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95 – Are all Spiritual People CHARLATANS?

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In the previous article I explained how spirituals are not crazy but people with real paranormal experiences behind them, although unfortunately they are confused with those who really have mental imbalances but who often call themselves with the same name. I also exposed the difference between spiritual seekers and those who take drugs to undergo hallucinations, which do not help in spiritual evolution at all. Because of people who do not have full mental clarity, due to mental problems affecting them from birth or because the drug has made them crazy, those who have never had paranormal experiences are likely to become skeptical. In reality, however, there are many more people who have had real paranormal experiences, which since their birth have always had perfect stability, mental clarity and who have never taken drugs, which is why they have a great place in society. In fact, many people, who are doctors, lawyers, politicians and so on, have had paranormal experiences, because they don’t look anyone in the face, they just happen, since they belong to this world forever. You’re probably wondering why, if people like the ones you see on TV have paranormal experiences, they don’t reveal it to the public. First of all because you are not sufficiently informed: many of them have revealed, at least in a journalistic interview, that they have had experiences and even have traveled on a spiritual path by doing their daily meditation; not all interviews are broadcast on TV, in fact there are also those written in newspapers and on official websites, such as videos on youtube. People who work on TV are paid to say or do certain things, so they are not owners of the channel they go on the air and cannot talk about topics outside of script; nor are they allowed to use the television program in which they work to talk about themselves, tell about their lives, their daily habits or what they believe in. Do you think that a politician or a TV presenter can tell their personal experiences, which happened the day before, in the middle of the program? TV, although it is revered by many as the voice of absolute truth, is actually structured in such a way as to make us listen only to certain news, without touching anything that could make us evolve and open spiritually. I talk a lot about this topic on my ACD website. What, then, should people tell about their paranormal experiences? To be called crazy in public? Experiences do not only happen to those who believe or who are looking for them, because these can happen to anyone and regardless of age; do you think a child goes in search of them? Yet many children have continuous supernatural experiences. Then there are those who tell it around and those, instead, for fear of being taken for a fool, keep the experiences for themselves, without telling anyone. Some people have never had paranormal experiences or have not recognized them as such, often because it is easier to convince yourself that you have imagined everything, rather than admitting that the objects do not fall on their own or what caressed you was not the wind . The draft of wind does not name your name, nor can it blow your ear when you are in bed trying to sleep but you feel observed; the wind does not observe you, nor does it make you feel observed. Without experience, however, the skeptics cannot understand those who have had experiences, and this is understandable, although it is not acceptable to decide to close one’s mind, forcing her not to listen to the thoughts of others or giving a fool to anyone who talks about anything other than usually only because you have not experienced it yourself.

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There is however to say that other people take advantage of the ingenuity of the people and, in order to appear, they tell paranormal experiences that they have never had, inventing them of healthy plant. So the question we will start with is:


Are all the spirituals charlatans?

No, of course. A great many people who call themselves spiritual or who tell paranormal experiences are telling the truth, although many others who have had real experiences do not tell anything for fear of looking crazy. So there are many more people who have had paranormal experiences than you might believe. As always, however, there are those who take advantage of an event to exploit it to their advantage: there are people who, in order to show off, begin to invent a story and tell about experiences they never had. These people sometimes do it with the hope of becoming someone and make some friends, other times they do it with strong intentions. In fact, it is obvious that it is, apart from the madmen and those who take drugs, of which I have already spoken previously, also people with serious social problems (who, after all, always hide a precise motivation behind them), even of make friends and have contact with someone get into spiritual groups knowing that they will be accepted with kindness. Attending the groups, then, they will realize that the more a person has paranormal experiences and tells them, the more he is listened to and appreciated, ending up giving rise to a sort of competition in which, in order to show off and become someone, he ends up inventing experiences from the ground up, with the hope that others will bite and believe every single word. Spirituals are not stupid, but they are often naive and can fall into these traps. Not to mention, then, those who invent lies with great malice and pass them off as truth. In fact, there are various “skeptics” (often they are drugged themselves) who enjoy putting themselves in spiritual groups and telling incredible lies, just to test the real spirituals and see if they take the bait, and then tease them like they were stupid and tease them for believing all their words. On other occasions, worse still, they take it long, making him really believe that they are sincere. This is pure wickedness, because among the spirituals who suffer the joke there are also many people who have entered the groups to find out (with good intentions) if the paranormal really exists but, becoming aware of ignorant people who make fun of everyone and falling into their trap (only to discover that it was all a mockery), they will move away from spirituality believing that they are all lies. But the problem is not spirituality, but the cactus heads that are around.

Then, of course, there are also those who, thanks to the common interest in spirituality, have met beautiful people from whom they do not want to leave, but forget about their goal (or to evolve and become a better person) and start to think only of popularity, forcing their own stories about experiences to get noticed. Maybe these people had started well, telling a unique but completely real experience, but then the popularity gave them to the head and they started to invent others, or to copy those of others just to make them believe they were much more evolved and full of experience than they actually are. We must not believe, however, that all spirituals are charlatans, because this is not the case at all. The ignorant and skeptical will never be able to understand without having first-hand experiences, so you cannot expect them to blindly believe in the adventures that spiritual practitioners choose to do to expand their knowledge. Many people, in fact, are satisfied with the experiences that happen by themselves, while others decide to want to know the paranormal world more closely and in more depth, so they go to look for new experiences consciously. Ignorance leads to the belief that voluntarily seeking new experiences means getting into trouble, but it is not true, these are Catholic ideas that have been incorporated into our imagination. A bit like believing that witchcraft is an invention because the Church says that these things do not exist, although for centuries it has been hunting for witches and still today we talk about witchcraft. So does it exist or doesn’t exist? Ah, how much inconsistency!

What is certain is that everyone, including the Church, wants to distance us from the truth in any way, already confusing us as soon as we are born. As long as it is believed that to have paranormal experiences there are only seances or satanic rituals, the ignorant will continue to rot inside. Fortunately, however, there are not only seances or drugs, especially since they are not positive experiences or that make you really happy. What is the point of practicing arts that make you feel bad? Spirituality is good, it is having positive experiences that make you happy and make you understand that you are part of God.

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Spirituality allows you to feel alive, making you discover an inner love and happiness that nothing else can ever give you. Who is ignorant, or who does not know the true meaning of spirituality, speaks without knowing and spreads knowledge that he does not have, only by hearsay. So the real question is:

Are the skeptics all charlatans?

Yes, most skeptics talk about spirituality as if they knew something about it, inventing that the cousin’s friend of the neighbor’s uncle’s brother had a very bad experience after doing a séance with the ouija board and that, for for this reason, we must stay very far from these practices because they are ugly and dangerous; however, please do not believe these things because they do not exist. All very consistent!

It will also be true that among the spiritual there are also charlatans, but I can guarantee that among the skeptics there are even more. It is not easy to believe in all the experiences of the spiritual, especially the most urgent ones (such as, for example, contact with aliens, abductions, etc.), because if you have never lived even the smallest experience, let alone if you can minimally believe at such large events. It is comprensible. It is also true, however, that any topic, even the lightest, is ruined by people who do not care about evolution and awakening, but who are only interested in popularity at the expense of truth and sincerity; for this reason they take real arguments, copy some felt experience here and there, and then remodel it with the right words and add some details so as to make it more personal, making it pass for a proper and real experience, which it is not. Obviously there are, as usual, those who pretend to be spiritual, even spiritual teachers, just to make money in the face of those who, naively, will believe their words. Unfortunately many people with little experience, after having told a single simple paranormal experience, were surrounded by beautiful people who believed their story and exalted them; from here they could not resist the temptation to have even more audiences than they already had, so they chose to exaggerate by inventing experiences or copying them from others, in order to have something else to feed to their audience. So it is true that there are so many charlatans who invent their experiences and pass them off as true, dirtying the truth and the real experiences that other people have had in their lives but which they have not exploited for negative purposes. The point is that if you talk they take you for crazy because you are the only one to say it, if you don’t talk there will be too few people to tell the truth and because of them they will be taken for crazy; then there are the typical ones excluded from the world who, even if they are back on track and get noticed by others, are also willing to pretend to be men of faith.

So, are the spirituals all charlatans? No, fortunately, otherwise spirituality would have failed for millennia. Although you may be of advanced age and may believe that you know everything there is to know, I would like to point out that spirituality in all its forms, be it foresight, communication with the afterlife, the evil eye, are all arts thousands of years old, they were not born 50 years ago like you! People are not stupid and you are not the only smart one. If spirituality were only a farce, we would have already noticed hundreds – if not thousands –   from years ago. If today the interest in God and in everything that is paranormal is so turned on in millions of people – and mind you, not just a few hundred, but in millions and millions of people around the world – it is because there are evidence of their existence.

Those who are skeptical probably never had these tests, but this does not mean that nobody in the world has had them, otherwise everyone would be skeptical: so are the madmen!

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Millions of people have had proof of the paranormal, in fact there are those who do not believe in the existence of God but believe in ghosts because they have had the proof; or there are those who believe in God, something “unknown” that “cannot be touched and cannot be seen”, yet does not believe in the existence of the soul of the deceased who shows himself in the form of a ghost; or again, there are people who believe in God and ghosts, but they absolutely do not believe in life other than the Earth, therefore they completely exclude the possibility of the existence of aliens, despite being the infinite universe. How can you believe in God and not believe in the soul? How can you believe that in the whole universe there is no other sign of life and that only on Earth does life exist, although science says that it has found traces of water on other planets, and then have faith in a being called God of which still today there are those who say that there is no scientific evidence about it? It is normal, because everyone is skeptical of what he has never seen or experienced personally; therefore, if you have had evidence of the existence of God and his miracles, you will believe in Him, but you will not necessarily believe in the existence of aliens, because you have not had direct proof. Although it seems counterintuitive to believe in one thing or another and not in both, there are so many people in the world who call themselves skeptical but don’t dare to look a gypsy in the eye and risk a negative comment in front of her because they are afraid to catch a curse, like people who do not believe in God nor in the existence of the Devil but are afraid even to name Satan because they fear he will come and get them at 3 am. Why fear something that you think does not exist? Because in reality we believe in its existence but we want to deny it hoping that this will allow us to live in peace! Therefore, those who have had experiences in a field are not necessarily given that they have had them in others, because a person who sees ghosts not necessarily sees the future, as these two concepts are completely different; for the same reason it is not said that he believes in God or the existence of aliens. Each person is different and believes in what he or she has experienced firsthand. The problem with skepticism is that if you don’t see for yourself you don’t believe, assuming that the whole universe must revolve around you and your judgment, so that if something does not pass before your eyes, then it does not exist. Yet you are not so important that the universe bends to you, make it a reason. So many people experience paranormal experiences, yet they want to keep their eyes covered and shut themselves up in their world of structures and programs, convinced that pretending not to see those experiences disappear from the world. Many skeptics are still believing something! They pretend they are only because they are afraid to admit that there is something beyond what they are used to, because they are terrified of discovering that they cannot control everything. Many of the so-called “spiritual masters” are also skeptical of something, some more than others. Surely it is also a good thing to be a little bit skeptical, rather than believing whatever is being said, but the skepticism in this world has become excessive and destroys more and more minds that have had concrete evidence of the existence of the paranormal but who have no desire to admit it.


Are spirituals all scammers?


No, spirituals are not all scammers. Assuming that most spirituals only want to tell about their experiences, and not sell them, we understand that there is a big difference between spirituals and those who want to sell their “art” in exchange for money.

Stupidity is recognized when from the mouths of all those people who as soon as they hear about spirituality, foresight, energy, meditation, comes out as the first answer: “It’s a scam”. But what scam is it if there is no money in between? How can it be a scam if you don’t even know what you’re talking about and if you don’t sell anything? The scam occurs when someone sells a poor or non-existent product in exchange for money; for example, it happens when someone promises to cure you of your illnesses in exchange for large sums of money and then in reality you do not recover at all. This is a fraud.

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But when there is no money in between and there is no claim to receive something in return, but all that happens is the exchange of thought between two or more people, the scam does not exist. So let’s get rid of these bad ignorant and goat-like habits that we talk about as soon as we talk about spirituality: “It’s a scam”, without even knowing the meaning of spirituality. It is true that today many “spiritual masters” make spirituality a business, and this is their problem, but we must not associate an ancient art more than the language we are talking about the use that today some people do not at all make it spiritual. Clearly many ignorant without values ​​cannot understand the meaning of sharing without asking for money in return; some people would make you pay just for saying goodbye to you on the street. People without values ​​cannot accept how others, instead, offer so much generosity even to complete strangers without asking anything in return. These are the same ones who say: “It is a scam!” If the spiritual person who offers his services does it for a fee, just as they would say that it does not work because it is free, if instead he offered them without profit; adding that it would have been different if it had been paid. Whatever it does, the spiritual will always be criticized by the ignorant without values ​​that live for money and do not understand the meaning of altruism, which is offered for free.

Given that spirituality is not a business, since it is something that is within us and that everyone can find without having to pay gold to a perfect stranger, it is unfortunately true that, as always, also in this area there are clever people who exploit the weaknesses and the naivety of other people to get paid, and even a lot. There are many people who tell their own paranormal experiences without asking anything in return, including those who use their talents to do good to others; others, however, take advantage of the thirst to know the most interested to sell their knowledge, often fictitious. Certainly we must not catalog people as scammers or not scammers, because there are those who speak the truth and do not ask for money, those who speak the truth and ask for money, those who do not ask for money but shamelessly lie, and those who ask for money and in addition they lie. So we don’t have only two categories, but at least four.

So the first question that might come to mind would be why people ask for money to tell about their experiences or use their talents to help others, since, being extrasensory skills that not everyone has developed as much as they are, they should share them with others for free , also to prove to the skeptics that these things really exist. Of course, this is what is believed. The truth is that there is a lot of selfishness among people, especially among skeptics, much more than you think. Those who do not know how to use these skills do not understand how much effort is used to satisfy the demands and arrogant questions of all. Most spirituals are forced to use their talents only for themselves and not to share them with others, because people are so pretentious and expect that, since someone has a paranormal capacity, they should use it until they are exhausted for the most trivial reasons of others. Just think of the very simple tarot cards, cards that, through an interpretative reading, should predict your future. You have no idea what crowds come to the fortune-tellers’ house every year to read the future! All of them considered themselves skeptical until January 1st, the day they will teleport to any medium and fortune teller in the area to read the future of the year just begun.

Probably the questions about the future are expected to be important, whether they concern health or something of value, while instead the fortune tellers are assailed by the most stupid and foolish questions possible, ending up wasting their skills to satisfy trivial requests without any logical sense. Try putting yourself in the shoes of someone who believes he has a gift from God, the gift of predicting the future, or communicating with the souls of the dead, and then he finds himself having to waste it to satisfy the comfortable pigs of selfish people who do not other than to complain about their problems and to criticize the qualities of those who possess them, behaving as insensitive and opportunistic, but at the same time contacting the psychics day and night to get their papers read or to foresee the future.

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In fact, everyone believes they are skeptical, but when there is a problem in their life, they are punctually presented by the fortuneteller to get their papers read, or by the spiritual to get themselves protected, to be cured of diseases and so on. So you understand that the idea that someone should share their dowry and offer it to the public, just because they have it, means nothing! You were born with a ready-made house that welcomed you (your parents’ house), you have money and material possessions, yet you don’t share them with the whole world, but you keep your home and your possessions all for yourself. How can you expect others to do otherwise?

Whatever happens, there are very good and very generous people who share their belongings with others, without asking for anything in return. There are really good spirituals who offer their time and skills to help others, non-profit. This is true spirituality and they are the people who most need to be appreciated. Although they have all the goodness of the world, however, they must choose who to help and who not, because they cannot help everyone, even if they would like it. So they have shared and often share their gift with others, but not with everyone, because volunteering is not easy, nor is it very difficult. Offering your gift to help others means volunteering, or offering a service that others would give for free. The typical example is that of hospital volunteers who help sick patients and help them, without being paid! If you think it’s something new, why don’t you become a volunteer? Why don’t you offer yourself to volunteer in your city hospital? Because you don’t feel like it, because you have no interest in helping other people without receiving anything in return. Yet there are more generous people than you who every day decide to get up early in the morning and go volunteering, sometimes working even more than someone who is paid to do the same job and who also does it badly; in fact, many times volunteers work better and more hours than the salaried ones. Despite this, their work is not appreciated and many still do not realize the sacrifices they have to make every day, even thinking that volunteers do it because they have nothing better to do, or that they like to work without receiving a fixed salary because it is silly. This is pure selfishness! You can also despise the generosity and love that some people can offer; more help and more they are scorned, only because those who do not have values ​​inside cannot understand how they are able to help and what drives them to do so. This is not right. And just like the volunteers in the hospital, there are also spirituals ready to use what they have to do good to others, without receiving anything in return, sometimes ending up being despised worse than those who created evil for them.

Then there are those who would like to help others and use their gift to do good, but only in exchange for something else. The idea that some are forced to ask for money, while others are not, is completely wrong. All those who use their talents to help others make sacrifices, but there are people who do it out of love and others who can’t do it without asking for anything in return.

It is true that it is not possible to compare a fortune-teller who asks for a few euros in exchange for his service, just to pay the bills, with those who instead ask thousands of euros to sell you his theory and the story of his experience which, between else, it can also be completely invented. So it is clear that there are those who ask for something in return and those who take advantage of the weakness of others to gain from it; we cannot think that 10 euros of one is equal to the other 5 thousand euros. This does not mean that it is wrong to think that some can afford to give help right and left without asking for anything in return, and that others, “poor people”, are forced to ask for money. The truth is that, just like the volunteers in the hospital, there are those who sacrifice themselves and all their needs for a greater will that is to help others, and who, instead, if they received nothing in return, did not he would never get up in the morning to go help a complete stranger, in fact, he would leave him there to die without mercy. Therefore, we must stop defending those who ask for money by saying that they are forced, and then despise the work of those who do not ask them out of pure love for their neighbor, even suggesting that it is of little value since it is free.

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There is also to say that some spiritual people who were generous before have unfortunately chosen not to be so anymore as they used to, because of ignorance and the lack of gratitude of others, because often those who receive the help of a spiritual person who does not ask them nothing in return, then he takes advantage even more thinking that, since he does it for free, then he doesn’t make any effort. So more and more spiritual boxes are breaking to be exploited, thrown into the toilet and moreover to be mocked by skeptics who demand proofs (free!) As if the King had arrived at court to claim what was due to him! Although I disagree about asking for money to make even a spiritual chat, I find myself understanding the reasons for those who, in exchange for their time, ask for a small reward.

Personally I have been practicing spirituality for many years and I continually offer my time and skills to help others and I have never asked for money in return. Moreover, what is most important is that I share my experiences and teach high-quality spiritual material to students from all over the world, which many other spirituals sell for thousands and thousands of euros, or even completely. I, on the other hand, offer and teach this completely free of charge. I consider myself a person of sound principles who volunteers for the mind and for spirituality. I use my skills to help others and above all I teach others how to learn to use their own, so that they don’t have to depend on me or others, let alone spend money behind profiteers. I believe in spirituality and in the help that is sacred, because I follow the example of the greatest ancient Masters who did not ask for money in exchange for their goodness, and I would like people to remember that example. For this reason I believe that making a business of spirituality is completely wrong, but unfortunately I understand the anger that you can try to give pearls to swine. Although I disagree with helping only in exchange for money (and I have always respected what I say in words, helping many people every year with my skills without making me pay), unfortunately I recognize that helping others is becoming more and more difficult because most people, when they find out that my help comes from the heart and I decide to offer it for free, take advantage of it even more thinking that this is right, that since I offer it without pretense then they can demand even more . They believe that I don’t struggle and are convinced that those who ask for money to offer half of what I offer “are forced to get paid” and that this is right. So it’s true, there are also many scammers around, who take advantage of the weakness and the will to get to know others to fill their wallets. To say, however, that all the spirituals are scammers is wrong on principle, because, regardless of the fact that you can find people who lie and tell false experiences, however, not all of them ask for money in exchange, so it can’t be a scam.

On the other hand, there are some scammers and, just like the skeptics, there are scammers even among the spiritual ones. In fact, we find two kinds of spiritual person: those who know how to use his gifts and those who do not know how to use them. If it is a person who knows how to use his skills and is paid for protecting his client, reading his future, curing him of illnesses and the customer is always satisfied, because in fact the effects are seen, regardless of the personal thought you have about payment, it is still a coherent exchange of service, so do not you can deal with scam. In this case the client requires a service to the spiritual and he, for money, offers him what he has asked for. Be assured that this cannot be defined as generosity or goodness, given that the spiritual in question is not using its gifts out of a pure desire to do good to others but is doing it in exchange for something, it is offering a paid service and it is so it is right that he does it well. So you can’t define fraud, but neither can it be generosity. Other false spirits, or those who pretend to know how to perform miracles,that in fact they are just lies, instead they charge a lot of money and do not talk about a few hundred euros, but thousands and thousands of euros asked each individual “student” or “client” periodically to sell hot air. Scammers are those who sell fake healings and fake teachings without the first ones happening and the last ones working. They are just words and illusions.

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Generally we think of spiritual scammers as if they were distant people and that only fools can fall into their traps, while instead there are fake spiritual crooks who receive millions of euros a year to offer lies, without giving any real effect. Just think of those who call themselves great healers and get paid to literally insult the customer, criticize him, mock him in front of everyone, saying that their healing method consists precisely in this: making him sick to heal him. And yet many people follow these subjects and subscribe to their courses, putting themselves in debt with the banks in order to pay for their seminars. Fortunately, many others have discovered the trick, have recognized the falsity of these impostors and have reported them. But this is not enough to stop them,because many others continue to hope and believe in them, since unfortunately they have been duped and deluded, having been touched in their most fragile and sensitive points. Many of these followers are just crazy people, with their brains melted and their minds at all lucid, but statistically they make up numbers and seem so many. Moreover, when it comes to a serious illness that will lead you to die soon, or to a child’s illness, you can perform desperate gestures, including following and believing in a scammer who doesn’t care about your illness, about how much you suffer and when you die, but only your money. Among them, in fact, there are also scammers who have their monetary or material assets registered by their “students” or “followers”, so that when the client dies,he will bequeath everything he possessed by transferring it to the false spiritual. Strange but true, unfortunately.

True, there are ruthless scammers, as in every area, and just as you can find corrupt lawyers and judges, just as there are doctors who take advantage of their patients to get as much money out of them as possible, there are also people who pretend to be spiritual to bite true – but, unfortunately, naive – spiritual and give them everything they have. But there are so many other people who believe in spirituality and use it to do good to others without taking advantage of the weaknesses of others; on the contrary, they often let others take advantage of themselves by being emotionally drawn into their problems and doing everything to help them. Having a spiritual gift does not mean that it is easy or hard to use, especially when it comes to others and not to themselves,although people with these abilities are not always appreciated, on the contrary, they are often already called scammers only by name, without a more in-depth knowledge. So the real question is:

Are all the visionaries, mediums and healers scammers?

Absolutely not. Regardless of whether you might think it right or wrong for them to ask for money to offer their help to others, if they know how to do their techniques and know how to use their skills, really predicting the future or treating the client’s illness, they cannot be considered scammers, because they sold a service that worked. So, if what they promise works, there is no scam. Let us remember, however, that not all those who call themselves visionaries, mediums or healers, really are; therefore, as already reiterated many times, there are people with bad intentions who pretend to be good spiritual but whose sole purpose is to defraud. We do not do all the fuss, because you cannot define someone who can really cure illnesses only because he decides to make his gift a profit: it cannot be said that they are generous, selfless, and that they would do all to help others, since they do not offer help without expecting more in return; but this does not mean that they do not know how to use their talents.

In the case of spiritual masters, gurus or as you wish to call, it is a different discourse, because their “task” is to teach others how to evolve and how to use their skills, not so much to take care of others or sit in to read the future to customers or talk to their dead. These are two completely different “jobs”. Of course, a spiritual teacher MUST be able to do everything he teaches, because he cannot explain to someone else how to evolve if he is not the first to have the slightest ability to do so.

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Although in today’s society they make us believe that “those who are not capable, teach” – and in fact, most of the professors who do not know how to apply the subject matter of their competence do not even know how to teach, in the face of this – in spirituality the strictest rule applies that those who do not know how to put it into practice cannot even teach; however many don’t care and teach anyway. Spirituality is not understood by those who study only theory, because paranormal experiences are not books to read and study, but are experiences that are experienced live, on one’s own skin, with open eyes and without the effect of drugs or hallucinogens! Those who have no experience cannot teach their neighbors how to acquire them, because even he does not possess them. Who does not know how to cure a disease,how can he teach others to do it? The spiritual master must necessarily know how to do before teaching; only when he is sure of what he knows can teach it. The teacher can also choose to demonstrate his abilities, reading the future to others, or communicating with entities, but more time he loses to help individual people in these tasks that do not belong to him (which instead should be the medium, the seer , etc.) the less you can devote to evolving and teaching the mass how to find Awakening. Helping a few single people and helping the whole population is very different. If it were not clear, the teacher must necessarily know how to do everything he teaches, so if he decides to teach the future, he must know how to do it.But this does not mean that he has to spend his life reading the future to all the passers-by who happen only because they expect this from him, since it is not his main task. However, he can choose to do so, of course; it depends on the personal choice of the individual in question.

Precisely because he cannot afford – even if he wishes – to pass the time giving proof of his abilities left and right, every day, for every single request that is also made by the first passerby that happens, on the other hand we have people ( the so-called “students” who cannot be sure that he is telling the truth, that he knows how to do what he teaches and that he has really evolved what he says. It’s normal. On the one hand we have the teacher who, if he is sincere and knows how to do everything he says he knows how to do, does not have time to give demonstrations to everyone because he has to deal with something bigger, and because of this, unfortunately, he often finds himself to feel defined as a charlatan, with the typical request: “If you know how to do it, give me a try, otherwise it means you don’t know how to do it”.

Such requests could reach hundreds every day and the teacher should not be a slave to others, always ready to destroy himself in order to prove to anyone that he is telling the truth. Therefore the teachers cannot always satisfy the demands of the students, even if they do they wanted, because they have something else to do. However, we come to understand that students cannot be sure if that teacher is really sincere, if he is better than the other teachers around, if he really knows how to do what he says, because he has not shown it to him. At this point it is up to the student to choose whether to have a minimum of initial trust (and I repeat, minimum), trying to follow the courses of this teacher and, if he sees that they are not in tune with his own thought, or even are fake, he may change immediately road. Certainly it is useless to follow a path and lose time behind it if it is not the right one. This does not mean that anyone who calls himself a spiritual master really follows the main rule, often teaching invented theories while being aware of not being able to do anything and having no paranormal experience;however, the soul would also be sold for money. Unfortunately, however, from the moment someone calls himself a spiritual master, without even being known, he immediately starts by saying that he is a scammer, when he could instead be someone who knows very well what he is doing and is very capable in his techniques; or the opposite, believing everything he says without even trying to understand if it is true. So the question we need to ask ourselves is:believing everything he says without even trying to understand if it is true. So the question we need to ask ourselves is:believing everything he says without even trying to understand if it is true. So the question we need to ask ourselves is:

Is the teacher a scammer, or is the student having bad intentions?

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It is true that there are fake spiritual teachers who lie about their abilities, and how there are! There are so many, many more than you think. They all call themselves great masters and all hide behind the right (but often abused) motivation that they don’t have time to prove their abilities to everyone; yet, good teachers find the time to give at least some proof of what they say to the students they consider most deserving or to those they choose for different reasons. Many other masters, on the other hand, have never given proof of any kind and, indeed, they corrupt some students to lie, to pretend to be witnesses of some kind of miracles that in reality never happened. If a lawyer is able to send an innocent man to jail for just a few bills,let alone how much people are willing to lie, simply to receive a bribe. Basically it’s simple, nobody will find out. Therefore the student must follow his own feelings, choosing to undertake a journey with the risk that he will not lead anywhere, or with the possibility that it is the perfect place for him. But there are also many people who go against spirituality, including many false and liars who invent rumors about spirituals in order to distance students from their path. There is no real reason, often these skeptical people do not know the master in question, but as soon as they learn of his existence they will do everything to remove their students from the course, even spreading bad voices, completely invented, in order to make it fail. .For example, saying that he cannot do what he teaches. This is because those who are skeptical about spirituality are convinced that they are the only ones who know the truth, they elect themselves to be the bearers of justice and they feel they can establish that spirituals should be defined as scammers regardless, without ever having known them or without at least knowing them what their course is about. Obviously the vast majority of all this happens on social networks, where psychopaths, drug addicts, even children, have absolute power and can write their very deep thoughts on knowledge that they do not have. In fact, I invite you to open youtube and click in any video on meditation or spirituality in general, obviously choosing the one with more comments or views;you will notice that among the various positive or curious comments, there will be many others full of insults, which leak hate with such a belief in what they say to make it seem that they know the author of the video very well to criticize it; if you look carefully, you will notice that many of them are younger children who criticize the concept only because they do not believe it or see comments written by people who are profoundly unstable mentally, who can be recognized even without having to see the photo. On the other hand, it is clear, on social networks anyone can pretend to be cultured and full of experience.you will notice that many of them are younger children who criticize the concept only because they do not believe it or see comments written by mentally unstable people who can be recognized even without having to see the picture. On the other hand, it is clear, on social networks anyone can pretend to be cultured and full of experience.you will notice that many of them are younger children who criticize the concept only because they do not believe it or see comments written by mentally unstable people who can be recognized even without having to see the picture. On the other hand, it is clear, on social networks anyone can pretend to be cultured and full of experience.

So it is true that there are fake spiritual masters who cheat people, but there are also many other skeptical and lying people, or simply stupid and ill-intentioned who give the scammers to anyone who talks about these issues.

This is not enough to defend all the so-called spiritual masters among which, on the other hand, there are also many scammers who take advantage of the opportunity to cheat so many people, teaching them arts that do not work at all and completely invented theories, which will lead them to become sheneless, and sometimes even ignorant, rather than evolved. Just think of those masters who teach their students that the Earth is flat. This is on the verge of ridicule and, because of them, ALL the spirituals are ridiculed, because people are convinced that ALL the spiritual ones are so out of mind. Not all spiritual masters are the same! There are those who can really do what they say and are conscious and aware of what they are doing. We must not lose faith in everyone,due to some bad examples that can be found around. So students must follow their feelings and even stop blaming others, because it also takes mental clarity to choose one course rather than another, and those who follow masters who teach nonsense, like the theory of flat Earth, mean that even he he is so healthy in his head.

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Do spirituals believe everything they are told?


Not necessarily, it depends on the case. The concept is that spirituality is really too wide to be able to understand it completely without having first-hand experiences. It works a bit like at school, where professors have a duty not to talk politics in front of the students, because since the boys listen and follow everything their teacher says, since he teaches them subjects they didn’t know before, they will listen and they will also follow what the teacher will say about politics, thus influencing them to vote for one party rather than another, even if it could be completely foreign to their own ethics of thought. Why does this happen? Because the student, not yet aware of political life, does not realize what is right or what is wrong about what the professor says and,as the teacher says, then he thinks it’s always all right. However, this is not always the case, because until he teaches his subject, the professor can also always be right, but when he touches on more complex subjects that do not belong to him, the students are influenced and will follow in his footsteps, not aware that this could be really wrong. This happens because they make a wrong reasoning: “If the prof is always right, he certainly has it again this time!”. Students may not have the knowledge to recognize what is real from what is passed as such. We can see all this in spirituality. A person who has never had experience can be skeptical and therefore not believe in anything, but if one day a paranormal experience should happen to him, for example a contact with ghosts,suddenly you will realize that what you believed and believed before is completely thrown away in the toilet, because there is so much more than what you thought. So someone who did not believe in ghosts before, but who suddenly discovers that they actually exist, could obviously begin to suspect that other topics, such as God, or aliens, might exist. At this point he will start to open up to new topics and listen to other testimonies, which could be both true and false.could obviously begin to suspect that other topics, such as God, or aliens, could exist. At this point he will start to open up to new topics and listen to other testimonies, which could be both true and false.could obviously begin to suspect that other topics, such as God, or aliens, could exist. At this point he will start to open up to new topics and listen to other testimonies, which could be both true and false.

Regardless of whether these people tell sincere experiences or not, it could be that the newcomer would not believe a word, because they are different topics from what he experienced firsthand and could therefore not understand them, even if they are also saying the absolute truth. Another person could instead ask himself the doubt and say: “Well, it is true that it is something very strange and I do not believe it so much, but it is also true that just because I have never lived it does not mean that it does not exist! Perhaps this person is telling me something true! ”, And ending up like this to believe by simple trust.

Therefore every person believes what he feels to believe and what his experience leads him to understand, risking to liar to those who are telling true experiences – just because he does not understand them – or to trust blindly to someone who is cheating and brainwashing with completely crazy theories. There are people who bite at whatever they are told, even the most absurd, because they are too naive, ignorant, stupid, or because they trust the person who is telling them too much. Then there are the people who, despite having had experiences on their skin, continue to be wary of everyone else and give the liar to those who tell even simpler experiences than their own, almost thinking that only they can tell the truth, while the others are all liars. Luckily,however, there are also many other people who follow their feelings and their intelligence, who do not blindly trust everything they are told, but they do not believe that they are all liars only because they tell something that they have never experienced ; therefore, they open up to new theories despite not knowing them. So not everyone believes whatever they are told, yet some try to respect the thoughts and experiences of others more than others.So not everyone believes whatever they are told, yet some try to respect the thoughts and experiences of others more than others.So not everyone believes whatever they are told, yet some try to respect the thoughts and experiences of others more than others.

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Of course, my advice is to experience and understand spiritual matters firsthand, so as to be sure to recognize what is true and what is not among the experiences being told by others.

I hope that with this article he made you open your mind and made the difference between true spirituals and charlatans, swindlers and gullible people much better known. If you want to know the follow-up you can click here and read the answers to the following questions:

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