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02 – Matrix – What the Matrix is (Part 1)

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You have always known about its existence, but you didn’t know its name.

The Matrix is everything you see, everything you hear and everything you touch. Every single thing that you could look, hear or smell is part of the Matrix. You are part of the Matrix too.

The Matrix is everything around you, it’s the routine that moves on, it’s the town, it’s your busy life. The life in this world is the Matrix. The society we are living in is Matrix, the ground, the sky, the sea, the school, the job, the other people, all of this is Matrix. It has a material aspect and an intelligent mind, that creates and directs everyone’s life. It’s a material dimension, this is why everything that exists can be touched, looked, smelled, heard and can be perceived. The Matrix is like an intelligent Conscience. It’s an extremely advanced artificial reality, it is made of energy and is able to shape the energy inside of it.

In the previous article I have explained some differences between the energies, anticipating that the material energy is part of the Matrix. Imagine for a moment that you could associate the entire existence of the planet we are living in to a person: she has a body and a mind. Her body is material, so it is not abstract, but it is something that you can look and touch, instead of her mind, that seams invisible but it is there. Inside of it there are many others little organisms, that perform everyday their actions and carry on the life of the big organism (the physical body) that includes them all. Meanwhile, this Planet has a mind that can’t be seen, it can’t be touched; it is invisible and yet it’s the mind that activates the organisms and allows them to work and to keep doing their jobs everyday; we call the last one Low Frequency. The mind possesses an incredible intelligence because more than activating everyday and keeping alive the body and all its organisms, it is also capable of creating, thinking, evolving and so of carrying on its knowledge. We call the body and the mind respectively Matrix and Low Frequency (or just Low). To simplify we will talk about the Matrix and the Low as if they are the same, but in the next article I will explain the difference between these two parts.

Clearly the Matrix is not a person, in fact it is much different from the human’s idea, but inside of our physical body it exists a small Matrix that fills the life of every single organism that composes us and that, only by living and doing his “daily tasks”, allow us to live and experience our life. So the Matrix/Low is not exactly comparable to us, but to that conscience that fills and manages the inner life of our physical body. The great Matrix is the dimension we are living in and controls the physical life of the planet Earth. If you think about it, it is almost like a huge Matrioska, in which it exists the planet Earth with its Matrix and we are within it; within us there is another small Matrix where our cells are located. Don’t be afraid of this topic, because if it still seems too complicated to understand, you have many opportunities and more documents in which I will explain better how it works and how it acts; For now let me explain to you the basis from which everything starts, so you can then understand how to control your life autonomously and to recognize her from all this.

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Right now we are inside the Matrix dimension, a material dimension that we can touch and look at. Everything around us is Matrix but the truth is that the Matrix is a big, huge illusion. Everything we look at, touch or feel, is part of the great illusion called Matrix. The truth is that everything is energy and nothing is more real than this. When we touch something we really believe to feel the touch, the hardness, the material that composes it, but what we are touching is an elaborate energy that allows us to feel sensations but that actually exist only in this illusory dimension. The Matrix is a great video game in which we are born with the VR viewer already worn and we forget that what we are watching and living it is a role game that seems so real due to the Virtual Reality glasses that we are wearing.

Nobody ever told us about that, because all of the people we know were born, just like us, with their VR helmet already on. If we’d remove these virtual glasses we would realize that the reality is much different from the world we are living in; but we were born with the helmet already worn and we do not know how to unfasten it. Meditation is the key to unfasten the helmet and to allow us to remove it, but the gear is blocked and we must succeed, with such patience, in finding the right lever to remove this helmet that deceives us. The Matrix is not negative, but we are fooled into believing that everything we see is real, convinced that it is worth living for this game and dying for it, in order to finish the game. We were born and raised committed to serve this videogame, not aware that anybody around us are wearing the same helmet which prevents us to become aware of the right button to unfasten it.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The Matrix is a program that controls the life inside of an organism, coordinating all the other little organisms that compose it. The galaxy has a huge Matrix, so what we see or know about the galaxy is actually what the Matrix shows us. Within the galaxy there are planets, stars, satellites, and so on, including our planet. The Earth is inhabited by numerous living beings different from each other. There are insects, animals, plants, humans, and each of them must respect the Nature, that is the preset programs that we all have inside us from birth and that we follow even without realizing it, because it was chosen so. Nature is the term by which we define the choices of the Planet through its Matrix. So as the galaxy has its own Matrix, even the planet Earth that is inside of it possesses its own personal Matrix. There are many Matrix in the whole universe, all different from each other but that all together compose the huge Matrix that belongs to the universe itself. Each one is different but there are many similarities. Inside the planet Earth there is a Matrix that all of us respect everyday following the call of nature; Just as our cells in our interior respect the directions that the Matrix of our physical body gives and makes sure that all the living beings – inside us – follow and execute in order to continue our life. The Matrix has so a great importance for the succession of life.

Every planet and every dimension possesses a Matrix, just like every living being possesses one; You own an internal Matrix that directs your cells and tells them what to do, just as you live in the Matrix of the planet Earth that directs you and tells you what to do. This is why you grow, study, evolve, mate, put on a family and finally die. This is the life process that the Matrix has chosen for the inhabitants of this planet.

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Not everyone however is forced to wear the helmet forever and see life as the Matrix has chosen to set it, but you can take off the helmet and realize that the reality that has been imposed in front of us since birth is nothing but a video game very realistic which we have promised too much loyalty.

What we normally see and believe that it is real, it is actually a virtual game to which we have chosen to participate under the guise of a character from the human body, in which we have identified too much. Unfortunately, even the most of the people around us have forgotten about the choice they made even before they were born, so they cover their character as if they really were them, convincing themselves from the depths of their hearts. They now reason as if they were the chosen character, they follow the choices that he must make, they carry out their main missions and the smaller and occasional ones that occur during the game, and respect the personality that the game has given them. They do not realize that they are much more than the character they are interpreting, but now they are so lowered in the part that they are no longer able to recognize who they really are. Only a few today can ask themselves the right questions: Who am I? Is My life real? Why is this happening to me? And even fewer part of people decides to try to get answers. The virtual reality in which we live makes us believe that everything around us is real, because this has always been like that and this must be enough.

So we believe that our life is real, that our work is real, that our routine is real, that what we choose to live is real, forgetting that we are just living a match inside a very advanced game. The reality is that everything we see touch and hear, are holograms designed by a very good graphic. But who is so great to be able to design the Matrix of the entire universe? Someone or something outside the game we are living in, because the universe exists, the planet Earth exists, but it is how we see it and how we live it that is an illusion. There are many parallel dimensions and we are living in just one among all of them, but not in the only existing one. The reality of what we see is that everything, and I say everything, is made of energy. We see it with a physical appearance because the hologram is made of finely designed pixels to seem real. Fact remains that everything around us is made of energy. Anything, whether is still or it is moving around you, it is part of the Matrix and because of this it is an illusion, because it is part of the game you are playing.

Some characters are real, because just like you, they have worn the helmet and have fallen into the part. Others, however, are completely illusory figures, just like when you play against or with computer characters: In the videogames they are called Bots and we call them more generally Gaia’s Low. The holographic projection that we see and think it is reality, it is an energy that we recognize as physical in this dimension. Actually everything around us is a set of codes that makes up that precise projection. Probably in the past you happened to see the movie The Matrix, which you considered boring or fascinating; Regardless of your personal taste, the screenplay has attempted to show to the public large information among which the reality of the Matrix. When we name the codes of the Matrix we immediately think of the typical scenes of the movie, in which the green codes represent the virtual reality in which we live; A very serious mistake, because the purpose of the film, while showing the scenes of the grid filled with numerical codes, is to make us think immediately about the reality of the Matrix. In fact the Matrix is not a theory inspired by the homonymous film, but it is the film that has been inspired by the true Matrix that has always existed, and which has been experienced through millenniums by many spiritual people. This is why many movies have been created with the probable intent of showing to the eyes of everyone – as much as possible – the truth about the world in which we live and to make us understand that our reality is illusory and the truth is outside the Matrix.

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Everything you touch, eat, drink, look with your eyes, is the projection that the Matrix has chosen to show you in this huge video game. In reality, the walls, the objects, the table of your kitchen, are nothing but a set of codes that your brain – and that of all the other physical inhabitants of this planet – decode through the helmet that they wear and that allows them to associate with those codes an image, recognizing it for example in a furniture cabinet instead of a virtual structure. This helmet is a regulator inside your brain that makes you perfectly fit in the Matrix dimension you are in. The Matrix, as the Low, is what you have always called Nature, it makes you conform to the life of this dimension. This is not negative, because your physical body is perfectly balanced to the place where it was born, the planet Earth. Everything you see around you is an energetic projection, that is codes made of energy that your brain – perfectly programmed and tuned to the big computer called Matrix – decodes, translates and interprets the vision into a piece of furniture or a material body. In other words, everything around you is made of energy, but you see it physical and material because you are tuned to that setting of the big Program that belongs this computer. We are aware of the codes of the matrix because, if you decide to look for the right lever to learn to take off your helmet, you can really see the codes of the Matrix with your own eyes. That seeing the codes is a difficult action is a fact: in fact few have chosen and choose every day to train to continue to see the true reality; Many others prefer to fall asleep from the video game they were playing, making it their only reason to live.

The Matrix is the video game in which we would have had to live an experience belonging to this dimension, but something went wrong, because we kept our helmet on for too long and we forgot to take it off. In fact, the reason why we are overly attached to our character in this game comes from our helmet: the Regulator, nothing more than the medium with which the Low Frequency manages to keep us closely related to our virtual life, making us forget almost completely of the real one. In the next article I’ll explain what the Low Frequency is and how it works.

Maybe this is the first time you read about the Matrix, so all those knowledges explained in one go may seem gut-wrenching. However, regardless the rational absurdity that would make you stop thinking about that, you have felt something inside you: a sensation that, translated into words, would say “All of this is real, I already knew it, I just didn’t want to believe it”. The Regulator wants to keep you low, illuded, convinced that there is still no other truth to discover, because all that exists is already displayed right in front of your eyes. Although inside you a strong sensation steps forward and spurs you, as it keeps on saying “That’s exactly what I wanted to know! I knew that something around me wasn’t real as they wanted me to believe”. You’re not interested in those subjects by chance, or because you didn’t know how to spend your time; you are interested because something invisible, very deep inside you, pushed you to look for answers that nobody gave you before. Maybe the moment has come to discover who you are, and why you’re here.

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  1. Fascinating… How many times I felt like “I don’t want to play this game, let me out”, but out – in non being. This is rather a question of waking up and seeing it as it is. Than, probably the right way is not getting emotionally involved in what is going on here, because it is not true anyway?

  2. I always felt that this life is not all here, this is a great illusion and outside there’s something more… we are something more than what we see. Your articles always resonate something in me, I feel that what you’re writing is the closest to the Truth I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing all of this!

  3. These are the perfect words to describe my thoughts, what I believe. And all of this is just… Great.

  4. I’ve always been feeling this sensation of living an illusion. I really hope to find through meditation the real meaning of this life, to find the way to open my eyes and see the Truth. Your words are giving me hope, as if I just found the path I’ve been looking for my entire life!

  5. The concept of Matrix may seem easy to catch. But actually realizing that we’ve always been living an illusion and fully understanding how to deal with it… This definitely takes more time. I really like your point of view of finding equilibrium between our “normal” life, that we’ve been living every day, and the our spiritual life, the one where we’re trying to see the truth.

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