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45- Questions about the Sixth Sense – The importance of all senses (Part 1)

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Angel: Welcome back! Today I will answer all your questions related to the previous lesson on the Sixth Sense .Start with the first question.

Student: Thank you very much for this lesson, because it gave me some little ideas that I honestly didn’t expect.It inspired me for this particular question, that part where you make the example of glasses and sight.The sixth sense is not only the set of all the spiritual faculties, but it is something that, together with the techniques, also improves the other senses (the five senses I mean).For example, the management of the view seems to me not to be fundamental, but at least a great starting point in this journey, but from what I have noticed, thanks to your previous example, it does not matter too much the fact of having less diopters (I I have 5 less from one eye and 5.25 less from another and a bit of astigmatism) but more than anything else it is important to use the view well.So to exploit it well with conscience (decrease the closing of the eyelids, see the details, pay attention to what surrounds us also by training the peripheral vision), bearing in mind that it is enough to remove the glasses and there are no problems in the techniques in which we see something energy (for example the aura or energy), in fact, from that point of view, we should not have problems.However, I wanted to ask you: if we did not go to improve all our other senses through the development of the sixth sense and consciousness, is it possible to get stuck at some point in the path because we have neglected certain senses?Is it therefore important to treat our “normal” senses, through consciousness itself, but also through other methods, in addition to the sixth sense?

Angel: Hi!Well surely, through the path to develop the sixth sense, you feel driven to develop also the other senses, not only the hearing or the sight but all.As with each of them, with the use of the 5 senses combined with the sixth, more intense and even more interesting techniques can be performed than you would expect.Through the practice of the sixth sense, attention towards the 5 must also increase, because it will be of great help.This does not mean that if you cannot recover the viewers of 10/10, then you will remain locked forever.Rather, it is understood that if you decide to remain “blind” as a sense of observation, ability to see regardless of your graduation, in this case you will certainly be bound.I give the example of many people who meditate and practice the techniques, but then outside the practice (therefore outside of that hour in which they are practicing), they return to being “Low people”, in the sense that they do not see and they feel nothing, either in a “normal” or “spiritual” sense.Seeing and feeling is a choice, so that you can decide to be a spiritual person even outside the hour of daily practice.To be spiritual during the day, we must enter into the mentality of wanting to feel, see, observe and understand what surrounds you but above all what happens to you, even while you are in everyday contexts and not only in that half hour in which you are meditating and you have “active antennas”.

Student: Thanks to this path I am taking interest in the development of the other senses and it is useful to me, especially for my eyesight.Also of techniques I apply while I have to do and I do other things besides meditation, but here, I should really focus more on the desire to understand what surrounds me, and not only when I need it.

Angel: Exactly.Very well.

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Student: Hi Angel and hello everyone.We have clarified in the lesson that the difficulties encountered by children could lead to further development of the sixth sense, but I was wondering: regardless of the major or minor difficulties of life, having sixth sense faculties more developed by children than others is an index of greater soul evolution?In the sense that.despite the blocks that all suffer and the Low, is that soul strong enough to give the child more psychic experiences just to be able to wake him up earlier?Thank you.

Angel: Hi!Yes, certainly a person who possesses a very strong Soul is much more predisposed to show psychic faculties as a child than those who may possess a younger Consciousness.This does not mean that everyone has the sixth sense, as it is really like an organ, that belongs to you even if you don’t know it.In fact, despite having the Soul, if a person does not practice psychic techniques to evolve, his sixth sense will not rise any more, so he will remain still for life and worse still will be lower than the level he had when he was a child.

Student: Sometimes I felt like someone was a bad person or if she was beautiful inside.I remember a friend of my brother’s, I was 18, and he brought his 15/16 year old friend home, I don’t know if it was his way of doing or talking, but without hesitation I told my brother, in private, that I didn’t like that guy at all.I clearly felt he was sneaky and opportunistic.Years later this person played a double game with my brother (and what a double game!) And he took it so much that they quarreled.At that moment I reminded my brother of what I had told him years before.Have I unconsciously felt his real intention?

Angel: Yes, surely you recognized what was wrong with him, through the perception of the sixth sense.Then, when someone is your friend, you can’t see his faults or his bad intentions, which is why you need the awake sixth sense.Just as I explained in the previous lesson, certain abilities are so natural for us that we do not recognize them as the sixth sense, precisely because it is a sense that belongs to us like everyone else.However, the sixth sense can become much more advanced than that, with the right training.

Student: I would like to understand if there are qualities that can be developed and such as, for example, mediumship;or are certain things closed because they are exclusively natural qualities?

Angel: Everything can be totally developed, any gift, because all are part of the sixth sense, and therefore all can be developed through the right practice.

Student: Through the evolution of the sixth sense, is it possible to obtain hydrocinesi?The pyrokinesis, criocines, telekinesis?

Angel: It is possible all right, it is more complicated to understand that it is, but by practicing the techniques seriously you realize that it is possible.With your sixth sense you can get very far.To perform any action, energy is needed and this is taken through meditation.When you have accumulated enough energy we can therefore talk about how to use it.The basis of everything is energy: by taking energy (through meditation) you will begin to awaken your sixth sense and obviously, to reach concrete effects, I teach you even more targeted techniques to get what you want to achieve.But meditation is the basis of everything, without it one cannot go on.

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Student: So meditation and concentration?

Angel: Exactly.

Student: Can one also do good through the sixth sense, such as treating someone?

Angel: Of course yes!

Student: Hi Angel, hello everyone.Thank you for this opportunity, I am very happy and excited to be able to participate in this lesson.I had prepared a reflection that I wanted you to carry, excuse for the papyrus, but I wrote straight off.The sixth sense is a different meaning from the others, I should not give weight to the words, but I was reflecting that the word “sense” makes me think of something earthly (even if it is not just what we mean) and we know that it is just the head of the senses, like the most intelligent or awakened sense compared to the other senses.Now, the 5 senses are means to gain experience in this human life, the sixth sense is like a specialization of the other senses, which also causes the other senses to evolve, but all 6 remain, however, means to gain experience in this life, even miraculous experiences.What could have been absurd to invent or realize centuries ago is now normal.For example, flying with a plane, talking to a person on the other side of the world instantly, traveling in space, industrialization, etc. etc. They are all things that have passed centuries before seeing them in our reality, before they were even imaginable in mind and if a plane went in the primitive period it would appear to be something miraculous.Now we are reaching an age where I believe that miracles could be the order of the day, so everyone could create or do miraculous things thanks to awakening.There are things that perhaps today we consider impossible and miraculous, such as traveling through time, curing tumors, manifesting objects, but that one day will be considered normal, if, and only if, people will wake up (I think).If you think that once there was no university of medicine that taught you to transplant an organ, now you can and it’s a normal thing.In the sense, centuries ago if you said that there are schools where they teach you everything about medicine, where you learn to put people to sleep, to transplant organs and then cure diseases that were incurable at the time, it was considered hallucinating, inhuman and miraculous.Not now, everything is normal.So this I think will happen also with psychic abilities.A man of the future could come here in our time and tell you that there are universities of psychic arts and that for them it is completely normal, it is normal to study what for example we study in ACD, and it is normal to treat tumors with energy.I wanted to say that what was normal for us today was considered a miracle, a dream.Today we live surrounded by miracles you could say, without realizing it, just because we take them for granted (I certainly don’t want to compare those who use the mind to work miracles with those who don’t use it), because everything positive for man was dictated by some intuition that comes “from above”.So we could say that we have the possibility now to create something new, to bring together more earthly abilities with psychic abilities and everything would be strengthened and improved, because psychic abilities serve, I think, mainly as a means to improve life.A bit like the car served to improve our life and not as an end in itself , the car does not serve to showcase our ability to drive, but to improve our routine;this is why psychic abilities do not serve to show how good we are, but for a higher purpose, which will always be to give ourselves to others, allowing God to experience (if we are on the good side).

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Angel: Yes, it’s absolutely true!

Student: Hi Angel!In the previous lesson you mentioned a little bit also to the senses that are most typically associated with the Sixth, that is sight and hearing (which, if developed, lead to visions of auras, energies, entities, dimensional sounds, etc.).But with regard to one of the senses that the collective imagination less commonly associates with the Sixth Sense, that is the sense of smell, if we developed this sense more, what would it involve as regards perceptions and experiences?I know we might be able to perceive smells and scents from places where we are not present, or perhaps smells coming from other dimensions, but could lead to much more, revealing a more “active” and predominant capacity?

Angel: Absolutely, just like the sense of taste!Even if now you know the sense of smell only to smell a good perfume or a stink, or you know the taste only to recognize if you like a food or not, in reality they are much more intense senses that, if you pay more attention to it and practice it, you can discover much more interesting effects.For example, you could recognize if a dish can hurt you, even before you taste it, because the sense of taste developed allows you to know the taste of the dish before tasting it;it even allows you to understand if there is something in that dish, whether it is a harmful substance for everyone or an ingredient to which only you are allergic, thus preventing you from being sick.You know very well that if you are allergic to something in high stages, it would be enough to taste it to be very ill;you wouldn’t even need a big bite.This is just an example, but you can go much further.As an example, just recently a situation connected to the sense of taste happened to me.A few months ago I was at a restaurant with friends, water was poured into my glass and as we chatted I went to my mouth to drink.I had only taken the glass in my hand, I had neither looked inside the glass (and I was wrong, I should have looked at it right away) nor had I had time to drink, because as soon as I took the glass in my hand I had a very strong feeling that I didn’t I absolutely had to drink that water.I didn’t understand why, since it was only water!I stop to look, to see if there was something inside that might not go well, and I realize that there were pieces of glass.I then realized that the bottle was broken and had lost several fragments of glass that had fallen right into my glass, there were 4-5 fragments.I was thirsty and I was going to drink all at once, but something warned me and luckily I didn’t swallow the glass.This is just one example of the most developed sense of taste, but you can already realize that it is much more important than it usually looks;it does not stop only on recognizing a taste.

Student: Hi Angel, hello everyone.It was a stimulating lesson, it was interesting to reflect on how the Sixth sense is the sense that gives a basis to all the other senses.This is how we are when we are small, but we do not realize it because we take it for granted, being a natural sense just like the other five.It is very significant how you explained that the sixth sense is structured in several levels, which can only be achieved with practice.Like, for example, for hearing, so there are different levels of understanding of sound.The main thing is absolutely to recognize that we can all develop the sixth sense, as it is not something external and foreign to us but rather, we have it since birth.Sometimes, when I know I’m practicing well, after a while I can smell the smell of clean with the smell and this happens suddenly;while I’m still finishing practicing.Last time it happened to me during the protections.Is it a way that has the Sixth sense to make us understand, collaborating together with another sense, that the technique has succeeded or that it is going well anyway?It is interesting to do the same reasoning also for the reverse side, for the negative side.For example: for the whistle that occurs if there is a negative influence.This is again the Sixth sense and another sense, the hearing, which work together instantly to make us aware of what is happening around us and this is fundamental.Thanks for the opportunity you gave us, it’s an honor.

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Angel: Hi!Yes, more than anything else because when you meditate or practice well, you are getting up to a tonal that allows you to perceive other dimensions as well.So it can happen, sometimes, to feel good smells, or nice sounds, while instead when you approach negative dimensions you hear annoying smells and sounds.As an example, when you meditate you feel good perfumes, instead you know that so many people happen, even Gaia’s, that when a negative entity comes close to them some smell like burning, or other stinks.This is derived from the fact that that entity, getting very close to you, has its size on you as induced, so you smell it.Certainly this does not happen to you while you are meditating, but only when and if very negative entities approach that want to make you feel that feeling.In fact, even to me it happened to smell burning on some occasions, while on many other occasions, even if I had negative entities beside me, I didn’t smell or smell.So it’s not a rule at all.Instead, while practicing well, I happened to hear different scents many times.It is difficult to explain what it is, sometimes it seems like the scent of flowers, but I wouldn’t know how to associate a flower I know with those perfumes, so it’s a good perfume but it’s not here.But this should not make you stare and believe that the quality of meditation depends on the scents you feel;of course we should not get distracted with these things.

Student: Very interesting, in fact I had not even thought about the smell of burning that you feel just when you feel observed or uncomfortable.I used to hear about it in the past.Thanks for today’s lesson, your experience with the broken glass is crazy.Needless to say, you have a vast experience of Sesto Senso.

Student: I would like to ask another question, if possible, I am thinking about remote viewing.Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m reconnecting the technique to the sense of sight, even if you don’t use the human sight to do it.Is it possible to use the sense of smell in a technique, or more techniques, to remember or to reconnect in a more advanced way a memory?To unlock it or understand where, from whom it comes, a smell?This often happens to anyone, to reconnect a perfume to a past event or to a person.Surely there are more levels of understanding for each sense, as you said in the lesson.Is there a way to evolve this sense?I particularly like the sense of smell.Could you also link to the Frequency topic?That is to say that in addition to the feeling of recognizing someone’s frequency as alien or human, can you connect a color, feel sweetness and can you also connect a perfume to someone or a place?

Angel: Yes, absolutely.Just as a perfume can remind you of a memory of childhood, it can also recall a memory of a past life, but it must be a very intense perfume or one that makes sense for your past life;but it is not certain that, if it happens, you will realize that it is a sensation coming from the past accompanied by flash, because it could also be limited to a sort of déjà-vu which you could then end up ignoring.For the rest it depends, only with the sense of smell no, but if combined with the sixth sense and therefore to its other capacities at high levels, it can succeed.

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Student: Good evening Angel and all of you!What a pleasure to do the first lesson with you!So, my question is: can seeing flashes of past life be traced back to the sixth sense?While for remote viewing, better with open eyes or vice versa?You use what?Thank you.

Angel: Hi!Yes, it can be traced back to the sixth sense, because only with that means, your Soul, can you make known memories of past lives.For remote viewing, I have been used to it for years now and I do it with my eyes open, but in the early days I trained with my eyes closed, so I advise you with your eyes closed.

Student: Hi Angel, thank you so much for the lessons and for this opportunity!Without forgetting even for a moment everything you do for us every day!I kindly wanted to ask this question: is the level of evolution of the sixth sense maintained from life to life, as it is part of consciousness or can some capacities be lost in the passage from one life to another?At the beginning of a new life, does the level remain the same as at the end of the previous life or can some skills be lost for reasons unknown to me?I mean at the beginning of life, as if during that life it is practiced well it is normal that then the level will increase, or it will decrease if on the other hand one lives completely in low.I hope I explained myself well enough.Thank you so much Angel!

Angel: The evolved faculties are not lost, they remain imprinted in your Soul. The point is that when you reincarnate you forget all that you have lived in the previous life, so you have to “wake up” and take energy within your new body, your new chakras, and remember how to get out of Low. However, I’ve talked a lot about the Seal of Past Lives , so reading that will clear up all your doubts.That said, at the beginning of each life you start again the path of awakening, but when you start training, as you are doing here in the Academy, your sixth sense becomes much stronger and faster, thanks to the evolution learned in the lives previous.It is clear that a person who has many past lives will evolve his sixth sense (if he practices!) Much more quickly than who he is in his first life, like, for example, a hypothetical Gaia’s Low who starts practicing.

Student: I thought of the saying that we continue to hear everywhere.The one who says that the sixth sense of women is never wrong.It almost seems that we only have women and not men.I wanted to know if this is an energy program that has been inculcated to convince women that they naturally have it, and that therefore they should not do anything to develop it;and in the meantime, to convince men to believe that they do not have it and therefore do not look for it because they are convinced that it is not part of them.Is it by chance so?

Angel: Well, the “sixth sense” of women is never wrong, only if women are listening to their true sixth sense and not their thoughts, like an obsession, or their conviction.The sixth sense is never wrong, neither in women nor in men, the problem is that it is not listened to properly, because we allow ourselves to be deceived by thoughts and therefore by our convictions.On the other hand, as already mentioned, the sixth sense is not only an intuition, but it is much more evolved: it is the set of all the psychic abilities existing in this world.Therefore, to think that women have an “evolved sixth sense” should mean that they have all the faculties developed, but we know well that this is not the case.This saying refers much more to a connection between mother and child, in which much more often it is the mother who has more telepathy with her child than her father has;it’s normal because the son was 9 months inside his mother’s belly, 9 months when a great bond was born.But this does not mean that women are highly telepathic towards everyone (even outside of their children).I am a woman and it would probably be easier if I said to you “Yes, we women have the sixth best sense of men!” But personally I do not consider it true.It all depends on the person.This does not want to discredit women, as I am;I am however explaining that everyone has the sixth sense, but there are those who evolve it and those who prefer to ignore it.

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Student: First of all I wanted to thank you for the wonderful lesson, it was really exciting to follow your lesson, I felt my heart beating very fast.Your words were incredible, you explained the concept of the sixth sense in a simple way but with clear examples and for everyone;making us notice things that I would never have thought of, such as the difficulties that as a child led us to evolve certain characteristics of our sixth sense!During the lesson you said that the sixth sense belongs to our Consciousness, so you can say that it is a way that you use to communicate with us, to tell us if something is going to happen, if that person is negative, if that purchase is fruitful , makes us “feel” what we must do to reach a certain goal etc … We can therefore say that the sixth sense is a tool with which our consciousness can live through us, a way in which she can move in this reality, in this life?For this reason, committing ourselves to developing our sixth sense helps us to evolve and reach Awakening?Why does it make us live more as “Consciousness” and less as a human I?

Angel: Yes, that’s exactly how it is.In fact, by evolving one’s sixth sense, you are allowing your Consciousness or your Soul to have power over this dimension.So you are much more “yourself” and much less the human self, which is manipulated and enclosed within its human and therefore fictitious, illusory masks.In this way you begin to live a real life, instead of living behind mental thoughts and manipulations, which then make you lose not only the time to chase after ways that do not really interest you, but also make you lose your life goal.So evolving the sixth sense to become in effect “more alive”.

Student: Angel I would like to understand the connection that exists between the sixth sense and God. I speak of what coexists between them and therefore between God and our soul deep down.

Angel: The sixth sense is the tool that allows you to understand God. With the other 5 senses it seems complex to understand if God exists, if he is really next to us, but above all what is his true identity and if it is really how he describes it to us the religion.The sixth sense allows you to understand God and increase your other senses, so that you pass by not seeing and not feeling God, seeing him and hearing him at any time.The sixth sense is, in other words, the translator that allows you to access God’s knowledge, which you could not access with only the other five senses.The sixth sense amplifies you and opens the door to wonderful knowledge.

Student: Hi Angel and hello to everyone, rather than a real question I would like an opinion on a reflection that has already been exposed in part during these lessons.The sixth sense, as a faculty of the Conscious, adapts to the context in which the Conscious decides to experience by combining with the capacities, for example, of our physical body in this dimension (the five senses) and amplifying them so as to allow us to have experiences increasingly evolving, evolving in turn.The evolution of a Consciousness is possible therefore thanks to this faculty that allows to go beyond the “reality” in which it lives up to being able to become a soul.It can be said that the sixth sense is a divine sense as it can be expressed in all the dimensions and means necessary for the approach to God, is it correct?Thank you so much for your availability in these lessons!

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Angel: Yes, we could say yes.

Student: Hi Angel and thank you for giving us your time.I imagine that the sixth sense has its own specific frequency.If so, did I want to ask you if it is a single frequency that encompasses all 5 senses, therefore well defined and recognizable, or are they all separate and distinct frequencies?Thank you!

Angel: Hi!Each of the six senses is a sense in itself, so it has a separate frequency.The sixth sense is not the union of the 5 but it is a sense that can amplify them considerably, making them stronger and more interesting.Therefore the sixth sense can be defined as a sense to itself, but it completes all the others.

Student: I have had strange dreams since I was a child.My father who dies of cancer and then happens in reality.Ditto my mother.In the dream I can save my brother … And it happens.Then this: my mom was already dead … I dream that I’m at home.The phone rings and she turns her hand to me saying: she’s your mother.I answer and my mom tells me: “How are you?I was worried because there was an attack on the Orio al Serio airport ”.Then the line falls and there (still in the dream) I realize that I had talked to my dead mother.Three days after that dream the newscast says that an Arab was arrested for an attempted assassination attempt at Orio al Serio airport.I wanted to understand if all this falls into a sixth sense manifested through dream, premonition, or what else?Thank you so much for a hug.

Angel: Yes, it’s in the sixth sense, because it could be a real communication with your mother’s entity.Or it could be your sixth sense to have communicated this information to you, using the figure of your mother, because that would have given more attention to that information said in the dream.

Student: Hi Angel, thank you very much for these lessons that are always enlightening.Thank you for your time!I wanted to ask a question about the sixth sense, more precisely about the vision of the future.In practice, about 2 months ago, I happened to dream of a friend of mine to whom I love very much.In the dream then this friend of mine was transformed into another girl, unknown to me but who had the same name.In the dream I felt a certain “disgust” for this girl, I didn’t know why, I felt that she was deceiving.In fact, to give an example, in the dream he pretended to be this friend of mine.More or less after a month after the dream I met this girl, the exact same face and the same name of the dream, from there I immediately understood that I would have trusted little of that girl or in any case I would have had an eye more in regard.Why did my sixth sense, my soul, make me have this information so much before?I immediately understood that I didn’t have to trust this person, but being a person in my eyes “normal” I didn’t see the reason.Can it also be a matter of past lives or perhaps because the soul already knew that it could bring me big trouble and then showed it to me right away?Thank you so much in advance for the answer and for this fantastic lesson!

Angel: Hi! It happened to me too many times to dream of the arrival of someone who would bring me trouble, so that I did not trust and therefore did not fall for it. Apparently they were “beautiful people”, because they were very kind, they seemed very available, but the reality was very different and thanks to the premonitory dreams I was able to avoid opening up with them, giving them access to my life in different situations and different contexts (not only affective, but also working). Sometimes it was your soul that wanted to communicate this to you, much earlier, so that you had time to understand that warning and then trust it, rather than putting it aside and then risking it all, trusting that person with great ingenuity. Other times, instead, you’ll be amazed, but it was just your communication of the “you of the future”, which has already suffered that serious problem, to warn you in the past – through the Time Connection – not to make that mistake, so that you would not the same mistake. But at the moment it is likely to be difficult to understand this, so we’ll talk about it in the future. The only thing that matters now is that you always listen to your premonitions: they will save your life! For today we have concluded; continue in the next lesson!

Student: Hi everyone! Hi Angel and thank you for all you do and that you give us with love every day, it’s really lucky to be able to take part in these lessons.

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