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69 – The Psychic Protection – How to protect yourself from entities (part 3)

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The first reason I started protecting myself many years ago was the fear of entities.Unfortunately, I didn’t live a simple situation, because some very strong presences kept me awake every night and influenced my life.But I thank that amount of past events, because they pushed me to learn protection and train to improve it and discover that there are other levels, far higher than we imagine.Over the years I have learned that Protection served not only to shield itself from entities, but also to protect itself from people and negative events that can affect each individual, sometimes choosing it blindly.Sometimes, in fact, we suffer targeted attacks that were devised specifically to hurt us, other times we are struck by situations that were not destined for us but that we find ourselves suffering even though we did nothing to deserve them.There are so many reasons why we should protect ourselves every day and get hit if we don’t, but in this lesson I want to explain to you how to protect yourself from entities and why.

Entities have a green light in every unprotected house, because there is no psychic barrier that prevents them from entering.They do not respect human rules, because they have no reason, therefore they do not stop in front of closed doors or access bans: they enter everywhere and influence the places in which they move.The habit of believing that entities exist only in abandoned houses, therefore haunted, and that they do not move from there, makes us think that there is no way that in our house or in the places we frequent there may be presences, because we rely on an idea of ​​completely wrong entity.In fact, we are convinced that if in a house there are not frequent poltergeist events, that is objects that move by themselves or doors that slam with violence, then there is no presence that can somehow harm us.We even think that if there is an entity present but it does not slam the doors or move objects, then it can be defined as good and therefore harmless.Unfortunately, this is very different from reality.The presence of entities always causes problems.Unless they are really good entities, but really bright and positive, so much so that their presence cures you and solves your problems, otherwise the presences bring confusion and influences that lower your energy and health.Whether they are ghosts of people who lived in the house before you, who you think are harmless just because they have never had violent behavior in practice, whether they are larvae or more threatening entities, psychic protection can block their energetic influences and keep them away from you.Unfortunately, even the entities that we consider the most neutral influence us, exactly as people do: even the people around us, although not negative, influence us and often lower us energetically, bringing us back to a Low vibration.The problem is that for most occasions, the entities – even the most silent ones – influence us with their energies that ultimately create problems for our health, our emotions and even our daily chores, making them more negative.To use a simple word, house-living entities generally carry a lot of energy turmoil, including “bad luck”.Even if you don’t notice it, the entities greatly influence your thoughts, feelings and moods;you are convinced that you have good reasons for being often nervous or sad, instead these emotions have been induced by their presence.The fact is that most people do not see the entities, not having a developed energy view, so many believe that in their own home there is nothing like that, yet something is there.

As already mentioned, in some houses you can find ghosts present for a long time, but this does not make the other houses uninhabited by presences.The ghosts, the larvae, the shadow people, all of them can move through the places and present themselves in a house without belonging to them.

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The thought that a ghost appears only in the old house in which he lived when he was alive is senseless, because most of the entities turn, do not fossilize on a single house, but move so much.Let us take the typical example of grandparents who protect their nephew.On the many occasions when the nephew has a beautiful relationship with one of the two grandparents, or with both, when the latter pass to “better life” they often feel their presence.Many times you have heard someone tell you that he feels protected by his grandparents and that sometimes, in his house, he feels their presence.Sometimes it’s just a feeling, but many other stories are true.This is just a simple but typical example that shows that even the most recent ghosts – who do not have much experience in the disembodied dimension – can move from one house to another without limits;in fact the nephew feels their presence even if he is in his own house, and not necessarily by going to his grandparents’ old house.The entities can be moved, even more so the shadow people, who are much more wandering and do not make problems to change areas very often.While some ghosts prefer to stay most of the time in their old home, other entities such as shadow people do not bind to a specific place, but hang out there until it suits them, or until they find their proper nourishment and comfort.As soon as they feel that the place is no longer suitable for them, they leave and change homes.Having one or more shadow people at home is not good at all, because they bring problems, illnesses, bad moods, even behavioral jerks, so as to change the character of the people who live in the house and make them mentally unstable.It all happens suddenly because no one notices the moment when the entity enters the house, since none of the tenants is able to see them, but from that moment it influences the mood and health of the people, often bringing them family problems too and not a little serious life.Many entities are not poltergeists, in the sense that they do not move objects and make no noise, so if you are not perceptive at high levels you will never notice their presence, even in years and years of living together, unless they are the ones who do notice yourself being seen or causing noises that lead you to suspect;otherwise you will never notice anything, but this does not mean that there is no presence.

Some presences are even more silent, like the small larvae, which you do not see or hear but which manage to slip into the aura of people or, worse still, into the body, and cause them very strong pains and sometimes give rise to diseases . If you have a fixed pain, such as a continuous knee pain, a hip, a shoulder, a specific area of ​​the back (which sometimes moves from one point to the other) then you should pay more attention to this topic and read carefully all the articles concerning the Entity theme .Regardless of whether you have experiences with larvae, ghosts, shadow people and other kinds of entities, or that you have never encountered any kind of situations that made you suspect their presence, it is good to protect yourself psychically and above all protect the house to avoid that, someday, some negative entity or with low vibrations, even just passing through, enter your home and affect you and the people who live there.The fact that you have never seen or heard anything in particular does not mean that they cannot get close to your home or that they cannot get close to you while you are at other people’s homes, where there are presences but obviously you don’t see them and you don’t feel.They may also be in the home of your friends or relatives, even in the home where you have lived throughout your childhood but you – of course it is if you have not developed the sixth sense – have never realized their presence .So when you go into their home, the presence of entities can influence you and change something in you, like your mood, your thoughts or worse your health.When you return home you will not understand why and surely you will not realize that it is the entity’s fault, but you will blame something else, what you ate or the stressful work of the day before;any excuse is good not to notice the real reason why you feel that way, and this will continue even though you have already returned home.It will go on for a long time to come.

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Even if you don’t see them, entities are there and can affect people’s mood, thoughts, choices and health much more intensively than you think.For example, in the hospitals there are many larvae, which move from person to person, steal energy and bring their health problems.If you happened to go to the hospital often just to accompany someone, so not because of your health problems, you will have noticed that, although you felt well before entering the building, when you came out you felt tired and drained, like if someone or something had stolen all your energy.This happens because sick people steal a lot of energy from passers-by, but also because in hospitals there are many entities and also many larvae that do the same.And if you left the hospital with pain, even though you entered as a carer and not as a patient, it is possible that the doubt touched you but that as usual you wanted to ignore the higher instinct.Moreover, if you work in the hospital or in similar places, it is even worse because these influences catch you all the days, and not just occasionally, so don’t believe that your energy gets used to them, because instead you are influenced every day and or more vampirized, until exhaustion.It is no coincidence that those who work with sick people often end up getting sick in their turn, even if they have different illnesses: in fact they do not get sick because patients infect them with their physical illness, but because they steal a lot of energy from doctors and nurses , which sooner or later will have an energy collapse that will lead them to mental or physical disturbance.For mental disorders I don’t mean by force the highest level, that of madness, but also very deep sadness, constant moodiness and similar pathologies, which end up bringing considerable emotional problems.But the solution is not to stop helping people in need or to stay away from them for fear of being infected, especially because it is not a matter of contagion, but of vampirization (or stolen energy) or energetic influences.To avoid negative energetic influences there is no need to isolate yourself from the world and stay away from any human being, because in truth this does not prevent entities from taking advantage of your solitude to hit you even stronger.The solution is to protect yourself, because you can’t escape from the energetic influences and from the people or entities that steal your energy, but you can prevent them from having a strong psychic protection that defends you at any time, all the more so because you don’t know what the worst moment, since it will continue to protect you.

The worst influences we receive when we least expect it, because there is no need to work in the hospital to get a grub, you could even take it while you are at the supermarket and you are queuing up next to a person who is a victim of larvae and, if your energy is poorly protected, it is easy for them to move in with you (which has already been vamped enough to you) to you, who have good nutrition.Some people want to believe that if you have good energy, and especially if you are healthy and have light energy, the larvae will be even more attracted to you.The truth lies in the middle, because the larvae are not attracted to those who have very positive and luminous energy, but simply seek nourishment and do not go looking for it in sick or dying people, because they would have very little to feed on.You also buy fresh food at the supermarket and, instead of targeting expired meat or rotten vegetables, choose fresh vegetables, freshly packaged meat as much as possible, so try as much as possible to eat good foods.The larvae obviously prefer a fresh meal, so they look for people who have energy they can feed on and feed themselves until they become sick and lacking in energy and remain in them until they find a better victim;but it is not certain that they will find her soon, so they continue to feed on her as long as they can, sometimes until the end of her life.However, this does not mean that the healthier and more positive the person is, the more he attracts larvae, because otherwise what should you do?Getting sick and having low energy so as not to attract them?It does not make sense.

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The luminous energy does not attract larvae, quite the contrary, but it is normal that they as cowardly living beings – not surprisingly called Larvae – aspire to approach people who contain more energy and from whom they can obtain better nutrition.This however is very different from attracting, because in truth, the more a person is in good health and with luminous and positive energy, the more it attracts positive experiences and events.

These are very important reasons why you should protect yourself and practice on themselves continuously strong protection to prevent larvae, entities and negative people or the low vibrations affect us or they steal your energy.Protecting yourself is important so that, when you happen to go to places that steal more than other energy, you will not be overwhelmed them;but we must not underestimate the Protection on our own home, because this is also fundamental for our mental health and above all physical.As already mentioned, one must not believe that one’s house is uninhabited by these presences, even if it were a small larva, just because you are not able to see them.Furthermore, it could also be true that in your home an entity, such as ghosts, has never entered, but they and especially other kinds of entities (larvae, shadow , etc. ) can enter at any time, even between years and years for the more varied reasons.Sometimes, unfortunately, the entities themselves enter your house alone, they feel good and decide to stay;other times they follow you from the outside, from places you have visited and come into the house with you;on other occasions they have followed other people who, entering your home, have brought them with you.So you never know the reason why you find yourself suffering from entity influences or vampires , but it happens and it doesn’t have to scare you, rather this should motivate you to protect yourself.In fact, Protecting you can’t hurt you, spending sleepless nights and days obsessing about fear, but yes!Therefore you have nothing to lose but only to gain by deciding to protect yourself psychically from the presences and from what is negative towards you.You have no reason to be afraid and feel intimidated, but you have many reasons to protect yourself every day.

Let’s move on to the practice.

I wish to teach you the psychic protection that protects you and your home from the presences and therefore from the influences dictated by entities, of whatever kind they are.I advise you to sit comfortably, with your back straight, and follow the directions I will tell you step by step;dedicate a minute to practice the first delivery then move on to the next one.When you are ready you can start with the Psychic Protection technique.The technique will last about 25-30 minutes.


If you want to listen to the Audio guided version technique, click here , then continue reading the article; otherwise, read the written version and execute it step by step.

Start to relax, feeling at peace and not making you expect what is to come.

Be quiet and relaxed.


Breathe deeply … and start calling white energy around you.


View the white prana coming closer to you.


Concentrate on recalling the purest energy, with the intent to hasten to approach you.It must be great.


Feel the positive energy and well-being that your presence brings.


Feel safer in his presence, you know he is here to make you stronger.


Now visualize the white prana that begins to take shape around you, the shape of a Bubble.


Breath deeply…


This bubble, about a meter and a half wide, contains you, surrounds you and protects you completely.


Breathe prana inside you.


It calls prana outside the bubble, to reinforce its layer and make it impenetrable.


Concentrate on the strength of the Bubble, you must feel it hard, compact, that you cannot cross.


Imprint well the intent that no presence, of any kind, should come close to you and be able to influence you with its energy.


Make the bubble harder, stronger, nothing can cross it.


As you well know the Protection is made of prana , so feed it with further prana .It calls for white energy into the Bubble so that it is completely filled.


Fill all the white prana bubble , making sure it has no empty spaces.

Inside you are you and an amount of white prana .


Feel the white prana that fills the bubble and leaves no room for presences of various kinds, not even larvae and small beings that steal your energy.Feel them sweep out of your bubble and stop them from entering.


Breathe prana inside you.

And relax …


View your home now.

Call white prana all around your home.


It calls for much more prana , much more than you have done so far.


View the white prana get close to your home and surround it.


It recalls much more white prana and starts to give it a shape, make it take the shape of a bubble that completely encloses your home.


The bubble must be large approximately 2 meters beyond the house, in every direction.


View the Bubble take shape and become more solid.2 meters above the roof …


2 meters down, to protect the house even from influences from the ground ..


2 meters from the back of the house …


2 meters from each side of the house …


Concentrate on the entire bubble, huge, which must contain and protect the whole house.

Now display it brighter, stronger and more compact.


Concentrate on the Bubble, make it more solid, stronger, with the intent that it cannot be overcome.


Breathe prana inside you.

Now it calls prana around the Bubble, so that its protective barrier becomes more compact, more decisive.


Let’s go inside the bubble. It recalls white pranic energy inside the house, recalling as much as you can.


It recalls light energy with the intent to fill the house, then expand it for all the size of the house, towards every room and every direction, including the bathroom, the room you use least and the cellar.


Call more white prana into the house and expand it in all directions.


Feel the energy that cleans the house, protect it and revitalize it.

It still calls prana , and expands it throughout the house with a more precise intent: it must push every kind of energy presence out of the house.


Feel the white energy abound, expand it throughout the house and in the meantime feel it push, like a strong glass barrier, feel it throw out every presence and kind of entity out of the house.


From the center of the house, it projects even more strongly this energetic thrust towards the outside of your home, driving out any kind of entity present.


White energy prevents entities from entering the house. Feel it and be decided on this intent.


Now fill the house with white energy well, until it reaches the brim.

The house must overflow with luminous and positive energy, which must make it protected and impossible to penetrate.


Move your attention solely to your room, to the room where you sleep, and fill it with prana with greater intensity, pushing away any kind of presence.


Make the protection stronger, especially in your bedroom area.


Concentrate again on the outside of the bubble.Reinforce it with prana , with the intent that no entity can cross it and enter your home.


Feel confident about this, because the Bubble can be much stronger than you think.

Make it capable of preventing any entity from crossing the barrier: no one can enter your home.


For the last time, fill the Bubble from the inside, then call prana inside the house and increase it, making it expand everywhere with the intent to slam out any kind of entity.


Now reinforce the outer barrier of the Bubble, to protect your home from the outside, at least 2 meters away in any direction.


Breathe in prana and relax …


Breath deeply…


And relax.


We have completed Psychic Protection.When you’re ready, you can continue reading this article.


Welcome back to the practice of Protection against entities and negative presences.I hope you have felt the power that this Protection can have on your home, so all you have to do is practice it much more often.In today’s lesson I taught you the detailed technique, but when you have little time you can reduce this technique to 5 minutes of practice;when you can, I advise you to practice it even longer.Even if we have not specified it, the psychic Protection protects against negative entities, or at least presences intent on hurting you, but obviously it will not drive away any bright and good presences, because they are not considered by your Bull as enemies;therefore you have nothing to fear.The Bubble will work much better than you think, because it will be able to understand who is vibrating with its own vibration (therefore positive) and who instead has a lower vibration, therefore negative, preventing it from entering.The more you practice the more sure you are that Protection works great;for this reason I advise you to practice it every day, at least once, for at least 5 minutes.Possibly, practice more often, for example twice a day or once but with a few more minutes: you will notice great differences.When you have little time for 5 minutes, but don’t neglect it, because it can protect you from much more damage than you can imagine.Remember not to underestimate the presences believing that it is enough to practice once in a while to prevent any entity from accessing your home or influencing you from a distance.Practicing takes little time, but avoids problems that would have required much more to solve them.

Let me know below through a comment how the practice went, how you felt during the course of the technique and what passage allowed you to feel the Protection stronger.I will be happy to read every protection experience.

End of page 10 on 10. If you liked the article, comment below to describe your feelings while reading or practicing the proposed technique.


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  1. My boyfriend has a very powerful entity for 27 plus years it’s is a possible one I need help prayer and we don’t have a lot of money at all butt will try hard to help

    1. Hi Angela! Many D.C.A. students practice Psychic Protection every day and are having great results, successfully eliminating entities and other problems from their lives. All of our techniques are free and you can find them on our website. For Protection to be successful, first of all you need to meditate every day (Chakra Meditation) to absorb the energy you’ll need for the technique, and then you’ll need to practice Psychic Protection to make it stronger and stronger. Practicing every day means adding a new stronger layer day by day. If you focus on your target, you can have some results also from your very first attempt. Since you’re having an issue for 27 years, our suggestion is to Protect yourself, your boyfriend and the house where you live every day to definitely eliminate it. Also cleansing energy techniques – that you can find in our website – can help you having a stronger effect. In our website you can find all the guided techniques, and we’re working to translate in English more and more powerful techniques. Remember to Meditate every day, because without energy it will be very difficult to have visible effects, and to Protect with a stronger aim every time. We hope you’ll be able to solve this issue, please, let us know if there will be any news!
      Dimensional Consciousness Academy Staff

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