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62 – Questions about Astral Travel – First approaches to the O.B.E. (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome to this first lesson! Today I will answer all your questions about Astral Travel .

Student: Hi Angel. I read in the astral travel document that we all made at least one oobe in our lives , only that we don’t remember it. For what reason? Is it possible to somehow remember this experience?

Angel: Hi! People forget their spiritual experiences all the time, because the Regulator makes them forget; happens to all of us. The Lowhe wants it so, to keep us asleep and unable to discover our potential. If everyone remembered their experiences no one would doubt spirituality and many more people in the world would wake up. Obviously meditating you will remember. It will happen for many topics that, suddenly, one day, you will come back to mind experiences that you absolutely did not remember having had, that you had as a child or a girl or even a few days before and you will understand that “something” had them for you hidden on purpose so you don’t get to understanding. However, with time, that something will try to make you forget it again, which is why I advise you to write your experiences always, even the smallest ones, even those that will seem impossible to forget, because sooner or later you will forget them.

Student: Is it possible to have astral journeys and to forget them, how do we forget our dreams? And is it possible to have made astral travel but not to notice it because it has been exchanged / interpreted as a dream?

Angel: Yes, absolutely. It is possible that you have already made astral journeys during your life, but you do not remember them at all or you have mistaken them for dreams, so you ignored them thinking they were not important.

Student: Hi Angel. There was a period in the past (I knew nothing neither of paralysis nor of OOBE) in which I had got into the habit of sleeping half an hour after lunch (now I don’t do it anymore because so many things have changed since then). But sometimes I had the feeling of getting out of my body and sinking back through the bed (I was sleeping on my back). I felt myself falling. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. I was afraid when I woke up and wanted to get up but the body didn’t respond for some (very long) moments. I didn’t hear sounds, but vibrations yes and above all in my arms and legs. But every time I woke up it was like I forgot everything. In fact, I never looked for anything on the subject until reading the ACD articles (perhaps the regulator’s fault). What do you think about it? Spontaneous astral travel principle?

Angel: Yes, exactly, it was a principle of spontaneous astral travel. In those moments you were feeling your energy moving and getting ready to go out. In fact, you entered paralysis so that your body did not respond to the commands because it was already deeply asleep and at the same time you began to perceive all the typical sensations of an astral journey. Since you didn’t know the subject you were afraid of what could happen, so your body activated its natural defenses blocking the experience and not allowing you to complete the exit. It is completely normal because at that time you were not conscious and consequently your brain perceived the experience as something dangerous and it was activated to protect the body. Now, however, that you know that there is nothing dangerous in making an astral journey, in case you find yourself having a similar situation, try to calm your mind remaining aware that nothing bad can happen to you. Let yourself go and let the energy flow quietly accepting the experience as it presents itself, thus maintaining a lucid state of mind. Breathe in prana and do not expect in any way, because just a moment, a thought too many that the experience is immediately blocked. The fact that when you woke up you forgot everything is due to the Regulator and the Low who tend to make you forget the experience, because if it had succeeded it would have led you to reflect and to open your mind, as well as to evolve spiritually.

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Student: I realized thanks to your teachings to do astral travel while I sleep, only when I wake up I remember little or nothing. How can I be more aware?

Angel: When you wake up from the astral journey you can remember it in more detail, but what is it that makes you forget it? The fact that, having returned from astral travel, you are tired and fall asleep again immediately. From there a few hours pass and when you wake up you will have forgotten about the oobe experience because it happened a few hours before, ending up making you believe that it was only a dream. The trick to remembering the oobes is to always keep a sheet with a pen next to the bed to take quick notes on what you’ve experienced; if you had to write the whole experience right away, you would end up spending the hours there and you wouldn’t have time to sleep (your worst fear!) so pin the fastest info with keywords, for example:
– exit to the astral I felt the discharges, especially in the head
– before coming out of strong tones to the almost painful ears
– on the way back I felt myself being sucked by an annoying vortex
And that’s it. When you wake up in the morning or anyway after reading these simple notes, you will remember what happened in oobe , and maybe decide to rewrite it by adding all the details that come to mind. In this regard you can use your spiritual diary, in case you don’t want to write it on paper. If instead I were just to write “today I came out in oobe ” you could hardly remember anything of what and how it happened, because there are no phrases that are able to evoke the sensations, which are then to make the memory re-emerge. Therefore it is important to quickly mark the keywords that recall the memory of the oobe just happened, before going back to sleep, even if you don’t feel like it, because the Low is not waiting for you to go back to sleep to make you lose the memory of what just happened; don’t give it to him and quickly mark what happened, so when you open your eyes again you will realize that the experience is real and that, in a strange way, something has tried to erase it from your mind. I think that experience is fundamental, but if you don’t remember it, it’s almost as if you hadn’t done it. This is why it is important to always write down everything that happens, even with flash sentences, so as to have a minimum of notes to hold onto when your memory is compromised.

Student: Hi Angel, thanks for this opportunity. I would like to know for what purpose they want to scare us about these trips. Generally on the web there is more negative information than positive about the subject. Why do they want to stop us?

Angel: Astral travel is very important, because through it you begin to understand that you are not your physical body and how much you are limiting your evolution every time you identify with your body, with your human identity, that in astral no longer matters. You begin to reflect on the meaning of life, on the fact that if your body died you would still be alive and you could enter another body reincarnating, moving from one human machine to another. Astral travel would help you discover a lot of information that you could not learn with your physical body because it is too reductive; also it would make you understand that there is no reason to fear death, because in reality you will not die but a machine of the earthly dimension that you used, but which you can replace with another. That’s why they want to block astral travel: because this would help you overcome your fears, your anguish, your false beliefs. One thing is to say it, one thing is to really understand it. When you understand that you are not your body, that what surrounds you is not real and that you are really the Soul that can manipulate the reality of the Matrix at will, then you can understand that you are very close to the truth. Certainly it is not enough to say it in words, we must really become what I have just described. This is why society tries to make the spirituality negative and obscure to our eyes, and also anything that is part of it (such as the oobe ), in this way people will move away from evolutionary arguments and never discover the truth.

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Student: Why do web users report having had negative and terrifying experiences and do you talk about astral travel as a magnificent experience?

Angel: Because I practice and live real experiences . Instead, they fall asleep, make fanciful dreams and tell them by pretending to be astral journeys; or simply if they invent them just to have something to say and feel important people. What is not done to increase visits to your site!

Student: Hi Angel! Is it true that in the astral you can meet historical or fantasy characters? If so how do they behave?

Angel: Fancy? No, those are called dreams. You will not encounter fictional characters during the oobe , not even historical characters who, obviously, are not there waiting for someone to go into the astral; these are tales of people who have never experienced an astral journey in their lives.

Student: Is there anyone who will never be able to make an astral journey while trying?

Angel: I don’t believe at all that there is someone who can never reach an astral journey, since it is an experience that can happen by chance even to people who know nothing about this subject. The fact is that if you want to reach a volunteer oobe you have to practice it often and not give up, without excessive demands when you never practice. You could say that you have been practicing for years and have never been able to make an astral journey, yes, but did you practice good techniques for astral travel? Because there is a big difference between the techniques taught by people who have never made an oobe in their lives, and those taught by those who instead practice them very often and for real! Moreover, how many times have you practiced the technique to go to the astral, in these years? Once a year? Never? In that case you understand why you haven’t succeeded yet, because thinking and wishing to want to go out in the astral does not mean that you have practiced to succeed. It is completely normal, it takes training and perseverance.

Student: What is the difference between an oobe and a pre- death experience ?

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Angel: Pre- death is too often confused with astral travel, because the fear of what is happening – especially if the oobe happens spontaneously without you having ever heard of it – can make you think of a death experience from the which fortunately you saved yourself by returning to the body; but in reality you have not experienced any risk as it seemed to you. During the pre- death the body stops working and the soul is deciding to leave, but I honestly believe that 99% of pre- deaths are only astral journeys misinterpreted. Death is something that goes far beyond an exit from the body, in fact I believe that pre- death happens in the rare cases of real mortal risk, such as a serious accident that led you to enter a coma, or similar events. Out of these serious cases they will be nothing but simple astral journeys, so there is no risk of confusing a pre- death with a simple astral journey, apart from very rare cases; so you can do oobe when you want and like it without risking dying, as people want you to believe. It would be absurd if a person could risk dying for a simple astral journey, because everyone in life has accomplished or will accomplish at least one oobe . If it were so dangerous the whole population would die in their sleep every night and, probably, we would have already died out for millions of years. The problem returns to how the fact is told. People interpret and tell in a negative way everything that happens to them, without giving themselves time to understand what really happened.

Student: While I was meditating, I felt very well and imagined getting out of the body. So did I do an oobe ?

Angel: Oobe is something that really happens, not something you imagine. I wouldn’t want all those who read this document to convince themselves that they came out of the body just because during a meditation they imagined getting out of the body or felt vibrations. First, because during meditation you must not think of anything; secondly, astral travel is a real experience, in which the exit is perceived physically, so it is nothing imaginary. So no, you weren’t making an astral journey. Until you do a real one, it will be difficult to understand the difference between an astral journey and an imagination, or a dream, but when you do it you will really understand that it is very different.

Student: Is it true that during an oobe the thought is faster?

Angel: You don’t have to think during the oobe , because if you start thinking, you spoil the experience and get sucked into your physical body almost immediately. During the oobe you have to stay in non-thought and “think intent”, so without words, very different from typical thoughts. If you start thinking too much, you risk your body dragging you inside, making you wake up and lose the experience. Non-thought is the key to enjoying the astral experience without interrupting your journey to the most beautiful, or even already departing.

Student: Hi Angel, while practicing to undertake an astral journey, keep your eyes closed. Well, what is that signal that makes you understand that you are in the astral and that you can open your eyes? Because I often open them first and ruin everything.

Angel: The eyes are physical, but when you’re in the astral you don’t need to open your eyes. When you come out of the body you will begin to see through the sight of the Sixth sense, because it will be all that you will use. When you are leaving the body you see nothing because you are still half inside, then, when you are completely out of the physical body, you will start to see well without having to open your eyes. Also in the astral you will not have sight problems that your physical eyes might have. When you come out of the body you will see everything and you will not feel the need to blink, because you will not have physical eyes, you will not need to close and reopen them, because you will see perfectly through the energetic or sensorial view.

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Student: A few months ago it happened to me that I felt a tremendous force wanting to pull myself out of my body and in my mind I thought, “It’s time!”, So I got up halfway across the bed and saw myself lying down and my room. But I saw everything in a very confused way, I couldn’t open my eyes and then I came back in a few seconds.

Angel: So you saw your body, but what was the point of trying to open your eyes? When you are in the astral there is no need to open your eyes because you already see us. That’s exactly what I meant before, because when you go out in the astral you don’t need to open your eyes, but the Low to deceive you will make you think “you have to open your eyes, otherwise you won’t see anything!” And if you listen to them and open them .. ruin your experience! Just what the Low wanted.

Student: Indeed! I have had others similar to this experience, in fact it was useless because I saw without eyes, but each time they last a few seconds.

Angel: Exactly, and this is very important. It is a doubt imposed by your Regulator to make you think: “How do you see if you have your eyes closed?” And, even if you see, you doubt it, so you fall into the trap and re-enter your body because you try to open your physical eyes even if you really don’t need them. He knows that if you try to open them, you will immediately re-enter the body, he does it on purpose to put the doubt on you just to block the experience and make sure that you don’t live it.

Student: Indeed, it is true. These days I realized how much the Low conditions us, however I am beginning to understand that the more experiences I have in the astral, even if for a short while, the more I do.

Student2: Some time ago, one night I woke up with a start because of a very strong vibration / shock along the spine. Do you think they were just energy movements ?

Angel: Yes, they were energy movements. Sometimes it moves very fast and can make you jump.

Student: You said that the first few times you make an astral journey you see yourself with the appearance of the physical body because you believe you are the physical body, but how is the probe that actually comes out of the body? Does it have a specific form, does it have the form that one wants to give it or has no form?

Angel: Actually it doesn’t have a precise shape: it is energy and energy has no form or structure. Usually it is interpreted as an elongated oval, or a ball, but the energy has no real shape. You could see your probe as an irregular shape, but you can choose to change shape and take a different one; here you play your skill at changing shape and showing you how you want to be seen.

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Student: I also wanted to know if, since I still can’t think of all the meditation and therefore I would be easily influenced by Low, I can still start practicing or if I have to wait to be improved.

Angel: The fact that you can’t keep a perfect non-thought during meditation absolutely does not exclude that you can already start practicing the astral travel technique, indeed; remember that every technique improves the others, so the more you practice the better techniques, even the non-thought. Don’t let these doubts stop you.

Student: When I’m in an advanced state of trance (fear apart that I’ve overcome thanks to you, Angel) I don’t understand if I have to give an impulse to go out and, if so, how should I do? Or does it do the whole astral body? Thanks.

Angel: From the moment you lie down on the bed and start practicing the technique, you already know that you want to do it, so the intent is there. So you have to relax and let yourself go, in this way the energy will come out and you will make the astral journey. But if you distract yourself from thinking of anything else, obviously the intent will vanish and you won’t be able to make a good astral journey. If you push too hard the energy will not come out, because your body will misunderstand thinking that it is a danger. If you want the journey to take place, you have to relax and let yourself go, be patient all the time, because the astral exit requires a lot.

Student: It happened to me several times while I was in bed trying to astral travel, imagining myself flying and touching the sky, suddenly my heart is beating like a heart attack, and I couldn’t get out, sometimes a a little less, but the result is the same. Once instead I had let myself go and I felt halfway out, my energy moved in a circular and strong way but I didn’t get out completely. It is as if fear blocks me, since I no longer imagine flying or trying astral travel because I think that when I am ready I will go alone, do I do well?

Angel: If you want to evolve you don’t have to expect spiritual experiences to happen on their own, but you have to look for them and have to commit to them, otherwise you would do nothing but settle for the case. Consider that imagining too much about flying is still a thought and could block your experience. So let yourself go and relax, don’t be afraid and don’t force yourself from haste, but practice to have an astral journey otherwise you won’t get great results. You’ll see that it will get better!

Student: Is it a risky heartbeat that increases a lot when you try the oobe ?

Angel: No, absolutely, it’s normal for it to happen and nothing is at risk, God forbid.

Student: I tried several times to make an astral trip and in all the tests I did I always blocked myself when I was about to go out, in one of these as soon as I relaxed both mentally and physically I immediately felt strong vibrations in the whole body, to a certain point I felt myself literally sinking into nothing and my heartbeat increased dramatically, obviously the Low put me not very pleasant thoughts in my head and therefore I got stuck. My question is: is this phase of the heartbeat that accelerates a natural defense of the body? To overcome it, do you have to practice, practice and practice?

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Angel: Yes it’s normal, because at that moment you’re getting agitated and you have to work hard to relax a lot and not think about what’s going on. If you think “ok, I’m about to leave” the body shakes and blocks you. Relax and don’t think about anything, let everything happen as it should.

Student: Ok so it’s just a matter of getting the body used to these movements.

Angel: Exactly.

Student: Is it necessary to be in a state of drowsiness to make an astral journey?

Angel: Not necessarily, but it’s the easiest way to do it.

Student: Once I was about to start an astral journey but I just couldn’t get up, I was lying down and consciously with my arms I pushed myself out of the trunk but it was as if I had my legs locked; little energy?

Angel: Yes, you could not complete the astral journey because of the little energy that kept you from it, so I advise you to meditate and increase the exercise of energy movements , so that it will get better.

Student: In the technique of making an oobe you say that it would be better to lie down on your stomach or even down if it is better. I never made an oobe , so as first time if after a while I get tired I can turn over on one side to try to make an oobe , or compromise the technique? I feel more comfortable and maybe I can get the energy out of my back too, is it wrong?

Angel: No, on the side it is really difficult to get out in the astral, because the body is not placed in such a position as to guarantee the movement of energy in the spine so as to make the exit, so trying when you are sleeping on the side is really difficult and I do not recommend it. If you are uncomfortable sleeping on your stomach, place yourself on your stomach, but not to the side, if you intend to practice oobe .

Student: Some say that in astral travel it is possible to fly to move, others say that to go to a specific place you just need to have the intent; what is the truth in these statements?

Angel: Both are correct, because you could both transport yourself from one place to another thinking it with a strong intent, either by deciding to levitate – or so to speak – to find yourself in the desired place. Instead, there are those who say they walk, but in this case it is a dream, as in the astral it is very difficult to move the feet, keep them well resting on the ground and walk one step at a time; so if you happen to walk, it’s almost certain that it’s a dream.

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Student: When you’re in the astral and you want to go somewhere practically teleport to it by thinking about it? So could I also travel great distances and go out of the solar system?

Angel: Exactly, when you are in the astral you can concentrate very well on a place even very far from where you are and, since you are in the form of energy, you can transport yourself to the other side without too much effort. Energy moves quickly and is not limited by space.

Student: Once I go out in the astral, will I be able to visit the physical places or only the astral ones?

Angel: Both of course, for example, your home or the cities you don’t know. In reality the physical places will be the first things you will see, then becoming more skilled in the technique you will be able to visit other dimensions that do not belong to this physical dimension.

Student: Can I use the evolutionary sound to raise the tone and start “detaching” me from the body?

Angel: Certainly, it is indeed a technique that I teach to use, because it is very effective.

Student: Can you happen to feel vibrations (I mean sounds similar to those of a cell phone vibration) while trying the oobe ?

Angel: Yes, it’s normal for it to happen during astral travel.

Student: Reading docs on oobes , one of the ways to understand if you are in a dream is also to feel physical sensations. But in dreams can the physical sensations be felt? Because I happened to also try certain sensations just as it happens in reality.

Angel: Yes, in dreams you can feel sensations but when you wake up you realize that it was a dream, instead an astral journey is much more real because it happened when awake and it was not just a dream.

Student: I’m a little confused and I would like to understand if the physical sensations can be felt both in dream and in oobe . I happened to make a lucid dream in which I tried to cross a wall and feel exactly the feeling as if it were immersed in concrete, and I was conscious of being in a dream. So in this case it takes other tests to understand if you are in oobe or a dream; could you clarify this point?

Angel: Sure. It is not just a matter of having perceived sensations like crossing a wall, but first of all understanding the difference between dream and being awake. When you are in a dream you think you are awake, but when you wake up then you realize that in truth it was just a dream; here, when you wake up from the astral you recognize that it was real because you were awake just as you are now, with the only difference that you were not using your physical body and your senses were more active, but you were awake and this should not be confused. It is very different from the dream, from which when you wake up you realize that it was only a dream. But until you live an oobe in first person you will not understand the differences between oobe and dream, it is normal. For today the lesson ends, but if you have other questions you can write them by clicking here . I look forward to hearing about your first attempts at oobe !

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