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97 – Are all Spiritual People MANIAC?

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In this last article in the series “Spirituals are all CRAZY” I will talk about an equally important topic to distinguish true Spirituals from those who use this name to get his interests and soil the same term.Furthermore, I will talk about sex, sexual tendencies and perversions.But let’s start with the first question ever:


Are all the spirituals out of their mind?


I believe I have explained very clearly, in the previous articles, the difference between the true Spirituals and those who pretend to be such.Rumors speak of the spiritual as if they were all out of phase, crazy and addicted.TV, cartoons and advertisements are all designed specifically to continually show the figure of the spiritual who meditates as a distracted person, with his head in the clouds, with a stupid smile and a look made (by the heaviest drugs! ), always.Of course this is a very clever way to make us believe that the figure of the spiritual is associated with a person who has no brain, although meditation is the opposite of unconsciousness and distraction.Although we criticize the image of the spiritual by TV, we try to imitate the figure in order to seem more spiritually evolved.Therefore, if you want to look awakened, you should not miss the loose-fitting clothes with decorations that bring you back to India;you have to dress and behave like an Indian, because only if you look like an Indian can you be more awakened in the eyes of others!Women must show off colorful clothes and spiritual symbols, men must have a long beard, so they may resemble the wise old men and occasionally Jesus. Although all this may seem ironic, look around for a moment and discover how, unfortunately, who is not spiritual inside he finds himself pushed to follow the fake spiritual fashion to make others believe that he is also more evolved than the real ones.So the esoteric shops are taken by assault by women who buy baggy and colorful clothes to feel more evolved and men say goodbye to the razor because they want to look wiser.

The cartoons mock the spirituals every day making them look like the typical old man with a long white beard who takes refuge in the hill to wait for something that nobody knows what it is, while the young are all children of flowers and with their heads in the clouds that smile happily from one reed to the other, to make believe that this is the dose of happiness, as well as evolution.I don’t know what is worse between one and the other;unfortunately, however, many imitate that image to look more evolved and do it in everyday life.Young people forget they are young and want to look older to pretend to be wise, as if growing a beard would increase neurons or life experience.Women, if they do not attend spiritual clothing stores, cannot consider themselves evolved.Of course I’m just talking about a slice of fake spirituality, and just fake spirits, because true spirituals don’t focus on appearance in that way to seem evolved but practice psychic techniques to evolve.The fact is that those who do not have spiritual experiences pretend to be wise and sometimes even more evolved than those who have psychic experiences and skills, speaking in a strange way and continually quoting and referring to the old.

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Who has no experience, tries to disguise it by giving a thousand speeches seasoned with big words and meaningless sentences, to make the listener look stupid because he can’t follow the discourse, making him even believe that only the evolved can understand the connection: in truth they are words in the air that not even those who tell them understand what they are saying.But if he speaks weird he seems wise, then the naive will follow him.

But we need to clarify this point and stop imagining the Spiritual as the old man with a long beard who takes refuge on a hill, who isolates himself from everything and everyone and wants to stay out of society.Spirituals serve society, they make it evolve, they help it improve and get better, that’s why they must live within it and know it, frequent it, so that they can also understand it.True spirituals do not isolate themselves, they are not out of the world, they are not solitary, they have no serious problems staying in the company of other people: these are called asocial, not spiritual.That the asocial, often and willingly, slip into spiritual groups to pretend to be such, in order to make friends and be able to talk about something with people, happens much more often than you think.If on the one hand it is good, because spirituality saves the lives of so many people, even allowing them to know good and kind people and discover the positive side of life, on the other hand we have people who are not at all interested in spirituality and paranormal experiences but looking for these groups ONLY to chat and make some friends, even willing to come up with healthy experiences to get accepted, or to expose their point of view on knowledge they don’t have!Unfortunately, this is a problem that spiritual groups have to face every day, even ACD.In this Academy the watchword is Practice and Experience, because the purpose of ACD is to evolve spiritually through techniques that lead to evolve one’s psychic abilities.In ACD everyone is welcome, whether they are mere readers or interested in practicing but those who manage to move forward to higher levels are only those who really want to evolve spiritually.This is because everyone is able to read it different is aim to evolve to better themselves and the world around us, through the psychic evolution.Also in ACD the problem we have to face is always the same: people pretend to be spiritual only to make some friends, making us lose time and energy.So they sign up for the site, pretending to be interested in the spiritual topics we deal with in the Steps, but in truth they just want to get acquainted with new people and they don’t care much about their psychic skills.Among the students we find therefore two categories: the students who follow us to evolve and practice, and the students who are not at all interested in practicing but exploit our site to make some new friends in the hope that, pretending to be spiritual, they will be able to find a friend or a boyfriend.

These are very lonely people who have never been able to integrate into society, and with the benefit of hindsight nowadays I have a new awareness of the reason why it happens.Sometimes these are unfortunate people, who have met the wrong people at the wrong time;many other times we are dealing with people who do not know how to keep a friend, who betray at the first opportunity, who daily live in putting tares, gossiping about everyone with everyone, putting one against the other, which is why they eventually find themselves in be alone, because no one wants to be near him anymore.This kind of people does not have a real life because those who know them know what kind of people they are, so they try to deceive those who don’t know them through the web and social networks.The web is full of people who have nobody, but they pretend to be someone else to attract attention and make friends.Many of them, unfortunately, pretend to be spiritual people because they have discovered that in most cases, spiritual groups are much more open to new friendships, a little more sensitive, loving, trying not to judge appearance and the past of others (or at least they are more sensitive than other groups outside of spirituality), therefore they are mistaken for stupid and naive: an ideal place to pretend someone else and make some new friend.

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So many people looking for some virtual friend – very lonely and unsatisfied people – they pretend to be spiritual or to have interests about the paranormal world, just to stick a button and start a conversation with new people and, consequently, make new friends.All this would not be bad at all, were it not for the fact that people on the other side are convinced that they are talking to true spirituals, so they confide, ask for advice, listen to the opinion of those who are not spiritual at all but pretend to be and who, getting more trust from others, it also allows you to give advice based on experiences you never had.In other words, it is comparable to a person who pretends to be a doctor and begins to recommend medicines to buy and take, although he has no real experience in this matter in order to afford to give advice in this field.Paranormal experiences are very serious and require first-hand knowledge, so giving spiritual advice without ever having had direct experience leads others to make serious mistakes.The problem therefore is not the search for friends online but pretending to be spiritual only to find someone to chat with, because this leads other people to believe that they are talking to a true spiritual who has real experience!

Also in ACD, unfortunately, we must always pay attention to the people who visit our site.If on the one hand we have people who are really interested in spirituality and psychic evolution, on the other we also have many people who try to use our site to start relationships by exploiting our kindness and kindness.In fact, there are so many people who pretend to be interested in spiritual matters and comment on the experiences of others, they ask questions, but in truth they are only looking for ways to talk and chat with new people.The others unfortunately fall for it, because they naively believe that all the “spiritual” are what they say they are, that is interested in evolution and not in ulterior motives.During all these years of teaching, my staff and I have had to pay attention to so many cases of people who have infiltrated students only to chat, make friends, and then leave trying shamelessly to drag as many people as possible to make them stop them to follow spiritual themes.Among them we found masters of other websites who tried to pretend to be our new students and “advise” others to follow other authors and teachings outside our site, bringing them to theirs.The concept is very simple: he signs up on our site, pretends to be a new student, contacts the other students and suggests he take other courses, his courses!Of course it is easy to pretend someone else when the nickname you use on the web has nothing to do with your real identity: you can use all the nicknames you want and nobody will recognize you!Many other times, however, these are people who are looking for a boyfriend, partner or husband, who sign up for a spiritual site, hoping that the goodness of people’s hearts will allow them to hook up with a partner, since in real life they can’t.Some are revealed in a hurry, while others are very low, staying on the same site for years, because it considers it a great foothold to meet new people and be taken seriously by them who do not know the truth about them, why not they succeed in real life.This is a big problem, because these people are not spiritual, but they risk being taken as experts on the subject only because they have been registered on a site for a long time.Being enrolled in a site does not mean that they are also practicing!Nor that they have evolved.It is easy to enroll in a site but it is very different to practice the teachings to evolve spiritually.

These people are not at all interested in spirituality, but pretend to be so in order to converse with someone;then, when they think they have achieved what they wanted – or some new friend – they leave the site and try to drag as many people as possible.People who are not interested in spirituality will not remain forever on that site with spiritual themes, but sooner or later they will get tired and try to throw mud on the same site that hosted them all this time.

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Therefore they will begin to invent lies and ugly voices to make others believe too, to the true spiritual ones, that they should move away from those teachings and from that site.The serious problem is that people who are not interested in spirituality are able to bring down (or give up spirituality) the people who were, but because of them they will lose everything.So many times it has happened and many times it will happen: some people pretend to be interested in spirituality, then they leave and invent any reason just to be followed by others and let them abandon their spiritual path too.Sometimes they do it because they had already decided it from the beginning, other times they do it because they believe it is a correct revenge.For example, it often happened to me that people absolutely not interested in the practice and evolution, complained that I didn’t bring them ahead in the higher Steps, believing they deserved them.Since I have had enough experience to recognize who is registered to practice and who is registered only to be company, I do not like to offer evolved teachings to those who do not practice, so they would not be able to understand them nor appreciate them.Instead of starting to practice to evolve and deserve the upgrade, they instead decided to take revenge, inventing lies and trying in every way to remove others from spirituality.Of course they have no real reason to talk about it, so they invent it.Although they believed they were doing spite to me, they actually did it to other spiritual people, who naively preferred to believe them and eventually follow them, losing all they had always wanted to listen to a perfect stranger who has nothing to offer him, if not other lies.The funny part of this story is that those who invented lies and tried to drive away other students from the Academy, then returned to ACD to ask to return because they realized what they lost, despite having done everything to remove others and succeed with some.The irony stems from the fact that the others, naively, had followed them thinking they had found a friend and that, to follow his friend, they were also willing to turn their backs on spirituality;after which the friend sent them to that country and returned to our site asking them to return.

What differentiates a true spiritual from a person who is only looking for someone to converse with via the web, given that in real life he has nothing, starts from the beginning that a spiritual one does not waste time in these games: if he likes a spiritual path he follows it , if he doesn’t like it he changes it and another follows.Those who have nothing spiritual about them, enter a site, try to make as many friends as possible, then push them to leave the path en masse and make community to convince other people to give up too, all this just because one he has never been interested in spirituality and has tried to drive others away.We have recorded many of these cases, because the crazy people infiltrate the spiritual groups to make a social life and then, being out of their mind, destroy it to themselves and to others.Why?Because they are not conscious, they are not lucid, nor able to understand what is right and what is wrong;they only follow their unbalanced impulses, which leads them to make mistakes and push others to do the same.Unfortunately other people think they talk to someone evolved, not knowing how wrong they are!And they end up following them inside the ravine.There would be nothing wrong with the fact that a person changes their mind about a path and decides to follow another.mental instability is shown when someone tries to make common sense and let the path get as many people as possible, without having a precise reason in mind: he doesn’t know why, but he wants to do it.We found a lot of fake ones: they join ACD, they make friends inside the Academy and thanks to the Academy, then suddenly they try in every way to convert as many students as possible, contacting them one by one, to others spiritual paths external to the Academy, or to make him leave spirituality entirely, convincing them that it is a bad thing to take an interest in these topics.Why?Because they were never true spirituals, they only registered to make some new leisure friends.

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This is a nasty blow to the spirituals, because believing they have a person who understands them, they find themselves having the exact opposite: a fake figure of the web that as soon as it has achieved its goal it will drop it as it did with the path.

This kind of people is everywhere: every self-respecting spiritual group must fight against false spirituals, which try to infiltrate their home and then convince all present to give up spirituality, for the sake of dropping them.If I fall, you fall too.If I fall, all the others will have to fall too.

So, to answer the question “Are the spirituals all crazy?” I answer: No, only those who have nothing in life and pretend to be spiritual to break into a path that does not belong to them to try to make all others collapse.They are out of their minds.

Are all the spirituals single?


More and more people are single, both women and men, yet they are not found.So they choose to try the last card by infiltrating spiritual groups and pretending to be people with paranormal experiences behind them, so that they seem more evolved and more fascinating in the eyes of others, in the hope of finding someone who cares about them.True spirituals choose a spiritual path to evolve, to practice techniques and evolve their psychic abilities.But there are also those who pretend to be spiritual only to obtain double ends, and unfortunately there are many.This kind of people do not seek evolution, let alone paranormal experiences: look for a husband!Or a woman open to new experiences in the hope of deceiving her with big words that will make him look wiser in his eyes.The truth is that perverts are everywhere, so much so that they also infiltrate spiritual groups, hoping that someone will bite their bait.

The idea that the Spiritual should be single, isolated and isolated to evolve is a completely distorted idea and has been imposed on us with incorrect examples just like Indian clothes to seem awakened.Some people realize that they live a life of wrong couple only after having started to follow a spiritual path, realizing that the psychological or sometimes physical violence received at home is no longer forgivable, so they take courage and interrupt the relationship.At other times, the person realizes that thanks to the spiritual path he feels at peace, finally peaceful and free from oppressive chains, while his partner tries in every way to hinder and close it in a world of problems and imposed decisions;so the relationship breaks off.On the one hand we have an awareness, on the other we have people left who will blame spirituality for their own separation.But this is only a very small part of the spirituals.Many others, on the other hand, leave each other because they cannot bear each other anymore, they leave each other because they do not love or have never loved each other, deciding however to blame spirituality because it is easier to use it as an excuse than to admit the real reasons why you are leaving ‘other person.Because of these cowardly people, the name of spirituality is soiled.Many others, on the other hand, are happily engaged or married, because they commit themselves to maintaining a life of couple fed by respect and union.

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Among the false spiritual there are so many singles, so many women who invent experiences just to get a husband caught up, and so many men who pretend to be awakened in order to attract women to themselves.However, some people pretend to be spiritual, tell about experiences and comment and make appreciations to others, although they don’t give a damn about the paranormal but only look for a way to attack the button in the hope that the other will fall for it.Many times, unfortunately, they succeed.

Then there are those fake spirits who are single by choice (of the others !!!!) and who envy of couples in love – because they are alone!- assume that in order to evolve needs be single, as a couple’s life and worse still marriage are the antichrist, the anti spiritual evolution and the anti awakening.A somewhat exaggerated statement, so much so that it reminds us of the Catholic structure that all of us have been imposed to as children, which says that a priest should not marry, so that he should be devoted only to God;even a nun cannot have a husband.Thus the priest becomes a pedophile and takes advantage of the defenseless children and the nuns become aggressive and violent to make the children suffer their frustrations.Is this the example we would like to follow?All to say that they are serious accusations, yet everyone remembers the moments spent with the sisters as terrible experiences while more and more priests are arrested.Who knows.Of course we must not make a bundle of everything, but let’s be clear: abstinence must never be forced by the idea of ​​mass but must always be a completely personal decision.It is not right to think that those who want to follow God must deprive themselves of human companionship, thus taking away the right to a normal life.Nor is it right that those who want to follow God should deprive themselves of everything only because those who do not follow God believe that they should do so.What word do these last have in chapter?

I believe that to be single by choice is a great lie for the vast majority of cases, to avoid admitting that you cannot relate to another person.Whether it is for bad luck or for serious reasons, there are those who cannot find a partner for a long time and, as a last resort, exploit the mask of the spiritual, pretending to be evolved to try to catch naive prey.It is true that some very rare people are single by their own choice, and have their good reasons, but many others are single because they cannot keep a steady partner by their side, as they betray him, treat him badly or fail to satisfy him, blaming him always to the other without realizing that the real problem is their own.To keep a relationship one needs to engage in two, not just making claims on the other and expecting it to become the perfect person according to one’s comfort.Fortunately, not all spirituals are like that, but you have to be very careful because there are fake spirits who know how to sneak in very well and keep up a beautiful play made up of lies and continuous bogus experiences, in order to attract easy preys.I would never have believed that I had to make these speeches, but after all the experience I was able to find among the spirituals, I must warn you: the false spirits sneak into any group, and it also happened in this school that some would register only to find themselves an easy prey.Pay attention to those you know via the web and distrust them especially from those who try to get too close despite having many more years than you;even if it should do so through this site!

Does this mean that all single people have become so because of them and need to be wary of them?

Absolutely not, I never said that.People are people, some are married and others are single, but this does not make them less evolved or people to be wary of;just like so many married or girlfriends betray their partner and they do even worse.

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This article does not criticize singles, who have nothing to criticize, but warns singles, especially young people but also those of a certain age who are convinced that they no longer fall into any trap, to pay close attention to people who pretend to be spiritual with the goal of finding a bed lover.There are very poor people who take advantage of the ingenuity of good spirituals to take advantage of them, so much so that they use spiritual terms to make them believe that it is their destiny to be together, even when they are 20 years apart!One must be aware of the person one is talking to and be sure that he is a true spiritual person and not someone who pretends to be such only to find himself a partner.



Are all the spirituals maniacs?


I would never have ever wanted to get to this point but today I see myself having to write this hard chapter.In my naivety, I believed that all self-defined spiritual persons followed an evolutionary path with the intent to awaken, to give way to their sensory capacities to increase and develop psychically.I thought everyone had the same goal and that nobody pretended to be spiritual, that everyone was just that, even if everyone had their own way.Years and experience have led me to learn about another side of people.Some of them, because of their perversions, are willing to say and do anything.Some are willing to lie every day and on everything, just to attract some naive prey to them.I’ve always tried to protect my academy from this kind of people, which is why so many of them can’t see me and try to throw mud on ACD.I cannot protect everyone from everything, but I try to protect especially the younger ones from the obsessive attentions of those who do not have positive ends, but are completely perverse.During my journey I have known many: fake spirits who use cosmic and divine words to lead other people to their bed.I knew that there were so many perverted people but I didn’t imagine that there were so many even among those who call themselves spiritual.The guarantee that I offer in this Academy is to immediately remove from ACD those who show perverse reasons and take advantage of the naivety of the spiritual, as soon as I discover or notice their intentions.Unfortunately, for this guarantee that I offer to good spirituals, I suffer many consequences.In fact the perverts and the maniacs will never say that they have been expelled from this site for having tried with young boys 20 years younger than them, but they will try to dirty my name with whatever baggianata comes to mind;it is normal to happen.Due to them, however, other external spiritualists who do not know the whole story could believe their words and fall into their trap, discovering the worst side of people: they will believe they are close to spiritual people and will be deeply disappointed, because they are only perverted maniacs disguised as spiritual.Of course the perverts have no age, in fact I had to dismiss 20 years old, with great regret, because their motto was “The more spiritual I take to bed, the better”, creating great quarrels and disunity in a group as solid as this.That’s why I decided to keep this kind of people out.I cannot remove all the fake spirits from this site, including simple readers, because until they have done nothing wrong I want to offer them the opportunity to learn about the material I teach.But I have no intention of having pity on those who are registered to this site only to try sexually and try their luck, at the expense of the seriousness of this site.

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This does not mean that couples cannot be formed, or that one cannot fall in love: falling in love with a person, however, is quite different than trying with everyone .

I am aware that my students cannot understand all the reasons that push me, and my staff, to make these decisions and sometimes judge us wrongly. Several times I had to warn the students to be very careful about some students who didn’t have good intentions, but they didn’t want to listen to me and they preferred to protect those same students, who later took advantage of them and then planted them, leaving them with the nothing. This is a serious site, with the intent to make the spiritual strong, able to use their talents, aspiring psychics who aim to awaken; it is not a site for sexual encounters, it is not at all and it must not be soiled. Unfortunately some people confuse spirituality with sex, because they associate spirituality only with tantric massages, with perfumed oils, or with kundalini. It is true that spirituality improves sexuality and there is nothing wrong with this, just as it improves every sphere that belongs to our life such as work, health, luck, and therefore also sex; however spirituality is much more, it goes well beyond the desire for a night, it is something that must not be soiled with similar presumptions. Fake spirits use spiritual words to win the other person’s heart, deceive it, and then use it. Among the phrases of conquests we find: “We are twin souls. We have made so many lives spent together in which we were married. We have great missions together. We have the same level of energy, we are very similar. We are twin flames. We are ancient souls and we have known each other for a long time. “These are phrases that are heard very often in spirituality, so they are used by the pretended spirituals to bite a naive prey that will believe that it is all true and, in this method, will be able to convince the others to have to “attend”. We have been together in many lives, we should also be together in this.

Because of these squalid people, spiritual terms are dirty that would have nothing wrong. It is normal for some people to meet again and find themselves again in this life, recognizing that they have already known each other, but this does not mean that they must have been married, nor that in this life they have to repeat the matter. Do you only know your ex in this life? No, you know your parents, family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, and some of these souls could meet again in next lives. If you believe in reincarnation you understand this concept, but if you don’t pay attention there are those who could cheat you by exploiting these same statements. I hate that squalid people use these terms and dirty spirituality to achieve double ends,because what they will get will be to make their victims disappointed, profoundly disappointed by spirituality, convinced that the spiritual are all maniacs. In this matter, my position is very difficult, because I want the Academy not to be frequented by maniacs and false spirits, so I move them away. This leads me to have so many enemies, who will never admit to having been turned away for behaving like perfect perverts, but will invent any fandonia just to throw mud on the Academy. On the other hand, I can’t turn a person away just for trying with someone without hurting him, because it would be too much and I wouldn’t want to do it; therefore also when I am sure that a person registered to the site will eventually do the damage,unfortunately I have to wait for him to make a wrong move before he can act accordingly. Sometimes I prefer to give this kind of people another chance in the hope that they will understand the importance of this path and appreciate its environment, so as to decide not to dirty it with their sexual desires. Other times I just have to wait for him to make the wrong move that confirms his true intentions already discovered for a while.Other times I just have to wait for him to make the wrong move that confirms his true intentions already discovered for a while.Other times I just have to wait for him to make the wrong move that confirms his true intentions already discovered for a while.

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Among the maniacs there are all ages, from the young 20s, boys and girls who try with half the world, to the far more serious 40-year-olds who try with young people. The worst cases I could see were 40-50 year-old women who shamelessly try with everyone, even with their 20s, making them believe that being with a more mature woman makes them “wake up” first. These women did not have the slightest trace of spirituality, but they knew how to talk and cheat a 20 year old, posing as evolved and practicing people. Unfortunately I saw young people fall for it, decide to be with people who could be their mother, convinced that this could make them evolve faster. Naturally they were very disappointed, after a few years in which they were the toy of these clever ladies and the laughing stock of their peers. For those who say that age does not matter, I tell you: 20 years old, stay with the 20s and not with women of your mother’s age! Women, 40 and over, look for a man of your age and not a kid who could be your child! 20 years of difference are not superficial, especially in adolescence. We can’t talk about pedophilia when the boy is of age, but I think that a 40 year old is there try with an 18 year old is a person who does not have a clear and mature mind, but with serious problems on which he must work. That these women cannot find a man of their age (or slightly younger) can only mean one thing, that they do not have the maturity of their own body, but they are still children in the bodies of now middle-aged women and this is not not at all a sign of youth, but of mental imbalance. At 40 you must behave at 40! I believe in love and I believe that sometimes it may present differently from the typical, but I do not accept that over 40 year olds manipulate the mind of 20, using the name of spirituality, let alone in my house.

In my position, I cannot and do not want to control the love life of people who are in ACD, because they are not my responsibility at all and I have no intention of being your sentimental consultant. If you are wrong, if you fall into the traps of the spinsters who try them with the kids, or of the bachelors who try with the girls, it’s all your business after all and I don’t take responsibility for it. But I really care that you pay attention and don’t fall into the traps of certain people. It is not true that staying with a 40 year old helps you wake up faster! You could also experience life, but it has nothing to do with spiritual experience!Get rid of the lure of fake people who make desperate attempts even at the cost of inventing paranormal experiences just to attract you to their bait. Please be careful! Obviously I talked about the 40 year olds because I think they are the most typical and even the worst cases, both in the male case and in the female case. Everyone talks about maniacs, as if there were no perverts among women. Unfortunately I met many 40- to 50-year-old spinsters who tried with 18-20 year olds. They were willing to invent any experience and big word in order to appear more evolved in their eyes. All this to have a sex toy and sometimes to find a young man who started working to support his children. However, this does not mean that this kind of people is found only among women, because perversion does not look male or female. I also had to remove many 40-year-old, 50-year-old and sometimes 60-year-old men from the Academy for trying with the 18-year-olds. I cannot allow young girls to be afraid to attend a spiritual course because they fear that men will try to cheat them. Nor that young boys are being manipulated by middle-aged women who believe that this can make them evolve sooner.I’ve always wanted to create a group that didn’t have this kind of problems. There will always be someone who will behave badly, who will be false, will betray, tell lies or spread discord, but I do not accept perversion, let alone young people. I can’t defend the whole world from these people, but I can try to make this site as clean as possible.

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To do so, however, I will need your attention and above all your sincerity:
be careful of those who try to obtain double ends with you using any excuse including spiritual ones; but above all, warn us if you get annoyed or you know that someone suffers this kind of manipulation. If you keep quiet, allow these people to turn to our site on the loose and find the most naive prey that will become its victim sooner or later. If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for the sake of others.

Finally, we cannot control each user who registers on this site, but you can pay attention to who contacts you and for what reason. This does not mean that you must be wary of everyone, precisely because we are committed to maintaining this protected place. But don’t be naive and pay attention when someone just wants to be nice to you, since someone wants to get double ends. If in doubt you can contact us and ask for advice, because we can inform you of that person’s past and reassure you or protect you. Each report will always be accepted as if we received it anonymously. Together we will be able to follow a spiritual evolution without fear of having to keep the guard raised with everyone.

To move on to a lighter topic, I would like to answer the next question:


Are spirituals all gay?


I also have gay friends, and they are very nice people!

Who knows how many times you’ve heard this sentence or you said it yourself. We talk about gays as if they were animals or aliens, so having a gay friend seems almost strange and abnormal. Some boast that they have gay friends and others defend them by saying that they are very nice people. We talk about gays as if they were a race in themselves, with which we sometimes come into contact and we can say that they are docile and have a nice and cheerful character; woe to the contrary! Because if gays were nasty people, this would change everything and we should be careful from them!

Ok, it is true, this chapter does not seem to have anything to do with today’s topic and it seems more like the beginning of the usual article in defense of gays, but I guarantee that it is not. I want to talk about gays because among the spiritual ones we are very often in the position to receive questions like: but are you spirituals all gay and lesbian?
No, many of us are straight, and we will probably remain so for life. Apparently sexual orientation has nothing to do with spirituality but today I have good reasons to talk about this topic, so let’s face it. The gay argument has never interested me so much, for the simple reason that I am straight and that nothing changes me if the neighbor or a friend of the group becomes gay or not, as long as you respect me as much as I respect him she. I am aware that gays go through a bad time because they are not accepted by everyone, but this must not even become an excuse to be sorry for all ills. Gay people must stop treating themselves as abnormal people, because society is already adapting to them because, in truth, they have always existed,and they too must begin to feel accepted.

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In some periods they were treated worse for which they had to hide, in others they showed themselves with more lightness, but they have always been there. But I notice that many gays feel judged even when in truth nobody is judging them, a bit like when a person who considers himself ugly believes that all the people passing by are staring and criticizing her; they are a bit of an exaggeration. It is true that some believe that gays have mental problems, but many others look at them exactly as they would look at any other straight. I believe that the fact that a girl likes females and a boy likes males, is not the total reason that disturbs people (except for those who never make their cacti and have to criticize anyone, but they have no values nor mental clarity) but how they behave.The fact that they are gay can make some curious, make them talk, but this does not make them fear or disgust. Sometimes, however, some gay people behave badly and, because of them, they end up calling them all the same.

If on the one hand we have gay people who are fighting for gay rights, as they are human beings who live life, work, study or do what they like, other gay people behave very much like perverts and, as the voices turn , we end up saying “gays are like that, they are all the same”. In fact it is not being attracted to the same sex that makes one think that that person has mental problems, but the fact that some gay people are perverted and for some cases pedophiles, see eg. the priests. When we talk about these concepts we don’t say “that man is a pedophile” but they say “that gay is pedophile”, using the term homosexuality to aggravate the situation. This is because we clearly want to create a conflict and divide people. Even when it comes to perverts, it acts in the same way: if a man is perverted, he will speak with a certain tone, but if a man is perverted and even gay the situation will be considered the worst. The fact is that, gay or straight, people always talk about a pervert but society requires us to think that the gay is more serious. I honestly believe that it is not the sexual taste that upsets other people, but the fact that for a straight person, to think of being subjected to violence by another person of the same sex, is a shocking thought. For shy people or worse still with traumas to the shoulders, for example for women who have suffered violence, it is a little difficult to attend other men therefore they decide to surround themselves with many more female friends than male friends. But knowing that one of her friends is a lesbian, could upset her because it makes her world collapse a little. In a way, it’s as if she had surrounded herself with women to protect herself from man’s sexual attentions, but knowing that even among women she is no longer “protected” by sexual desires because one of her friends looks at her in a certain way , makes her feel more uncomfortable. A straight person can feel very uncomfortable to receive same-sex attention, because in a sense he feels violated in his bubble that he had to protect her from attention, thus being ineffective. The problem is not gay people, they are not people who love their own sex rather than love the other,but it is like some gay people among others behave in the wrong way, and because of them we all pass as if they were all the same. Exactly as happens among the spirituals! Because of some wrong examples, we risk thinking that all spirituals are scammers, liars or madmen. So gays are just one of many categories that are unfairly considered bad because of some cases that make them appear negatively, and not the top category.So gays are just one of many categories that are unfairly considered bad because of some cases that make them appear negatively, and not the top category.So gays are just one of many categories that are unfairly considered bad because of some cases that make them appear negatively, and not the top category.

The fact is that some gays have no demeanor and, because of them, they all pass by. As an example, during my life I have received so many compliments from both straight and homosexuals, and it was not this that bothered me, but the way.

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Regarding my personal case, apart from the mental patients who are many, boys generally have more attitude in giving compliments and trying, both for education, for respect, and for fear of other consequences; in the case of lesbian girls, on the other hand, I speak for the ones I met, the compliments were much more invasive and “dirty”, because they say: “we are women, there is nothing wrong with telling you this or if I touch you sit ”, while instead yes, knowing that the other person takes pleasure in touching you can be very annoying even if you are a woman. It is true that women are much more confident than men, for example two girls can go to the bathroom together and not be ashamed, the boys are rarer to do it, because we have grown up with different habits and thoughts.If a woman goes to the bathroom with another woman, they immediately think they are friends, if a man asks another man to go to the bathroom together they could pass for lovers. In truth it does not mean that they are, but society has forced us to think this, and therefore it makes us strange to see a man explicitly asking another man to go to the bathroom together. If two girls get carried away, they immediately think they are great friends, but if two guys get the hang of it, they mean they are gay. This is the method of thinking that has been set for us. Likewise, if two girls per game touch each other’s asses, everyone laughs and nobody thinks badly, because the person who is touched feels absolutely serene in knowing that the other person is just playing and feels no feelings towards her.Knowing instead that the other person feels pleasure and sexual desires towards you, and allows himself to touch you, this can be very annoying. The problem is that if you ask a lesbian girl not to touch your bottom, she will start making you the papyrus about the fact that you are homophobic, but this is not the concept at all. For some people seeing a lesbian girl is like seeing a man with a female body, so to speak; so it’s not about being homophobic, but it is that if you are a lesbian and therefore in a sense you act like the male part of the couple, just like a man you don’t have to touch a woman if she doesn’t want to be touched.The problem is that if you ask a lesbian girl not to touch your bottom, she will start making you the papyrus about the fact that you are homophobic, but this is not the concept at all. For some people seeing a lesbian girl is like seeing a man with a female body, so to speak; so it’s not about being homophobic, but it is that if you are a lesbian and therefore in a sense you act like the male part of the couple, just like a man you don’t have to touch a woman if she doesn’t want to be touched.The problem is that if you ask a lesbian girl not to touch your bottom, she will start making you the papyrus about the fact that you are homophobic, but this is not the concept at all. For some people seeing a lesbian girl is like seeing a man with a female body, so to speak; so it’s not about being homophobic, but it is that if you are a lesbian and therefore in a sense you act like the male part of the couple, just like a man you don’t have to touch a woman if she doesn’t want to be touched.but it is that if you are a lesbian and therefore in a sense you act like the male part of the couple, just like a man you must not touch a woman if she does not want to be touched.but it is that if you are a lesbian and therefore in a sense you act like the male part of the couple, just like a man you must not touch a woman if she does not want to be touched.

Personally I have nothing to say about gays or lesbians as a general topic, while I have to say about the very precise people who don’t know how to stand still in their shoes. If you decide to be gay, you have to be aware that certain attitudes can become annoying for men. As an example, two friends can often go out alone and nobody will say anything about them; they can sleep together, go to the gym together, then go to the locker room together; everything is normal, nothing wrong. But if one of the two is sexually attracted to the other, but the other is straight and does not want to know anything about becoming gay, it is normal that he can start to distance himself and therefore lose contact. This does not derive from the fact that it is homophobic,because that same boy has sent away who knows how many girls in love with him because he didn’t feel the same. But if it breaks women ‘s hearts it’s okay, if it breaks it to a gay man, do you talk like a contemptible person? The fact is that the word homophobia is used too lightly. People are used to pushing away those who compliment them or prove they are attracted, regardless of sex. Because if a woman receives attention from a man she doesn’t like, she can turn him away and she turns out to be a just woman, while if she receives attention from another woman who doesn’t like her and takes her away, she turns out to be bad, homophobic, and more put it more?if it breaks him to a gay man do you talk like a contemptible person? The fact is that the word homophobia is used too lightly. People are used to pushing away those who compliment them or prove they are attracted, regardless of sex. Because if a woman receives attention from a man she doesn’t like, she can turn him away and she turns out to be a just woman, while if she receives attention from another woman who doesn’t like her and takes her away, she turns out to be bad, homophobic, and more put it more?if it breaks him to a gay man do you talk like a contemptible person? The fact is that the word homophobia is used too lightly. People are used to pushing away those who compliment them or prove they are attracted, regardless of sex. Because if a woman receives attention from a man she doesn’t like, she can turn him away and she turns out to be a just woman, while if she receives attention from another woman who doesn’t like her and takes her away, she turns out to be bad, homophobic, and more put it more?another woman who does not like and distances her, turns out to be bad, homophobic, and so on and so forth?another woman who does not like and distances her, turns out to be bad, homophobic, and so on and so forth?

That homophobia exists is very true but it is wrong for many gays to use the word whenever it suits them. It is true that gays in some countries and in some areas have fewer rights, just like women! So it’s wrong to talk about gays as the only victims in the world, because it’s not true, and sometimes in countries like ours, where they are increasingly accepted, they use this card with a bit of exaggeration. As long as we talk about teenagers, when they bully a gay boy, they are not really mocking his sexual orientation but are taking it with the weaker boy. There are so many gay boys who have not suffered violence at school and many other straight people who are mocked, beaten and end up committing suicide every year because they are humiliated by their peers.

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But when we talk about them we don’t say “straight guy is beaten because he looked at someone else’s girlfriend”, while for the gay guy who was beaten for looking at another friend’s friend we say “gay boy beaten because he was a homosexual”. It is true that there is still homophobia but we do not exaggerate it as if the whole world punished it: it is not true, there are many people who do not care about the sexual tastes of others, as long as they do not feel violated with excessive compliments or with unappreciated touches.

What creates disgust in some people is not sexual orientation at all but the knowledge of some gay maniacs who have somehow traumatized them. The fact is that lesbian girls want to believe that it is completely normal to touch another woman, touch her and expect the other to like “because we are women”, no, because if she is not attracted to that person she does not like to suffer certain things, just like you wouldn’t like to suffer from a man. Why should being touched by a lesbian woman be less serious? We see the same thing in man. The man is more detached than the woman, the men do not touch the butt if not rare friends who do not make these problems but many others do not appreciate too much confidence, while being sure that the other person is straight. For him,to know that a man with sexual desires towards him, takes too much confidence, is even more annoying. He does not judge the fact that he is gay but shows that he is sexually attracted to him. So men do not mind staying close to gays and breathing the same air: it annoys them to receive glances and appreciation from another man who demonstrates intentions and sexual desires. As I have already said, we all have the nature to remove those who appreciate us that we do not want, even if most of the time it happens with people of the opposite sex. However, we receive praise from people who do not like us because, moreover, they belong to the same sex, it is not different: we remove them because we do not like them to try them with us. This is not homophobia,these are actions that we perform every day towards hetero and i don’t see why not do it to gays. Unfortunately, however, many gays are convinced that, since they appreciate both sexes or their own sex, then the people with whom they try should necessarily appreciate them in the same way. A person who has decided to be and remain straight has no reason to change their sexual orientation, even if a gay person tries with him. The fact is that some gays – and this should not be denied – expect that the person with whom they try, despite being straight, should make an effort and try new experiences, otherwise it is homophobic! But the straight ones don’t care about homosexual experiences! I’m heterosexual! Those who want to have experiences with both sexes are called bisexuals, but hetero they have already decided which sex they like and it is not right to continue to insist and define them homophobic just because they have made a different choice from gays.

But what does all this have to do with spirituality?

This is exactly where I wanted to go. There is an obvious, logical, and normal premise to make: not all gays are the same, there are those who mind their own business, those who do not try with all those who pass by, who is a serious person and loyal to his partner, who is not interested in straight people because he likes only homosexual people, and so on. In this chapter I am describing only the kind of gay people who behave badly and, because of them, all the others also go by doing all the fuss. So I’m not criticizing gays, but those specific cases of gays who act like maniacs. The gay topic is getting closer to the spirituality topic, and now I’ll explain why.

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Just like the madmen, the liars, the vegans, the environmentalists, the animalists, and all those who infiltrate spiritual groups to convert as many people as possible into their lifestyle, pretending to be spiritual and making them believe that you can’t wake up and consider yourself spiritual if you are not vegan, animalist, environmentalist and so on, there is also fashion that you cannot be spiritual and you cannot find enlightenment if you do not first become gay.

All this may seem silly and banal, a weak premise in which no one would fall, but unfortunately more and more people fall for it. Of course they season the speech with fine words, giving long speeches about the fact that the soul is asexual and that the body is only a shell. They start from a principle that can have logical and even beautiful bases, but then force you to choose what they want you to choose. It all starts with the long soul talk. It is true: the soul has no sex, the soul loves everyone, male or female. It is true: you have lived many past lives in which you have been a man and others in which you have been a woman, therefore your soul has both sides. It is true: some of the people you know today as women, it is possible that in other lives they have been men and you have loved each other,therefore in this life you may still feel the ancient love that unites you. It’s all true! But the soul is the soul, the body is the body. If in this life you were born a woman and the man you loved in the past was also born a woman in this life, there will also be a reason. The fact is that if you are of a lesbian nature, then it is right that you follow your nature. But if you’re straight, why twist your nature and change your tastes just to please someone else? Why make you like a woman if you are naturally attracted to the male sex? There is nothing wrong with being straight! We must take very seriously that in the spiritual field today you are strange if you are straight. It is right that gays do not suffer and are not targeted for their sexual tastes,let alone try to forcibly convert them to become straight if that’s not what they want. But why force a hetero to become gay? Why do all this psychological manipulation to make it seem that the straight person is less spiritually evolved with the usual crap that hetero “don’t have an open mind” just because they don’t want to go to bed with the same sex? Here’s what the real problem is. Just like the speech of vegans, what annoys people is not who is vegan, but it is those vegans who make you feel guilty if you follow your omnivorous nature rather than theirs. The same thing we see again among gay spirituals: it is not homosexuality that bothers, but those gay people who make you feel guilty if you follow your straight nature rather than “open your mind” to the other sex.

For those who have never known gay spirituals who tried to convert him, I say to you: blessed are your minds that have not known this madness! But if you know many spiritual groups, you will have met some even more than someone. Among the various stories, they say that to enlighten you must necessarily become gay, because only when your soul has learned to open up to both sexes can you awaken and get closer to God, because God is complete, is both woman and man and blah blah . The truth is that God doesn’t give a damn if you’re straight or gay, but the kind of people who want to manipulate others at all costs are able to exploit the name of God with just as much lightness. Just as they exploit the name of Jesus. Suffice it to say that a new fashion created by some gay people is spreading theidea – or rather blasphemy – that Jesus was gay and that for this reason, if you want to follow the teachings of Jesus, you have to become gay. However, the idea that Jesus was gay has a somewhat more complicated history. This story stems from the evidence that Jesus wrote some love letters to a certain John. We all know John: the favorite apostle of Jesus, the apostle who first saw the resurrection of Jesus; the apostle who together with Peter performed the most miracles among all; the apostle who remained until the end of the crucifixion of Jesus, to console the Madonna. Does anyone remember you? Already. John, in truth, was the Magdalene. John is the male name by which the Church has attempted to make the female figure completely disappear from religion, to subdue it and muddy it.

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How could the woman be subjugated if after Jesus came the Magdalene, or a woman? The figure of the Madonna cannot be hidden by now, but the Magdalene yes, muddying her in every possible way. It would be enough for you to go and read the writings and discover that when one speaks of John the Magdalene is not mentioned in any way, and when one speaks of the Magdalene the figure of John disappears. Moreover, their lives fit together on everything: on miracles, on the first person who saw Jesus during the resurrection, on the person who remained during the crucifixion, the same identical miracles performed at exactly the same time, and so on. The Church, in order to hide the figure of the Magdalene – that only in the year 2016 was finally claimed and revealed as the successor of Jesus,after two thousand years fed up with lies – he preferred to pass Jesus as gay, rather than give such value to the woman by admitting that, the favorite of all the apostles of Jesus, was really a woman!

So the Church that denies gays so much, let Jesus be passed off as a homosexual (who wrote love letters to “John”) in order not to admit that she was a husband of the Magdalene, a woman! But this is not the first time this has happened. Joan of Arc had to do the same, who, in order to be accepted by society and be able to save France, had to pretend to be a man and be called Giovanni; nevertheless the Church wanted to punish and make her disappear, because she could not accept that a young woman could be so strong. Therefore the Church muddies the figure of the woman to such an extent that in order to be worth something, one must become a man otherwise it will see to it that its traces disappear.We know the story of the disciple John only because he could not be hidden – given all the miracles that Mary Magdalene has done – that made her pass for man, at the price of making people believe that Jesus was gay. Given this premise, some gay and fake spiritual people, exploit the false story about homosexual Jesus in order to convince as many spirituals as possible to open physically (other than mentally!) To have sex with the same sex. Of course there is no lack of advertisements, subliminal messages and all the music videos that lead us to think that we need to become gay, because the straight person is no longer fashionable. That gays should have the same rightssome gay and fake spiritual people, exploit the false story about homosexual Jesus in order to convince as many spirituals as possible to open physically (other than mentally!) to have sex with the same sex. Of course there is no lack of advertisements, subliminal messages and all the music videos that lead us to think that we need to become gay, because the straight person is no longer fashionable. That gays should have the same rightssome gay and fake spiritual people, exploit the false story about homosexual Jesus in order to convince as many spirituals as possible to open physically (other than mentally!) to have sex with the same sex. Of course there is no lack of advertisements, subliminal messages and all the music videos that lead us to think that we need to become gay, because the straight person is no longer fashionable. That gays should have the same rightsThat gays should have the same rightsThat gays should have the same rights heterosexuals are logical and we should not even discuss this, but nowadays hetero people are being manipulated to be converted to a nature that does not belong to them, it is a big mistake. This is not good, let alone exploiting spiritual words to force people hoping to wake up, to become gay to do so. It is not sexual orientation that allows or prevents someone from awakening! But it is psychic practice !!! Therefore it is not true that one must become gay in order to evolve spiritually, nor that one must open up to the other sex and go to bed with them. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with spiritual evolution, so let’s stop spreading and believing some lies, among other things ridiculous.

With this chapter I hope I have solved many doubts on this issue, hoping that people will open their eyes and choose their lives and sexual orientation following their own tastes and ideas, without being influenced by mass thinking or taxes. by some groups of people. Regardless of what others tell you, do the right thing!

To conclude this very intense article that completes the topic “Spirituals are all CRAZY” I would like to thank you for going deep into reading without stopping at the first lines and judging the article by its title. I am sure that at the end of the reading you have understood my point of view much better, so I invite you to write yours through a comment below, to let us know if this series of articles were useful to you and you liked them. Let’s wait to read you!

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