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46 – Meditation – with Conscience (Part 6)

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When one is meditating, one not only forgets the problems, but often the latter are resolved directly. It happens without realizing it, because we are too used to immediately our life rather than live it and see carefully what happens. Through this path I would like to become more aware of what happens within your life and for what reasons they happen. I will not be the answer to your questions, but I will teach you how to improve the answers to your questions.

The best way to approach meditation and insert into your routine is to feel inside of you. Obviously it’s not easy to start because it could be a term, but it’s better to think of a word, so it’s better to believe. So, initially, you should take a habit, come something you decide to do even reluctantly, a bit ‘when you decide to play sports to feel good: the beginning is not your desire, you do not like the morning very happy to go running or going to the gym rather annoys you a little; in a sense it means that you have to impose, because you know that losing weight or if you want to live life with more greetings and fortify your physical body you have to make that effort. You know you would not want to be weak and full of diseases in adulthood, so go to the gym because of a week even if you do not want to, because you want to achieve the goals you have set.

Sometimes meditation can seem boring and tiring, just like the first times you decide to go running or doing sports will weigh you, making you want to give up. Every day you look for a thousand reasons not to go to the gym pretending that you do not really care and do not give up just because of laziness. In reality you have been chosen to sign up, you have made this decision and no one has forced you. Inside you know that doing sports will benefit your body and your health over time, for example by avoiding a suffering already at a young age, and then suffer for the rest of their lives. For this, even if a little ‘annoyed, at the end you go running or in the gym, knowing that you’re doing it for your own good. Practicing sport is not easy and not because discipline is difficult in itself, but because it is difficult to maintain the motivation that motivates you to practice it. Many people see a search and then give up after a few months, or even next day, except for the sports he likes a lot; this happens because of laziness, because they do not want to carry out those actions that, even if boring at the beginning, will bring great results. This laziness derives from the lack of motivation, or rather from having forgotten the reasons that have pushed a path the sportsman.

Saying to oneself “I want to do sport in order not to get fat and not to take the disease” is useless because it turns out to be a sentence without feeling; they are just words in the wind without meaning. The key is to take the words and the sentence to feel them inside you. We all know that they are true but we decide to think of these terms in an abstract way, without feeling, almost as if they were not really real. Most people expect the motivation to come spontaneous from the start, as if it were sport to motivate you to practice it. It is not so. The decision must come from a decision: you decide to do sports and you decide to motivate yourself because you want to achieve certain goals. In fact, in the morning you will not get up early thinking spontaneously: “How nice, I’m so happy to get up early to go running!” But think instead: “What boxes, even today? Come on, on, I have to do it, I have to go running, I have to do it to be strong and healthy even in a few years, when the body is a yield!”.

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So, initially, let’s forget that motivation is automatic, because it will not be so. We must motivate ourselves and have to push ourselves to perform certain actions for our well-being. It should not be someone else to wake up early in the morning to encourage us to exercise, but we have to say: “Come on, get up, you have to do it, do not waste time in bed, it is better to do now than live a suffering life for not having it done!”.

Only after having got an excellent habit with the practice of sport, depending on the person, it will take more or less time for the latter to realize how well she actually has since she started, so she will have found her own motivation that the will push every day not to give up.

If you first had to commit yourself to start, then you will be motivated not to give up anymore, because you will have reached precise levels of well-being that you did not know because it did not practice, that will motivate you to continue without the initial stress that you felt every day before starting. The point is that wellbeing comes after practice, not before; the good reasons to practice will come after you have already started doing it, because the improvements will follow. To believe that they must arrive before you begin, to entice us to take the first step, is to be deceived as well as fools, because no practice gives you the benefits even before starting to implement it, just to help you choose whether to start or less. It would be like believing that at work the boss can pay his employees before they start working, to stimulate them to give their best; we all know that the salary arrives at the end of the month to pay for our work already completed and not before starting to get us to work the following month. Likewise, even in sport, as in any other practice, the improvements come after long training and not before, so the motivation will come later. At the beginning you have to impose yourself to play sports, if you decide to reach goals, otherwise you will not succeed. For every choice comes into play the mental state with which the person decides to do physical activity: if every single time he decides to complain despite knowing inside himself that he is doing it for himself and continues to do sports as if he were doing a favor to someone else, then he would not learn anything, and even if he could lose weight or improve his physical health, he would still complain that he did not want to do it. It is up to him to decide how to approach sport. This does not depend on how good it is for the body, or how useful it is, but it depends on how you start practicing it, because despite that sport can be the most beautiful, the most useful and the most functional of all, if a person decides to practice it with unwillingness for her will remain forever boring.

You must remember that if you decided to join the gym, you did not do it to do a favor to the coach who felt lonely and needed your support, but you did it for yourself, so you’re not doing a favor to nobody but yourself. Since you have decided to start a sporting course, try not to give up all your good intentions as always, but bring forward with the same motivation that you had the first day. The state of mind with which you start a practice is very important, because if you decide to study music, choosing a complicated tool, you can also go to the office every day to use your time with the teacher, but if you go to the classroom with unwillingness you will continue to do not learn anything in spite of the lessons go on, while all the other comrades will become better and better to play that instrument. This will not be due to the fact that they have a learning ability superior to yours, nor the fact that the music that sounds does not work, but it is you who must learn to approach better the projects you have decided to start. If instead you continue to follow that path with the desire to learn, you will realize that even if the teacher asks you to repeatedly practice the same apparently boring musical exercises, in reality those are forming you and allow you to know the tools that you they will one day become a good musician.

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The approach you decide to have with the path you are starting is very important. Meditation is a sport for the mind, so it is not easy to immediately sit down every day by lotus and meditate with total desire and conviction, but if you decide to start this journey well it will lead you with absolute certainty to get good fruits for your mind and your life.

When you sit down to start your meditation session, try doing it with the desire to achieve relaxation and therefore well-being. Do not sit thinking that you just have to do it, without a real motivation, because it would be like going to the gym thinking of doing a favor to your coach: concentrate on meditation for what it really is, that is a tool that will allow you to feel good mentally and spiritually . Your initial approach is very important, because it will depend on whether you will be able to get good results from practice or if you will always stay on the same level. It’s a bit like when they say that to get something you have to believe it; sure, if you do not first think you can relax, certainly meditation will not force you to do it. You have to decide to approach positively to relaxation, convincing you can do it. You do not have to move mountains with the thought, you do not have to perform an impossible and so complicated action that only a few in the world can do: you just have to relax, it’s simple. Beginning the meditation with the first essential step, or relaxation, you will allow your mind to get to higher levels that without it you could not reach unfortunately. Although many believe that relaxing during practice is an unimportant and overwhelming step, in reality it is a very important moment, because without it we could not get many of the evolutionary experiences we are looking for.

When you start meditating, try to call within you the desire to finally feel at peace. Detach everything that happened during the day, the stress you’ve accumulated, the pain you felt while someone was telling you or doing something wrong. Let go of all this and start your meditation decided to want to feel good. The purpose is just to feel peace, so you have to allow yourself to open yourself to this vibration without turning around too much. Inside you you can feel a connection so strong to something you can not immediately distinguish, but you know it’s something very good, very bright and that makes you feel good. I do not want to call it higher self or God, because in both cases I would set your expectations, that is, the idea that you made yourself about God, which may not be the correct one. So I do not ask you to think about what you should try; I ask you instead to experience the peace that meditation offers you and focus only on that, because no matter how you want to call it, it matters the well-being that makes you feel. Feel that feeling of inner peace, which allows you to detach yourself from the day and relax, in a sense, fregatene from everything that happened to feel serene again. It is your personal refuge, where nobody can make you feel bad, because you decide to be well. Keep this feeling even out of meditation when the session ends; do not let the sensation end with it, because the goal is to always feel good. Bring with you that sense of security, of peace that you created during meditation. Feel deeply loved, because during meditation you connect yourself to the purest vibrations, to those energies so high that they really love you; it does not matter what happened before: now there is only you and your deep connection. Remember this very important feeling, because it will be your salvation when you are sad and when you will not know how to solve your problems. Take some time for yourself and relax, breathe and connect to this very bright, beautiful and peaceful energy, feeling free from problems; only in this way will you be able to approach them with more freedom and serenity to solve them.

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What matters is your mental state and meditation helps you to improve it, to become more lucid, more serene, without letting yourself be drowned by the problems that submit to you and that make you lose consciousness, preventing you from making a right decision. Do not read my words in a hurry, understand them first of all, try them on your skin, because you need to feel good. You’re here for this, you want to feel full inside, you want to feel able to decide about your life without pain and without suffering. You need to feel alive and understand that your life is really yours and not someone else who is living it for you. After all we are used to not feeling well, we think that being well is asking too much and that it is a fortune for a few.

We decide whether to stay well or not. We continually choose to let ourselves be stifled by the commitments, problems and sufferings that other people or events around us create and cause us, but we can decide to detach all this. Everyone tries to make us forget that we have the choice because not even they know they have it, but we have it: we can decide to feel happy and detached from what happens, to live our lives outside of what others and the society around us wants us to live and try. We can feel conscious in our lives and really live it, not just as machines that perform routine actions. We can realize ourselves, change our perspective and change our lives, because we are human and have the ability to change: it is in our nature and we do not have to bury our greatest faculty. Although the early times may seem difficult to maintain constancy in the exercise of meditation – because of the Low who will find any excuse not to make you sit down to meditate – with a continuous practice you will realize that the improvements in your life will be many and these they will motivate you to have more and more desire to continue.

It will be a good chain, but you have to decide to start it. Everything will depend on you, depending on whether you want to see these improvements or that, although they are there, you decide to be lazy in practice anyway and forget who you really are. What matters for every meditation is not your skill in meditating but it is the intent, or the desire that you put in every single session. Many people believe they are meditating, but they do not, because they sit in the middle of a lotus and try to impose something that can not be forced. Evolution is first of all mental and it is obtained by meditating with awareness. Sitting in the middle of a lotus, becoming aware of what you are going to do, will help the evolution you are looking to get there much faster. If you are focused on what you are doing and can motivate yourself to achieve certain results, everything will be easier. My advice is this: before starting to meditate and at the end of each session, it should take at least one or two minutes to become aware of what you are deciding to do. Conclude the meditation, open the eyes and go immediately to take Low actions, it will bring our consciousness to lower again and too quickly, because unconsciously we will decide to return immediately to the low frequency. If you allow your mind to understand that you have finished the meditation and that in a moment you will have to go to fulfill your Low tasks, it will be much easier for you to remain conscious even when you do the usual routine actions. Concluding the meditation and getting up in a hurry to start Low’s tasks without even understanding what is happening is a program that we must eliminate from our habit, because it is very important to act consciously by doing any action with the awareness of what we are doing.

The point is to know that what you are doing could lower your consciousness: you can not expect yourself to remain conscious 24 hours a day, but you can start deciding to keep at least a little higher than the average.

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It is inevitable that, after you have finished meditating, you must go to work, to clean, to do the shopping, to perform the actions that the daily routine asks you to do. But you have the choice to carry out those actions while remaining conscious that you have to go to them, instead of going from meditation to the task Low without even noticing that between the two there was a time frame in which you almost completely lost consciousness. The secret lies in deciding to go shopping or any other action, filling that moment between meditation and the matter with the awareness of what you are going to do. In this way it is normal that in a short time you will lose consciousness again and you will find yourself carrying out the tasks Low forgetting you have meditated, but it is not as serious as losing consciousness in the immediate without a minimum of warning. It is a mental training that will allow you to be much more conscious in everyday life, because this is the goal of every technique: make you remain conscious and lucid even outside of practice.

So I advise you to take a minute immediately after the conclusion of the technique, to realize with your mind that you have finished the meditation and that you should get up to go to perform other actions. In this way, instead of losing consciousness suddenly, you will allow your energy to stabilize and understand that it is going to decrease, but thanks to this awareness it will fall far less. In a sense, it’s like you’re being warned by someone you’ll get a punch, so you’ll prepare yourself by hardening your stomach, so that the impact of the fist will not hurt you; they did not tell you it would come in your tummy, so you could not fist, but knowing it would come you could get ready to cash it out without feeling too much pain. But if you had not noticed that fist and had come suddenly, the pain would have been much stronger, you would have folded in two for the blow and you would have fallen to the ground. This metaphor wants to make you understand the arrival of the Low, or rather the lowering of your consciousness. If you allow your mind to know that you are going to lower yourself, the fall will be much less “painful” to your consciousness, but if you suddenly collapse in the low frequency, the mind – not having been warned – would suffer a bad fall in unconsciousness and it would slow down your evolution. This little action could speed up your ability to stay conscious for much longer. Obviously there are many levels of consciousness, so there will always be ways to improve and this is a great step to start with.

How useful it is to be conscious of the end of the session is also to be aware of the beginning of every single meditation. Knowing what you are doing will allow you to do it better and decrease the continuous thinking that you usually have during practice. This is not easy, especially because we decide to meditate especially when we are tired or sad, to give us a little ‘charge, and on these occasions it is difficult to be conscious; but it is not a problem, because meditation will bring us conscience and it is precisely for this reason that we decide to practice it. Fortunately, however, we do not decide to meditate only when we are sad, but also when we are happy and healthy because we know the good effects that meditation offers, having already had the first results that have stimulated our desire to continue with practice.

For this reason we should try more often to start meditation with the awareness of what we are going to do. When we decide to go and meditate, in fact, we decide in a moment and the second after we are already sitting in the lotus with the fingers on the chakra: between the decision to meditate and meditation itself there is a moment that we can fill with the awareness of what we are going to do. In this short time, we have the opportunity to mentally prepare ourselves and understand that we are going to sit and relax, to experience the physical and mental well-being that meditation guarantees us.

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Before we get comfortable, we have to realize and then understand perfectly that we are not just sitting down, but that we are going to meditate, so we want to reach a much higher goal.

You will realize that, by mentally preparing yourself in this way, before meditating you will already be entering a meditative state that will be very useful to achieve relaxation in a much shorter time than when you sit without the conviction of wanting to meditate. Once again, we can see how important the intent we put in the actions we are doing is important. In fact, meditating with the intention of reaching higher levels will make us feel a greater awareness compared to those who sit down without carrying out this important passage. This awareness will be useful throughout the day because it will remain within us, the more we will feed it and ask it to be vigilant during the day, the more we will be clear during every decision, especially for those we consider more banal but that instead we change the life. This exercise does not require an excessive effort, because it is not a question of sitting down and meditating for longer, it is simply a question of filling the moment between the decision to meditate and the actual meditation with awareness and preparation. It is a little like foreseeing that one is about to meditate and decide that one should perform at best.

Do not expect it to be easy to do everything I have said so far, but try it sometimes, then more and more often, until it becomes a habit; but do not make it an action without feeling otherwise you would return point and head. What matters is the emotion, it’s the intent you try, just like when you decide to play sports: if you go running thinking about when you’ll come back home, because you do not want, you’ll run less and you’ll be less resistant and less fast. If instead you decide to put all the effort without having desire, overcoming your obstacle and giving yourself the right motivation to leave, you will return home that you will not be at all sorry, indeed, you will feel that time has passed faster than expected. The same situation we find in meditation: when you decide to meditate while not having a great desire to sit, try to motivate yourself giving you the right push to practice equally, so at the end of the session you will realize that it will last less than expected and that not it was so bad, indeed, that you could meditate even without worrying too much. On the contrary, if you meditate without motivating yourself, each session will always seem too long and this may bore you. So the key is not in the technique itself, but in how you decide to approach it. If you want to practice it, you know you have to do it because it will bring you to an inner well-being you need and when you do not feel like it, give yourself the right push to not give up, motivated, find that feeling and make it resurface to push you to meditate well, despite everything wants to not let you have this experience. Moreover, remember that a good relaxation is achieved by deeply breathing the light energy inside of you: this step is fundamental, because without white energy it is much more complex to relax and then reach a good mental state to practice any spiritual technique.

Since well-being derives from energy, ignoring this passage will be much more difficult to find internal peace and connection to the dimensions of light. Then learn to motivate yourself to improve, deciding and stimulating you to move forward, climbing a step higher time after time, instead of always walking straight on the same floor convinced that it goes well anyway. Growth is your choice, do not take it for granted. By choosing to improve and to reach higher and higher levels of meditation you will notice how, coincidentally, many situations in your life will be solved at the same time as your good practice. Keep your eyes open and you will realize this. Good meditation!

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  1. Meditation seems like an addiction … when I don’t start the day with it, I run after the facts all day, I am not sharp and I am upset. The feeling of having to meditate is very great at the moment. My soul seems to be asking for it. I also have to end the day with it. Of course I didn’t have this feeling in the beginning. Meditation is a beautiful and serene moment of the day for me. Thank you for this wonderful path and very interesting articles. I always read them with great interest

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