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70 – Questions about Psychic Protection – Reassurances and first attempts (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome to the first lesson on Psychic Protection. If you have any doubts on the creation of the Bubble you can ask me all the questions you want.

Student: Hi Angel, I would like to ask you how important visualization is towards making a protection. Thanks to your documents I understood much better why protection is fundamental, but I also managed to make good protections almost without any visualization and by focusing a lot more on my intent. So I would like to ask you: is it OK also this way or would you suggest to practice the visualization anyway because of its importance? Thank you.

Angel: Hi! Leaning visualization is very important, because it allows you to reach much higher levels compared to those you may know now. It’s obviously very good that you have practiced well by using your intent only, that’s the goal! But intent has a limit if not stimulated by visualization, so even though it seems all good for now, in a short time you will lose motivation and your protections will not be as in the beginning. This is why it is very important to learn visualization: because it allows you to go beyond the beginner’s level and increase the power of your intent, so that your growth will be continuous and without blockages. I suggest that you commit to improve your visualization through practice and training.

Student: I have just finished practicing the energy protection, but as I have mentioned in other questions, I am not able to visualize and I have actually never been able to do it for my whole life; I can only do it during the meditations on the chakras. A.C.D.’s website (Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale) is wonderful and since I started studying and practicing here a month ago I feel better. Thank you for being here.

Angel: Hi! I’m very happy that you like ACD. Visualization is very important, so I suggest you don’t surrender immediately and have the patience to try. If you were never able to do it it’s because you hadn’t found the right techniques and you gave up; but now you are in ACD and I suggest you try by following the audio techniques that we have created exactly for all of you. With some time, if you put the effort in, you will be able to do it with absolute certainty, but you have to want it. Believe me when I say that it won’t be that hard.

Student: Once the bubble is created can we just visualize it and motivate it or does it have to be reconstructed each time?

Angel: In the beginning the bubble is too weak, so it has to be re-built every day until you will manage to insert it in the program and keep it whole also in the following days; when it will be enough to fill it with energy and to strengthen it. Well, it’s actually not that simple! It’s not a quick thought without will, but a practice! If you want to be protected psychically you have to put the effort into it, otherwise don’t expect that the protection will survive for long. So the bubble has to be re-practiced every day and I assure you that it is the best thing to do. If you are in a hurry and you want to do everything quickly it’s sure that you won’t be able to create a strong sphere.

Student: Is it possible to create an effective bubble in one minute instead of ten?

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Angel: It depends what you mean when you say effective: a bubble that satisfies your imagination but which can’t protect you from anything, or one that can really protect you from all negative energies? In the first case you can delude yourself that it will work also if you practice it for a minute only, but be sure that it won’t work. In the second case, if you want a sphere that will really work don’t stop at a single minute of practice, because it really is too little.

Student: I practice the exercise of the energy sphere, but how do I conclude it? As I finish the bubble I breathe and open my eyes, or is there something else?

Angel: When you finish practicing the Bubble, breathe prana to keep your awareness high and let a few seconds pass, then open your eyes and you’re done. It’s better to not open your eyes immediately without even taking a breath after the end of the technique because it quickly brings you back to a lower vibration, typical of the normal routine. But if you allow yourself a few seconds of pranic breathing after you are finished with the bubble, that will help you not to drop your vibration immediately and to stay at a higher tonale. It’s just a few seconds, allow yourself to do it without being in too much of a rush, you will notice the difference.

Student: The bubble – or sphere – often works, but with some people it doesn’t. Why is that?

Angel: Definitely because they don’t use the right technique: it’s not the shape that doesn’t work, but how the technique is performed. I invite you to practice the technique of the Sphere that I taught you, and to challenge those who say that “it doesn’t work for them” to practice it. If they do it as I say it will doubtlessly work for them as well.

Student: I would like to know if the absence of thought, positive thinking and letting go are also, in some way, energy protections against the negativity that surrounds us.

Angel: Of course they are, each one of them, but they are not a complete form of protection because in the world there is not only personal negative thoughts to face, but also external influences which can be very strong, like psychic attacks. When you receive a very strong manipulation, or even an attack, you can be the most positive person in the world, the biggest optimist, courageous and faithful, but I assure you that you will take in all the beating anyway. The non-thought can become very powerful, but it’s weak if it is not helped by the Sphere. The same works the opposite way: being pessimistic weakens your protection, although weakening doesn’t mean destroying completely. So, in order to be completely protected, the first thing to do is practicing the psychic bubble, which will help keeping the negative energies outside and prevent them from bombing our minds like machine guns; this will help us improving the non-thought and to be more positive in everything.

Student: I am always fighting for my time: I have three part-time jobs, a daughter, and a partner who is often annoying me and getting in the way… even now haha. But I persist.

Angel: That’s always the problem: too much work for more money plus a family to take care of. All together they take too much time from us. Obviously the Low and the dark side try to take our time from our hands in any possible way, by taking away also those few free moments that we achieve when we have completed all our personal activities. It’s exactly for this reason that we should find more time to dedicate to ourselves and not only to others.

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If the dark side fights so much to prevent us from having time to dedicate to psychic practice, why do we not realize how fundamental that is for our lives?

Student: I feel like a shrimp… a step ahead and a step back, but that step ahead is so good because I trick everyone. Yes, the problem is that as people bother me over and over I get angry and then the meditations are not as they should be.

Angel: Of course, I understand. It happened to me as well when I was living with my parents. I would get so angry that I couldn’t meditate, but I would do it anyway also when, I assure you, it seemed impossible. Some times, as I was meditating, my mother would start swearing God so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear her. She hated God because she thought she deserved more from him, she deeply loathed him; and at the same time I would be practicing on the Heart chakra to connect myself with God, to hold on to peace and calmness. But how could I? I would often break down in tears because unless I did something to do with evolution she would be quiet, but as I sat down to meditate and find my peace she would start shouting because of her personal frustrations, her hate towards everyone and towards God. I hated it when as I would try to meditate she would start swearing and shouting so loud that I would feel ashamed, disgusted and sorrowful… for me the search of God was painful, because of having in the house someone who profoundly loathed him. Often times, even though I would start the meditation well, I would find myself crying from the pain of hearing her vomiting hate towards the one who always gave me hope: God. I feel very lucky to have chosen him and to have followed him, even though my faith was not born from my family. At the time I often thought that I couldn’t overcome those moments, but I would try anyway. This way, after I trained myself not to ruin my inner peace because of her terrible noises, I reached the point where I changed the situation and made it more and more manageable. I assure you that is has not been easy, but over time things have changed and I am very proud to have had such strong commitment; because I have trained myself in holding on to my peace when there were only hate, rage and frustration around me. Through protection I also learned how to keep the Low away and how to stop my mother from shouting and distracting me right as I was starting my practice. Maybe now it won’t seem much, but keeping the Low and all those negative energies away from you for the whole lenght of your practice – without being continuously interrupted as it typically happens at the beginning of your path – is a great personal satisfaction that must be achieved in order to understand the great value of the techniques. And this was just the beginning!

Student: Are there mainly negative influences around us? Isn’t there anything in our favour? Or are we in a fight all the time?

Angel: Obviously there are also positive energies that help us, otherwise we would have lost from the very beginning, or it’s better to say that there wouldn’t have even been a beginning. We should be fighting for real, not only our personal battles, but also the battles of other people and protect them too; that would be what we often call a Mission. The mission is not to fight our battles and to overcome our obstacles, everyone already does that! A mission is to help others, fighting the wars that bring darkness to everyone and not only to us. Fighting for yourself is easy, everyone can do it, but it is fighting for others that makes a spiritual person really strong and evolved. We are guided and helped also by positive energies, otherwise we wouldn’t even have the strength to start a spiritual path. Obviously, to keep walking is something that only a few have the courage to do, because it’s up to us and no help or influence can do the work for us.

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Very often, without realizing it, we are pushed and helped by entities, people, or other spiritual people, who give us the strength to start and push us to take the first step; but then it’s up to us to keep the pace.

Student: When I find myself in situations where I have to face something or someone I often have shortness of breath and my heart starts racing. Do you think it could be because of negative influences that are trying to weaken me?

Angel: Yes, of course. This way your energy gets destabilized and it starts pouring out and breaking without control so that it can’t protect you anymore. This is why you start feeling weaker than other people and overwhelmed with a sense of insecurity and awkwardness. When your energy is not still and sturdy, any negativity can enter much better. So when this happens breathe prana, strengthen your aura, and think of your bubble: simply breathe prana and feel yourself relaxing, you don’t have to do anything more complex. You will see that this will start to change everything. I used to have the same problems. Ironically, I can say that it was lucky that I haven’t had an easy life because it made me learn everything that I know today, which I can now teach to all of you.

Student: I will strengthen and intensify the protections then! Your meditation is helping me a lot. Thank you Angel!

Angel: Exactly! I’m glad.

Student: When I strengthen my defenses I generally visualize myself suspended in empty space because imagining the bubble passing through the walls, the pavement, ecc. is difficult for me, especially when I do a protection with multiple layers. I always did it this way and I am comfortable with it, but I have a doubt: if I did the protection while visualizing myself in the place where I actually am, would the defence be more efficient on the physical level?

Angel: It’s important to understand whether feeling comfortable means being lazy, not very focused, and in your imagination (instead of moving real energy and creating something real and concrete), or if your being comfortable means that the protection is really working in the physical reality. Because defence is destined to the protection of you and of your home, I suggest you focus on visualizing the protection exactly on you and on your home, rather than on empty space. Where do you want the defence to be? You have to understand the goal and for now it’s sure that you can’t protect yourself from the entire space… but you can practice to protect your home from negative influences. The protection becomes effective from the moment you focus on the place you are in at that moment. Obviously, you can also practice techniques from a distance (for example if you are in  your office you can practice psychic protection on your house to make sure everything will be OK also when you are not there), but for now learn to practice it well on yourself.

Student: My reasoning was that the bubble has to be on me and the important factor is intent, isn’t it?

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Angel: Yes, but you have to create it on this physical plane because it has to protect you here, in this physical dimension. This is why we have to focus on making it concrete for real and not only in our imagination. This is why we have to be aware of the place we are in, without going away with our fantasy too much.

Student: What determines the breaking of the bubble? Can that be inhibited simply with the intent of making it indestructible?

Angel: If the desire of making it indestructible was enough to really make it such for the whole length of our life, then trust me when I say that I wouldn’t spend so much time making the protections on me and on the people I am committed to defend always stronger. I’m sorry but we have to face the truth: you can’t protect yourself once and think that it’s going to last forever, but you can make your defences always stronger so that they will protect you from the biggest events. The first reason why the bubble gets weak is the absence of energy. If you don’t meditate much in order to absorb prana, and you don’t practice enough psychic protection to strengthen your bubble, then the bubble becomes weak because it doesn’t have a solid base to be set on. Moreover, you shouldn’t underestimate your mindset either because it is clear that if you don’t have the slightest faith in the accomplishment of the protection it will not be very strong, because you are its first enemy. It’s clear and fair that you can’t begin with the utmost faith if you haven’t had direct experiences yet, but you need to put a minimum of faith in it to begin with. Otherwise how can you create a protective shield if you are the first one to destroy it with your pessimistic thoughts? One thing is not having much faith, but it’s different from not having any faith at all. So you should give a bit more credit to your Bubble, and above all you should practice it in order to strengthen it and to allow it to show you what it can do. If someone’s protection is lacking energy it’s super easy to blow it away. This is why it has to be nourished constantly. In the beginning it may seem hard, but you will soon realize that it’s absolutely worth it and you will wonder why you didn’t practice it before.

Student: But can it be destroyed even if I strengthen it day after day?

Angel: It depends. Obviously on its own it won’t because you are nourishing it every day and you are giving it the necessary energy to allow it to keep doing its job. But it depends on how strong are the external influences that strike you and on the possible presence of entities or evil people around you who could shatter it and really hurt you. This is the reason why you should never take a light shielding as enough, you should rather build a protection that is always getting more solid. Every day we have to try to make it stronger than it was the day before.

Student: Can the famous sign of the cross destroy the sphere? Even if I don’t want it to?

Angel: I don’t see why it should. You mean the cross gesture that catholics do as they pray?

Student: Yes. As I read on the internet that it cuts energy I thought it could be a problem and now I don’t do it anymore. When I read that performing the sign of the cross creates a cut in our energy I wondered whether this also implies a possible cut in my bubble that will allow other energies to enter. Was what I read wrong?

Angel: Come on, don’t believe everything that you read on the web, and above all as you enter this website don’t mix what you have read somewhere else with what you learn in ACD.

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The sign of the cross was once being taught as an exercise to move energy inside the body, it was a practical spiritual exercise. It’s true that today that movement is known in a bit of a different way and it’s seen as a catholic gesture, performed without the slightest energy movement; but it’s a long way from saying that it cuts your energy and it destroys your bubble… don’t worry because it’s not true.

Student: Thank you. When I have negative thoughts or I feel down do I drive prana away from the energy bubble? Because if it is so, each one of us has to get ready before creating it and be aware that negative thoughts destroy it. Otherwise we waste time strengthening it while the following day we will have already weakened it with our mood.

Angel: Don’t paint it so tragic. Instead of shaping our practice around our mood, we have to adapt our mood to our practice. Rather than putting it in such a pessimistic way and thinking that when you are sad or feel negative you shouldn’t practice because you drive the prana away, see the bubble for what it really does: practicing it helps you become serene again. This is why you should practice it even more when you feel negative and tired, because it means that something is influencing you or, even worse, is stealing energy from you to make you feel shattered. By protecting yourself you reduce these negative moments and you will feel better, both in the body and in the mind. It seems strange initially, because when we are sad we don’t want to think of anything that can make us feel well, but if you make the effort of practicing psychic protection also in those dark moments you would realize that thanks to it you will start feeling much better and in a more positive mood. Suddenly, the will to be sad or angry will be gone. Why? Because that feeling didn’t profoundly belong to you, it had been introduced from the outside. You will understand this concept better and better through practice, but only through practice! It’s also clear that it depends from the kind of level of your negativity, but it’s also time to work on yourself and to cut down the eccess of negativity. In these Steps I teach you how to do it, but it’s up to you to decide to start this important work on yourself.

Student: My problem is that during the day, as you mentioned before, the Low fills me with doubts because sometimes I think: “But is this bubble really here? Was I good enough in making it or does it not exist anymore?”. How can I find focus again? Maybe it’s a stupid question but I really can’t keep my concentration up.

Angel: Don’t worry, this is the first obstacle that bothers everyone. You just need a bit more training and you will start gaining confidence with practicing the protection, you will learn to recognize the effect that it has and the negative events that it shields you from, by inhibiting them from striking and hurting you. If the bubble wasn’t there they will have reached you and created problems, as it always happens. The bad thing about problems is that they come all together, without letting you breathe, but if you decide to protect yourself you will prevent this common scheme from having effect on you. Even though your doubts are understandable, stop thinking whether the protection is working or not: practice it, and when you are done don’t think about it anymore. Over time you will notice that there will be something different in people’s way of approaching you, situations will start turning more in your favour – also when you were not even hoping for them – and, even though you may not know how or why, you will start being stronger and braver towards certain situations of your life which were previously blocking you. Practice the protection and you will notice how everything will get better. At the same time get used to not thinking negatively anymore.

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Student: If I could sleep at night without any disturbances thanks to the protection it would already mean a lot to me!

Angel: Strengthen your protection and you will see that it will happen!

Student: Before knowing you I would create my bubble with a powerful phrase invented by me and it worked. What do you think about this?

Angel: It definitely can’t have worked that well if you then looked for other solutions. Now that you know me, turn the page and try out my techniques. You will then tell.

Student: Can the protection be used in other moments outside of meditation? For example if I am in the dark, I am scared and I do the bubble? Would it help?

Angel: Absolutely! This is what the bubble is for, especially when you are scared. So strengthen it every time you feel the need to, also outside your daily practice, but obviously without forgetting about it because it’s the base for everything. The protection shouldn’t be practiced only when you are fearful, it must be practiced every day in order to stop negative events from striking you from behind or in the ways that you least expect.

Student: Hi! I am writing to you because of a doubt I have on the protection. Helping myself with arm gestures to define the confines of the protection (also with my eyes open) is counterproductive or can I do it? Thanks a million!

Angel: It would be better if you practiced the psychic protection without physical movement, also because the protection has to be much wider than the distance you can cover with the lenght of your arms. You can use physical movement, for example arm gestures, to practice other techniques such as energy movements, cutting threads, etc.

Student: I have created my bubble and I strengthen it often, but only with intention. The problem is that I don’t see it. I can’t see the prana, I only imagine it is there. I imagine the space of the two meter bubble, I imagine it getting stronger when I give it my attention, but I can’t see it. Is it a problem or does it work anyway?

Angel: It’s normal of course. You still haven’t trained your energetic sight, so you can’t pretend to see the sphere! It will obviously be created anyway and it will work regardless of that, no problem.

Student: Is it possible to reinforce the bubble also when we are doing something else? For example if I’m working can I do the technique at the same time or would it be less effective? Also, does it change anything if we practice it while sitting or lying down?

Angel: Of course you can strengthen the protection whenever you want, the important thing is that its base is forged through the technique I have explained, while you are sitting down with your eyes closed to focus on its creation only. After that you can strengthen it anytime you want during the day and while you are doing any other activity. It may seem repetitive, but one thing is creating it and one thing is reinforcing it: the base of a strong protection is forged at home, when you are calm and comfortable, then during the day you can strengthen it anywhere you are.

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Student: Can I nourish it also without practicing the complete technique? For example if I try to be aware while I’m out and I send prana to it is it useful? I’m not saying to do it without practicing the tecnique, I mean nourishing the protection without doing the full technique because I’m already doing it at home.

Angel: Yes, of course. When it’s about making it stronger you can also do it more quickly.

Student2: I attract prana towards me also when I am walikng down the street… I can feel it.

Student3: Yes, maybe you know it’s there and you feel protected because you are inside it.

Angel: Exactly.

Student: Is it unlikely that the Low can break it?

Angel: Hahahah, well, unfortunately not, because the Low is anti-evolution, so it’s clear that every day it tries to weaken your protection if you let it do so. If you don’t strengthen the bubble it will destroy it in a few days. This is exactly the reason why we have to practice it again every day and not only once in our lifetime. One time would be enough if the Low wasn’t there, but the Low exists and we have to deal with it.

Student: But how long will it take before it will break it?

Angel: It depends on how strong it is, on how long you have been practicing it and on how much energy the bubble you have created has. It’s clear that there is a huge difference between someone like you who has been practicing the sphere for just a few days and someone who has been practicing it (properly!) for a few years without any interruption. This is also an interesting proof, because saying you have a strong protection is easy but really having it is a totally different matter. I often happen to recognize somebody’s evolution exactly from their sphere: it doesn’t matter whether they are trying to convince me that they are real practicioners, if they don’t have a strong protection it’s the proof that they have not been practicing for very long, or they have never practiced. Anyway, on you at the present moment it can take from 1 to 3 days, but if you are particularly surrounded by negative energies that want to hurt you it could even just take a few hours.

Student: I could try not to practice it for three days and see how long it lasts…

Angel: And what would be the difference between you and a non-spiritual person? None, because you are both not practicing. Also, you talk as if you were completely aware of your protection, as if you have been practicing it for years and you know everything about it. I suggest you practice it to see what is the difference, because you already know what happens when you don’t do anything: nothing, problems will come as usual and you will torment yourself to solve them. If you want to see a change you have to do something different from before; so protect yourself.

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Student2: I have achieved a good rhythm because I feel much better since I have started practicing it, and I can do it even three times a day.

Angel: Very good.

Student: When we practice a technique like the bubble, cutting threads, or any other technique, can we use the presence of God and feel that he is helping us or do we have to rely on ourselves only?

Angel: Of course. God is always helping us, so we can connect to Him as we are practicing it to help us make the techniques stronger. Relying on ourselves doesn’t mean excluding God from our lives, it means acting without expecting Him to do it for us while we are doing nothing to change and improve our lives. There is a great difference! Acting with the help of God as well and not acting because we are expecting Him to do it, is what makes the difference between a real spiritual practicioner and a religious person. Religious people, in fact, pray God to protect them; we protect ourselves while God improves our power and effectiveness.

Student: Recently I have noticed that after fortifying the bubble, especially if I make 2 or 3 consecutive ones, I feel tingling everywhere, in particular in my hands and arms, and also the tones go super high as well. Could it be the effort?

Angel: It’s actually a very good sign because it means that you are dong very well. In fact you are raising your vibration, so you can better perceive energy and also dimensional sounds! It’s a really great beginning!

Student: As I was practicing the bubble I profoundly felt its strength, as if it was showing me its power. I kept going with the technique, but what do you think? Was it the Low that wanted to make me stop?

Angel: It’s normal to feel like that, but you should obviously never stop just because you feel you are practicing it well. It’s actually one more reason to keep going until the end to make it even stronger than it was before.

Student: About a month and a half ago I had a strong feeling that I would have ended up at the hospital and I would have had an emergency surgery. I had imagined, or perhaps seen, the scene. I don’t know how to explain it. Usually when I have these kinds of visions they become true in a short period of time. But this time, at least for now, it hasn’t happened. Could it be the protection that has stopped the event?

Angel: I really think so, because if you say that your visions always become true, then you have done a really good job! I’m happy that you have started having your first demonstrations.

Today’s lesson is over. If you wish to text me some more questions or to tell me your first improvements with Psychic Protection I will be happy to read you! You can type your experiences down here with a comment or send me your questions through the dedicated section. See you in the next lesson!

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