although you may have found the solution to your problems through the high chakras (Mind and Crown) , the motivation thanks to the Heart, the determination to fight and overcome fear thanks to the Plexus, we still do not have all the means to be able to face our problem. To do this we have to act, but we need the physical strength to do it. Here’s where the Chi fits. This chakra can make you think of many things, but the truth is that without the Chi it is not easy to materialize one’s goals. As long as you think, you stop to think. Often thinking and hoping is not enough and even the courage to face obstacles may not be enough, because it does not mean that you are actually facing them. Being hungry does not mean eating: although you are hungry and would like to eat, this does not mean that you are already doing it, because if this were the case you would stop feeling hungry . You may have all the courage you want, but as long as you don’t move to act and perform certain actions, the problem will remain, even if inside your mind you think it has become easy to solve. This is the job of Chi: it serves to concretize our ideas and face our fears . Chi is the chakra of physical energy, which is the one that is more connected to this physical plane than the others. In fact, the Crown chakra is much more dimensional, the Mind translates, the Heart makes us feel emotions, but the Chi is the one who connects us most physically to this material dimension. For this reason, for whatever goal we want to achieve in the physical plane, it is far better to have a strong and firm Chi than a weak and dry one. In practice, the Chi is the chakra that makes our ideas real and concretizes them on this physical dimension. When we visualize, it is as if what we are creating exists, but in a dimension too abstract to be seen and felt by everyone, therefore it is believed that it is not real; Chi allows to make the events we desire in our mind real, making them happen on the physical plane as well. This chakra is the means by which we can make our idea easier than we think. There are times when you believe you have no escape, that there is no solution to your problems or when you want something that you think is impossible, but that thanks to the practice you can succeed.

All the chakras work together to make you reach your goal, but to conclude, it is up to you to act to achieve what you aim for, because if you do not act and remain still it is difficult to concretize what you yourself believe impossible. Chi gives value to your thinking and allows you to make it easier without putting too much effort into it, succeeding sooner than you would have expected. The Chi is the reality of this dimension, it is that chakra that gives you concrete evidence that it is all true, it is the easiest chakra to understand because it is direct, it immediately gives you physical sensations that show you that it is real. It gives you physical strength and being very close to the Plexus, it gives you moral strength as courage, that push you needed to move forward. It is no coincidence that athletes who want to become champions discover and decide to use the Chi to guarantee it an extra strength and agility that allows them to overcome their opponents. It is practically the chakra that makes your techniques, your decisions and your ideas effective and realistic, makes them concrete and material in this dimension.

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It is a fundamental chakra to survive in the social life of this planet, because it defends you from aggressions, strengthens you in offensive techniques, allows you to concretize your life with real events, or better defined real in this physical area. Basically we know that everything around us is not real, but for others, for unconscious people, everything around us is the only reality that exists, so it is very important to practice to have strong Chi because it allows us to live a life that will be considered real by this Matrix. In practice without the Chi, the other chakras can also be very powerful, but you would still be too “out of this world” because you would not materialize on this physical plane.

Therefore the question may arise spontaneously: if the Chi is the most important chakra for this dimension, why not meditate only on that? Why also focus on the other chakras? The answer is simple. Because Chi is not the most important chakra! He makes an idea concrete, a decision you made with the high chakras, but it is not easy to make something positive if you have only negative problems and thoughts in mind; it is obvious that concretizzer east the only problems and negative events! And this must no longer happen. This is why we meditate on all the 5 chakras at the same pace, and not only on the Chi : because before concretizing, we need to understand what we really want to achieve. If we are always pessimistic and full of problems, Chi will not be able to do much to help us, on the contrary, it will be weakened further.

For the same reason it would be wrong to practice on any other chakra completely ignoring others, such as the Heart chakra, because we would become too emotional and we would completely forget the reason; moreover, one would never be able to concretize something in one’s life, because we would be too focused on feelings but little on concretization. Q uindi the only heart – despite being a very positive and benevolent chakra – not good enough to live their lives. If the Mind chakra were taken as the only chakra and practiced only on that, one would end up becoming too convinced of their logic , obsessive, because the Mind chakra without the help of the Crown and all the others, would not be able to balance yourself and make yourself a complete person. If you devoted your time exclusively to the Mind chakra and no one else, over the years you would not achieve your goals in the absence of the other chakras because you would not have the appropriate strength to achieve them. Therefore you would convince yourself that you know the whole truth because the Mind can offer you so much, but you would continue to have no concrete evidence in the absence of Chi, Plexus and anything else. To evolve you need to balance, so you have to meditate on all 5 chakras.

Here you are explained why we need all the chakras evolved with balance, which are nourished and not only used rarely, weakly and even unconsciously. T ll of us have within us many chakras, including the 5 most important that if we used all the days consciously, improve our lives from the smallest things to the most enorm the experience. Since these chakras currently have no prana energy – until we start meditating – they are able to perform only skimpy “normal” actions, most of the time with poor results, but nothing exceptional and even less spiritual / paranormal. If instead we meditate on the chakras to nourish them with prana energy, we give them the strength to be able to function also on the paranormal level, being able to offer us great positive and evolutionary experiences . By meditating on the chakras you allow them to evolve and make their skills stronger, which you will use to improve every aspect of your daily life, as well as evolve on the spiritual planes. Furthermore, you have been able to understand why we practice on many chakras that are also so opposite to each other, such as the Corona (dimensional and extrasensory experiences) and the Chi (real facts and concrete actions): while the Corona chakra opens our mind and makes us discover new worlds and new dimensions, the chakra Who brings us down to earth and makes us understand that it is good to know the other dimensions , but that we must not lock ourselves in ourselves by living with our heads in another world.

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It is right that we live in this concrete dimension because if we were born there will also be a reason. The same rule works for the heart chakra: if we only used that one, we would be too emotional and with our heads in the air instead of living life very attentive to what is happening around us. Precisely because we must be balanced, we do not meditate only on the Chi, but also on the high chakras so that they allow us to understand that everything we see and believe to be real may not be, because there are many other dimensions where the Matrix that we usually know does not exist, but there is much more. Therefore this chakra allows us not to bind ourselves too much to this dimension as we otherwise would have done if we had meditated sol tant or on the Chi (being a very material chakra and therefore connected to earthly masks!) By showing us beyond.

Now you know the reason why I indicate precise minutes to meditate on each of the chakras rather than treating them as if they were all the same, for example meditating 10 minutes on each without recognizing the differences , as many others erroneously do . Each chakra is different and gradually you will learn to understand its peculiarities. Today’s lesson is in fact only a smattering of what chakras are, because they actually keep a lot of other interesting information for us that we could use for our physical, emotional and mental good. My advice is to meditate as I taught you and not to worry, because it won’t be a few more minutes on a chakra to ruin your balance, but I advise you to avoid those “fasting” fashions dictated by other fake spiritual masters, that invite you to meditate only and exclusively on one chakra , thus preventing you from evolving with balance over all the others, as you should instead. Since you have lived until today without the conscious use of the chakras, you think it is all normal and that you live well even without it, but if you decide to practice on them and to exploit them to achieve your goals, you will wonder how you could have lived before without their help. When you start using the chakras and improve every point of your life thanks to the natural force that they are able to impress you, you realize how lucky you are to have discovered their presence within you. They are like hidden muscles that wait for nothing else to be trained. It is up to you to decide to do it every day.

In this article I explained to you what chakras are, but don’t worry if you think you have not grasped every single definition perfectly, because the only way to really understand how chakras work is to experience them in first person. In theory you can understand that each chakra helps you in certain areas of your life, amplifying your skills. For example Chi increases your physical strength while Mind improves your intellect; but in practice you will understand all this only by meditating and empowering your chakras to do all this. Through the nourishment of prana, thanks to meditation, your chakras can really help you make the changes you need and have always wanted to make; but without energy they cannot do it, because they do not have the strength to do it. Furthermore, the chakras not only serve to amplify your “normal” abilities, but they also amplify your spiritual sensory, those called “paranormal”. So meditating on the chakras allows you to evolve in yourself all those psychic abilities that would help you to truly live a better life, not only in words but in concrete facts.

In the next article we will deepen the Thought, to improve your subsequent Meditation sessions. Don’t be in a hurry to understand everything immediately, because learning certain information takes time and a lot of meditation. You have recently found yourself catapulted into a “reality” very different from the one in which you have lived for all these years, so it is normal to feel displaced and find it difficult to learn certain knowledge. It must be recognized that a lot of information is revealed all together and it is not easy to absorb it instantly! But don’t worry, because this is the exact same obstacle that everyone stopped to reflect on at the beginning of our journey. Arm yourself with patience and continue step by step, without being in a hurry. In this way you will evolve balanced, without the gaps stopping you.


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