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52 – The Third Eye – Third Eye and Visual Skills (part 2)

“Open your eyes… it’s time to get awake”

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As explained above, the Third Eye is not the mind chakra, nor is it the sixth sense. The third eye is part of the abilities that belong to the Sixth Sense, but it is not its synonym: it would be like saying that the arm is part of your physical body, but the arm is not the only component of your body: in fact you are composed of limbs, organs, muscles, bones … you’re not just an arm! To think that the sixth sense is only the third eye, would be decidedly reductive. The sixth sense has an infinity of psychic faculties, among the most diverse and complex; the third eye is only one of these, it is not the most important, therefore we cannot define it as its synonym.

Despite this, however, one should not think that the third eye is irrelevant, because in reality when you begin to know the properties you wonder why you didn’t practice on it before. In fact, you realize that what it is capable of is very useful and very fascinating, leaving the fear completely out, because that is only an initial block. Through the third eye you can develop very interesting faculties, such as the ability to see auras at high levels (not just talking about the first white / transparent layer, but at much higher levels!) Or you can decide to develop the vision of Energy, of prana, and all the rest. Again, there are those interested in knowing how to see the entities, so they will practice to develop that particular faculty. Each one is different from the other and requires specific training, so training in one is not enough to develop all the others, so if you want to develop them all, you have to practice on each one of them. Clearly, however, practicing on one can also help the other, so practicing two visual techniques (eg. Watching prana and looking at Auras) allows them to help each other and thus amplify each other’s level.

We must immediately specify that all these faculties develop with open eyes, because the eyes must really “see”. When we look at the aura, we really need to keep our eyes open and fix that object / mobile to be able to see the colored aura; if we closed our eyes we would not be seeing his aura, but we would be imagining it. There are those who do not understand the difference between seeing and imagining, but we are not that kind of person: we must know perfectly the difference between reality and imagination. If you see something with your eyes open, then it is real; if, on the other hand, you only see it with your eyes closed, it is not necessarily the case! It is clear that you can have flashes with your eyes closed, which can be real, for example when you have a prescient flash, that is, that foresees a future event, but it is very different because foresight comes from the Perceptive faculties of the sixth sense, not from the Visual ones.

Let’s start from the fact that the sixth sense has so many psychic faculties, which can be divided into tactile, auditory, visual, etc., so that they can exploit the 5 senses to let us know higher, spiritual and paranormal information; but not only, because the sixth sense also has many perceptive faculties that could not be described simply by comparing them to one of the five senses. To give an example of auditory faculties, let us consider for example the technique of Dimensional Sounds . If instead we want to talk about a visual faculty, we think of the Vision of the Aura . In fact, to hear the dimensional sounds you have to use your ears, while to see the auras you have to use your eyes. There are faculties however that do not use any of the 5 senses, for example we can speak of the Foresight. Care must be taken not to be fooled by names, for example by the name “See the Future”. The practice of seeing the future can be misleading, because it may seem that the future must be seen with the use of the eyes, so with open eyes, but it is not so, because this kind of faculty is Perceptive, or Sensitive, for which you can look at the future simply by keeping your eyes closed, because the sight of the eyes in this case has nothing to do with anything.

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Seeing the future, Remote Vision, and others, can be deceived by the verb “to see”, but in reality these faculties are not seen with physical eyes but with the use of the sixth sense. They are therefore perceptive / sensitive faculties. It is somewhat misleading as the term “to read thought”, as telepathy is not a real “reading”; telepathy allows you to feel / perceive the thoughts of others, but you don’t see the words they think, flutter before your eyes, so you don’t have to “read” anything; it’s just a way of saying. At this point some get confused and think that, since the vision of the future is fulfilled with closed eyes, then also the vision of the aura is practiced in the same way; but it is not so, because the vision of the aura must use the energetic sight, that is the eyes: therefore to see the aura must be kept open as it is thanks to the eyes that you can see that kind of energy. The third eye is a faculty of the sixth sense that allows you to learn to see the energy, using your two physical eyes but developing in them a sort of exceptional view, which allows you to see what others do not see. Naturally the use of the third eye is a choice that everyone can make when he believes best, without being obliged; I’ll explain. As long as a person does not develop the third eye, he has no choice: he simply sees nothing, whether he likes it or not, he cannot decide at any moment to see the energy and Reality that surrounds us, because the decision alone it is not enough; the third eye must be trained and developed, otherwise you will not see anything. Instead, it is quite different when someone seriously practices to develop their third eye, as they can choose when to use it and when not.

The fear of many, in fact, is that, once the third eye is developed, it is no longer possible to “stop” seeing energy and everything else, but we must live with this paranormal faculty even when we don’t want it. This is obviously a tangible example of how people who do not have practical experience are allowed to talk about topics they do not know, spreading falsehoods and obsessions that will block the evolution of everyone else who, naively, will trust their words. Since I have been practicing these techniques for many years, and of visual experiences I have had in large quantities, I can assure you that the third eye is not a condemnation, but a privilege. The third eye is not like the physical eyes, which you can open and close and from the moment they are opened “see everything” and when they are closed “you see nothing”; the third eye is a capacity of the sixth sense, so it works very differently. The third eye is like a muscle, which as you know must be trained to make the best of it, because otherwise “it doesn’t work”. However, training it does not mean “keeping it open” all day, also because, I repeat, the third eye does not open but develops.

We make the analogy with the muscles of the arms: if you do not practice sport / gym for the arms, the muscles do not develop, this means that you will live with quite weak arms, and in case of need your arms will not be strong enough to perform certain actions you are not prepared for. For example, you are used to knowing how to lift a few kilos per hand, so if you were in the situation where you had to lift a bigger weight, you would not succeed and you would have to ask someone for help. If you develop the arm muscles, more than they are currently strong, your strength would be higher, so you could do physical actions that others can’t do, like lifting 40kg while the others raise only 2-3 kilos; obviously if you continue to train you you may exceed your previous limit from time to time.

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But knowing how to lift 40kg and therefore have the muscles of the arms trained to be able to do this, does not mean that you can never lift small weights, like 2kg, as if your arms could lift only 40kg or nothing! You understand that it doesn’t make sense. Just because you have muscles, it doesn’t mean that your arms will start throwing punches haphazardly, out of your control, or that they will go crazy and start lifting weights even when you don’t want to do it! All this would make no sense, indeed, it would be really absurd! The third eye and its faculties work the same way. If you develop the energy vision, it does not mean that you are signing a contract where you can never see the material around you again, because it will be replaced by the vision of the Matrix codes, 24 out of 24. This would be absurd! And besides I tell you: “Maybe it was so!” Because unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

Until you develop the third eye, you have no choice whatsoever: you will only see the illusory reality, but you will have no choice, therefore you will not be able to see the real reality for your will; will alone is not enough. When instead you practice to develop the third eye, the situation changes because you have the choice to see when you want, in the moment you prefer and what you prefer to see. But this happens when you have really developed these faculties, and it will not happen in two days, nor will it happen “by chance”, without you having practiced on it for a long time. Unlike what we think, the third eye does not open and does not remain open, but it is a faculty that must be developed and nourished from time to time. If you do not practice on the third eye for some time, it will fall asleep; therefore you “lose” the level you had arrived at, returning to the point again. This has a pros and a cons. The pro is very simple: if you are afraid that these faculties may make you see “something you fear”, although this does not happen, anyway it will be enough for you some non-practice time that the third eye will return to sleep and you will not see anything. The downside is this: that if you learn to use the energy vision you would no longer want to stop, yet you will only need a short time when you do not “lose” the results achieved and have to start almost from scratch. This will be the sorrow!

For this reason it is foolish to think of having to “close the third eye”, a bit like some believe that the chakras should be “closed”. All this doesn’t make sense because if you don’t want to use a muscle you simply don’t use it, you don’t close your arm to prevent it from deciding to lift the weights against your will. You understand that it is a concept that only those who have no experience of their own can express in such a confusing way, and it is serious because then others also end up believing in those voices and fearing something that actually belongs to us forever and is the most natural thing in the world. There is nothing to be afraid of about the third eye and visual abilities, but it is normal for those who have no experience to trust the first person to talk about these topics, even if she herself has no first-hand experience! And yet, it is necessary to know that even in the spiritual sphere there are many people who speak without knowing, who lie shamelessly, who invent ideas, just to listen and make money by exploiting the weaknesses of others. So you will always find someone who will talk about a certain “spiritual” subject without ever having had direct experience of it, pretending to be a great expert in that field, just like the example of the third eye: all saying they have the third eye developed, but then they never even saw an aura in their lives.

In this regard, many still confuse the third eye with the mind chakra, for a single question of position. Because many believe that the third eye is a real third physical eye, which will open physically in the middle of the forehead (but I assure you that it will not be so, your forehead will remain normal, without holes, smooth as it always has been!) , and since the mind chakra is located right between the two eyebrows, they end up associating the two abilities as if they were synonyms.

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In fact in many paths (outside of ACD) they talk about the mind chakra as if it were the third eye, so they say “I meditated on the third eye” instead of saying “I meditated on the mind chakra”; or they say “I feel the third eye throbbing” instead of “I feel the chakra of the Mind throbbing”.But the mind chakra is not the third eye! Unfortunately there are those who trust these theories and end up making counterproductive decisions, for example they decide not to meditate on the mind’s chakra as they are afraid that, meditating on it, one can suddenly “open” the third eye that will make them see this that they don’t want to see (for example, entities), and therefore choose not to meditate. But the mind chakra and third eye are two very different things, first of all because the chakra is physical, while the third eye is not: it is a title that defines a certain visual psychic faculty, but it is not a physical eye like the other two ! The chakra, on the other hand, is physical, as it is born from the meeting of nerves that creates this particularly energetic point, which is called Chakra. The chakra is not imaginary, it is not a way of saying, it is not a perception: the chakra is physical, it is a real point that belongs to our physical body, which allows us to accumulate energy within it and use it to perform certain actions. For example, the chakra Chi is often used in combat because it allows fighters to strengthen their physical strength and thus increase their stability during the match. So it is not a way of saying, but a real physical component that allows us to use energy, in fact the chakras are the “bridges” that combine energy and matter.

The mind chakra is a chakra very connected to the brain and especially to the mind; for example, meditating on the mind chakra, thus breathing prana inside it, reduces the chance of having daily headaches, so it fills your head with healing energy so that during the day you don’t get the typical headache. You can notice it on yourself by noticing how effective it is to meditate: in fact, if today you meditate well breathing prana from the mind chakra (including all the other chakras, as indicated by the Meditation on the 5 chakras ) the next day it will be unlikely that you can get the headache, although it usually came during the day. If you are one of the many people who suffer almost perennial headaches, or at least three days a week you suffer from headaches, you will realize much better than the difference compared to those who do not suffer from it, because – if you meditate every day – you will never be there even once a week; if, on the other hand, you skip the meditation, the headache may come back to you the next day. Furthermore, meditating on the mind chakra makes you more alert, more mentally active, smarter and more creative, so it makes you quick to understand concepts and memorize what you need, as well as make you smarter to understand who you face, such as are his intentions towards you, and so on. Here you understand how important it is to meditate, because if you think that such a “simple” practice , after all, is able to prevent headaches and prevent your return, you realize that meditating is the best choice you can make.

Therefore those who believe, erroneously, that the chakra of the Mind and the third eye are the same thing, and worse still decide not to meditate on the Mind for fear that this may develop the third eye against his will, is committing a grave error. First of all because the two are completely different components to each other, worse still is deciding to give up the ultra-positive effects that meditating on the mind’s chakra offers, only to listen to useless and senseless fears. Being afraid of what you don’t know is normal, but being afraid of everything without even giving yourself the chance to know what the truth is, is no longer a normal question, but it is mental closure that can do nothing but make you stay bad, locked up in your barred dome where you live a fictitious life.

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The third eye is not the mind chakra, so meditating on the chakra is not enough to be able to develop visual faculties, even if it is the only thing you desire: in fact, to develop certain visual faculties one must train the eyes with precise techniques, which I’m teaching you neatly during the steps. Meditating, of course, helps speed up the results you get by practicing those techniques, because by meditating you gather energy that will then be used to practice; also develop your sixth sense, so meditating you need to evolve spiritually. But if you want to develop a visual capacity, compared to an auditory one, compared to an extra-sensory one, to get results you need to focus on that particular practice and do it daily to develop it. In other words, meditating always serves you, regardless of whether you want to develop your visual skills or not; because meditating fills you with healing prana, which already by itself performs a great positive effect inside you. It also brings you closer to Spiritual Awakening. So meditating is the basis of everything, without which you could not get excellent results in any other technique. As an example, if your only goal is to learn to see auras, only by practicing the technique of viewing auras can you reach a certain level, but then ends there, as you do not have enough energy to evolve further; so you are very limited! If, on the other hand, you meditate every day, in addition to practicing the vision technique of the aura, the results you will get will be faster and well above those you were getting before, because meditation allows you to evolve on plans that ordinary people cannot reach, precisely because he does not meditate. But depending on the practice you wish to develop, in particular the visual faculties, only meditating may not be enough, because to learn to see energy you need to train your eyes, so that they are able to develop the energy vision; so there is a need to practice targeted techniques.

In this lesson I explained to you what the Third Eye is and what it is not, but there is still so much to discover! What is important that you have understood today is that the third eye is the name given to all the visual faculties: a bit like your physical eyes can see both the colors, the matter and people’s faces, that animals; not just one of these! Knowing how to see only one kind of energy (for example knowing how to see auras) does not mean having the third eye developed; in fact, to be able to consider one’s third really developed eye, one must practice to learn to see all kinds of energy and not just one. In fact, those who see auras do not even know how to see pranic energy, and those who can see pranic energy cannot necessarily see orbs or other kinds of energy. In the next lesson, dedicated to the Energy View , I will explain the various types of energy that can be seen and I will show you the most precise techniques to develop a particular practice rather than another. In the meantime, you can enjoy the lesson on questions and answers concerning the Third Eye by clicking on this article . Before going ahead with reading though, I invite you to leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts about it.

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