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59 – Questions about Past Lives – Reincarnation and why it is hard to remember (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome. I will answer all your questions about past lives .

Student: Hi Angel!I feel so much nostalgia for the spiritual dimension and I often find myself saying that I don’t want to reincarnate on this earth anymore.Is it a Low program or is it because my soul has a vague memory of a different and better dimension than this?

Angel: Welcome. Many of us, before remembering our past lives, feel this sort of nostalgia for the most positive worlds and dimensions, as we have known many evil figures on this planet; like violence and suffering in all its forms. But this is precisely the reason why we have reincarnated again on this planet: to do something concrete, instead of letting this planet remain only in the hands of evil, therefore in the hands of evil people. Until you remember your past lives, you wonder why you were born here: for a punishment? For a negative karma you are undergoing? Why are you a masochist? None of this. You were born here to do something good, to make other people understand that there is not only evil, there is not only the negative way, there is also good and also the possibility of helping others. If you focus on looking only at the negative sides of this planet, your life will always be grim. We were born here for a much more important reason, to help the rest of the population look at the positive side of life, of the world, and to commit ourselves to increase the Good. We were not born here to fix ourselves on the negative sides of life and see only those; nor have we come this far to pretend that evil does not exist, because it is not by ignoring the suffering that can be eliminated from our and from the lives of others. To eliminate suffering from you, and from the lives of the people you love, you need to realize why you were born here: not to criticize the world, not to be nostalgic for others, but to let other people know the side good of humanity. Now you are here for a good reason and it is not ignoring it for life that you will accomplish your mission and reason for reincarnation on this planet. So when you remember your past lives, you will realize that you reincarnated here for a reason that you should complete, and not just to waste time and imagine how great it would be to be somewhere else.

Student: Why do most of us have the memory of just life and not of all our past lives?

Angel: Because during reincarnation, then during the passage of the Soul from one body to another, there is a process that we will call zeroing memories, which hides your memories of previous lives as soon as you reincarnate in a new human body. In fact, this rule works on this planet, but not in all the dimensions in which it is possible to reincarnate! During the zeroing of memories, all your memories remain etched in your Soul, but you as a new person do not remember anything of what happened before this life, because of the zeroing. Only through the awakening of one’s psychic abilities is it possible to remember one’s past lives.

Student: Do you mean by going to a fortuneteller, a hypnotist, or something?

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Angel: Absolutely not. I mean, reawakening your psychic abilities! If you went to a fortune-teller or anyone else who “told” you about your past lives, you wouldn’t be remembering, but you would just be listening to a story, which by the way you couldn’t be 100% sure it’s all true. I am referring to real memories, as real as those you have in this life. Through a journey of awakening your own psychic abilities, and therefore of practicing to evolve your senses, you will begin to remember your past lives as fragments after fragments, as real and concrete memories. It is no coincidence that you are here at the Academy: because you were looking for a spiritual path that would allow you to find Awakening. So if you decide to practice on your memories of past lives as I have advised you, the memories will come.

Student: Does reincarnating always represent a chance to build a soul?

Angel: Yes, absolutely, to build and evolve one’s Soul. Life after life we ​​evolve our knowledge about this planet, our capabilities and our methods to materialize. Many believe that reincarnation is an act in itself, or that you reincarnate only because you have to. In truth you choose to reincarnate, because when you are the Soul outside the body you have very clear ideas for your future: you know you want to do something good for the world, but to do it you have to do something from the inside; then reincarnate within the planet. When you reincarnate, you must necessarily go through the zeroing process that will make you forget all about yourself: who you are, the reason you are here, how to remember who you were , forget everything! But before you reincarnated you knew it already, it is a passage that had to be done and you chose to do it. Even if now, because you don’t remember anything, you don’t understand the “absurd” reasons why you should have chosen to reincarnate here. And yet these are far more logical and less absurd reasons than you now understand. But we’re here for that.

Student: Forgetting previous life / lives with reincarnation is always a conscious choice? In this case could we possibly decide to remember this life when we are in the next body if we wanted to?

Angel: The zeroing process is not our choice, but a rule of this planet. It is you who have decided to reincarnate on this planet, but if you could have chosen, naturally you would have preferred “to remember everything” right away. But as soon as you enter and then reincarnate in a human body, here is that the reset process is activated, and whether you want it or not, you forget everything about your past. Only by practicing can you remember, memory after memory, your previous lives and then understand the real reasons why you were born here.

Student: I seem to have understood that reincarnation is more a necessity for the Soul than a “law”. Is that so?

Angel: Exactly, it’s not a law at all. It is a decision that we as Anima take, because we know that reincarnation allows us to evolve and allows us to fulfill a very important mission on this planet.

Student: But can this cycle be dissolved? I mean, can we stop reincarnating?

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Angel: Being a decision, it is not a cycle that can or must be dissolved, it would be like asking, “Can I stop living?” Of course you could choose it, but why should you do it? If you wanted, you could stop reincarnating, but it is a choice you take when you are a Soul without a body, because at that moment you are completely conscious of yourself. Now, instead, you are not at all aware of yourself, because the only life you remember is the present one. And it is too little to understand the reasons why your Soul, after all the reincarnations he wanted to make, has once again chosen to reincarnate and to allow you to be here today. I know well that there are people who are dissatisfied with their lives, who talk about the hypothetical law-cycle of reincarnation that “we must destroy” in order not to reincarnate ever again, but let’s say it clearly: you would be going against your own Soul, because it is you who wants the reincarnation, as it allows her to live new experiences, to evolve and to carry out important missions for her. We are not here for a sentence, we are here because we wanted it; regardless of whether you remember it now or not, it was your soul that wanted to reincarnate and it is right that you try to understand its decisions, rather than go against them without even knowing why.

Student: What is the exact end of reincarnation? I understood that the soul needs experience, but why does it reincarnate so many times and why does it decide to do it? I have read that our “end” is liberation from this cycle. But because instead of practicing to develop certain skills that you teach us, we don’t practice directly for this liberation, so could we use all the energy for this?

Angel: What are you planning to achieve with the elimination of reincarnation? Do you think there is a paradise where souls will go to have fun and be well, and that life in this world has been imposed on us as a sort of level to overcome? I shudder to think that there really is someone who wants to reach the end of his life, of his soul. I repeat to you that I am aware that there are people who are dissatisfied with their lives, who see the end as the only solution, and therefore the death of their own soul; because that’s what this is about. We reincarnated on this planet by choice, with the idea of ​​doing something good for this world. Is there evil? Yes, because there are dark people reincarnated in this world. So many other Souls have reincarnated here, to help this planet not to collapse in the hands of the dark ones, who would like to destroy it. We have chosen to be born here, so you can waste time rowing against your Soul and adding other obstacles to achieving its success, for fulfilling its mission on this planet, or you can start to stand on its side and try to understand his reasons: I do not say that it is easy to understand his will, but at least he tries to understand why your Soul chose to be born here, without adding other weights, which already has enough.

Student: Is the purpose of reincarnation linked only to the eternal struggle between good and evil or is it linked to something else?

Angel: Reincarnation is first of all a great help for us, because it allows us (to our Soul) to live very different experiences, to refine our knowledge on more subjects, to know new Souls with whom to share moments or long periods of life together, to evolve on all fronts. Moreover, it is a great possibility to be able to make a change on the planet that we have chosen, in this case the planet Earth, which from life to life we ​​try to direct towards a more peaceful path. It is not easy, because many other people try to lead it towards suffering, continuous evil and violence: they are born precisely for this.

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That is why we too were born here: to do something that prevents this beautiful planet from being ruined by violence and suffering, which would make it unlivable. Think about it: what do you dislike about this planet? Places? The animals? People? No, none of this. What you don’t really like are the cruel actions, the wickedness, the violence, the various facets of pain. People do not like you, they are the sufferings that certain people inflict on others. But what do these actions come from? From obscure people who manipulate others to push them to commit despicable actions. In other words, don’t despise humanity, but despise those precise people manipulated by the darkness that hurts others. Here: from life to life we ​​reincarnate here, to try to solve this problem. But to do this, first of all we must recognize what the real problem of this world is, that it is not human beings, but it is the darkness that manipulates human beings! Without darkness, the people of this world would all be much, much more good and selfless. If you now know a shy, selfish and violent humanity, it is because darkness is trying to destroy our minds and make us fall into the abyss. Do not believe that you are different from them: you too, despising humanity, are harming others. It is not easy to bring change, in fact it takes a long time, but from life to life we ​​choose to reincarnate here to try to bring good to this world, so that darkness does not win. We can choose to surrender and criticize this world, despise it and watch it die, or we can do something much better to get it back up: we can help it.

Student: Thanks Angel. When we choose to reincarnate, could we decide to reincarnate in a bygone era? For example: if we die in this life, year 2014, can we reincarnate in the year 1000 and always on the planet Gaia?

Angel: On this same dimension, of this same planet, we can’t do it. But we can decide to reincarnate in other dimensions very similar to the one we know today, which is living in a period similar to our past, for example, similar to our Ancient Egypt, or to periods closer to ours. In fact, there are some dimensions very similar to ours, which are “back” compared to our times, but which during their time are going through events similar to ours, even if not identical. In that case then it is possible to do so.

Student: Can I reincarnate in a bygone age and choose to do it next to me / to my life in the past?So can there be more materially my own at the same time?When we say identical double episodes, with things in common concerning the life aspects of everyone (same names, same situations but they live in two different places etc) is it more of past lives that meet?

Angel: No, it’s not possible to reincarnate where you’ve already reincarnated, next to another of your reincarnations. This question seems to me a bit too much the plot of a film. Care must be taken not to fall into the traps of “too many conflicting ideas” that make you lose sight of the true meaning and purpose of reincarnation. Regarding the doubles, which exist on this planet and is well known, it is no longer a question of reincarnations of the same Soul that has simultaneously incarnated into multiple bodies; it is instead a very interesting phenomenon that depends on the planet in which we find ourselves. It is a sort of “stencil” that commits the error of repeating itself, which gives birth to very similar human bodies and not only in appearance. As a bug, these people find themselves having very strong similarities in their experiences during their lives (example: both mother died at the age of 3), even in sentimental experiences (both were married to women who own the same name) and so on. These are too obvious similarities to pretend that it is only a coincidence, you are not wrong about this at all! But they are distinct people, they are not the same person born several times in the same period.

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Student: Before entering a body and then before reincarnating, do we know exactly what will happen during his whole life?

Angel: Everything’s not. But the Soul, before reincarnating, can broadly know what her life will be like through reincarnation in that particular body. However, it must be specified that everything depends on the psychic evolution of that Soul, as some manage to see very little about their future, while others, even before reincarnating, manage to see many more details of the life to come. So it depends.

Student: Thanks Angel.But remembering your past lives, what is it really for?Does it only serve to increase one’s personal ego?

Angel: Ego? Does remembering your life mean increasing your ego? It seems to me that the term ego is used as if it were a comma, too many times without a real objective reason. Try to think of the difficulty a person feels when living with Alzheimer’s; does that sound good to you? In essence they do not remember, they have large memory gaps that prevent them from even recognizing the faces of their children, or loved ones. They don’t remember what they lived in this life, what they did. Do you think that if they could choose to remember everything they lived, they wouldn’t choose it? Do you think they would choose to live with this disease, so as not to “increase their ego” to remember their lives? Allow me to tell you that the ego has nothing to do here! We are not talking about bragging with friends about their past lives, which is probably the reason why some people you know aim to remember them … but here today we are talking about remembering our past, remembering what we lived before this life , to remember who we were before now! We do not put in the middle arguments and words that have nothing to do in this context. Remembering your past lives would allow you to understand who you really are, help you avoid making mistakes that you have already made and endured in previous lives. It would allow you to recognize the people you have already known in past lives, both those you loved and who loved you, and those who made you suffer, or made you suffer, to stay alert to them or to apologize to them of what happened. Perhaps some see their past lives as figurines to exchange with friends or boast about with others, so yes we could talk about ego. But remembering one’s past lives does not have these trivial and insignificant goals; remembering your past lives would allow you to understand everything about yourself, so as to improve your life considerably.

Student: I want to ask you: do not recognize yourself and not accept yourself in your physical body, I think about homosexuality, can it be due to the unknowing memory of the other previous body in which you lived?

Angel: Yes absolutely. Very often, homosexuality derives from the influences we suffer from our past lives. Being the opposite sex, it could push the person of today to want to love women again, even though she herself is a woman in this life. Very often it happens if in your previous life you were a man, so in this life you carry with you the memories and instincts of the previous life, which push you to still love women, despite having a different body today. You will find a very important chapter about homosexuality in the book The Seal of Past Lives , so I strongly suggest you read it because it will allow you to understand much more about the topic just mentioned.

Student: Thank you Angel for today’s wonderful lesson. I will not forget how you helped me.

Angel: I wish you all a wonderful evening! We meet here for the next lessons on the subject. In the meantime, I advise you to practice the techniques I have taught you so that memories of past lives resurface in you. See you soon!

Students: Hi Angel, Thanks!

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