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55 – Questions about Cleansing Energy – Pranic Cleansing (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome.In today’s lesson we will deal with the topic Personal Energy Cleaning.Do you have questions regarding this subject?

Student: Hi Angel.I was wondering if the others perceive our energy variation, because it seems to me that the behavior towards me of those around me has changed since I clean my energy.

Angel: Hi!It is right, because the people around us do not know how to explain rationally what is happening, but our energy change also leads them to change their behavior towards us.Since they are not conscious, they do not realize why they feel driven to treat us differently, so they do not know that everything has changed since we started practicing, but they try to associate these changes with logical motivations, derived from daily chores and for so to say “normal”.In the meantime, however, they also change their approach and the way they treat us, so everything is earned and they don’t necessarily have to know why.

Student: Can anyone walk away?

Angel: Only if they are negative people or would they try to damage you in the long run, even involuntarily.Energy is intelligent and it is, at this moment, much more aware of you, so it recognizes who wants or could hurt you even though your eyes might seem like a good person and perfect for you.A positive person who does not create problems would have no reason to leave after you have practiced energy cleansing, on the contrary, by practicing it you will realize that many more people will be interested in you, precisely because people are attracted by positive energy.

Student: When I use the energy cleaning technique, imagining a beam of white light that enters me;in this case I have to see my luminous body in imagination or in reality?

Angel: Rightly at the beginning it is a question of visualization, because to expect to see one’s own body illuminating with its own light from the first few times in which it is practiced is to ask too much!So you have to focus on visualizing the white energy that comes into you and cleans your body and your energy.Seriously practicing this technique will allow you to increase your light in reality, so those who cannot see will be able to retain a brighter person without being able to give explanations;who knows how to see, will see the true light around you.

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Student: Can I use the technique you taught us to clean another person’s energy?And if so, do I have to follow the same procedure that I perform on myself and visualize the person or do I have to project myself in his direction?

Angel: Of course, you can also use the cleaning technique to clean up another person’s energy, visualizing it without having to project yourself into it, since you are two distinct people.You can do the same technique, with the only difference being that prana will enter you instead of you, so act directly on it.

Student: The technique of cleaning energy resembles meditation, so can I practice it instead?

Angel: No, the technique of cleaning is not meditation, they are two distinct techniques.When you meditate, you train non-thought.Energy cleansing is an extra technique to teach you to breathe prana and cleanse your energy.Since you are a beginner, I have taught you this exercise to add to the techniques of your knowledge, but it is not a substitute for meditation.

Student: So when I meditate, should I continue in not thinking?

Angel: Exactly.Meditation will remain the same, perfectly in no thought.

Student: Why do we have to do energy cleaning techniques if we are already practicing meditation?

Angel: Because these are two distinct techniques and one strengthens and enhances the effect of the other. Developing one’s psyche requires the training of different muscles, just as the physical body is made up of many muscles and not just one. Each muscle trains differently, so there are different exercises to get each of them moving. For example, if you spent your life doing weight lifting, you would exercise many muscles, but not all; if, on the other hand, beyond the weights, you also do other exercises, you would take care of training many more muscles in your body. Therefore spiritual evolution requires you to practice different exercises as only one technique could not give you Everything, but you need to increase its effects by adding other exercises that can go hand in hand with others. Cleansing energy is very important, because it helps you to take off the weights that would increase the difficulty of not thinking and meditation; by removing them through energy cleansing, you will also improve the quality of meditation and all other techniques.

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Practicing it, allows you to speed up cleaning from blockages, negative energies that are sent to you by others, weights that you have created yourself by thinking pessimistic or suffering for your past, which you are no longer able to remove, thus freeing yourself from obstacles that prevented you from progressing. Pranic cleansing lightens your mind and your aura from energetic weights and makes you more positive both inside and out, making you appreciate life more and becoming more interesting in the eyes of others, who will be attracted by your luminous aura. Logically, energy cleaning cannot in any way replace Meditation, but it can help you a lot especially if it is practiced with seriousness, without being underestimated. Cleaning does a good job because it reduces the negative thoughts and Low distractions that one has while practicing meditation or other; it allows you to be more serene, because it “purifies” your mind and improves your perception in the recognition of a positive energy from a negative one, allowing you to eliminate the one that disturbs you.

Student: Can I practice energy cleansing at the same time as meditation?

Angel: The technique of meditation must not be mixed with the others, because otherwise it would change its effectiveness and the results could vary and weaken. Therefore you can practice cleaning before meditation, using it as a preparation and increasing the chances of getting a better and more evolved meditation session; or later, or away from meditation, for example during the day when you have a free moment or when you particularly feel the need. The important thing is not to wait too long and not to postpone only when you feel the need, but practice it even when you don’t feel like it, because energy cleansing can take away those negative energies that make you apathetic, listless and tired.

Student: What would happen if you practiced cleansing and meditation together?

Angel: You would end up spending the half hour devoted to meditation thinking and practicing anything but non-thinking and chakra consciousness. The cleaning technique requires energy to be visualized for the duration of the session while performing tasks, while meditation requires not to think and remain solely focused on the sensation of the chakras. Therefore it happens that one of the two techniques will not be carried out correctly, and it is wrong to practice them together with the conviction of saving time instead ending up practicing badly one or even both. The techniques do not disagree and do not annihilate each other, but Meditation is too important to be mixed with the others. Therefore I invite you to practice these two techniques separately, always giving priority to meditation.

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However you can always start with the preparation of energy cleaning lasting 5-10 minutes and then starting with the actual meditation. In this way you will clean your energy and improve the quality of meditation by increasing your relaxation and mental well-being. You can do the cleaning for as long as you like, without taking time away from meditation, which is why I advise you to practice them separately so that you don’t have the idea of ​​practicing 30 minutes cleaning and then 5 minutes of meditation. So sometimes you can use it as a preparation for meditation, sometimes do it during the day, away from other techniques, so that you can concentrate only on this, and can put very sweet and relaxing music in your ears that takes you to the right atmosphere; don’t use music you listen to dance, because it will increase your Low thoughts. You can use this technique as often as you want and for how long you want: my advice is to start at least 5 minutes, then you choose how long it lasts knowing that the more time you practice, the faster the improvements will be.

Student: I find the technique of cleaning energy very complicated, what can I do to make it easier?

Angel: I think it’s easy enough, you just need training. What is the passage that you find difficult?

Student: View.

Angel: It’s not important, your real goal is to relax and breathe prana inside you. I don’t think you can’t imagine for an instant the light that comes into you. Try it, and you’ll see that you’ll succeed, you just need training. Furthermore, I advise you not to start with the assumption   that you will never make it, otherwise it will be. Instead, start with the knowledge that you are using this technique to feel better and you will make it, and the results you want will come.   The more you train the simpler the visualization will become reality and you will be able to buy control of your body and mind faster: you will get to the point that it will simply be enough to desire the peace that will immediately arrive!

Student: Meditation and energy cleaning cleanse us from negativity, in fact today I feel I have taken away a lot of it and I have never taken away as much as with your techniques, but I feel I still have to remove something. I also have energy blocks that have to be dissolved for more than a week or two, but I feel there is more.

Angel: Apply more and with practice you will take away everything that is left, do not give up.

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Student: Are there elements, substances or foods that could go so far as to nullify both internal and external cleaning work?

Angel: Well yes, for example alcohol, smoking and heavy medicines lower your energy and can dirty it; especially alcohol, smoking and drugs negatively affect your energy, as well as junk foods, albeit in a much less intrusive way than alcohol, drugs and smoking. As far as physical health is concerned, they all hurt the body but the effects can be cheated depending on the person, the constitution, his daily habits and so on, but when it comes to energy there is little that can be fooled ; the energy gets dirty and weakens and the consequences fall on the person who pays too little attention to his energy cleanliness. So you might even believe that alcohol doesn’t hurt because physically hold it up and hasn’t caused you problems yet, but unfortunately it makes you dirty and ruin your energy, also creating energy holes in your aura from which negativity will always come in better and not only when you drink, but also in the years that go when you believe that the effects have ceased.

Student: I smoke.

Angel: I advise you to stop, for your physical and energetic good, because smoking unfortunately also damages your energy and your energy body, without forgetting the serious damage it causes to your physical body. Just because you have no pain now, it does not mean that nothing is happening inside you, and if you went to have a serious visit you would already discover the problems caused by smoking but for the moment you prefer to ignore. The body is yours, and only you can decide what to do with it and I assure you that I am not interested in convincing you to follow my advice if you are not interested in doing it first, so you can be calm and I will not contact you to convince you to stop and cleaned up. But you will have to behave in the same way and accept the consequences of your actions without complaining to me about your health, if you chose to lower it. The same rule applies to energy cleaning: it cannot work miracles if you choose to damage yourself every day with your own hands.

Student: Does it mean that smoking, like alcohol and drugs make a person negative? Bad?

Angel: No, I didn’t say that. Smoking damages not only the body but also its energy, therefore it makes its energetic defenses weaker, it creates holes in the aura from which negative energies can enter, including energy larvae that ruin the physical and mental health of the person.

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The cigarette does not make the person bad, but it dirty his energy and weakens it, therefore he makes it weaker to the energetic influences and to the dark attacks that he could receive from the outside. Then it is clear that suffering attacks and not having the strength to protect oneself from them leads to its consequences. Alcohol and drugs are even worse, because while smoking starts from the weakening of the aura, and in the long run it comes to the mind, the alcohol immediately starts from the mind, creating serious energy imbalances that are difficult to heal if you decide to underestimate the damage and not care about your health and psyche. This does not mean, however, that smoking does not create any damage, on the contrary, quite the contrary. It is clear that we cannot compare the physical damage of those who smoke so much from those who drink a lot, but energetically the damage can be seen in both. The drug, then, is anti-spirituality, anti-evolution and anti-positive energy.

Student: I quit smoking thanks to your meditation and I didn’t have any relapses, nothing at all, thanks Angel.

Angel: I am very pleased, so many others in ACD have stopped like you since they started meditating so it can only give me so much pleasure.

Student: I felt that when I smoked, the cells almost died, those of the throat and lungs. So I stopped.

Angel: Exactly, that’s what happens, and you made the best choice to quit, because smoking has nothing to offer you, spirituality does.

Student: You said that heavy medicines can soil energy. So should I stop hiring them?

Angel: If you take medication you are expected to not do it as a game, but because you need it. So if they are essential to your health you must continue to take them; just be aware that if you take medicines it would be better to practice the cleaning technique a little more often, just to prevent them from lowering too much, but this does not force you to eliminate one of the two. Simply practice a little more cleansing and especially meditation especially when you hire them, so that you can stay at the same level of energy and carry on, rather than having the typical mental and physical declines of drugs.

Student: Since I have already read your book on “Does God exist? Yes and know who you are ”and I started practicing the technique of Letting go that you teach in the chapters, I ask you: does letting go help us purify our energy since we connect with God?

Angel: Yes, letting go leads purifies our energy a lot, because it connects us to its purest dimensions; however, the technique of letting yourself go mostly follows other goals, so it is true that as a secondary effect it also purifies your energy, but it is still a technique that has other purposes. So when you can clean up your energy, focus on this intent and train yourself on the most targeted exercises, or Energy Cleansing.

If you have no other questions, for today we have concluded the lesson and I invite you to practice energy cleaning. If you have other questions, don’t wait! Send them to the page by clicking here and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. Good evening and see you soon!

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