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28 – The Astral travel – What are the O.O.B.E. (Part 1)


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The term “astral travel” is well known, but its definition is often ignored or confused. The ideas we have about astral travel are among the most perverse, because we tend to explain the dimensional experience with two opposite extremes, passing from the belief that it is a very simple dream to the image we want to give to the pre-death . The true astral journey is nothing of all this. Knowing the real meaning of astral travel is very important, as it is an event that can happen several times in the life of anyone, spontaneously, even if you have never heard of it. Knowing what it is about allows you not to fear this kind of situation because you are already aware of its function and its characteristics. Astral travel is commonly known as the “out of body experience” (o.o.b.e.), a journey outside the body. In short, it is an experience in which a person exits his physical body to briefly experiment with the astral dimension, then going there without using his material body. The theory says this, the practice, however, is much more interesting.


But we must make an introduction: the astral journey is not dangerous, but the first experiences may seem scary, for this reason many people do not have the courage to practice and understand the o.o.b.e. but they are fixed on the pessimistic conception of the fact, whether this has actually happened or not. Fear of astral travel drives people to step back instead of facing the experience and recognizing it for what it is: a beautiful journey. Unfortunately, those who are afraid do not dare to admit that they are cowardly, so they use all their strength to convince others not to discover the truth, as he would otherwise be recognized as the only one to be afraid of anything. The astral journey is comparable to the first time you enter the water: when you were a child and you did not know how to swim, just the thought of going into the water terrified you; then, when you discovered that the pool does not hide bad monsters and that to stay afloat you have to relax – rather than fuss and cry – you realized that there was nothing to fear. All the adults told you that you shouldn’t be afraid, and yet you were scared to death! So much so that you thought you could have drown and then really die, even though the water was low. Your companions were more frightened than you and made you believe that there was a real reason, telling you stories about the sea monsters you could meet by simply going to the pool; yet, when you learned to swim, all your fears disappeared in the blink of an eye as if you had never had them. The astral journey is the same thing. The fact that people talk about the astral event as a nightmare comes from their inability to “swim”, so they try to scare everyone else so that they stay with their peers, unable to handle the situation. Those who cannot swim will only express their fear with a lot of unfounded exaggerations, as opposed to those who have learned to relax inside the water and become a part of it. In fact, those who can swim very well and decide to go beyond a common person, for example becoming diver, go to the discovery of the seabed and tells how fabulous it is to swim next to the fish, look more closely at the marine world and so on, showing it as a beautiful experience. Those who can’t swim will never understand the magnificence of this moment and will discredit it as if it was nothing important defining it banal, only because this person would not have the courage to try it. In short, this is the reason why people are so afraid of the astral: because they do not know it and are afraid to dive, thinking that as soon as they step inside the pool, the shark will come and eat them. But it won’t be like that. There are no sharks in the pool.
The astral travel is an experience that can happen spontaneously, therefore without a person having decided it; sometimes it happens alone, whether she wants it or not. To be clear, it’s a bit like rain: you can also try to avoid getting wet, but sooner or later during the span of your life it will happen once you’re under a downpour and the rain will get you wet. It is inevitable.

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So you can choose to spend your life running away, or recognize the existence of rain and stop fearing it. This does not mean that knowing the meaning of the rain must then force you out of the house as soon as it rains to go and get wet. Today you will learn what astral travel is and this won’t force you to practice it, but at least to understand exactly what happens when your body pushes you – or what has happened if it has already pushed you in the past – on a spontaneous astral journey so that you are not afraid but that you can enjoy the experience. The rain does not appeal to everyone, but you can take advantage of the opportunity to do something new when it is in place. You cannot escape from the astral journey: everyone has had or will have at least one astral experience even once in a lifetime and you can choose whether to suffer it or take advantage of it to have fun. Moreover, just because the astral is completely natural, you can choose to do it voluntarily and decide to make it happen when and how you want following certain techniques. In order to learn how to swim you have to train, even more if you want to become a diver. Today I’ll explain what it is, because knowing its meaning does not oblige you to practice it of your own will, but you’ll be perfectly prepared in case it happens spontaneously. The astral travel is a totally natural spiritual experience that allows you to visit a real place without physically going there, but that’s not all. There are many rumors about the astral, most of which are told by people who have never experienced a real experience of this kind. Personally I have experienced many and I have learned very well to choose when it has to happen or when to cancel them because I do not think it’s time to do them; therefore I can speak thanks to the personal experience that I have collected over the years and that today I continue to evolve on higher levels because I believe it is an enveloping technique. The oobe has a very short duration, although at the moment it may seem much longer; it’s a bit like a dream that might seem to have lasted hours, as happens in the case of a nocturnal paralysis, which does not exceed a few minutes in duration. The concept of time changes because during the astral journey we visit a dimensional layer different from the material to which we are accustomed: even if we could visit the same city we live in, we would be going through a different dimensional layer, in fact we might not realize the time flowing or fatigue, since the physical body is comfortably lying in bed and is not getting tired. The astral travel is a very interesting event because it allows you to send a probe of your energy to explore a known or unknown place, of this dimension or of other distant dimensions. It is much easier to play an oobe while the body falls asleep rather than when it is moving to perform daily activities. Nevertheless, it is necessary to recognize a true astral journey from a dream, because the astral experience is real and identifiable by many elements. During the astral journey the body is sleeping but the mind is very awake, in fact it is carrying out an activity without using its physical means. Oobe does not just mean leaving the body, visiting one’s home without moving physically and then returning inside as if nothing had happened; the astral is much more fascinating and pleasant than it appears at first sight. Describing the astral dimension to those who do not know it requires patience, because it would be like explaining to a blind person how colors are made. Would you succeed? You could certainly tell them how beautiful and useful they are, because in everyday life we ​​use different colors to carry out social activities; for example, thanks to the colors of the traffic light we know how to respect the times of others while driving, we can represent a story drawn in a painting through the use of specific tempera, and so on. Can you do that without the colors? Of course, colors can be replaced with symbols or words, but life would not be the same. Colors give us emotions, beauty, give us life.

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We can live without the astral and replace it with our daily commitments, but we are renouncing to a great part of happiness and emotions that only it, like the colors, can offer us. Being blind is a misfortune but deciding to become one with your own hands is a terrifying choice. So to describe in two words everything you can do in the astral world is definitely impossible, but as the term itself says, it is a journey without using the physical body.
During the astral experience a part of you will visit a place – which you will remember when you wake up- while the physical body will remain comfortable on the bed, in the same position, without the risk of moving or getting hurt in any way. The body will be fine, it will not risk in any way, because its state will be exactly like when you’re dreaming; if in the dream you run, eat or drown in a river, there is no risk that your physical body will get tired, get fat or lose water. The body will be fine. The difference between a dream and an astral journey lies in the veracity of the experience. In fact if in a dream you break an object, in reality it does not really break; if during the astral journey you drop an object specifically to break it, when you wake up from sleep you will actually find the object broken. If when you wake up from the astral journey the object is not broken, here is the answer: it was not an oobe but only a dream! Said so it seems simple, but many people tell their dreams as if they were real astral travel and this happens because you can find a lot of misinformation even desired. Reason in the first place comes from a lack of experience, so people talk about an argument without really knowing what it is about; worse still, people do not want to know what it is, they just want to talk, without being interested in finding out what the actual truth is because it takes time and effort. People do not have time to find out the truth, they only have so much time to watch so many TV series.

Astral travel is as dangerous as a dream, so in the morning you will wake up and start your day-to-day activities without anything strange happening to you. Therefore you must not fear anything. But the astral journey is not a dream, it is a real experience and for this reason living it for the first time can make you feel a certain feeling of closure towards what you do not know. In fact, during the oobe real sensations are felt, we could say physical – although the body does not suffer them – and the actions performed during it actually happen. The first step in recognizing a real experience from a dream is to experiment with objects. If, during a dream, you look at the watch and then look at it after a moment, you will notice that the schedule will change immediately and the numbers on the watch will be very difficult to read; during the oobe you can read the real numbers and then they will not change, as it will really be that time. Another example would be to take a book and read a random page: everyone says that if it is a dream you will not be able to read the lines because the words will change quickly, while if it is an astral journey, you will be able to read good every line; yet I must correct this statement, as if you were on an astral journey, you should first take the book from the library (then practice strong telekinesis), open it and browse it (then continue with telekinesis), read the words carefully – they must be consistent with reality – and put the book back in a different place from the bookstore to prove to you, after waking up from sleep, that you really moved that book. It is here that people get the better of themselves: they prefer to deceive themselves of having lived a real oobe rather than recognizing the truth from the dream. Taking a book in hand and reading it, without using the physical body, requires a certain psychic strength not easy to obtain, called in this case Telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ability to move an object with the mind without having to touch it with the body. At this point one might believe that it is impossible, but in reality it is precisely what the entities do. In fact, when an entity moves an object, it is using the power of energy combined with the mental intent; in other words, she uses telekinesis.

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When we talk about an entity, however, we mostly use the term “poltergeist”, which indicates the entity capable of physically moving an object, while not possessing physical hands to do so. So understand that it is not so simple, because it requires  a lot of mental strength and a lot of energy;  but it is possible, seen that it happens very often that an entity drops or moves something. In fact, some entities manage to move objects or perform actions in this material dimension despite not having a physical body, thanks to the high psychic capacity; The same rule is in us: the stronger our psychic abilities are, the more we can make an effect in the physical dimension, even when we are without the material medium that is our human body. I don’t want to confuse you with too much information at a time, but I want you to understand how and why it works. The reason why people tell so many fantasies posing as astral travel is that they prefer to brag about an event that hasn’t happened, rather than recognize their mistakes and learn that, to carry out a good astral travel, you have to get busy. Going out in the astral is an event that can happen spontaneously, but knowing how to move perfectly and being able to make effect in the material dimension is a whole other thing. Pushing an object with all the strength to make it fall to the ground is quite different from taking a book, keep it in mid-air, open it, read it comfortably by flipping through its pages and then rearrange it in the library making sure it is sorted and in the correct position. In fact, in a house infested by entities, it is much more likely to see objects falling to the ground, doors that open, pictures falling, rather than seeing a book that remains in mid-air for several minutes and that is browsed with ease. Dropping an object requires a lot less effort and allows you to give a proof of your presence, even though this gesture is not easy at all. That’s why a quick way to recognize if you’re in OOBE or dream is to take a book and browse it: if you can with such simplicity is more likely to be a dream, then you should make it fall to the ground because when you wake up you can understand if it was a  Dream or reality. If you cannot drop the book on the ground because too heavy for you-very likely-try to look at the time from the phone, try to call your mother or go to her to talk to her: If the phone comes on it is possible that even in this case it is a dream , as pressing the button may not be as simple as doing it using physical hands; If you go to your mother, talk to her and she replies to you is also a dream. In fact, as soon as you wake up you can go to your mother and ask if you have spoken: obviously she will say no. That’s because you dreamt it. During the astral journey the other people-not psychic-cannot see you, let alone talking to you, so you can act undisturbed without others knowing what you’re doing. If, however, during this experience you happen to chat with someone and, once awake, ask to repeat what you said and the other person denies everything, you must accept that it was only a dream, rather than insist with the conviction that it has really happened. Often the desire to make an astral journey pushes us to dream it in a very realistic way, yet it still remains a dream. In spite of your desire to tell this experience, put aside the ego and learn to recognize when a true OOBE happens since only a dream happened. The Astral Travel is a real experience, so don’t confuse it with the imagination of the night. During the astral journey you can make several interesting experiences, for example you can visit the house of a friend, the one of relatives, also the home of an acquaintance from which we have never been invited to enter; And yet in astral you can do it, because you don’t need him to open the door for you. You may wonder whether this is right or not, but know that others do not stop wondering that because, however, you would not see them and they could do what they want. In Astral It works like this. Unfortunately, most people put their foot in the water and say they saw or had a fight with a shark, because they knew that others could not deny it, not having enough experience to have a voice in the chapter.

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So, whoever speaks first can be believed on the word, and not only that, can be taken as an example for the next tales. Many people who talk about astral travel make very serious mistakes, because they have never made one, they have only underwent it. Many other people also do not even have a clue of what it is, so they think it is equivalent of having a dream. Undergoing an OOBE and practicing it are two completely different experiences. Who says to do OOBE everyday he is probably dreaming them. As already mentioned, oobes can happen spontaneously, that is, without you having decided and, in this case, it means that you will suffer from them. Instead, if you know how to practice it, so you know how to play or how to stop when you think it is more appropriate, then the experience has a completely different taste. In a way it is like when you have a dream: when fantasy takes over, the nightmare can happen because you suffer your own imaginative creations that you have conceived in a dream; When you familiarize yourself with the dream and make it lucid, you can control the events in it, making it much more fun and exciting. Astral Travel is nothing dangerous, but it is a new experience that does not happen often, so by the time it presents it can make you feel afraid, especially for those who do not know that it is an experience that happens to everyone. When an OOBE occurs and the person does not know what it is, he ends up being frightened and then “undergo” the experience, as he does not know how to control it. Very different is to be found prepared and know how to deal with it, recognizing in OOBE a normal experience, serene, without any reason to be afraid. There is some basic information you need to learn to overcome the fear of an astral travel by recognizing that there is no reason to fear it. In the first place is the experience in itself. During an astral journey, or rather, the moment you are leaving the body, you will be blocked by the first sensation that concerns the fear of dying. You can be serene because that won’t happen. People are afraid to die because they perceive that something is coming out of the body and, naively, they think it is the soul. To give strength to this misconception are the people who have not practiced the OOBE but have suffered it, telling a version entirely different from reality and letting themselves be influenced by their fears that have conditioned the realistic vision. For this reason it is read everywhere that the soul exits from the body and that the latter remains empty until the soul returns to the end of the journey. The idea that the soul leaves the body is wrong and also not credible, because it is possible to carry out the astral journey and, at the same time, to open the physical eyes; So you can live the experience outside the body and at the same time look with your physical eyes, since the soul lies within it. If the soul came out of the body it would not be possible to open the eyes of the physical body and look with those, but you should expect to re-enter the body to succeed. Instead, with the right workout – or sometimes by sheer luck – you can manage to experience the OOBE and in the meantime open your physical eyes and recognize that you are inside the body. The soul therefore does not come out of the body but remains within it for the duration of your life. So what comes out of the body during the astral travel? A very small energy probe that you are aware of and that will behave like your other eyes. During the astral journey, in fact, what comes out is a very small energy probe, that is a small part of your intelligent energy, that comes out of the body and directs outward to allow you to view your home, a city, the other part of the world, Without you having to go physically. During an astral travel you are sending a camera that communicates directly with you, which records what you see and allows you to watch the surrounding place so well and high-def that you feel like you are there. Imagine using a VR-glasses Drone (virtual reality): This is an example of astral travel experience.Although the drone can be a fantastic technology, it will never compete with the real astral journey.

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But it’s really the perfect example as it also allows you to see a place without you physically going there. So during the astral travel the soul does not come out, since the body would not allow it. Although people talk about the pre-death as an event so simple, I guarantee that dying is not so easy because, fortunately, the body has many natural defences. If a person suffers an accident in the car, she would certainly risk dying, but if she is comfortably lying in her bed, ready to sleep, she is not likely to die only for an experience – natural – that happens in astral. There is no motivation to fear this. You’re more likely to die in front of the TV for watching too many series and turning off your brain. Since the soul does not come out of the body, it must not be feared that the latter will be abandoned and that for a period of time remains empty, since it will remain in the same conditions as it is every night while we sleep and make dreams. Nothing different. During the astral travel, our consciousness sends a small probe out of the body that allows us to visit a place and feel as if we were really there, despite us, as a soul, we are still inside the body. The probe is like a small drone: as soon as it has completed its task or, to say, its journey, it will fall in base – inside the body – without any problem. The soul does not leave the body and will not come out until our time has arrived, for old age or for serious illnesses, so it has nothing to do with the astral travel. Because the soul does not come out of the body, there is not even the problem of return: the soul has in fact always been inside the body. What scares the people who undergo the astral experience rather than living it consciously is that they find themselves projected out of the body without knowing what it is and that, at first glance, it can seem really scary. This is understandable, because during the astral journey you feel that something is coming out of your body; Then, without knowing why and in what way, you find yourself above or beside your physical body and observe it while it sleeps, recognizing you outside it. All of this will make you think – if you do not have the slightest conception of energy – that you are really out of the body and that you are either dead or dying. Fortunately death is not so simple, otherwise the human population would be completely extinct from ages, and all for a simple OOBE. How sad. So during the astral travel your little energy probe will come out of the body while your soul will remain inside. In fact the probe will allow you to visit the place making you see just as if you were there, but if by chance your physical body should wake up during the OOBE for any reason (for example because it sounds the alarm!), you open your eyes and you will realize That you are inside the body. What happens to the probe? It will fall into the body at the speed of light, being sucked by your conscience that has to prepare for awakening. Even if you believe that it should take hours, in reality this happens in a fraction of a second, but it will still require its time regardless of how short it is. Inexperienced people complain that they have found it difficult to re-enter the body, and yet, it happens, all of them can tell the experience lived. Unfortunately we must always pay attention to how we are told the facts, because sometimes the fear shows the details exaggerating a bit. Sometimes too much!During the OOBE, the physical body needs a preparation to let out the probe, so this can last even several moments (considering that the time in astral is very different from that flowing in the physical dimension) and, as well as it needs time to Going out, the same way it also needs to prepare to get her back. Believing that you can get stuck outside your body is absurd, because as soon as your alarm clock rings or the morning sun touches your eyes, you wake up exactly as you do every morning while you’re having a dream. Some dreams seem very long and interminable, but you are sure that every morning you will wake up and that those will end. If you have a light sleep and wake up for anything, this will also happen during astral travel.

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Indeed: when you understand the value of an astral travel, your worst nightmare will be to awake too soon, because it will ruin your experience and throw you back into the body, while you wanted to stay outside! Since the soul will always be inside the body, if your mother were to knock on the door, if the dog were to bark, or if for any other reason your body should wake up from sleep, the astral experience will end in a thousandth of a second. The fact that during the OOBE some people can feel a bit ‘ of resistance in re-entering the body derives from the need of the body itself to bring back the energy. The energy probe is a part of energy that comes out in exploration and then returns, then moves from inside the body to travel on other dimensional stages. Moving energy is not easy, that is why it is not easy to make an astral trip voluntarily but there is, instead, need of training. OOBE, however, can happen spontaneously, therefore without the need of training; Sometimes during their lives this kind of experience happens. To some people happens only once, others can happen much more often, without knowing how to decide when, how and how long to make them last. The bad of the spontaneous journey is that you cannot choose to do it, but you have to wait until it happens alone and, if you are interested in knowing, you could wait even years and years, even decades before it happens again. When you discover the incredible wonder of the Astral world, you recognize that waiting for a spontaneous OOBE is distressing, because you never know if it will come to you again, so you’ll want to learn how to induce it, so you can practice it whenever you want, as many times as you want . By training yourself to practice them, you will also learn to stop or cancel a spontaneous oobe that, at that moment, you do not want to happen. If you do not have the slightest familiarity, instead, you will suffer the spontaneous OOBE and you won’t decide when and how to finish it but you have to wait for its time, so you have to undergo the experience. Although it’s nothing dangerous, it might still scare you because it’s a time frame where things happen that you don’t have the slightest control over. As the exit from the body requires a passage of energy that you can feel very well, even the re-entry needs its preparation, since the energy has to adapt to the body and wants to return without “scaring” him. The body is very sensitive and enters into a state of defence as soon as it perceives some strange movement, which is why the energy in return wants to be absorbed by the body gently, rather than sling inside him and risk to frighten him. In any case, nothing dangerous will happen, but it is preferable to come back gently, otherwise you could wake up from sleep with a jolt: no physical damage, but the momentary fright is guaranteed! The side that people don’t like about the spontaneous OOBE – that is, those that happen without you having trained the techniques to master them – is that you cannot control them, so if you want to take a tour around the city, you may not succeed, instead remaining Standing in the house turning from one room to another. This is discomforting. To get a great experience that will fully satisfy yourself, you will need training. So if you let luck decide, sometimes you could make an OOBE and be able to travel to a faraway city and enjoy the experience, other times you’ll stay in your room and you won’t even get past a wall; All this considering that you could have an OOBE even every 10 years, so you won’t have much time to enjoy the experience. Fear might make you think it’s better this way, that you don’t want to have anything to do with the oobes, that it’s something you don’t care about, but I’m here to say things as they are: astral travel happens and, whether you want it or not , they can happen to you too, but you have no reason to fear them, as they will last a very short period of time during which nothing wrong will happen to you. You’ll have to decide whether to spend the time fidget or if you let go, relax and float. Be serene, because the true astral journey is much more beautiful and peaceful than what the ignorant want to make you believe. Since the soul does not come out of the body, there is no way that – as in horror films – the body is being targeted by entities or things like that, that will try to steal it, or similar nonsense. If so, they should be able to steal it every time you enter a dream, then every night.

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For the same reason, it is absurd to believe that the soul comes out of the body and that it is connected to it by a cordon of silver (some even say that it’s golden) to which you must also pay attention, because if you move too far from the body you risk to break it. In all these years when I have practiced astral travel I have never, and I say never, seen in me and in no other the fanciful golden cord. Also, although I was far away from the physical body, I have never got lost or stuck in other dimensions from which I have not returned. You can visit an unknown place and quite far, but you cannot lose nor get stuck and risk not to return, for the simple reason that you have never gone! The soul never came out of the body! What comes out is a small probe that for the moment will act as other eyes, so you’ll see the surrounding place as if you were visiting it physically, yet you’ll be comfortable in your bed – inside your body – and the energetic camera (your probe ) will look and report the data directly in your mind, immediately. It works just like a live or online camera. During the astral journey there is no risk, because it is a completely natural experience, but it is normal to feel fear the first times that the OOBE happens because it is an event to which we are not accustomed and of which we have not even been warned: The people around us have not yet had experiences of OOBE or, just like you, do not remember them, or pretend to have imagined in order to not to admit that these experiences really exist. The fact that other people tell anything else, describing it as a dangerous moment, it happens simply because they have never played an astral travel experience, but such is the desire to tell others that they do not realize what Are saying. To think that people do not believe in the existence of ghosts, but when a person has an astral journey they are convinced that they can even be possessed by them and so lose forever their body is absolutely nonsense. Unfortunately I am aware that it is not easy to understand the astral journey and stop fearing it after so many people-completely ignorant about it, spread negative news, or after other people do it deliberately, just to confuse and frighten Others, so as to ensure that no one tries to practice the experience. What is there to discover about the astral? What’s so important to hide? Basically everything: if you had a high familiarity of astral travel you could go anywhere, really anywhere, being able to observe closely what happens without ever having physical limits. With the human body you can’t cross walls and not even a very simple door, because anyone could stop you from entering your property and blocking you out. If you could travel with energy, so without being seen and discovered by others, you could come in and visit whatever place you want; Even the most secret and hidden. No one could stop you. That’s why they keep us so far away from evolving this ability by tapping the typical, yet more functional, key that affects everyone: fear. So they guarantee that a large part of the population will not find out what there is behind those walls.There are so many other things I would like to tell you about the astral travel, but perhaps for the moment you prefer to assimilate the information given so far and you need your time to understand them. If you feel ready to go further, you can read the continuum in the second part of the Astral Travel. What matters, for the moment, is that you have understood that there is nothing to fear. I will be happy to tell you so much more in the next article, teaching you to practice the technique to carry out a voluntary astral journey and to control it, or how to block a spontaneous astral journey when you do not want this to happen without your decision.

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  1. that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an ” astral body ” that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe.

    1. During Astral Travel, a little piece of our energy goes out of our body on exploration. Fortunately, during O.O.B.E. our Soul is not leaving our body, so our Consciousness risks nothing; it’s only a small portion of our energy which is getting temporarily out. In following articles about Astral Travel and Soul, you can find more information to make everything clearer and easier to understand fully. Enjoy your path and remind that Dimensional Consciousness Academy Staff remains at your disposal for any question! 😊

  2. I have always experienced an oobe spontaneously. Until now, still in my early years as an adolescent … often I seemed to float above my own body. Only have never been able to steer it consciously, I always hovered near my body. Unfortunately, this experience has been somehow “blocked” over the years. It seems as an adult that I fear it and that is why it never happened again. Until a few months ago. But to be honest I was scared at the time, too bad. It didn’t happen after that. Now would like it to happen again or that I could revive it. I would very much like to experience it. Thanks for the article, I hope that I will no longer be afraid of a next spontaneous oobe and that I can enjoy this beautiful and grateful experience.

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