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64 – How to Reinforce the Aura – Becoming conscious of the Aura (part 1)

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The aura is a very large energy field consisting of multiple layers of energy, but before you can control them all you need to know how to move the first mechanisms. Our psychic abilities are muscles that simply need training. As you do not know how to move all the muscles of your body, you cannot even move those of the mind. In reality, just like with the physical body, many mental muscles are unknown to you even though they have always belonged to you. The most capable athletes confess that only after practicing sports for a long time did they realize how to use body muscles that they had never even considered before, even though they believed they knew them all. Imagine how many psychic abilities our mind hides, which we will discover only after a journey of awakening, in which we will make new faculties emerge again and again without even realizing how we did it.
Our goal is to learn to exploit every single capacity of our mind and in this lesson we will focus on the aura.

Since we know that the aura influences our life, approaching or creating situations around us that adapt to our vibration, the ultimate goal will be to be able to create exactly what we want through our energy, instead of continually suffering the effects of a capacity uncontrolled.As we know, if until today we have nourished our aura negatively due to stress, daily fatigue, sadness and pain experienced due to past events, we may find ourselves with negative vibrations: in other words we would have weights on us we must free ourselves.The first step in learning to use the aura is to discover its existence, thus becoming aware of its density inside and outside our body.For this reason, the first technique we will be performing will be to recognize and expand our aura.Step by step I will guide you to improve your aura until you get the strength that will allow you to change your life and bring you big differences.

This technique will make you aware of the energy field you have but which you have always ignored. By becoming aware of it, you will be able to shape it and use it for different purposes. The first session will last about 15 minutes, this being the first time you are practicing the technique; from the next time you can freely decide how much time you dedicate to each session, remembering that at least 5 minutes are needed to better shape your energy. The ideal would still be 15 minutes.
Remember that during practice you should not be in a hurry to move on to the next indication if you haven’t enjoyed the previous one entirely.Let’s begin.

If you want to listen to the Audio guided version technique, click here , then continue reading the article; otherwise, read the written version and execute it step by step.


Sit comfortably and keep your back straight and relaxed.




Breathe deeply and concentrate on becoming aware of your body.





Breathe white prana inside you.





Continue to breathe deep white prana .





By deciding to relax, you are allowing your aura to relax, to no longer be tense.





Continuing to breathe prana , concentrate on the presence of your aura.





Visualize it as a light emanating from your own physical body, a white light that completely surrounds you.



Focus on the light you are giving off.Make it more real, helping you with deep and relaxed breathing.The more you breathe prana , the more your aura lights up and expands more than 10 centimeters from your body.





You know it’s true, you know the aura exists, you know how it’s made, you’ve seen it with your own eyes!Now you just have to remember it and reinforce it.



Breathe in prana and make yourself truly aware of his presence around you.





Concentrate on perceiving the aura around you, visualizing it as a white layer that begins to solidify.





Breathe in prana and expand your aura by at least 50 centimeters.Don’t be in a hurry, relax and concentrate on your aura.



Pay attention to every point of your aura: behind your back, above your head, below you and expand it in every direction.




Breathe in prana and expand your aura, getting stronger, ever brighter.




Concentrate on filling every area of ​​your aura with light, without neglecting any, for all its breadth.




Breathe in prana and concentrate on expanding your aura upwards, helping yourself with the Crown chakra to stretch your energy for at least one meter / one meter and a half above the head.




Concentrate on each side of your aura simultaneously, especially on the overhead expansion.




Breathe in prana and concentrate on expanding your aura downward, with white light, to stretch your energy for at least a meter below you, making it go beyond the floor without it blocking you. Energy goes beyond any material.



As you expand your aura, enter into it a desire for protection, so that this increases the protective abilities towards you.Program it to protect you from any negative influence.




Stay focused on every area of ​​your aura at the same time, also displaying the upward expansion and expansion below you by at least one meter / one meter and a half.





Don’t be in a hurry, relax and breathe prana .





Expand your aura in front of you for at least a meter.





Now expand it also behind you, concentrating well on the entire length of the aura.





Expand it to your left, remaining aware of the luminous form that the aura is taking.





Expand it to the right, so that a precise spherical shape is formed with you inside.





Breathe prana .




From this moment until the conclusion of the technique, concentrate simultaneously on the energy of your aura in front of you, behind you, below you, above you, to the right and to the left, forming a sphere that expands one meter / meter and a half over your body.




Remaining focused on the form, fill your aura with dense light, as if you wanted to solidify the inside of the aura.



Continue adding a feeling of protection, away from negative energies.




Increase the capacity of your light, make it stronger and brighter and be more sure of its existence and its compactness.





Breathe deeply and finish the technique by feeling conscious of your aura.





From now on you can continue reading the document.

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Through this practical session you have begun to become aware of your aura, but this is not all.Even if you could believe that the aura is only visible and not perceptible, in reality with the continuous training of this technique you will be able to perceive it concretely, to feel it physically and not only energetically.If you can see it, you can also touch it;this only requires a different training, since these are two distinct senses, which require two different techniques.

When you train your vision to learn to see the aura you are discovering the existence of energy as a real fact and no longer merely as a written theory.Seeing it live allows you to realize that there really is a layer of luminous energy that surrounds you, because you’ve seen it with your own eyes.In doing so, when you have to practice the technique of fortification of the aura, it will be much easier for you to imagine emanating light, because in fact you will know that it is all real.In the near future you will learn to associate the two techniques and to practice them simultaneously, but this is not the time, because if you base your ability to reinforce the aura on the vision of the same in the mirror, you would do nothing but believe that you could not expand the your aura only because you won’t see it as you expected.In short, you will limit a technique due to your inability to see it with your eyes.As already mentioned many times, the vision of the aura does not depend on how big the aura of the subject we are looking is, but depends solely on our ability to see.Therefore, we could have an aura 5 meters wide but only see 2 centimeters and we would end up convincing ourselves that that is all there is.For this reason I advise you to practice the two techniques separately, and only sometimes to join them to play with them a little.Both techniques are very important and should be practiced carefully one at a time, without neglecting either one.

When you strengthen your aura, it is very important that you pay attention to the points you have always ignored, such as the area behind your back, behind your head and below you.As you noticed in the first images, in fact, the aura was enlarged towards each side except towards the bottom.This representation was deliberately created to show you the most common mistake that everyone makes, or to believe that there is no need to enlarge the aura down as if it were obvious and not important;seeing the drawing, you could have a clear picture of the serious mistake and feel the consequences.The aura must be reinforced in every single point, because if our energy field is perforated or much weaker in an area of ​​the body, it will be more easily overcome by negativity, which will then be able to enter inside us.Let us realize that the lower part of our body is as important as the front one, because our legs, our belly, our sexual zone are to be protected as much as the chest and head area, since they are also part of our body physical.You should not be intimidated by protecting our low areas because there is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of.By protecting underneath us, we prevent the negativity from entering the most unexpected places and we therefore avoid diseases that could contract, physical manipulations dictated by external people, physical and emotional ailments connected to our sexuality.You will realize that by protecting the area under you you will begin to feel better and to detach problems and traumas that you had accumulated in the past and never removed.You will also notice how difficult it will be to protect you from the sacrum down, including the legs, because you will find a thousand reasons not to do it, to distract you, to lose the desire and decide to do it again.If you are conscious, you will realize that there is no logical reason for not wanting to protect your legs or your lower abdomen and the back, so what’s stopping you from doing so?The external manipulations that know they can get right down there, affect your mind to keep you from thinking about protecting those areas.For this reason it is necessary that you start seriously and once and for all to protect yourself and strengthen your aura also downwards.

During practice I invited you to relax several times, as well as breathe prana .The aura is like a muscle in the body and, if you want it to do its duty, it must be relaxed.

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The more you are tense the more you will find it difficult to expand your energy and strengthen your aura;on the contrary, the more relaxed you are, the more your energy will immediately obey your commands, expanding and expanding as much as you wish.Breathing prana during these techniques is fundamental to being able to move one’s energy better, because not only does it quickly bring you back to a higher vibration – the frequency in which we have to be when we practice – but it strengthens the energy field and our ability to direct it.A technique cannot be started well without first breathing Prana .At the beginning, to stay focused first of all on a measure, for example a meter wide, instead of immediately imagining the aura that goes for meters and meters without limit or control on your part, allows you to realize your aura in reality , which otherwise would be too dispersive and could not solidify, because it would be like throwing energy into the air.

In conclusion we have given our aura the shape of a sphere.Clearly the aura does not have a spherical shape, but is much more irregular and in some areas very unbalanced.For this reason we have exploited the shape of the sphere to balance our energy and lengthen it in every direction especially where the layers are more broken and exceeded by negativity.You may have associated the spherical shape of the aura with the bubble protection technique (which I taught in other articles) and obviously you are not wrong, because the aura can help Bolla protection to work better.However, the two techniques are separate, because the aura is our internal energy and should not be consumed just to protect ourselves, so we also practice bubble protection, so that it is you who must take care of protecting us (from entities, negative people, etc.), so that the aura can take care of its deeper roles.As already mentioned, the aura will help the bubble to have a double protective effect, but we have many techniques to greatly improve our lives, so let’s use them all.

At this point I invite you to practice the technique of strengthening the Aura as many times as you wish, remembering it at least once a week.Don’t just do the same thing you did every time, but try to outdo yourself at every session to really improve your aura and your ability to manage it.If you really want to learn how to use the aura to achieve goals, as I will explain to you in future articles, act now to make your approach with energy more concrete by practicing the technique learned today over and over again.As for meditation, you can go on with adding details and intentions, but the main basis, which you will never have to ignore, will be the technique taught today and should never be underestimated, because becoming aware of the aura and fortifying it remains and will remain the main pillar of the practice forever.

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