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50 – Questions about Thinking – If thinking was enough (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome to the Thought lesson.Today I will answer all your questions, start well.

Student: Hi Angel, thanks for the opportunity you’re offering us.I have always worked on non-thinking by reading spiritual books.But now, being a moment of great suffering for me, I find it more difficult.Only by isolating myself from the outside do I succeed, always with great difficulty.

Angel: Welcome!Reading spiritual books is very stimulating and helps you understand that what you see around you is not the pure truth, but a wall of fictions.But reading books does not allow you to detach yourself from the illusion that is imposed to us from birth, because otherwise it would take very little to wake up.Unfortunately , reading alone does not allow us to improve our life and get out of the gears that Low and external energetic influences bind us to life’s distractions, obstacles and suffering.Even if it is a new way for you to approach spirituality, used to reading alone, it is time to take the reins in your hands and choose to practice to feel better.Instead of tying yourself up and depending on reading books, it’s time to start practicing to change the situations that disturb you.On the other hand, you could continue on your way and think that moving from one book to another is the solution, but reading books cannot change your life unless you put into practice what you have been taught.Choosing to isolate oneself is always the worst choice one can make, because it is precisely what darkness wants, so that each spiritual becomes lonely and therefore easier to weaken.My advice is to insist on working on you by practicing to feel better, not just reading.No one prevents you from looking for someone, perhaps your spiritual companion, with whom you could confide and perhaps discover, to your great surprise, that he might have overcome problems very similar to yours and give you some advice to do the same.It is important not turn in on themselves, because that makes you feel worse.

Student: Thanks Angel for all the teachings you share with us.I realized that we should not get involved in negative thoughts, but cultivate positive ones.Do you have a suggestion to help me replace negative thoughts with positive ones?

Angel: When you have a negative thought, work on yourself to feel positive, sometimes “forcing” you to have a strong mind on the positive path; as if the negative possibility no longer exists for you. Is tomorrow a heavy day of work? It will not be, must not be, obliged not to make it become a heavy day. Are you discussing with a person? Forced to think that everything will be fine no matter what happens, it will not go wrong in any way. This does not mean that you will necessarily make peace, sometimes it is better to have two people separate. It’s just an example, but if you understand that certain events are far more positive than negative, even if they seem to be the opposite, you will realize how true and right it is to always remain positive.

Student: You talk about thought as if everything revolves around him, as if our negative thinking could create problems in our lives or cancel them in case we think positive. But is it really so important to think positive?

Angel: Yes, it’s much more important than you think. Constant negative thinking creates many more problems in your life than other people create. Thought creates the reality that surrounds you, even if for the moment you believe that the thought lives only inside your head.

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But the thought is much stronger than you think, so you have to learn not to cut your legs by yourself, but to make them stronger each time; improving one’s thinking and making it more positive for us and for everyone.

Student: In the last few weeks I happened to have before me a series of the usual events that inevitably want to throw me down and I promptly posted without being touched. I have maintained the same attitude with people (including spiritual ones) who made themselves be thrown down from their things, feeling then told that they were icy and provoking in them sadness and strange reactions. Before reaching this means, there was a long spur job that I saw not being served because they didn’t pay attention to what they should have done. However, believing that I was exaggerating with detachment I then loosened my grip, just to experiment if I was wrong. But those negative feelings of the people in question then clearly passed on to me, in turn creating thoughts inside me that tried to throw me down. The question is: ok with regards to external situations, but how to find the right measure between being detached and sharing feelings of friendship or something else with the other party?

Angel: It must be said that defining oneself as spiritual does not take for granted that they are also practicing people and therefore conscious of the Low and of how their thoughts are influenced, even though defining themselves with these terms. Consequently, to call oneself spiritual does not mean that all their thoughts are completely controlled by their awareness, because to be able to have good control it takes a great job, and now it is still too early to think that we have succeeded. Moreover, it is always easy to think that others are not aware of the truth and that we are the most evolved who must open their eyes; but if instead we were the ones who are wrong and they just tried to make us understand our mental limits? Having said that, it is right that I postpone what makes you feel bad, but it is not necessary to tell others to have detached them: because this would only be a way to make them suffer. When there is something you want to detach, do it without saying it too much: do you do it to feel better or to brag to others? So practice to feel better: it detaches the thoughts of others, their influences and so on, without necessarily making them suffer for this. If you practiced well, others would feel better; suffering comes when you tell it with the hidden intent of making them feel bad or make them feel guilty. If they have sent you negative thoughts or influences, cut them off and get away from them, without necessarily making others feel worse. I advise you to review your way of teaching them how to think and how to act with their thoughts: even if you have good intentions, they probably do not wish to have an additional teacher who tells them what to do, since you are fellow students and are right to think that they should not listen to you literally; a qualified master already have it.

Student: Hi Angel. Since I am in ACD I manage to be much more positive but above all to think less (and I still think so much, the difference now is that I am aware of it). Sometimes, however, I happen to think of something negative when I want to prepare myself to accept it if it happens (because I didn’t use the techniques well so I didn’t get what I wanted) or when I think that something negative could correspond to a proof that I myself chose before reincarnating and therefore I will have to accept it and face it. Even though the motivation may seem “positive”, are these negative thoughts caused by fear? The example I can give you is very recent: for a month or so I have known to wait for a child, I have no certainty that it goes on because there are complications; do not give up and I am committed to thinking positively in the confidence that what will happen will be the best for me. But sometimes negative thoughts come to me that I try to post because I don’t want them to be realized, even though I think that their realization can be my mission.

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Angel: Yes, these negative thoughts are caused by your fear, which you must detach and let go. Do not think of anything, do not think whether it is right or wrong, you fill yourself with Prana and let yourself go to God, he will help you to make the best choice, without necessarily knowing what the right ones are. Trust him and everything will go the best for you, even when at first it might seem the opposite; then you will understand that you were wrong.

Student: Thanks Angel. Sometimes when I think, I end up immersing myself in fantasies. A few hours later I notice that the scene that I imagined then becomes reality, not only on me but above all on others, even the words created in fantasy are said. Am I predicting the future, creating it, or what?

Angel: You probably created it, because the thought can be much stronger than you think. That is why we must learn to know how to exploit our psychic abilities to create events that are much stronger and more positive for us and for the people we want to help, rather than letting ourselves be deceived by negative thoughts or our limitations, which prevent us from making big changes but keep us locked up in low levels where we can create very little of what we want; or most often only negative events.

Student: I often tend to prepare myself for the worst: negative thinking, at least this way, if in the end what I believed would have happened in a negative way, it comes in a positive way, I’m happy. Otherwise I was still quite prepared for the worst. But reading the document I understood that negative thinking means approaching a negative end; instead thinking positive slowly I will reach positive things. Well, now that this is clear to me, when negativity comes over me, I have to stop thinking about it and think about something else, right?

Angel: Negative thinking to be prepared “at worst” is a great way to ruin your life. I know we have been used to it this way, since we were children, but the time has come to take new habits that will take us further away than we could get if we continue to listen to the old programs: that have kept us still and stuck to a low level. When negative thoughts come, drive them away immediately, because negative thinking can only hurt you and create negative events in your life. Thinking positively does not mean deluding oneself, but rather giving a ray of sunshine to one’s life that, by discovering the sight of light, will begin to want more and more of it until it becomes itself luminous. As long as you decide to live in the shadows you will get used to it so much that you won’t be able to see the light even when you have it in front of you.

Student: I was wondering if the exercise I have to do during the day consists only in the effort to be more calm and positive while I live the day, or if I have to practice a kind of meditation that I have not seen among the articles indicated and that I missed .

Angel: The positive thinking exercise consists of trying to respond positively to every thought that comes to you, to every situation that is created during the day and to every other person’s attempt to make you suffer. This is not a meditation, as I have already taught you Meditation and it is the one on the 5 chakras in non-thought .

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Instead, it is a style of thinking that you must adopt during the day, to ensure that techniques, such as meditation, have the most effect on you as you do not lower their power by thinking negative every day. So the exercise of positive thinking consists precisely in responding positively to whatever happens to you during the day, so that inside you do not hurt yourself and everything starts to improve.

Student: Each of us obviously has the desire to see certain events happen in our lives, and, as is natural, tends to think a lot about these events. Since I met ACD, every time I think of an event that I would like to achieve, I try to think of it exclusively in a positive way and I must say that I do quite well. But I would like some advice: in these cases it is better to continue like this, that is, thinking positively and convincing myself that that event will happen, or is it better to try not to think about it just by detaching that thought every time it occurs? I would also like to share a little reflection on how positive thinking can actually achieve positive events: I started my spiritual journey alone, before meeting with ACD, I state that before starting it I was a fairly pessimistic person and I remember that the fundamental point of the my journey consisted of taking a few minutes every night to think of something that had made me happy during the day. This led me to look at everything with a smile, and also, after a few months, I met ACD. I like to think that it happened also thanks to this change of perspective.

Angel: Well it depends on how you think about it, if your thought has a very positive energy it becomes a manifestation of what you’re thinking and you’re making it real, so the thought you’re talking about is very much related to intent: so it is not the thought that realizes but the intent behind it that makes it happen. Positive thinking helps to understand the manifestation of this, so in the beginning it is very useful (not for nothing I teach to think positively first of all) but then with time you will learn to make a much stronger effect. Without having to think about words and images, but practicing targeted techniques. I am happy that you have understood how important it is to think positively and yes, I also believe that it was precisely that which led you in this way: because the same vibrations attract each other.

Student: So should I continue to think about it positively instead of posting it?

Angel: I recommend learning to send positivity to that event, increasingly eliminating thought in words. So for now you can think of it positively and only positively, but slowly you will learn to make the future you want come true through techniques and non-thinking, instead of spending the day thinking about it. You will see that it will be a great change.

Student: Reading your lesson on positive thinking I saw that many reflections were made on the individual overwhelmed by the stress of work, and, since yesterday an unfortunate situation at work happened to me, I would kindly like to know how I should handle stress according to you. Having a positive attitude with a person who screams and shows aggression towards me, banging things on my desk and threatening to fire me. All this for a lack not of me but of a privileged colleague of mine. At that moment I tried to have my say, honestly I didn’t answer calmly, but neither in a rude way. It’s true, I let his influence pervade me but at certain moments, where there’s really little positive, how should I behave? I felt violated by that behavior.

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I tried to gather my energy and I finished the working afternoon as a correct person, which I consider myself, but tonight I didn’t sleep a wink and this morning I wasn’t able to go to work, a part of me probably wanted it. I do not agree with the mental abuses that occur in the workplace to stimulate a person to work better. Monday I will definitely go to work, but what I wonder is if our good will is enough or if this kind of relationship should simply be cut off; although there is a need to bring salaries home, especially when there are responsibilities. I state that I am sorry for the outburst, I am not looking for psychological counseling, I would just like to understand how to improve myself in terms of positivity. Thank you.

Angel: You see, the problem that many people care about is believing that positive thinking only serves to delude oneself that everything goes well, even when everyone else treats you badly or hurts you in any way. However, I do not teach myself to fool ourselves or convince ourselves that everything goes well even when the evidence proves the opposite. Here at the Academy I am teaching many techniques and methods to improve one’s life: techniques to practice to change one’s future and improve your health, the relationship with other people, your personal fortune and so much more, including of course the past time at work. The fact that you believed that in a situation like that, the only thing to do is to stay positive, it shows that you have not yet understood that to improve your life you have to practice and not just think. It would be unthinkable that it was enough to only and positively think positive to improve one’s life and get everything one wants, because if that were the case I would not waste time practicing and then teaching all these techniques to you, but I would devote myself solely to thinking positively about the whole day. Maybe! Instead we need something else, or practice. The concept of positive thinking is very important, because how could you practice well if you had a constant negative thought? Of course, positive thinking is essential to practice well and to achieve improvements; but positive thinking is not everything! To improve your life you need to practice the techniques I taught you and I will teach you step by step. So to answer your question: in your place, first of all, I would defend myself through psychic protection, to prevent the other person from attacking me unfairly; after which I would have cut the wires between her and her, to distract her and make her go elsewhere, instead of allowing her to stay there to disturb me while I work. Moreover, back home, I would have practiced advanced techniques to improve the work situation for the next few days: for example the EL or the Push. Instead of getting stuck at home for fear of what would happen the next day; but rightly you don’t know these last two techniques yet, so I advise you to practice what I’ve taught you so far to get to the right level where I can then teach you these techniques that will allow you to significantly change your life, and not believe it is exaggeration. You will see it with the future and you will understand what the truth is.

Student: These last two weeks have been lived very spiritually very intensely. The events that followed one another gave me the opportunity to experience every step of the thought’s importance (of the base in my opinion). The Non-Thought. It is as if at every step that dealt with the topic we are now talking about, I was ‘proposed’, a kind of exam and if I passed it, I went to the next step. I understood the importance of detaching in this present the pain I had been carrying with me for a long time, which had manifested itself in resonance in the presence of a similar event. I turned away the anger, the sadness that was invading me; the darkness that brought back painful memories. In an attempt to make me believe that I was in the same situation as the past, in which a person who I thought was incorruptible spiritually, had deeply wounded me. Reprogramming that negative feeling through a new awareness, that pain turned into joy, satisfaction, self-satisfaction, because I managed to drive the darkness out. Now go ahead, to the next step.

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Angel: Very well, I’m happy with your improvement.

Student: I met people who belong to the do-goods category. In their thoughts and in their language all that is negation disappears. The words no, never, here they do not exist. Is it an example to follow? In the sense of adopting a true and proper lifestyle to avoid both negative thoughts and everyday language. By becoming do-gooders, does the darkness forget about us in the sense that we become invisible to his eyes?

Angel: No, because you’d only end up taking a beating on barrel. Inasmuch as eliminating denial and believing that evil does not exist, deceiving you that everything goes well even when it goes wrong, would make you believe that it is wrong to defend yourself (given that “evil does not exist”) and to practice to improve your life (given that there exists “only the   good “). This is just one of many methods that are used to wipe out spiritual practitioners, reducing them to people who talk and talk, but have not solved anything in their lives. Being good is not a good term, even if it seems so. We must keep our eyes open and realize what is happening around us, becoming objectively positive, rather than pessimistic a priori or exalted and fake solar, that there is too much of people pretending to be solar!

Student: Every thought has a vibration and calls to itself a situation that vibrates at the same frequency, right? And this is true both for us and for others, in the sense that we can influence other people, given the interaction of the auras. In this regard, I have been experimenting for a while: in the morning, when I get up, I try to start the day with positive thoughts, trying to call to me many beautiful things. I say to myself: “Today will be a splendid day, the Force will cuddle me, stay with me and protect me” and while I try to breathe it constantly to light up, I cut the threads and reinforce my protection. But I realize that sometimes, especially for external factors, my day is not always the best; despite trying to break away. What can it depend on? From not being conscious? With low protection? Or from a mix of both?

Angel: You probably meditate a little, as it is meditation that makes the biggest change, while everything else serves to reinforce and not nullify the power of meditation. In other words, try starting the morning by practicing a meditation, instead of dedicating yourself to positive thinking. You can think positively during the day, when you don’t have time to practice but in the morning the day starts by practicing. Only then can you realize that positive thinking is useless without a meditative practice base, but if instead you meditate since morning, and then during the day you think positive the strength of both techniques will reinforce each other: making change the progress of your day and removing negative events from you.

Student: I’ve always basked in my pains, in my thoughts and in my dreams. So I let time flow, but I wonder: excuse my ignorance, since we have to live here on Gaia and in Low, how can we live in the present without thinking about yesterday or tomorrow? If I only think about what I’m doing now, how can I organize myself and know what I have to do next? Do you risk being too distracted by your life, work and family commitments? I am already distracted from my life and I often forget things. On some occasions you have said that the ideal would be not to think, even without meditation. But what do you mean by not thinking? I can’t imagine not thinking full-time or, better to say, not thinking to say that we don’t have stagnant thoughts of the past, of the future or fears or anything and we have to live with a clean and empty mind of bulky thoughts? I’m sure I didn’t fully understand your message.

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Angel: In fact, I don’t teach to turn off the brain, but to practice non-thinking. It is normal that you cannot completely eliminate the thoughts of the whole day, because during the day you have to organize yourself and it is useful to think about what you will do tomorrow or next month. But is it really necessary to think about it a thousand times? The practice of non-thinking serves to reduce thought, not to turn off the brain. By practicing mental silence you learn to recognize which thoughts are completely harmful to your life, from those that make you lose a little time, from those that are a little more useful. The practice of non-thinking does not serve to unlearn the faculty of reflection, as it is what differentiates us from the animal and makes us more evolved; but it allows us to act much more instead of standing and thinking and obsessing. Our psyche is capable of creating the reality around us, while instead we waste time thinking and obsessing over how it should be. We are wasting time! We could do it, and instead we stop to think. Because we are so used to it, we do not realize that before acting, it is our custom to think about it a thousand times: even for whole months and sometimes for years before taking the first step, wasting our time that if we had used to act we would have already concluded and realized our goal, advancing many more free years to do something else. Just one minute of thought would be enough to organize the day tomorrow and decide firmly what to do and what not to do, instead we think about it at least twenty times: because we decide something, then we change our mind, then we think back, then we are insecure and change again convinced that this is fine, that rethinking a thousand times is an excellent solution for not forgetting anything; instead it’s worse. It is normal that now only one thought would not be enough to decide all that will have to happen tomorrow, this because you do not have the ability of trained thought. For this reason while you organize yourself you forget what you were doing, you have doubts about previous ideas, you get a thousand thoughts to distract you from the original purpose. Because you’re not used to keeping your target fixed because you have too many thoughts on your mind. Mental silence during the day helps you to reduce all these thoughts that are absolutely anti-awakening. So you need to be much more conscious and have your most “active” sensations, so that the solution to the problems will arrive immediately, rather than just thinking about them a thousand times. But how can you manage to get the solution to you immediately, without thinking about it too many times? Meditating in non-thinking and trying to significantly reduce thought during the day, so that the Sixth sense has more “voice” and can give you solutions while your thinking is silent. I’ve told you so many times: when you lower the volume of thoughts, the sixth sense will rise. From there the game is done, you just need to understand this mechanism. You will notice how practicing meditation and trying to reduce your thoughts even during the day (so thinking less about people, things to do or who made you suffer) there will also be an improvement in your attention and memory.

Student: Non-thinking is actually my handicap, I always feel too pressed. I can never empty my mind, I think too much and this leads me to somatize a lot, I am full of aches and pains and I am convinced that these are produced by my not so pleasant experience and by how I “endure” that.

Angel: Of course it’s normal, it’s everyone’s problem, but you’ll learn how to detach them. It is normal that outside of meditation you will not be able to stay totally 24 hours a day in absolute non-thought, but I guarantee you that with the constant practice in which you will strive to reduce futile thoughts, you can decide to stay for many hours even in total silence, as much as you wish.

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We don’t need to think about the many problems every day, we’ve already thought about it many times! Can we allow ourselves periods of mental relaxation? The first step is to understand that we have to live here and now, then in the present. Without thinking of past problems, presumed to be present, let alone future ones; without thinking about the negatives but also always be positive. Always and in any case, so that you can change your present and therefore also your future in the best way. Therefore, it will be important that you first learn to reduce thought during the day and when you feel that a negative thought does not succeed in removing it from your head, concentrate on your Heart chakra and breathe prana , making the energy act inside you that it will help you reduce that suffering.

Student: I would like to write about Low and mental emptiness. The first time I experienced mental emptiness was when I was 15 or 16 years old. I remember everything well. I was walking quietly and I felt a “strange” (in that moment it was very strange for me) calm. As I walked I decided to think of a car: but I couldn’t visualize it as I used to do all the other times. I tried again, almost forcing myself to imagine it red and whatever, but nothing. There was absolutely nothing in my mind. How was it possible? I always fantasized , I watching my thoughts. At that moment there was nothing but that “strange” calm. I tried to think of a thousand other things, but I assure you that I could see absolutely nothing inside my foreman. I then tried to talk to myself mentally, but even there, everything vanished. As if I were in a sort of black hole. At that age I knew nothing about meditation or mental emptiness. And I think it was normal that at that moment I felt a little scared. This experience really lasted 10 minutes, no kidding. As soon as I saw the couch at home, I sat down and began to wonder where all my imagination or all my thoughts had gone. I was still in that state for 3 minutes watching everything around me. And I noticed that in that state everything was brighter. Well, I must say that after that “unexpected” experience, I began to enter the void many times, as if I were bewitched. I can still decide to enter it or not. I say to myself “oh well now just think” and at that moment the thoughts and images go who knows where and leave me in a kind of calm where I see, without looking ( eg : I see the plant in front of me, but I do not stop to look at how it is made and to think it in words). The mental void is particularly interesting, but here I would like to ask you: is it possible that, when you are in this state, sometimes or perhaps always (depending on concentration), you feel a slight “pressure” on your forehead? As if I felt my head a little heavier? It’s not a bad thing, sometimes it happens to me, I’m very focused and this feeling is almost pleasant. But I would like to know why I feel this. Does it have to do with the mind chakra or the crown chakra? As far as the Low is concerned, I did your meditation for the first time and Santi numi! My kitty didn’t stop sticking to her arm (which she never does), fortunately I managed to keep her concentration and gently pushed her away, without opening my eyes (I could see her through her closed eyes).

Angel: Absolutely yes! That pressure on the head was the chakra of the Mind, which was “activated” while you kept the mental silence. Just as I always say, if you lower the volume of thoughts, the sixth sense is raised and it must be fed through the chakras. So your Mind chakra wanted to say “Good, stop and listen”, but the Sixth sense doesn’t speak in words, but in sensations and intuitions.

For today we have concluded. I am sure that you will still have many other questions, so I am waiting for you on this Page, because I will be able to answer you in a future article. Reflect on what was said and improve your mental silence! Good evening and see you soon!

Students: Thanks for everything Angel! It was a wonderful lesson, good evening to you too.

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