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57 – Psychic Protection – Protecting your house (Part 2)

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The Psychic Protection is a very important technique for your well-being and for your spiritual evolution, as well as to avoid those daily problems that can affect your personal life and your working career. The Protection is used to defend yourself from negative energies, hostile people, entities, but also from the daily problems that occur to you and that can easily be avoided by simply protecting yourself. In Fact, in addition to protecting ourselves, it’s essential to protect the energy of our home, so that it becomes a real refuge that doesn’t serve to hide us, but to protect us, to defend ourselves from the evil, the place where we can find the lost wellness and that it welcomes people inside, it doesn’t just enclose them. Living in a protected house is a very difficult concept to understand for those who are used to live without the use of psychic energies, because it’s assumed that our own home is already protected from everything and that nothing of evil can happen; but in the night we wake up feeling observed, sometimes we have nightmares and\or we wake up nervous, we don’t want to walk in the hallway if we don’t turn the light on, we categorically refuse to go to an area of the house that scares us especially when it’s night or when we are alone, we refuse to enter the cellar of our house except during the daytime, we observe the closet, the furniture or the door of the room in which we are before falling asleep without understanding the reason for this feeling that is essentially called fear. Living in a protected house allows you to have the absolute control of your home, feeling protected to such an extent that you stop being afraid of the dark and start to sleep serene without waking up nervous, so that you’ll no longer understand how you could have lived without the psychic protection  the years before.

Moreover, it’s necessay to protect your home in order to live well your time with your family, to sleep well and wake up rested and full of energy the next morning, because the psychic Protection also decreases the effects that negative energies have on our relatives or on the people who live with us, and even more so to us. To improve our sleep, to diminish the nightmares or the times when you feel observed and you can’t sleep, you have to practice the psychic Protection as well as on yourself, even on the house where you live habitually. In today’s lesson I will teach you a technique to learn how to protect the house in a good way. So sit comfortably, better still if in the half lotus, and prepare to perform a practice session lasting about 20 minutes. Of course the next sessions might last less depending on your choice, but in this lesson I would like to teach you for good the practice of the Protection towards the house. When you’re ready, start practicing what follows remembering to leave some time to carry out each delivery before moving on to the next one.

Let’s begin


Relax, breathing white and luminous energy inside you.


Relax deeply, relaxing your body and mind.


From This moment, start attracting luminous energy directly into the room where you are.


Visualize a beautiful luminous energy that comes close to you and gradually fills the room.


Concentrate on feeling the luminous energy that extends into the room and continues to increase, filling it with white prana.


Imprime the Pranic energy in the walls of the room with the intent to clean them from the negative energy and push out what remains.

Then, push the energy even beyond the walls, creating a barrier that crosses the walls in every direction.


Visualize the Pranic energy that begins to take the form of a Bubble.


Visualize this big Bubble that contains the room where you are, and therefore it protects you too.


Attract a great quantity of white prana, with the intent that this strengthens the outer layer of the Bubble and that it protects very strongly the room in which you are.


Strengthen the Bubble to each side, even to the floor below (or below the ground if you are at the ground level) and above the ceiling. Feel how the energy goes beyond the walls to protect them better.


Make the Bubble bigger: at least one meter apart from the walls in every direction.


Start giving an intent to this Bubble, a goal: it must protect yourself, keeping outside all the negative energies, acting like a shield from any evil.


Attract more white energy that reinforces the whole Bubble’s shape with the intent to make it impenetrable.

As you reinforce the Bubble, feel the desire of protection, of absolute security that the Bubble will do its duty and will protect you from any negative energy.


Now attract more luminous energy than you can, inside the Bubble, to fill it completely.


Concentrate well to fill of prana all the Bubble (so also the room), so that it’s not empty but filled with energy.


Put in every grain of energy the strong objective that it has to protect you, hinding the entry of negative energies and cleaning up the entire room to make it more positive and protected.


Again strengthen each external part of the Bubble, even under the floor and above the ceiling, one meter away beyond the wall and beyond the floor.


Visualize this Bubble very bright and protective towards you. Feel its strength and protection towards you.


Relax and for a moment start breathing prana inside you again.


Focus now on the whole house you’re in. Clarify your ideas about its size and start to focus on the whole house, or on the entire apartment regardless of whether it’s inhabited by other people too.


Leave The first Bubble you’ve just created there where it is, because it must continue to protect your room, and focus on creating a second Bubble larger than the entire home\apartment.

Therefore, attract luminous pranic energy and directly outside the house start to give it a shape, creating a very large Bubble that protects the entire house.


Form a sphere that contains the entire house\apartment inside,  at least two meters tall above the roof and two meters below the surface. Make it as spherical as possible, so if necessary increase the height of the Bubble so that it manages to perfectly contain the house inside, without having parts uncovered or too close to the wall of the Bubble.


It’s very important that the protection is very large, so visualize the Bubble taking shape and fill it with white energy, that makes it stronger and more solid.


Visualize the white Bubble taking shape and become brighter and stronger, containing you and your home inside.


The intent of the Bubble must be to protect you, to avoid that any kind of negative presence or energy enters the house.


Attract white energy inside the house, and expand it to fill the whole house and the whole Bubble, with the intent that this Prana protects you from all evil.


Concentrate on attracting Prana again to reinforce the outer wall of the Bubble, so that it becomes impenetrable from what is negative or harmful to you.

Make it much stronger.


Now instead attract energy inside the Bubble to fill it completely with white prana, with the intent that it becomes strong both on the inside and outside. It must protect you with all its strenght.


Breathe deeply and come back focused on you. Just Relax for a second.


Now your Bubble is completed. So when you’re ready, keep reading the article.


In This lesson I taught you to protect first of all the room where you are, then through a second additional Bubble we protected the entire house. Protect yourself, protect the room and protect the entire house are three different levels of protection, but fundamental to triple the strength of your protection. Simply Protecting yourself while you live and sleep in a house completely “open” to negative energies, is not very clever, because they can hit and scratch your personal protection much faster and then be able to penetrate it. On The contrary, if in addition to the protection on yourself you also practice the one on the house, it will be much more difficult to scratch and overcome your personal barrier, because there are too many protections that prevent it. In this 20-minute session I have guided you for a detailed practice, but you can decide to reduce the time of the Protections to 5-10 minutes. My advice is to try to protect yourself at least once a day, even for just 5 minutes, rather than skipping the daily protection and risking some negative influence or letting hostile presences get too close. Psychic Protection is much more important than it seems, because it improves your daily life and not just the spiritual one, preventing negative energy (so bad luck, presences or harmful people) from entering and creating damage in your life. Practicing every day a protection on yourself and a protection on the house, even just 5 minutes (for each) will allow you to notice important improvements in everyday life. Every now and then push even further, choosing to practice a little more and reinforce the protection of yourself, the room in which you are (better still if the bedroom) and the house. In this way you will create a perfect combo for your psychic Protection, because you’ll be protected by day, while you sleep, and in any area of the house at any time you are inside it. It will be essential for your evolution and also for your serenity of everyday life.

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