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94 – Are all Spiritual People CRAZY?

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Skeptics about spirituality, or those who do not believe in any paranormal phenomenon, think that people who are convinced of the existence of the Soul, reincarnation, ghosts, aliens, chakras and the validity of meditation, are all CRAZY. Unfortunately there are very important reasons that push the skeptics to remain such, or agnostic people to become certain of the mental madness of some spirituals, convincing themselves then that they are all the same.
Today the speaker is a person who believes in spirituality, in reincarnation, in the Soul and in the chakras, who have great respect and admiration for everything that is defined as paranormal for the right reasons, but which unfortunately has also known many people who use the spiritual term to hide their enormous mental imbalance. Personally I have never used drugs, hallucinogenic substances or any kind of tranquilizing or psychopharmaceutical medicine; in other words, I never burned my brain and I don’t suffer from hallucinations. Anyone who does not use drugs knows how important it is not to use it; on the contrary, those who habitually use it will never be able to realize what behavioral effects lead them to take (without talking about health), until – hopefully – they will stop ingesting certain substances.
Skeptics about spirituality are or have become so mainly for two reasons:
the first is that they have only met madmen disguised as spiritual and, unfortunately, they have known the worst side of spirituality;
the second is that they have never had spiritual experiences, which leads them to disbelieve what they have never experienced in the first person.
Certainly, I believe that certainty is worse than doubt, because until one has faith in what one does not know, it is an account, but when one has the conviction that all the spiritual people are mad because of some real examples, it is well different.
As a spiritual person I am, I should go against the skeptics and say that they are all mad not to believe in something that has always belonged to us, but unfortunately I understand their reasons because of the experience I experienced personally with so many false spirituals.Every day I come into contact with people who call themselves spiritual and who tell their experiences with the “paranormal” world, be it with ghosts, UFOs, alien abductions, communications with angels and whatever.In all these years, thanks to my work and the live events that push me to always visit new cities, I have known hundreds, if not thousands, of people with whom I have spoken, approached and deepened, up to perfectly recognize the subjects that are presented to me front.I only need one look to understand who uses drugs and who doesn’t, without even opening their mouth;the same moment that is enough for me to understand if someone suffers from serious mental problems.The truth is that not all spirituals are healthy and clear-headed: many unfortunately use this term only to hide their problematic life.In this case we are not talking about people who suffer and of whom we should feel pity, but of sick people who take advantage of the ingenuity of others, to make them fall for everything they want.There are fake spirits who are really crazy, there are naive people who take everything, but there are also many others who live with the desire to do good to others, to be good, generous and selfless.But everything is soiled because of someone who knows how to hide well in someone else’s remains.For skeptics it is becoming almost impossible to believe that there are true spirituals that have no ulterior motives or are not insanely sick, while for spirituals it is becoming impossible to believe that madmen exist.The truth is that fools exist!How true that there are spirituals that have experienced real paranormal experiences.

I have known so many people that I can make a ranking, and I am aware that unfortunately many of those who call themselves spiritual are actually people with serious psycho- social problems .On the other hand, even many skeptics are out of step, because they do not even believe what science shows in public evidence: know that science is not only that which was studied in elementary school books , it progresses every minute.Aggiornatevi!The news is not revealed on TV, where we only talk about gossip and politics, but they are made known through the official authorized sites (which do not reveal everything, but much more than what is found in school books!).

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That said, let’s focus on finding out if the spirituals are really all crazy, addicts, maniacs, or if there are real experiences in their stories.


Are the spirituals all crazy?


No, spirituals are not all crazy.Skeptics have not had personal experiences and therefore cannot understand what it is like to have, because they have no basis on which to engage.When a perfectly sane person begins to foresee what will happen, although there is no way to calculate the future, and those situations happen precisely as he had seen them in his mind, it is not madness, but something very advanced that those who have never lived cannot understand.When a person manages to communicate with the souls of the dead, to talk to the relatives of a perfect stranger whom he has never seen before, even managing to discover intimate details regarding the moments they spent together when they were alive and that only the subject in question can know, is not madness, is something that those who do not possess cannot understand.Although today it may seem something of little importance, these gifts, these so-called gifts, are as old as man because there have always been people who can see and know things that others do not understand, not having had the same experience.If you stop closing in convictions that only what happens inside your family is real, and you open your eyes to the billions of people who live around you, you will find that there are many more people who believe in the paranormal experiences than they believe. , because most of them have had experiences on their own skin that have never been able to explain with the logic, like the embrace of a deceased relative shown as a ghost, the fall of objects inexplicably after the passage of a strange black figure in the room , the perception of a strange presence followed by the sight of their own animals that go crazy and bark or blow against the same area of ​​the room where they felt fear, and so much more.During everyday life it is easy to say that you are skeptical, but at certain times, such as when someone threatens you with the evil eye and shortly thereafter you risk a fatal accident or diagnose the cancer while never having health problems or even heredity, you realize that these things exist and you can no longer deny them.

Unfortunately, however, there are people who take advantage of any opportunity to appear and make money at the expense of others, so they use the faith of those who had real experiences to make these people believe even what didn’t really happen.So we find ourselves knowing spiritual charlatans and scammers who ruin everything, as always.

Certainly, however, it would be stupid to ignore the truth of the paranormal experiences that millions of people experience during their lives, only because there are people who do not know how else to get noticed if they do not exploit the faith of those who have suffered and learned to appreciate another side of life.Besides the knowing scammers, however, there are also people who believe they are sincere, but who in their lives have encountered more psychiatrists than salespeople.Fortunately, however, not all millions of spirituals are mad, so relax because you are not the only healthy person in this world: there are so many even healthier than you!This does not mean that there are crazy people and we stop being good-looking even when it comes to violent people who are completely out of their minds, because not all crazy people are docile and quiet victims, on the contrary.Unfortunately, many crazy people who cannot accept being so, confuse their madness with real experiences, thinking for example that vegetables speak to them, trying to convince others to do the same.The problem arises when naive people, who for one reason or another have had vaguely similar experiences, could believe what the crazy say.

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For example, there are very empathetic people who can perceive nature in a slightly more developed way than usual: they can recognize if a tree is sick or if a plant urgently needs more nourishment or other, feeling it to perception without ever having studied anything about them;they feel it inside and, strange but true, most of the time they are right.Clearly these people do not talk to plants, trees or vegetables, but having a personal experience that unfortunately many others do not understand and that even define madness, they may feel sympathetic towards other people who tell strange experiences, which are called crazy.There are historical periods in which people were accused of being crazy about whatever they said, so today many are still afraid to tell what happens to them or what they can do, because they fear being cataloged as mad and being isolated, ending up in a sad and lonely life.So they pretend they don’t know anything.For this reason, even the real crazy people are welcomed with solidarity, because naively some people want to give them confidence, the same trust they would have liked to receive from their loved ones in the moments in which they told their real experiences but to which nobody believed, despite being true.Who is not able to recognize a crazy person from a sane person, could think that whoever talks about paranormal experiences is crazy point and nothing;the truth is that whoever believes they are all crazy apart from himself, is the worst of all.But you are not the only healthy person in the world.Being crazy doesn’t just mean telling about seeing an alien;there are so many crazy people who never said they saw ghosts, aliens, or anything else, yet they must take psychiatric drugs to keep their madness, schizophrenia, multiple personality, bipolarity, the tendency to suicide, violence, the strong obsessions and much more.Unfortunately, there is the strange belief that all fools are locked up in asylums and that the streets are clean, but this is absolutely not the case!Asylums belong to the past.Many of those who take psychiatric drugs and antidepressants every day without people knowing about it, are integrated into society to offer them the chance to live and socialize as normal people;so they go to work, do the shopping, and above all spend a lot and a lot of time exposing their opinions on social networks, opinions that unfortunately are read by people who do not know their mental situations and who will take all their words for real.

Many crazy people, unfortunately – or for good reason – are not always able to integrate well and often find themselves alone.If on the one hand we must have pity because they are still human and it is not their fault that they are not lucid and capable of making healthy decisions, on the other we have the violence and instability they have and that lead them to create serious damage. to other people, so it always depends on the case.If he is a madman who speaks for himself but does not create problems for anyone, he is very different from the madman who in his worst moments is capable of beating or raping a passerby.Do you understand the difference?

We do not make a bundle of all the grass, because of some we must have pity if we want to define ourselves as human, but others absolutely must not be defended nor kept free without careful control.
Precisely because everyone has access to the internet, unfortunately there are so many cases of really crazy people, with so many TSOs behind them and psychoactive drugs to no end, that use social networks to attack others, tease them or pretend to be who they are not.There are so many crazy people who behave like skeptics, mocking those who really had spiritual experiences and treating them as if they were the crazy ones.The idea that all mad people have had paranormal experiences, in fact, is completely wrong, because there are so many crazy people who go against the spiritual, pretending to be skeptical because they call themselves scientific, when they have only known the scientific TSO.Behind a screen it’s easy to pretend to be Doctors!Because everyone will believe you!It would be enough to start a sentence with “science says” or “scientifically …” to make everyone believe they are starting a serious speech with solid and proven bases!Yet it does not mean that it is really so, because it is easy to use the term “science” to make everyone believe that they are telling the truth, but the truth is quite different.

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Other fools, on the other hand, having no one who believes their hallucinations, take refuge in the only place where everyone is accepted and not misjudged: in spirituality.In fact, in fact, spirituals are very kind and supportive, so they accept anyone without discrimination, which is not often the case in everyday society.For this reason many crazy people take refuge in spirituality, to the point of pretending to have paranormal experiences in order to be accepted in groups.Some therefore have hallucinations and believe that they are real, others instead, while being accepted by someone, invent themselves in a healthy way – and aware of what they are doing, so great is desperation – spiritual experiences in order to be believed and accepted by the circle of people who believe in it.Unfortunately these people, even to be accepted by someone, begin to invent experiences that are sometimes very exaggerated, and those who are a bit smarter realize that they are lying.Because of them, there are those who will begin to think that all spirituals are mad.This really happens very often!There is no denying: among the spiritual there are many crazy people who pretend to believe in something just to be able to talk to someone.Because of their lies, however, all true and sincere spiritual people also tell us about their experiences with a clear and perfectly healthy mind, being united in the same bundle of grass, as if all the spirituals were crazy.Still others are not crazy but they lack little, because they have not lived a good TSO, but they would need medicines to keep them calm.Personally, I do not consider someone who thinks differently from me crazy, or who follows a current or theory that is completely different from mine.The examples of crazy people I am describing are obsessive, violent, psychologically twisted and unbalanced , that only those who work with the huge public can know in large numbers and learn to recognize at a glance.


Do all spirituals take psychiatric drugs?


Absolutely not. Being spiritual is not synonymous with being crazy, though so many fools infiltrate spirituality just to have a social life.The psychiatric drugs are not candy, they are prescribed to people who have very serious mental problems, although they could say that they are light or taken tablets to improve a slight depression;the real depression, moreover, is not a small thing, although we talk about it as if it were just a little sadness.Psychiatric drugs are very heavy and invasive medicines, which completely change the mind of the person who takes them;they are exploited on purpose to calm the total madness of some subjects and to make them a little more calm, so that they can move among the other people without arousing too many suspicions;in this way they can also live a peaceful life and make some friends, without risking harming others and themselves.But many times psychiatric drugs are not enough.Psychiatric drugs are heavy medicines and are not prescribed for fun, but for serious reasons.Those who take them, unfortunately, cannot be believed to the letter, let alone regarding spirituality, because their conception of reality is very different from that of a person with a clear mind.Often, those who take psychiatric drugs easily change their minds and swear they have had experiences that they completely denied the day before, and vice versa.

On the other hand, there is also to say that there are some cases in which perfectly healthy people have gone mad due to paranormal experiences that actually happened but that for them were too strong, which is why they spontaneously decided to take psycho or are been unfairly imposed by their family members.There are many recorded cases in which women and men who have always lived without any mental problems throughout their lives, have suddenly begun to have “hallucinations” – convinced that they were – so strong that they led them to madness.

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People who have come into contact with very obscure entities, all of a sudden, even though they have spent their entire lives in sanity, have gone mad because of traumatic experiences that the brain has not been able to bear (given that society requires us to believe that if you see something different then you are crazy) and, thinking you are the only ones who can see these entities and aliens and not knowing how to stop this communication, they ended up taking psychotropic drugs. Others of them never went crazy, but since they told paranormal experiences they were forced to take psychiatric drugs to silence them. This is a harsh truth, because it was about healthy people of mind, but they were then made unstable precisely because of the medicines given to them forcibly and against all logical and moral reasons, with the sole purpose of silencing them forever. In the past people who told about paranormal experiences were killed, today they are sedated, because due to some medicines it is possible to change the human mind, so as to make completely manipulable people who before then were completely lucid and healthy. Although many fools are really such, some instead believe they are or have been defined by others (ignorant, or as they want to define themselves: skeptics ), then driven to take medicines to correct mental illnesses that they actually do not have.Unfortunately, when you have an unexpected experience that can suddenly strike, you do not always have the strength to believe that it is real;sometimes it is so traumatic that we prefer to call ourselves crazy in order not to accept that it really happened.That is why, some defined crazy, they are actually just people who have not held up paranormal experiences.With this, however, one cannot believe that all the fools are truly spiritual, nor that all those who take psychiatric drugs are in reality saints with the word of gold that they have been forced to keep quiet by outsiders.The vast majority of them have very serious mental problems and you have to be careful not to believe all their words just because every so often, between one reason and another, they also say something right.


Are the spirituals all drug addicts?


Absolutely No, although among the spiritual there are people who stupidly take drugs.Just like the crazy ones, there are spirituals who start taking drugs to look for new experiences, because the ones they already have are not enough for them and they hope to find something stronger thanks to the substances, without realizing the gravity of what they are doing.However, there are many others outside of spirituality who, due to drugs, no longer had access to a social life and to find it they played the card of spirituality only to integrate themselves into some group.In fact, not knowing any more which fish to take, they take refuge in spiritual groups to find people who accept them with kindness and without prejudice, taking advantage of the ingenuity of the people to self-pity and, very often, to show themselves superior to others for having had “the courage ”to take hallucinogenic substances.There are therefore many ex drug addicts who, in order to make some friends, enter into spiritual groups although paranormal arts do not give a damn about anything;in fact, they will not seek Awakening, mental well-being or psychic evolution , but they will spend all their time chatting with people only to have a social life.Unfortunately, there are so many of these.Given their unclear mind, they often find themselves joining groups of spiritual people and then trying to divide them, or make them change their mind about spirituality by bringing them “on their side”, even pushing them to use drugs so they no longer feel alone.Those who take drugs know they are weak and, not to admit it, try to make others fall into the same traps.It is enough to think of Ayahuasca or San Pedro, like so many other hallucinogenic drinks described by those who use them as if they were fruit juices, but just like other drugs they break the brain and make people who use them poorly of mind, aggressive and full of mental problems.

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Obviously they will tell you that they are not drugs!Apparently they may seem normal and quiet, then for nothing they get agitated and attack only for a different opinion, as opposed to a clear mind that would simply move on.That they then describe the substances as harmless, it is logical: those who smoke do not say that smoking kills, otherwise they would feel stupid to smoke, yet it is scientific that it creates the tumor and leads to death.As I said, in fact, the skeptics do not even want to believe what is scientifically explained, in fact the people who smoke do not believe in the possibility of dying from smoking, so they are skeptical even in front of real evidence of many recorded cases and yet offer cigarettes also to one’s friends or family members, thus offering him the possibility of illness.

Let alone how simple it is for those who take drugs to offer them and pass them to the next as if they were normal cigarettes rolled with more powerful effects, or drinks that allow you to evolve, according to them.This way they will feel less stupid.On the other hand we have people who have had real paranormal experiences, who have understood how interesting they are, but unfortunately, in order to have others, they fall into traps such as drugs, convinced that these are the means to get there.In reality positive spiritual experiences can be obtained with techniques suitable for developing one’s own qualities and making them more active, without the need for any substance to be ingested or to let one’s body enter through other ways.The substances, whether they are light, hallucinogenic or heavy drugs, do not evolve but they become out of the mind, easily manipulated and completely out of their mind.The effects of the drug do not remain only when it is used, but they ruin the physical brain by burning intelligence, reactivity, memory, the ability to reason and solve one’s simplest personal problems, causing the person to fall into a loop of torment from which he will believe he can go out only by increasing the doses of drugs, or coming to change substance by choosing ever heavier ones.Drugs should never be chosen, not even for a momentary trial, because it can only be enough to ruin your mind once, even if you don’t feel any symptoms.Others will see it and stay away from you because of your bad choices.Pay attention, because anyone can find friends but if you drug yourself you risk being left alone: ​​would you want someone by your side who does not have full control of himself, and who could go crazy at any moment?

So, there are people who, due to past mistakes, find themselves alone and in order to start chatting with someone again they pretend to be interested in spirituality to get into groups of people with whom to approach and start having a social life.But is this also good for other people?Unfortunately most of the time, those who have taken drugs are not self-conscious, and if in some moments they seem lucid and able to reflect, most of the time they make mistakes and drag other people to do the same.It is no coincidence that to most of the “spirituals who take drugs”, they do not care about evolution, but they blather so many beautiful words and then attack others without the slightest respect for the thoughts of others.I can say this because the only people I have known and who have gone against the spiritual and evolutionary techniques that I practice, are all of them, and I mean everyone, drugged or with a drug past behind them.Why this?Because if the paranormal experiences and the spiritual techniques are false, the only ones to attack and spread bad voices are always and only people taking drugs?Probably because lucid people have nothing against true spirituality, knowing that these things really exist: they respect it.

Whoever takes or has taken drugs reveals a very aggressive and negative character, because this is also an effect of the drug.Obviously his face as a spiritual person does not last long, because as I said before it is not his real goal: people who take drugs do not really care about spiritual evolution, but enter these groups only to make some friends and then, when they feel appreciated and back on track, they go against spirituality and all those who follow it with sincerity.

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Not surprisingly, many of those who go against the spiritual, who verbally assault them and bother them with messages, posts, comments (because let’s remember, their life is real only in social networks, where they can pretend to be healthy and lucid people because no one sees them in the face!), they have a drug history behind them or still use it.In fact, believing that those who take drugs is spiritual, is a great bullshit, because so many of them go against spirituality and, not surprisingly, the worst enemy of spirituality is precisely drugs and those who use them.Those who believe that science and spirituality are enemies believe badly, because indeed the two, if known well, go hand in hand, precisely because science cannot give a structured and rational definition to paranormal experiences, just as paranormal experiences are events that follow energy, space and time is actually also a logic, although it cannot be understood without experience.If then there are people who have the title of scientist and do not believe in spirituality, it does not mean that science really goes against the paranormal, because anyone can have their own different thought regardless of their educational qualification: just think of all the doctors sick or who smoke, all obese dieticians, all psychologists full of complexes that every day boast of their title, but that in fact do not represent it at all.Just as some who call themselves spiritual and say that science is an enemy are wrong, because science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin, but we must understand them and stop talking without having the slightest awareness of the subject.

The worst that happens and unfortunately I see more and more often, is that those who take drugs and are not interested in any way in spiritual evolution (which, among other things, means taking control of their lives and not losing them at all becoming unstable and unconscious) !) pushes other people, with attractive methods, to use drugs.Among the people I met, I was able to find out over and over again people who don’t care about evolution, but who participate in spiritual seminars and group events that meet to tell their experiences, just to “advertise” their own drug, or push others to use it.I’ve already mentioned the reasons above.The point is that other, often naive, people believe that whoever is talking is a serious and spiritual person, and not an unconscious drug addict, so they listen to their words and risk getting influenced.Thus, those who take drugs make those who listen to them think that thanks to the substances they are able to have paranormal experiences, convincing them to use them too to gain experience.Let it be clear that paranormal experiences are not hallucinations and are not the fruit of one’s mind!Drug experiences instead Yes!If objects fall in your house due to the passage of a black shadow, it is not a hallucination because the objects have really fallen without any rational explanation.If when you take drugs you “see strange things”, then that is a figment of the imagination because everything happened only in your mind.It is very different!Drug users try to convince the spiritual ones to make use of it, ruining and thus dirtying the true spirituality.Drugs are not spiritual!It is only a weak person who does not know how else to approach others if not by selling fake solutions that seriously ruin the lives of those who use them and their families!

Therefore, some spirituals who seek trials and naively do not know how to obtain them, can fall into the traps of those who pretend to be spiritual and say that drugs are a great way to find them, being fooled by the beautiful and attractive words they use to describe it. Clearly whoever takes drugs will not tell you that since he uses it his life has become hell, that he is not surrounded by people who love him, that his social life is equivalent to attending only other drug addicts, who every day is prey to ossessioni e momenti di isteria, che non sta bene con se stesso e che l’unico modo per sfuggire dai suoi pensieri è quello di assumere un’altra dose, che la notte non dorme bene e che i suoi incubi sono peggiori e molto più realistici di quelli comuni, e tanto altro ancora; it will only tell you that the drug is not a drug, that it does not hurt, that you can take it quietly because no one will catch you and that it will help you evolve first, even to find enlightenment.

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Here is how many spirituals fall into the drug, only for naivety and ignorance, falling into the trap of fake goodies who say they want to help but are offering the keys to hell. The serious problem, however, is that many people who take drugs infiltrate spiritual groups to put people who are part of them against each other, causing them to quarrel and lose the reason to walk together on a spiritual path that would help them evolve. Because of people who take drugs and are completely out of their minds, even true spirituals risk falling into serious errors and giving up spirituality because they didn’t recognize who the real problem was, giving them too much trust instead. In this way the problem is repeated in every age and in every society:those who are crazy or those who take drugs enter a spiritual group, make them dissolve and hate each other and then leave, satisfied with their actions. A lucid and sane person would not do it, but a crazy person would. Fortunately, however, not all spirituals are so stupid, so they ignore or distance the problematic person and continue their journey without being distracted by time wasters.

So the question is:
Do paranormal experiences only happen after taking drugs?

No, of course. Paranormal experiences are one thing, drug hallucinations are another. Millions of people have had paranormal experiences in their lives without ever taking any drugs. So many spirituals do not take drugs and will not take them during their whole life, because they have understood the importance of lucidity, especially if one wants to follow a spiritual path. Precisely because most spirituals do not take drugs, they succeed in achieving evolved and very positive and rewarding experiences; also very strong experiences of which they have the absolute control and that is why they will not go crazy, they will not suffer from phobias, depression, hysterical obsessions, and everything that those who do not have control of the hallucinogenic experiences due to drugs suffer from.It is true that so many spiritual ones fall into this trap, but spirituality must not be associated for any reason with drugs, because to evolve one must be lucid and completely self-conscious. Losing control means losing consciousness and therefore moving away from evolution; all the opposite of what true spirituality wants.

With these pages I wanted to allow the skeptics ready to open up to reflect, to accept that spirituality cannot be understood without personal experience, but this does not mean it must be soiled by people who have nothing spiritual about spirituality. I understand therefore if the skeptics have become so after having known similar people who, unfortunately, call themselves spiritual; but spirituality is not the cause of their mental instability. In fact, I wish to dismantle other false thoughts that can make one doubt the psychic arts, answering other fundamental questions to recognize a true spiritual from a charlatan. If you wish, continue reading the second part of this article by clicking here .

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