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86 – What is the Aura – The collective Aura and its programs (part 4)

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Very often we do not realize how much spirituality surrounds us even in the most everyday moments: in fact we think that spiritual reality is only the vision of a ghost or an object that moves on its own, as if everything else that happens is not important. Energy surrounds us daily, composes us and builds the whole life in which we live. The aura is the main means by which we create what happens to us. The events, the people who want to know us or who stay away from us, all this happens because of our aura.
Our energy field decides what must enter our life and what does not, but its decisions are often unconscious and for this reason they can also bring us big problems. The error does not come from the aura itself but from us who ignore it and do not give it the right attention to go on the right path. The aura is not conscious and intelligent enough to manage our life alone, because it would only attract what we don’t want and that brings us harm, only because it is programmed in that way. The aura is autonomous, attracts to itself what is most similar to its energy and moves away what does not resemble it, but it is not intelligent enough to recognize what we like and what we don’t like, what brings us good and what would do us only evil. From an early age we realized that similar people attracted each other, it was as if there was a magnet for those who looked alike, yet when we tried to get closer to who we liked, he would move away, as if there was a magnet opposite. Inside we thought we were very similar and we didn’t understand why certain groups didn’t do it for us. As teenagers it was much more evident, in fact at school the boys were divided into groups that usually remained the same throughout the year; in each class there was at least one group of the “best”, who could be the most beautiful, the most bully, or simply the most bold. They were normal boys and when you could talk to one of them without the company of the group, you could see how quiet he was and with the crest lowered, yet when he joined his group here everything changed, the ego rose and they strengthened each other. It was extremely difficult to join a group that did not belong to us, because even if with some members we laughed and joked, it was as if something invisible pushed us back to get away from the group and bring us back to our place. This is the collective aura, or mass aura.

Although each of us has a very personal aura, when we are in the company of people we love or with whom we have a lot of confidence, the auras come together creating a synergy between them, from which a mass aura is formed. The auras continue to exist autonomously but in the meantime one part of energy joins the other to form a single block, therefore a shared aura. When several people united and in confidence find themselves to be together, their auras come together forming a sort of “great aura”. Although everyone has his own personal, he will be influenced by the collective thoughts of the great aura, which are nothing more than the predominant thoughts of those who direct others within the group. We have always noticed how each group of friends had a main pillar inside that could be the most bully or the most intelligent, the most beautiful or the most sympathetic: this was the leader of the group, even without the others noticing. The leader of the group is the one who most influences the other components with his own aura, making the decisions from the smallest to the most important ones without the others realizing his ability to keep the command, because most of the time this does not happen verbally but energetically. The leader directs all the people who make up his group through his own aura, being the backbone of the great collective aura. In doing so, he will be the one who will influence the thinking of the other members by driving the vehicle of the great aura, often remaining unaware of it. Since we all have the aura since birth, we have always used it without being aware of it, making it part of our nature.

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Becoming aware of the aura allows us to become much more powerful in our life and that of others, because we have more energy power than we have when we are unconscious.

Many times we have seen how a group of bullies gave each other strength, yet, when the group was divided and the members remained alone, here they returned to normal, sometimes proving to be a completely different kind of person. Sometimes at school it could be noticed that, if the leader of the group of friends was missing, the others also absent themselves from school, for fear or shyness. If in the group of friends their aura unites too much, the members will begin to feel incomplete without the presence of others, as if they no longer have their own personality, but recognizing themselves only as members of the group; so, if one of them – the most important – or many of them were absent from school, from the gym or from going out with friends, the others did not show up, using the most trivial excuses, because in their absence they did not have the courage to go out feeling weak and intimidated. This used to happen at school and still happens today as adults, where many people cannot go to a bar, to a party, or to go around with friends without their partner or \ best friend \ because they feel weak and afraid, feeling strong only in the presence of their partner, to whom they will be stuck all the time. By becoming aware of the aura, we realize how dependent we are on others, freeing ourselves from the conviction that without escort we cannot go out or do anything. In reality, each of us has its own personality and we can go out and do an activity even without the presence of the people we love or who give us strength, because we could be our own strength ourselves .. as it should be by nature!

When we are close to the people we like and with whom we have a lot of confidence, our auras unite and strengthen each other. When, on the other hand, a person is not familiar with anyone in the group and does not commit himself to insert himself, his aura will remain separate from the rest of those present despite the fact that they are physically very close. It is very easy to notice the intruder in a group, or rather who is “too many”, because you perceive his disunity towards other members and vice versa: it is like a clean cut that divides the two parts. This perception refers to the aura that, even if we do not see it, exists and affects everything and everyone. Let’s think, for example, of when we tried to join the coolest group in our class as kids, or what we liked best, but with which we didn’t always get good results because even if we were nice to most of the members who composed it, it was like if something pushed us out. This happened above all to the newcomer, in fact when some boy moved into our class late, he generally found it much more difficult to join a group. This is because the groups were already formed, therefore the auras were already consolidated, consequently it was difficult for a newcomer to enter a collective energy field without destabilizing everything; unless this was not very good at adapting and in this case he could do it without too many problems, in fact there is always the exception that he is able to adapt to any environment / energy. Even today, similar events can be seen: when a new person joins a newly created group, whether this is a spiritual meeting or a birthday party where almost nobody knows the other guests, it is much easier for everyone to find someone to have a relationship with and then fit into the crowd with balance; when a new guest enters an already well-established meeting or a party where everyone already knows each other perfectly except him, it will be much more difficult for him to join a group and make friends: he may even be able to talk to everyone, but this does not imply that at the end of the party he will be able to continue a good relationship of friendship with those people, unlike the consolidated group that will continue to attend even outside the party. Unless you use your aura consciously to do it, because in this case it will succeed with absolute certainty.

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Knowing how to use one’s aura allows the practitioner to be able to join any group of interests without the slightest effort. There are groups of people who will never be attracted to us and would never accept us within their lives, but with the use of the aura we can destroy every barrier and receive attention from people that we would never have expected and find ourselves inside of the most interesting groups we’ve always wanted. In fact, our diversity does not really derive from the character or the money in our pocket or from our culture, but depends on the different vibration of our aura.

Learning to adapt the aura to any situation allows us to get in touch with any kind of person we like or with whom it is necessary to build relationships for our goals. Knowing how to adapt is very important in order to achieve and make our wishes come true. We may like a person very different from us, who has never looked at us or who has nothing in common with us, but if we are able to overcome the aura barrier, we can get noticed and allow him to discover us as we really are, instead of staying away because of the appearance. Before learning to tune in to other energies, in order to join any group it is necessary to learn to recognize our own aura, understanding what kind of message it sends to others when they look at us, what vibration it has – and what the problem of basically it is not our negative energy – so that we first of all learn to adapt to society. In fact, if it seems to us that the whole world has it in for us, it is not really the fault of the world, but of our aura that vibrates at a wrong frequency and that does nothing but attract negative events from every direction.

Our aura builds the future around us according to the energy it vibrates to: if it is negative then it can make our own life like a dog biting its tail. In fact, the vibration of our aura derives from past experiences, which could be positive or negative. In the latter case the aura will vibrate at a low frequency; doing so will attract other negative vibrations or experiences and people who will harm us. Thus we will suffer again, increasing negative energy in our aura, which will be what we will attract again; then other negative events will happen to us and other people will come ready to harm us, which will form an infinite chain. We can decide to break this cycle by taking the courage to decide on our aura. From an early age we had the aura, so we had an energy field that created and attracted positive or negative events towards us depending on how we fed it. In the past you didn’t know it, so it just happened, but now you have the possibility to change your future through Knowledge. Since life is not only composed of negative situations or only positive situations, but both, the energy that predominates is the one that has remained most impressed on us. We may have had a very peaceful life, without excessive trauma or pain, therefore quite positive, but in the meantime we envied the other people who seemed happier than us, we envied their friendships, their experiences, we envied them when others had their first boyfriend, or their school success, and that made us depressed.

The aura is mostly composed of our thoughts and emotions, so any negative and depressing thoughts with which we have nourished it with time have stored in the aura itself and in this way the aura will continue to vibrate at a low frequency , as were our thoughts and emotions. There is a completely wrong idea that children do not experience negative emotions, although we know very well that we first, when we were young and for example went to school, lived different negative experiences that made us feel feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness, sometimes depression, and our aura is imbued with these energies. In fact, it is equally wrong to think that “the past has passed” and that the emotions we have experienced as children have not been impressed on our aura, because in reality we may still be wearing negative energy programs present since we were younger.

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So it is wrong to think that the emotions of the past disappear into thin air, if even just last year you experienced very negative emotions, due to a painful or stressful situation that happened to you, or because of envy and wrong behavior from others or born directly from you; because these remain so! In fact, without an energetic cleansing on one’s aura, one runs the risk of keeping on negative energies of many years before. This is how the aura is imbued with negative energies and will attract other negative events and people to itself.

Our life continues, so the aura is continually filled with new life experiences and with this it can change programs, for better or for worse, depending on how we live: so if today you really live in a positive way, even if you were a kid you were always depressed or angry, it may be that the current positive energy has contrasted the negative energy of the past enough to eliminate it; but this is not a certainty! In fact, the past has marked us and we must decide how long this story should continue or if the time has come to break that loop of negative programs on our aura. By cleaning up one’s aura, old programs that still try to bring us into low vibrations can be removed. Consequently, it is possible that your current energy has contrasted that of the past, but it is not a certainty, because instead there is the possibility that some energies of the past are still inside your aura, just as you could still be the victim of a trauma from child, even though 40 years have already passed. So cleaning your own aura, with the appropriate techniques – which of course I will teach you – is always useful, because you can manage to get negative energies off you that you didn’t even realize you had, and after you take them off you realize that you feel much better, so much so that the life around you changes to become more positive towards you.

Many times we believe that others do not understand our value, and for this reason they are not attracted to it or end up distancing themselves from us, but in reality it is we who are distancing them, unconsciously, with our aura. If we are often obsessed, full of unnecessary fears and worries, other people feel it – albeit unconsciously – and stay away from us because they don’t want to take our complaints. If we are detached people, who do not give off worries, anxiety, obsessions of various kinds, people will feel more serene in our presence and therefore more attracted to us. This phenomenon cannot be controlled with words: it would be useless to make those we love promise not to abandon us or to never stop loving us; if we fill our aura with fears towards him, with the fear that he will leave us or forget us, in the long run the other person will unconsciously perceive our obsessions as negative energies that lash out against his life, and it will come removed, because obsessions are repugnant to everyone.

One cannot live well next to a person full of complexes, who becomes anxious about everything and continues to complain for every reason in the world; you cannot live happily next to a depressed, pessimistic person who sees every day gray. People get bored because their aura tries to defend them to prevent them from becoming so tired and listless to live. For this reason, as a natural protection we tend to move away from depressed and obsessive people; if instead we tend to get closer it means that we vibrate at the same frequency: this means that even if we don’t recognize it, we are exactly like them.

You have to be yourself, yes, but not too much. For the love of the other, or the company of one’s friends, one must commit oneself to detach oneself, however, detaching oneself from bad behavior, such as the constant complaining of everything, the continuous dissatisfaction with life, the constant terror that everyone will go away.

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It is much better to decide to detach these behaviors from your own character in order to be able to live happily with other people, than to insist on wanting to be depressed and complexed, ending up going back alone and staying there for much longer. It is difficult to accept having to change attitude, because we are all great spoiled: we are used to believing that others have to sacrifice for us and have to endure us, at the cost of suffering and ruining their lives, because “we are made like this and not we have to change for nobody ”. In this case it is right that they live their happy lives and go away from you forever, leaving you in your ugly pessimism. We are the ones who need to improve and become more solar for others, because people need light and to see happiness in our eyes, since they already have enough sadness on their own.

People love those who are sunny, those who emanate happiness, security, tranquility, those who want to live and make others perceive it, because that is the kind of life that we all want, that’s why we are attracted to those who always smile and cannot do unless you see it as a landmark. The depressed or always serious person will also have his mysterious charm for the first 5 minutes, but living a life in his company will prove to be hellish as always, taking away any desire to live and fight for our successes. It will make us weak and apathetic people. That’s why people who are always serious and pessimistic look interesting for a while, but are then abandoned and left alone for the rest of their lives. Being yourself is fine, but at some point you have to understand if we are really ourselves or if we are letting our bad temper overwhelm us, ruining our lives and the lives of those close to us. Because the real problem is not the character, but how, through it, we nourish our aura and how it therefore presents itself to the eyes – or perceptions – of others. This vibration drives other people away because it makes them understand that they don’t want to live a depressed life because of us. If we want to attract other people we must first of all learn to live life more lively, because it is called life and not death! Cleaning up our aura will allow us to remove those blocks that bring only negative and bad people closer to our lives, and if we start living in a more sunny and bright way we eliminate those blocks that prevent positive and really good people from approaching and falling in love with us . In this way we will be gradually surrounded by more and more beautiful and interesting people who will make us feel happy to be alive, but at the same time we must be the kind of person that others are looking for, instead of immediately falling back into pessimism; people are curious about the mystery but love security. It is much more beautiful to live with a person who makes you happy and who makes you smile every day, rather than having an apathetic and continually bored person, fed up with life, without interests and without reason to be happy and make you happy.

Be the positive person that everyone wants to have by their side, rather than expecting others to change for you. For this reason we will begin a path of cleaning and fortifying the aura together, where you will learn to detach the weights of the past and the bad energy programs, which will also allow you to be more attractive in the eyes of others, in the meantime you will discover how to defend yourself from the auras of others and you will understand how to best use yours to achieve the goals that interest you. Everything will depend on the practice and your interest in doing it: without commitment to become a better and more solar person, nothing will change, because the facts will materialize the reality, not the verbal complaints.

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