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40 – Chakras – Three steps towards Evolution (Part 3)

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The evolution of the chakras is fundamental to our personal evolution, so let us work to understand what exactly it is.

Our physical body and that energy have continuous need of energy: if we do not offer it through meditation they find themselves to be very weak, like those of most people. When the chakras are undernourished, they find themselves consuming the small percentage of daily energy that they are able to scrape together by simply breathing (without meditation) to try to survive, but they cannot be much better, since only meditation can fill our chakras to the point of giving us real strength. Not surprisingly, we all feel more or less tired very often during the day, rather than being active and perky as we should be. All people have chakras and all people use them, but using them so little and unaware that it is almost invisible. In fact, having very discharged chakras, the use that is made of it is very basic: we take the energy from the chakras unconsciously to try to be more active, awake, focused, agile during the day, but we do not succeed easily in this intent because requires considerable effort. Just think of how seriously you try to study, reading and rereading the same sentences with commitment and seriousness, yet you can’t memorize anything despite having been trying for hours; this little concentration comes from a lack of energy at the mind chakra. Not knowing we have chakras, we do not make conscious use of them, so we do not use them for their great value that could be used for multiple daily activities. In practice it is as if we didn’t use them, because, given the very low energy they have, it’s almost as if we didn’t have them. This is normal since, not knowing you have chakras, you don’t even know how to use them. Sometimes it may happen that by chance they are used for light purposes, because after all it is their natural function and they would like to work together to make us feel good, but if we become aware of our chakras and feed them to make them stronger we can use them to get the most out of them. of physical well-being. The chakras are of vital importance in our daily lives, much more than we can currently imagine having no practical experience to understand these concepts.

Without meditation the chakras are very discharged, so even trying to use them you don’t get a great effect because they don’t have enough energy to work: the intent in this case is not enough. Personal evolution is based on three fundamental points: self-awareness (in this case, of the chakras), intent (decision to use the chakras) and energy (the force that makes the motor move, or the chakra), which accumulates meditating. That minimum of energy that everyone possesses without meditation is not enough at all to evolve our mind and elevate our life, otherwise we would all already be awakened, but apparently it does not work that way. Evolution means first of all getting out of the typical programs to free oneself from those chains that subjugate everyone. In a nutshell it is to decide to be “different” from the usual mass that follows whatever is placed in front of it without reasoning with its own head. The point is that our body is identical to that of all the others, so it gets tired like the others, gets destabilized, gets sick, because if we don’t decide to have that internal change – also called Evolution – we can’t differentiate ourselves from the others. Your physical body, like the energy body – and therefore also your mind – needs evolved chakras to be able to reason, fortify, realize and realize what you think is the best change for your life. Without energy the chakras can do little, either because they do not recognize their true power and therefore do not learn to use it, and because, even if I knew it, without energy they would not have the strength to be able to move and everything would remain blocked. Knowing the power of your chakras is not to be underestimated, because knowing what they are capable of, you understand what and how to use them in times of need, which also happens much more often than you can imagine.

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It is certain that without practice you will never understand the true abilities of your chakras, because words and “theories” that you may not believe will remain forever, but if discovering their strength leads you to practice meditation it is certain that you will gain experiences on your skin that will confirm the veracity of your internal power.

There will be no more theories or ideas, there will be only you and the experience in real facts that will show you that the chakras really work. Being used to living without their specific use we believe that the absence of chakras is not so problematic, indeed, that it makes no difference, precisely because we do not know what it is and what we are missing. Although it may seem a bit crude comparison, we are comparable to a man born blind, who does not know how wonderful and useful it is to be able to see that there are not too many problems with the colors and shades of furniture in your own home; sure, he suffers for his problem, he would like to be able to see and know the faces of the people around him, but not having the sight he will never be able to understand what it means to watch the sunset or to be able to define a clean sea thanks to the fact of being able to see the feet underneath ‘water. Even if he really wanted to understand it, he will never understand what colors, shadows and plays of light are, because he doesn’t have that tool to identify them. Those who choose to ignore their chakras decide to become blind and live by touching life just as a blind man would do, without being able to see it, so without really understanding it.   It is understandable that we do not recognize their importance without knowing their value, but since we are fortunate to be able to decide not to remain “blind” it is good to try to open our eyes to the reality that surrounds us, through filling and training of their own chakras.

In the beginning, when you meditate for the first few times on the chakras, these could cause you some discomfort that you could exchange with the feeling of pain, because they have never been loaded in your whole life, so it is as if your legs started walking after a long time in which you have stopped: obviously they would hurt you because they no longer have the strength to hold you up. The chakras have never been filled, since you have never meditated before, so during your first meditations they will have to widen and start activating; this could cause you a slight discomfort for the first few days. Probably when you meditated on the Mind chakra for the first time it caused you a forehead discomfort that you confused with the headache, thinking that it was a pain. Little by little you will realize that the discomfort in the mind chakra is a very different headache, it is like a ramification that is created inside your head; moreover, that annoyance will no longer be so negative, but you will call it almost pleasant. It will make you understand that something good is happening in your head, in fact you will feel more “light” and also emotionally happier. You will not immediately realize what it is exactly, because the body is not used to this novelty, but little by little if you continue to meditate you will discover it more and more, understanding that it is something very good. In fact, whenever you stop meditating for a long time, the chakras return to the starting point and you will almost have to start over. Since you are at the beginning of this journey, and with that you have not assimilated who knows how much energy even if you have meditated for two or three weeks in a row (even if you could feel yourself much stronger than before), the fact remains that your chakras are not yet trained and do not know how to move, so if I stopped practicing again they would come back as they were before in no time. As a result, every time you start practicing again, you may get back to having those problems, because the chakras will start again to widen. Meditating so much and not meditating at all suddenly does not do much good to your chakras, because it would be like losing weight and gaining weight too quickly, creating stretch marks that, in energy terms, would become small cracks. In a nutshell, if you ate a lot and suddenly you were starving for so many days in a row and without reason, this would not do your body as much as it does with the chakras when you stop feeding them.

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Nothing to worry about the chakras if I started meditating again, because those cracks would resolve in no time, being energetic and certainly not physical. If you stopped meditating completely, you would return as before you started this path, and probably if your interest is to evolve spiritually it is the last thing you want. The worst that could happen if you decide to stop meditating is to come back as you were before, which, personally, I think is the worst thing, because when you know your true power and you hold it in your hands you would want everything except return as before, to when you were unable to understand and react to situations created around you to take away energy.

Each chakra is different from the other and each one creates different sensations when it wants to indicate that it needs energy and, in other words, it is empty. You must understand that until now you had never meditated on the chakras, so you didn’t know the motivations of your physical pains. In fact, if you get a headache during the day, you think it’s a very normal thing, because of course “it’s perfectly normal” that suddenly you get a pain in your atrocious head that makes you feel the pains of hell, or a perennial stomach ache that whatever you eat here comes the pangs that seem to be stronger than stabs. We believe that it is normal because “everyone has them”, “everyone” feels these pains, but it is not normal at all; those are pains from lack of energy that leads your chakras to protect you from evils, so pains and illnesses arrive. Without strength, how can you expect the opposite? “Everyone” feels these pains because “everyone” does not meditate. Try asking, to true practitioners of meditation, how many years they don’t have a headache, stomach ache, and don’t get serious influences. It is no coincidence that it will be the same time since they began to meditate with seriousness and perseverance. With practical experience you will discover a very interesting information on the chakras, the one concerning their pains. To be exact, the slight discomfort that one might feel during or after the meditations – which has nothing to do with true daily typical pains – is not caused because the chakras are filling up, but it happens when they realize they are empty. The pains that you felt during the days in your head, in your stomach, in your stomach, before you met this spiritual path (think of all the times you’ve had a headache in recent years!) Were due to the lack of energy that prevented your body to function and protect itself from any negativity it could enter or create due to excessive stress, fatigue, and so on.

The discomforts you discover the first few times you meditate are not comparable to real pains, but they are a kind of annoyance that is completely opposite to pain: you feel something happening inside your body and you can’t recognize what it is because you are not used to it. and yet, with a little more practice, you will recognize by yourself that that discomfort is not at all equal to the pain you feel due to the absence of energy. The annoyance of the first meditation is derived from the fact that the chakras have to discover themselves, they must understand what is happening and what is it all that energy. It will take a few days to get used to, and after a week of constant practice you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. However, depending on the case, there are people who have the chakras very clogged with negativity due to the stress accumulated in previous years; nothing abnormal or dangerous, simply through constant meditation they will have to clean themselves up a bit, so the annoyance could last even a few weeks compared to other people who after 2-3 days will no longer feel it. However it will be a nuisance that will become ever lighter precisely because it will be cleaning up from negativity, not the other way around. However, if you stop meditating due to lack of time or for any other reason, the chakras – by now used to “living in the luxury” of energy – may experience some pain due to the lack of energy, because they would not like to return as “they were before “But they wish to remain strong as they were getting used to meditating. By ceasing to meditate, the nourishment is interrupted to the chakras that begin to discharge and “to be frightened”, fearing to return as weak as they once were.

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This is why they will try to give signs such as pains in the areas of the body in which they find themselves, to warn them in a certain way of their suffering caused by the absence of energy. This is their way of communicating the discomfort that is happening inside.

The mind chakra is generally the most “encrusted”, being the chakra where more negative thoughts accumulate (we think with the mind! And it often happens that we think negative and pessimistically during our days!) So it is what it will employ more time to clean up than others; it is also likely that it will cause discomfort several times during the first month of practice even outside of meditation, while others may never cause trouble or do it only the first few days. In practice, the mind chakra is the most “annoying”, but perhaps also the most useful and satisfying way to start a healthy spiritual path; it is thanks to the mind chakra that it is often felt that we can remember its presence. It’s very useful.

All the chakras then, meditating with constancy, balance and do not cause more discomfort. It is very important to know that if one meditates every other day, then two days yes and three times no, this cannot be defined as a constant practice, because constancy is equivalent to practicing every day without skipping a day. If the chakra did not feed consistently, it would take much longer to get used to and / or clean up, and not just a week. It is obvious that a single day of absence would not ruin our chakras by causing them to fall to zero, but if we start with the thought that one day does not break down, we will end up believing that even two days of fasting do not hurt, and then not even three, concluding for clear our chakras making them go back undernourished as long ago. Evolution depends very much on the constancy that one has in practice. At the beginning it is understandable if you cannot keep precise and linear constancy immediately, because you are not used to it and you still have to get carried away, so there is no reason to hear from you less; however, you must be aware that if you are not constant in practice, you will need more time to reach higher levels. It’s normal, I’m informing you so you can know. One must be aware of the truth, it is essential.

In women also the chakra Who could be quite annoying, indeed even painful, because due to the cycle its energy is often consumed and thrown out once a month for several days – even before and after the cycle – so many women find themselves in to be lacking in energy while those who meditate, which can cause similar pains, but much lighter, to the menstrual period although they are not contemporary. In practice the absence of energy of the Chi causes a sensation similar to that during the cycle; this means that the chakra absolutely needs more energy and that the person should devote himself more to his meditation. Many times women do not know that the pains in the belly are due to the Chi discharge, but due to the similarity with the cycle they will give him all the faults. If, on the other hand, they meditated more on the Chi, they would notice that even during menstrual periods they would experience less pain in the belly, strange but true. Women discharge their Chi earlier than men, because once a month a percentage of their energy is consumed by menstruation; moreover, those who have had children have much more discharge than those who have not had, so they will notice that they have a Chi who needs to pay more attention because they are more skimpy. Since you have just begun to discover the function of the chakras, you must learn to recognize on your skin the discomfort of the first meditation from chakra pain due to the absence of energy. During my experience I realized that the chakras realize that they desire much more energy when they become aware of it, because in a sense, before you started meditating, they too were blind and didn’t know they could feed themselves with the pranic energy.

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Before starting a meditative journey your chakras did not work to protect you from physical ailments and pains, so they caused all the pain to fall directly onto the physical body, not knowing how to defend yourself; they were sleeping. This caused damage to parts of the body that were not protected, and from there pains. For example, women who have never meditated on the chakras with the right technique suffer much more from cycle pains than women who do well on the Chi instead. The same thing happens to the head: very many women who do not meditate, suffer from severe headaches both during the cycle and during the normal routine regardless of whether they have reasons or not to try it, because in practice any excuse will be reported to the usual phrase “I am tired, it is normal for me to have a headache ”, as if this were enough to accept the perennial headache in our lives. This in reality is not at all due to simple fatigue, which certainly can happen in particularly stressful periods, but not for life! These pains are due to the lack of energy. Certainly man is not a stranger to chi’s energy-deficient pains because he does not have the cycle, in fact the lack of energy. Excessively, he also leads man to have very strong back pain. Sometimes also kidney ache, because the Chi is connected in particular to the bones and muscles, being the chakra more connected to the physical than the tall ones that are more sentimental / emotional and mental.

Precisely because it is a very physical chakra, Chi is also what you download first, because we consume its energy during our routine that requires a lot of it to be able to get through the workday. Thus, if the Chi discharges too much, he is no longer able to protect our body from the pains that it would have had to deal with if it had been loaded, for which the back pain comes. These pains are reputed to be very normal in our lives, because they all have them, and it is obvious that they all have them, because most people do not meditate. When you begin to seriously meditate you realize that these pains are not at all normal, in fact they touch you less and less and, if you really practice consistently (and not so much to say, in words but no facts) they can completely disappear from your routine. It seems obvious to me that if today you decide to break your back with actions that would go against your nature, you will even split it if you are meditating on the Chi! But all those strange headaches, stomachaches, back pains, kidney ache, sore legs, which “for no reason” came to you before I meditated, “strangely” thanks to meditation will gradually go down, until they you will experience more headache than on very rare occasions. Those who know the real headache, the perennial and hallucinatory as I know it, will notice the change of their body much more quickly than perhaps those who have never tried it of their own and obviously cannot find the difference; this depends from person to person, not everyone in fact has a strong headache during the day, but everyone, when they begin the meditative journey, will have benefits in their body from the first to the last, and they will realize it.

The discomfort of beginning meditation will then become a kind of pleasure, because the body will recognize that symptom as something friendly and not negative. That strange “annoyance” will become something that you will like and in a sense you will be looking for it yourself. Attention, I’m not saying that you will begin to like the annoyance becoming a masochist, on the contrary it will be the annoyance to change, being recognized by the body that will realize that it is something very pleasant. Remember that meditation is first of all relaxation, so it cannot in any way be unpleasant: if it were, I wonder what kind of meditation you would be doing. At first the chakras must widen, so it is possible that you will feel them in action even after concluding the sessions and not only during the meditation practice. So don’t worry if during the day you feel the chakra of the Mind, or the Chi, that are activated by themselves even without you having considered them; it is all perfectly normal, they simply have to understand how they must behave during the day, because they are not used to being so “awake” and full of energy. Allow him time to settle in. I’ll tell you more: if you don’t want to ignore them, but breathe prana on that chakra that you want to point out so as to speed up its evolution.

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Among the ignorant people there is a rumor that the chakras open and close, as if they were very bad portals that could suddenly suck objects or anyone else next to them, like in cartoons. The chakras are not black holes, they are not holes in your body, they are simple meeting points of nerves, they are areas of energy. The chakras do not open and do not close: they remain atrophied parts of the body if the ignore, or become active if you pay attention and become conscious of them. The more you meditate in the chakras, the more they become aware of their innumerable capacities and desire more and more energy to be able to carry out their internal processes and speed up and improve your satisfaction; you will understand it thanks to improved health, physical performance, disinterest in people or situations that make you feel bad. Furthermore the stress will be removed making you more alert and active, but above all you will be able to carry out your projects without too many hitches. Chakras are something that belongs to your physical body and that connect to the mind to evolve new skills in you: do not underestimate your mental and physical abilities. The charged chakras allow you to better face your day so that the more you meditate on it, the more they discover new possibilities to help you in situations that would require excessive effort, making you work less and making situations that should have been disastrous more positive .

Now you don’t understand it because you have no experience, so give yourself time to find out on your skin if this is reality or not. Each chakra has very specific functions, even if everyone works together to make you feel better. If we exaggerated meditating only and exclusively on a single chakra and not on all five, we would end up unbalanced both mentally and physically, creating problems that we shouldn’t have; this would happen if we decided to meditate 4 hours a day on the Chi, and not even a minute on the other chakras; or 15 minutes on the Crown, 2 minutes on the Mind, but doing so for months and months, without in the least meditating on the other three remaining chakras, thus pushing them to imbalance. I repeat, we talk about months and months and not a few days. Don’t worry if you don’t meditate in the very precise minute for each chakra: the technique tells you to meditate 7 minutes on the Chi, 3 minutes on the Plexus, 7 minutes on the Heart, 7 minutes on the Mind and 3 minutes on the Crown, in order from the low upwards; if sometimes you meditated with 7 minutes on the Chi, 4 on the Plexus, 7 on the Heart, 8 on the Mind and 3 on the Crown, nothing bad would happen; but if you decide to meditate every day for weeks with 15 minutes on the Chi, 2 on the Plexus, 3 on the Heart, 2 on the Mind and 1 on the Crown, then obviously you would go into imbalance, because you would be meditating 15 minutes on the Chi and ending up not considering almost not at all the high chakras completely forgetting about the Crown. Try to follow what I’m saying, don’t read in a hurry without understanding.

If you follow the technique almost to the letter, you won’t encounter any kind of problem. Obviously there are exceptions for everything, for example if we talk about a woman who has had children she should meditate a few more minutes on Chi for some time, just to recover a little (but she shouldn’t do it forever! Only for a while time), but we will analyze these situations later because we are going to touch on much more targeted and real examples. If we maintain a balance in our meditations the chakras will be much easier to collaborate, creating a perfect union that will allow them to become much stronger even in physical reality. It is good to analyze chakras by chakras, understanding what their positive qualities are if properly trained, or what problems they could create if we decided to go and unbalance them excessively for our decision. In the next lessons on the chakras we will analyze all these points; in the meantime today we have taken the opportunity to face the discourse of evolution based on the three main points: awareness of the chakra, intent, and energy.

First you need to be aware of your chakras so you can wake them up, activate them and make them useful. Secondly, you must have the intent to train them, so you must be decided in what you do, knowing that you are doing it for yourself and this should not be as little motivating as we are used to reasoning. As a third important thing you need to take energy to make them work otherwise, without nourishment, they will not be able to get you the results you hoped for. By meditating you can understand how interesting and useful chakras are to get your first results from this evolutionary path. I wish you a wonderful meditation!

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