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76 – The Third Eye – Difference between Energetic Sight and Mental Vision (part 3)

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In the previous lessons on the Third Eye, I explained to you some very important definitions to better understand what the Third Eye, the Energy View, the Sixth sense are, but more importantly to understand that the Third Eye is not the mind chakra. In order for you to learn the meanings better, a brief review is necessary before tackling the subsequent levels concerning the Third Eye.

We have said that the Chakras are areas of the body that can contain large amounts of energy, so it is important to meditate on them. The mind chakra is not the third eye, but is a chakra, just like the heart chakra, the plexus chakra, and so on, without any difference; therefore the mind chakra does not transform into the third eye, but a chakra remains and will always remain, in fact called the mind chakra, not the eye chakra. Meditating on the chakras allows you to absorb pranaso that this energy is then used by the Sixth sense to evolve and then expand in all its psychic faculties. So the Sixth sense uses the energy of all the chakras, especially the high ones (mind chakras and crown chakras, but without excluding the others!) To evolve, as the sixth sense has a great need for energy for work, otherwise it remains limited. High chakras, such as Mind and Crown chakras, are specialized to increase both “normal” and “psychic” mental faculties. In fact, meditating on the Mind and on the Crown also helps a lot to improve one’s memory, one’s intelligence, makes you a person more alert and mentally active, so besides being useful for evolving psychic faculties, these chakras also greatly help mental faculties that we use every day.

Each chakra is specialized towards a certain way, but this does not exclude the others. For example, the chakra Chi is specialized in increasing the physical strength of the person, which also means physical health and not just muscle strength; but not for this it is a chakra only useful for the physical aspect, because in fact it is an extremely useful chakra also during energy practices, such as the Psychic Protection: in fact thanks to the meditation that allows the Chi to absorb energy, we succeed in exploit this energy to practice a much stronger Protection both in the physical dimension and in the other dimensions. Therefore it is important to understand that each chakra is fundamental for our path, in fact we meditate on the 5 main chakras and not just on one. Naturally, however, each chakra is oriented above all in a specific sector, in fact the high chakras are specialized in allowing us to discover, know and understand “higher” information, therefore information that goes beyond the physical dimension to which we are accustomed. This is also why the mind chakra is mistakenly associated with the third eye as if they were the same thing, but this is not the case! In fact the mind chakra is an energetic center that allows the Sixth Sense to use that energy, which will then exploit to evolve the Third Eye as well. Consequently the common thread is much longer and more complex and should not be wrongly summarized with the belief that the two terms indicate the same element.

This means that if you believe that you already have a great Sixth sense without even needing to meditate, you have no idea how it would become evolved if instead you meditated. Many times we limit ourselves by thinking we have already got the most out of life, when instead very little would be enough to overcome our limitations and achieve extremely satisfying and satisfying results for us and for our lives. It is not just a matter of being content or demanding more, but it is a matter of understanding that if you can get more out of life there is no reason why you should limit yourself with your own hands; rather take everything you deserve. The Sixth sense is yours by right, but you have to earn it, because staying still to settle for the little you have had for all your life is not enough to achieve your goals: you will remain at a limit that you have imposed on yourself for simple laziness.

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You can train and reach much higher levels and they will allow you to have great power over your life, taking away this power from the hands of those who were using it to bring you sickness and suffering. With practice you can decide to be the only one to have the power of your life, taking away those permits from those who until now have put their hands in your life without you knowing it.

Meditating on the chakras allows you to take energy, which will serve the Sixth sense to evolve and develop its most immense capabilities. In fact the Sixth sense is divided into different sectors, and one of these is the Third Eye. The latter is a sector of the Sixth sense which in turn is divided into multiple capacities. The Third Eye is not physical therefore a third eye will not appear in the forehead nor will it replace the position of the mind chakra; the images in which the Third Eye is depicted on the forehead, instead of the Mind chakra, are for illustrative purposes only, but the inexperience of the people has caused the message to be confused and misinterpreted enough to believe that the chakra of the Mind turn into the Third Eye. But it won’t be so! The representations of the Deities with the Third Eye drawn in front had the sole purpose of being able to describe that Deity as capable of seeing Beyond the earthly life, therefore it is a symbolic drawing that wants to tell the high psychic faculties of that historical character and / or Divinity.

The third eye is therefore the capacity that allows us to “see” what is beyond earthly life, therefore it allows us to see beyond what human eyes normally see. At this point, however, it is essential to understand the enormous importance of the Third Eye, since the capacities that belong to it are basically divided into two: Energy View and Mental View. Of Power View, which uses the energy vision, I have already spoken in previous lessons. What is essential to remember is that the energetic view allows you to see the energy , see the auras , and all that you have to see with your eyes open. So the energetic view serves to amplify one’s daily sight so that one can see with one’s own eyes the truth that surrounds us. The mental view cannot and must not replace the energetic view, only as a matter of laziness, but must be used for all those faculties in which the energetic view is not specialized.There are things that must be looked at with open eyes, others, instead, cannot be looked at with eyes open, so they must be observed with eyes closed. The point is that so many people confuse power with listlessness, in fact they end up “looking” with their mind at what they should instead look at with their eyes and vice versa, committing a serious fundamental error. To better explain this concept, it is essential to understand which techniques should be applied with open eyes and which ones with closed eyes. The techniques like looking at auras, static energy, vision of the faces of past lives, as well as seeing the Entities, must be practiced with the eyes, as it is necessary to learn to see these types of energy with open eyes, thus exploiting the Energy view. This is because the energetic view allows you to really see the energies that you have before you, to live experiences that allow you to evolve quickly without more shadows of doubt. If, on the other hand, we talk about techniques such as Remote Vision, seeing the Future, as in part also Visualization, are techniques that can be practiced with eyes closed as you are not using physical eyes to observe these kinds of flows, but you are using the sixth sense . But before recognizing when it is true sixth sense and when it is imagination, it takes a lot of practice.

The technique of Visualization is initially a technique that uses creative “imagination”, which we use to make our mind become accustomed to formulating precise intents for the techniques to succeed better. As you well know , our Thought Creates, so you can decide whether to create those areas of reality with unconsciousness, or whether to create them with your own conscience and will using the Visualization technique to obtain positive results to improve your life.

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So initially Visualization is based on imagining, but it is important because imagining starts stimulating an intent within you and therefore a type of creative energy. Many people, however, let themselves be lulled by the Visualization, as if it were itself an undeniable reality. In reality the Visualization can lie and can make mistakes, and how! In fact it starts from a principle of imagination, so you understand well that the imagination can create bad jokes. This is the reason why it is too important to evolve the energy vision and not just the mental view.

The energetic sight cannot lie, it cannot be wrong! The energetic sight must be applied with open eyes, so unless it is about people who are under the influence of drugs (or with serious mental problems), one cannot imagine something so strong as to see it in front of oneself with one’s own eyes , because you only see reality with your eyes! I have already advised you a thousand times not to use drugs just to avoid that what you see with your eyes (so reality) is confused by the hallucinations caused by drugs, so it is essential not to use drugs just so that you can see the true truth, and not the imaginations caused by drugs. Moreover, if we also want to talk about people who have mental problems that lead to imaginary visions even with open eyes, we are talking about people who have visions constantly, so they are people already recognized for having mental problems. In other words , mental problems do not only result from the moment those people try to look at auras, or energy; mental problems are perennial, so we cannot doubt the existence of visual faculties only because in the world there are also people with mental problems who “see things” that are not real, even with open eyes. And if we want to ask ourselves if what those people see is really imagination or real experiences, we should dwell on the case-by-case analysis, as some matte people are not really crazy, because they really see the entities, but nobody believes them. Unfortunately, others of them have really serious psychological problems, so you can’t believe any words that are spoken by them. As a result we cannot make a bundle of grass, because every single case is different.

Precisely for this reason it is too important that we develop the energetic view so that what we see with our eyes open is real, and is not only caused by our visualization with closed eyes, thus risking that it is imaginary. Too many people believe that there is no difference, that there is no problem to observe the Auras with eyes closed, because they are convinced that it is “the same thing”. But how can it be the same thing? When you look at your husband’s face, when you look at your child’s face, when you look at your mother, do you do it with your eyes open or your eyes closed? For sure with open eyes; and why are you looking at them with your eyes open? If there is no difference, if it is the same thing, why not close your eyes forever and start talking to them with your eyes closed without ever looking them in the face with your eyes open? For the simple fact that with your eyes open you can see their true face, while if you close them you would risk forgetting their true face, you would risk to imagine it, not to see the physical changes that time brings to their face. So you realize that it is too important to learn to see with open eyes, and that what you look at with open eyes can never be replaced by a visualization. Knowing how to See is too important!

There are techniques that must be carried out with open eyes and others that must be carried out with eyes closed, so you have to respect certain techniques rather than wanting to upset them and change radically to your liking, only to give vent to personal reasons that have the sole purpose of feeding your own listlessness, apathy and ignorance. Practicing to evolve the energetic view requires time and effort, and not everyone wants it, so many people prefer to pretend that visualizing the Aura can be as good as seeing it with open eyes. So many people say they know how to see the Aura, to see their colors, to know how to read them, and all this they do with their eyes closed.

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Such as? Imagining everything. But we are not here to imagine everything, we are here to evolve, so to evolve our psychic faculties for real and not just to pretend. Our goal is to evolve to awaken; it is not to pretend to have evolved only to give air to the mouth and pretend to know a little bit about spirituality. The techniques practiced with closed eyes are not to be considered void or fake a priori, but they are much more complex to evolve as it is extremely easy to imagine everything, compared to the techniques practiced with open eyes in which the energy you see is real, it is not imaginary, because you are seeing it with your eyes open.This should not make the techniques that are practiced with closed eyes lose value, such as the capacity of Remote Vision, as instead they are very important techniques, in fact I teach them all through these Steps because they are techniques that really work, but you have to first learn to recognize what the real flashes are from what imagined views are.

This lesson in fact does not aim to distance you from the practices to be implemented with your eyes closed, but rather to make you recognize the difference between the two capacities so that you can really evolve and not in a manner of speaking. Too many people consider themselves Awakened without knowing how to do anything psychic! They consider themselves Awakened, but they do not have the slightest psychic ability. So where is this awakening? Where is the spiritual evolution in those who do not have a shred of active sixth sense? Would it be enough to consider oneself evolved to become so immediately? Of course not, and this is what we need to understand: we can live in an illusory world where we delude ourselves that we have evolved even without doing anything, and to know everything about everything, or we can open our eyes and understand that we are not evolved just because we we think – given that we are comfortable – but that in order to evolve we have to do something: train ourselves , practicing to evolve our Sixth sense. From the moment you understand that there are techniques that must be practiced with open eyes, without turning around too much, and techniques that must be practiced with your eyes closed, you are starting off on the right foot, because you are aware that every psychic faculty must be evolved with very precise techniques that they cannot vary depending on what seems most comfortable to us.

On the other hand, this is the Age in which everyone chooses to invent completely false and wrong new knowledge and spread them openly to the whole world, just to justify their laziness or bad habits. Just like those who say that doing sports is bad for your health, just not to admit to being lazy, idle, not wanting to move a finger and then end up criticizing the sport so much that you want to pass it off as wrong and negative. Or like someone who says that drinking beer and wine is good for health, only to admit not to be an alcoholic; or those who say that soft drugs do good to evolve spiritually more quickly, just to admit that they are not drug dependent and therefore addicted; or worse, those who say that hallucinogenic drugs such as ayahuasca are not drugs but only hallucinogenic drinks, yes, drinking drugs that can fuck your mind forever and ruin your life worse than you think. It doesn’t matter if they are pills, powders, liquids or drinks, they are always drugs and, regardless of how you take them, they ruin your life forever, nothing to do with spiritual evolution! This is the era in which everyone becomes a medical expert, everyone becomes a nutritionist, everyone becomes a professor of other people’s lives just because he has read some article on the web or because he is studying at university, forgetting he is a student, not a scientist recognized for his great discoveries. We are in the age of the web, where everyone can freely invent fake knowledge only to find an excuse for their vices, their faults, their mistakes, and tries to make them pass as absolute truths. We must go against the tide and look for the real Truth, not the one that is most comfortable for us, but the real one, the one that will allow us to really wake up at the end of the day.

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One day all the others will realize that inventing a knowledge is not the same as making it real, so they will realize that the drug has not made them evolve but only ruin them; that alcohol did not do him good for his health, but led them to the hospital; that hallucinogenic drinks did not open his third eye, but destroyed his brain; that fearing sport as being wicked did not make them superior, but led them to serious illnesses caused by excessive sedentariness; and finally, inventing spiritual knowledge and the illusion of being Awakened did not lead them to really wake up, but only to imagine everything.

Pursuing the way of Truth is much more difficult than relaxing on one’s illusions by convincing oneself of Being and Knowing everything. However, at the end of all this, those who had pursued the Truth to the end, will have found it, while all the others did not. Searching for the truth is much more difficult than standing still and doing nothing; yet it will be the only way that will give you concrete realizations, real experiences and satisfactions that will last you for life and for all the lives to come.Mental Vision, if properly trained, can offer you very true and precise flashes, nothing to do with confused flashes and that always leave you with a lot of doubts, which you may have had so far. Precisely in order to learn to recognize what is true and what is not, it will be fundamental to practice the Energetic Sight hand in hand, so that your eyes see reality and you know how to understand what is real and what is imaginary. The mental silence in all this will play a more than fundamental role, because thanks to the Non Pensiero you will learn to recognize which are real flashes, arrived thanks to the Sixth sense, from which instead they are imaginary flashes, which have been stuck in your mind to confuse you again with more.

In the next lesson we will deepen the faculties concerning Mental Vision so that you can know the importance of such practices. In the meantime, however, I advise you to start practicing the techniques that relate to the Energy Sight, so that you can learn to look at reality with your eyes, without having any doubts, so as to lower your Regulator and increase your visual experiences. Visual experiences are very important and should never be replaced by those belonging to mental vision.


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