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38 – The Low Frequency – The anti-experiences Regulator (part 3)

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In the previous lesson, I explained to you that the Low uses two main methods to lower ourselves and keep us anchored to low vibration. The first method is our own thought, through the Regulator; the second method is the use of the people around us, who create situations and chores that we must “necessarily” involve, even if in truth they could do without us and solve the problem even alone without wasting our time. The Low Frequency uses the Controller to exploit our own thought against us. Probably it will have already happened to you in the past, of having lived a particular experience, so-called paranormal, that on the precise moment in which it happened you were aware that it was something absolutely true, real, the proof that all this exists. But then, the next day or even just a few hours later, you started to doubt the experience that happened to you, starting to think that it was a matter of imagination and that you, for some absurd reason, were influenced and had a distorted view of reality. And yet, you are well aware that you cannot be influenced by anything. For example, you might be intrigued if, after spending the night watching horror movies, you can’t fall asleep later because any noise makes you think there’s a monster in the house. It is not possible, however, to think of a suggestion, when there is no correlation between your normal routine of work or activities carried out as a habit, to a particular evening in which you begin to feel observed by someone even if you are alone at home and, despite there is no wind and all the windows are closed, the objects of the house begin to fall and cause loud noises. It is clear that in this case we cannot even remotely deal with suggestion, because the feeling is not derived from the vision of a horror film, but from the real facts that are happening in your house. And yet, for some absurd reason, the next day you will think you have been impressed, and that it is basically normal for objects to fall on their own, because “it happens to everyone”.

The Regulator is the means that the Low uses to make us think what the Low wants us to think. The Regulator is a sensor that belongs to our brain, which is always active but intensifies in specific moments, which works a bit like the pain sensor: the latter in fact, ensures that as soon as your body is testing a pain, for example you are holding your hand next to a lit stove, take the reaction input, that is, your hand snaps away to avoid burning. it is a spontaneous reaction of our brain, which in this case serves to safeguard our lives. The Controller sensor works in much the same way: as soon as you get up from the tone, or you are trying to do it, the Low mechanism starts immediately, to get you back to a low tone, or to let you lower the Low Frequency vibration. The Regulator is the means that the Low uses to speak in our mind with our voice, with the intent to make us believe that we think of it this way. In essence, it is a hint of our brain that the Low Frequency uses to immediately notice when we are rising in vibration, so that it can intervene, from inside or from outside, to lower ourselves immediately. From inside, through thoughts, doubts and obsessions, and from the outside, through the noises that distract us, from the people who contact us or from events that happen “alone” and that make us lose a lot of time. The Low, through the Regulator, notices the increase in your tone, due to an experience that has occurred, or the idea of ​​starting to practice, to intervene and then lower yourself, or stop you from starting the practice destined to stand up, so that this does not happen. All this should not scare you, because there is nothing to fear, as the Low is not “dark”, but it is a great burden, because if it does all this to keep you low, it means that your Awakening is much more important than how much you believe.

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The Low uses the Regulator to make you doubt yours and the experiences of others, making you believe that it is all suggestion, or pushing you to diminish these experiences by making them pass as less than they really were. In the meantime, take advantage of the Regulator to make you completely forget about the experiences that have happened to you, or that have been told to you, to make you stay completely at a Low vibration, dormant and unconscious of what is happening in your life and in the lives of others. You may have an iron memory of what can be called “normal” memories, but you can be sure that you will not be able to remember paranormal memories. This is because it does not depend only on your memory, but on the energy that those memories have and on the vibration they are in. Paranormal experiences are much more difficult to remember and above all to keep as lucid memories, because the Regulator will arrange for them to be washed away, making them remember at times and with diminished thought, making them pass as if they were dreams, or making them forget them completely. The Low Frequency is a low vibration, which keeps you anchored to its own vibration. As soon as you get up from the tone and then try to be at a higher vibration than the Low one, your Controller tries to lower you, making you think of thoughts that have the sole purpose of bringing you back to a low vibration. For example, through practice you are raising your tone above the Low vibration, so, to lower yourself, it makes you think of immediately interrupting the meditation to go to wash the dishes, making it pass as an extremely urgent action and not can wait 20 minutes longer. Now, as you read what is written, it seems absurd to you and you think that these methods could not touch you, instead as soon as you sit down to practice and start to tone up, you will think of some of the most ambiguous thoughts, like the idea of ​​having to call someone to tell him something – that at that moment will seem to you of vital importance – like the idea of ​​having to send an important file or message to someone to remind him of something, convincing you that waiting an extra minute would ruin everything, and therefore be better stop the meditation just to chat with that person, rather than making her wait 10 more minutes, which among other things would not change anything.

With each of us he uses more persuasive methods for our personal character, as he is our personal Regulator: he is part of our brain, so he knows much better than anyone what the methods and excuses to use to make us hook to the mechanism are of low consciousness lowering. So with each of us he uses different methods, but no matter how, what matters is that he will be able to make you stop the practice with the most trivial excuses, whenever he can. It is up to you to become aware of its methods and to make sure they do not care. Is it really so urgent to send that message? Seriously, can’t you resist another 10 minutes before making that phone call and knowing where your girlfriend is? Do you really think the dishes will run away if you don’t wash them right away? Yet, any excuse is good to make you distracted during meditation and make yourself decide, spontaneously, to interrupt it; when it fails to interrupt with other means. In those moments, it will really seem to you that whatever excuses the Low puts you in front, is the most reasonable and logical, so that you will feel driven to follow it even at the cost of skipping meditation and forgetting about your spiritual path. It is very, very good at making you think that all those unexpected and time wasters are of fundamental importance, so much to push you to chase them and waste time behind, even when you know that it is only a waste of time that will not lead to nothing; yet you decide to pursue it anyway.

The Low uses the Regulator of our brain, to make us have doubts, obsessions, frivolous thoughts that prevent us from evolving spiritually. So the Low uses the access Nature has to our minds, to be able to keep us tied to the low vibration, as our brain and therefore our thinking mind is completely connected to this planet.

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While Nature has access to our minds, since we are born and part of this Planet, the Low uses this way of entering to manipulate our thoughts and make us think of staying away from anything that could make us evolve spiritually. Of course, however, he is very clever, so the thoughts he will use will not be like “Stay away from what will make you Awaken, otherwise you will become free and I will no longer be able to manipulate you”, but will insert thoughts like “Today is a beautiful day for smashing of alcohol! You will meditate tomorrow! ”And thus make you fall into the most total unconsciousness, even if you are aware that tomorrow you will not meditate at all. You don’t realize when your Regulator is talking, because Low accesses your mind in a completely “natural” way, taking advantage of the nature of your human body. This means that it becomes impossible to recognize it, except in cases where it is too obvious not to notice, but in most cases the Regulator talks about how you would speak; so you are convinced that you think of it this way. I gave you an example in which you might have had a paranormal experience, such as having perceived an entity, or having seen it with your own eyes, and shortly afterwards the Regulator made you think that it was a hallucination, a problem of sight, or that you have imagined everything. You may have had a much stronger experience, such as having been saved from a serious accident and having perceived, a little earlier, a presence that was next to you; yet later you thought you imagined everything and there was no one beside you. You will focus much more on thinking about car damage, rather than just spending a moment remembering and trying to figure out what that feeling of having someone next to you was during the accident. Agree that car damage is important, but is it really necessary to completely exclude the paranormal experience from your mind and your memories?

I have chosen these examples, because surely something will have happened to you in the past that you failed to explain, sometimes even very strong experiences lived even decades ago, yet you have decided not to think about it anymore out of fear or listlessness, as if thinking about it make weary. Here, this is a fundamental step to understand what Low is. Why should thinking about a paranormal experience make you feel tired? Because you don’t have the “desire” to think about it, but you could spend hours thinking about the problems, the bills to pay, all that mental chaos that you find on your mind every day, but you feel “tired” thinking even for a minute to some spiritual experience? You seem to feel tired, because in fact it is tiring to get up to a higher vibration, compared to the Low vibration in which we have always lived. The Low is like a vibrational plane on which we all live. There are so many vibration plans higher and lower than the Low standard we are on. We all live in Low, but there are those who choose to sink even deeper, and those who choose to practice to stay at a higher tone than the Low vibration.

We are all born in the Low base, yet if we take the example of people who consume drugs, regardless of whether they are heavy, light or hallucinogenic drinks, all of these lead the person to live in an even lower and stagnant Low vibration than we do alive a person who does not use it. In fact, drugs, but also alcohol consumption, leads people to live in a deeper and stagnant Low plan than those who do not consume these substances, so much so that it becomes more difficult for them to get out. Quite different, on the other hand, it is for those who try to evolve spiritually, therefore who have spiritual experiences (without using drugs! Because they are anti-Awakening, unlike the name and false illusions with which they sell them to you!) As spiritual experiences they raise you of tone and make you live on a higher vibrational level than Low. For those who do not practice, and therefore are not used to raising their tonal to a higher vibration than the common Low, it is more “tiring” to remember a paranormal experience, because remembering it requires thinking about an event that happened at a time when the your vibration has risen.

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When the tonal rises it does not give you physical signals, but it is completely spontaneous and normal for your conscience, so you get up or down a tone, without realizing it in the least. When you think about the spiritual experiences that have happened to you, your tone is rising to allow you to remember what happened and try to make you understand it, but if you are not used to maintaining that tone, just thinking about a spiritual memory will make you feel “Tired”, as if I had a sudden drop in energy. This is not “normal”, but it happens precisely because you are not used to staying with the tone slightly higher, than it is when you live in Low. For those who practice instead, it becomes easier and less tiring, as it manages to access the vibration of that precise memory, with no more effort.

However, we must clarify that thinking about the memory of a spiritual event that happened in the past does not raise your tone more than a thousandth of a degree, instead than it would do the meditation plus the other psychic techniques. In fact, during the first meditations, it may seem that practicing meditation is tiring, precisely because meditation makes you raise your tone much higher, and at first experience it is tiring to hold that tone for longer; in fact, once the meditation is over, you will end up carrying out some action or activity that you immediately return to the Low, as you would not be able to hold that tone for longer. For example, once the meditation is over you will want to wash the dishes, watch a three-hour movie or spend all your time chatting with friends, because Low will use your Controller to make you want to do these things, so that they can quickly lower your tone. The Low is terrified that you can raise your tone and keep it high, so it will try every way to make you lower it, possibly with your own hands. So you can imagine the Low as a flat road on which everyone walks, but when you get up from tone through practice, it is as if you were standing on a big top step and you continued to walk on that floor, following the same road as everyone but watching it from half a meter higher. For sure, the more steps you go up, the more different your view will be. The point is that the floor / step on which you climbed will not remain the same forever, because it will be enough for you to carry out daily tasks such as cleaning the house, going to work, going out with friends, going down the stairs without realizing and walking on Low floor on which everyone walks.

So staying up high throughout the day is not easy at all, and we can’t even go 24/24 to meditate; yet, meditation is the only means that allows us to get up from tone. Then, by carrying out other secondary techniques which are also very important, it is possible to manage to keep the high tone acquired with meditation for a longer time. Meditation raises the tone, then with other practices taught in the Steps, like the technique of being conscious during the day, allows you to keep the tone a little higher and not fall back immediately into Low. As a result, the more you practice, the easier and less tiring it will be to keep the tone high, while it will become difficult again as soon as you spend time without practicing. Moreover, every lived experience took place in a different tonal plan; in other words, the more that experience you experienced was at a high vibration, the more “tiring” it is to think of her and remember her in every detail. Of course it is not easy to recognize if that experience was “slightly higher” or if it was at a very high vibration; you will learn to recognize these values ​​with time and patience. What matters at the moment is to understand that when you find yourself at a Low vibration / tone, it is difficult for you to fully understand these concepts, whether it is a reading like the example of this lesson, or the memory of an experience. Instead, it becomes much easier and more spontaneous to learn and understand this knowledge and experience after meditating, because you have a much higher tone and that makes you more “active” and more “alert”.
In the next lesson on Low Frequency, I will explain to you more about how the Game Controller in lowering your tone, what the Lowest methods are used to keep you down, and on what plane the memories of your paranormal experiences are found. In the meantime, I advise you to practice Meditation and read the next articles of this Step.

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  1. Again a very educational article to read. To read this article took a lot of effort, it seemed like something was holding me back. So who do I notice that I stop something to walk this path it takes me a lot of strength to practice it … but I do it anyway …
    no matter how many times it has happened to me that while meditating I think of situations that I have not done for a long time … fun but also less fun … takes a lot of effort when these thoughts are within reason to take them away. Usually I succeed but sometimes I don’t stop meditating to meditate again later … then it usually goes well.
    In any case, I am aware of this mechanism … thank you for making me more aware through this article alone. The examples mentioned are very recognizable.
    After my meditation I am often tired and I can’t sit to enjoy the sensation.
    Thanks for this article

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